The Astrology of the US horoscope for 2016 and beyond

In this article I will look at the July 4, 1776 US horoscope and its indications for 2016 and beyond.

Of most immediate concern is the next Retrograde cycle of Mars in early degrees of Sagittarius and Late degrees of Scorpio. Mars enters Sagittarius on March 7, 2016. Mars turns retrograde on April 17 at 8 degrees and 54 minutes of Sagittarius. Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio on May 28. Mars turns direct on June 29 at 23 degrees of Scorpio.  Mars re enters Sagittarius on August 3, 2016. Mars  reaches  8 degrees of Sagittarius on August 22 conjunct the original April 17 position where Mars turned retrograde at 8 degrees and 56 minutes of Sagittarius on August 22. Mars leaves Sagittarius on September27, 2016.

Saturn in Sagittarius will intensify fanatical religious fundamentalism. Mars in Sagittarius will make such fundamentalism more fanatically aggressive and war like. When Mars is stationary and or retrograde He is much closer to Earth thus making the Mars energy more intense. Mars retrograde periods have often coincided with major military conflicts.

8 and 9 degrees of Sagittarius is directly opposite the ascendant and Uranus in the US horoscope.  This transit to the US horoscope ascendant and Uranus is in effect between late March and early May, 2016 and is at its most intense influence in mid April. This Mars transit repeats for a more brief time between August 19 and 26, 2016. This is a dangerous influence that could bring karmic blowback against US military interventions in the affairs of other countries. The 2003 invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was based on lies about supposed weapons of mass destruction. Israeli takeover of land belonging surrounding sovereign countries has been supported by US money and weapons. Libya was destroyed because Kaddafi wanted to start A gold backed African currency  independent of the Global Zionist Rothschild banking empire. Continue reading “The Astrology of the US horoscope for 2016 and beyond”