Non Local Radioactive Pollution Elimination Technology

An exploration of possible ways of safely neutralizing nuclear waste

The tragedy of Fukushima is a reminder to us all of Just how deadly serious a danger to human survival on planet Earth the proliferation of radioactive pollution is. At least 3 giant reactors are in full scale uncontrolled melt down. Massive pollution from this unprecedented nuclear accident has already spread into the soil, the ocean and the atmosphere. Radioactive particles from this disaster ejected into the atmosphere have already circled the planet several times. Radioactive pollution from Fukushima in the Pacific Ocean is already killing seals in Alaska and is showing up in milk and cheese in Europe at levels seriously above normal background radiation.

It is estimated that the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl has been responsible for over a million cancer deaths since the nuclear disaster occurred in 1986. The Fukushima disaster is far worse with at least 3 huge nuclear reactors in uncontrolled full scale meltdown. Just because Fukushima is no longer on the front page does not mean that it has gone away. There is no way to physically retrieve the radioactive isotopes from Fukushima which are already dispersed all over the planet. They have to be dealt with using an entirely different methodology.

Such a methodology would need to employ action at a distance. The way in which the structure of matter is organized on a physical level is the result of vibration. The way in which vibration organizes matter can be seen in following example. Hans Jennings made movies of a vibrating metal plate mounted on top of a piezoelectric transducer. Piezoelectric substances sonically vibrate when subjected to an oscillating electrical current, and when sonically vibrated they generate an oscillating electrical current at the same frequency as the sound used to vibrate them. Quartz is a prime example of a piezoelectric substance. Quartz wafers ground to a precise thickness with electrodes attached to their opposite surfaces are used to tune radio transmitters because their resonant frequency does not vary. In the experiment referred to here the piezoelectric transducer is hooked up to a frequency generating oscillator that can sweep through a broad range of electromagnetic frequencies. The piezoelectric transducer sonically matches whatever electrical frequency is fed into it, and vibrates the metal plate mounted on top of it at the same frequency.

Fine sand or other kinds of powder is sprinkled on top of the vibrating metal plate. As the metal plate vibrates the powder moves away from the zones of maximum vibration on the metal plate and into the null zones of least vibration. This process generates a distinct pattern or mandala in the powder. When the electrical frequency fed into the piezoelectric transducer is changed the pattern in the powder on top of the vibrating plate disappears and an entirely new and different pattern emerges. This one example of how vibrational frequency determines the structure of material form.
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Transits of the Outer Planets through the Signs 2012 through 2013

Mars in Virgo

Mars is not generally considered to be an outer planet, but when Mars does a retrograde cycle, which happens every 2 years He can spend up to 8 months in one sign. This is currently happening with Mars in Virgo. Mars entered Virgo on November 11, 2011.  Mars turned retrograde at 23 degrees of Virgo on January 24 2012. Mars turns direct at 3 degrees and 40 minutes of Virgo on April 14, 2012. Mars leaves Virgo on July 3, 2012.

Virgo is associated with the natural environment, public health, the medical profession, agriculture, food production, the labor force, the job market, labor unions, and the military. With Mars doing a retrograde cycle in Virgo all of these areas are in a state of crisis. There is massive unemployment happening all over the world. The world is in a massive food crisis with aberrant weather and crop failures on every continent. Because of the global depression that is now happening we can expect a more militant and aggressive labor movement, with strikes and demonstrations demanding jobs, a livable wage, and decent working conditions. This too is a world wide phenomenon. There is dangerous experimentation going on with the genetic engineering of viruses. If these organisms are released into the outside environment it could cause a panendemic. The United States is engager in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and is conducting drone attacks in Pakistan, and making incursions into Syria and Iran. If Israel and or the US attack Iran and its nuclear instillations it could escalate into world war three.

Transiting Mars while slowly turning direct makes a prolonged inconjunct aspect to Uranus from late March through mid May of 2012. This is a most precarious, destabilizing, dangerous, and potentially explosive aspect. The world is sitting on a powder keg which any slight spark could detonate. With this influence here is serious danger of natural disasters and industrial accidents.

In mid April Mars while stationary comes within less than a degree and a half of being in exact opposition to Neptune. This strongly suggests duplicity as in a false flag incident, and deceptive covert military operations.

Mars enters Libra on July 4 and is inconjunct to Neptune in early July and square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus by mid July. These also are extremely potentially violent, destructive and dangerous aspects. Mars inconjunct Neptune again suggests covert military agendas.
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