The Quantum, Fractal, Holographic Continuum

Philosophers and spiritual teachers throughout the ages and in every part of the world have taught that there are more refined and subtle levels of existence that interpenetrate manifest, sustain and ultimately destroy the manifestations of physical reality we interact with in our daily lives. While we incarnate in a physical body we are subject to the laws of the physical level of manifestation. If this is so, then what is the connection between so called tangible reality and the subtler super physical levels of psychic, and spiritual existence? What are the operative universal laws that govern the connection and interaction of these various levels of existence? Where do all these various levels of manifestation ultimately come from? What is God or the ultimate cause of everything?

If there exists an energy of infinitely fast vibration and wave propagation, what would be its characteristics? If it has infinite velocity it would be here and everywhere else in every location throughout all space and back again to every other point throughout existence in an infinitely  short time. Thus infinite velocity would result in static omnipresence in which the entirety of existence would be simultaneously present in each infinitely small location throughout all of existence. It would be beyond the limitations of time, space, form, personality, manifestation, and yet create and contain all of these.

If, there is an all pervasive ultimate isness that is the underpinning of all manifested reality, how does it give rise to space, time, and form?  It does this by being the medium in which moving compressions or wave  pulses can be propagated.  When these pulses interact with each other, they can either reinforce or cancel each other, depending on their phase relationship at the position in space and instant in time where they encounter each other. Waves are moving compressions in an elastic or compressible media. These wave compressions move through the compressible media without changing the location of the media through which it moves.

For instance when a wave on a body of water passes under a cork floating on the water the cork bobs up and down as the wave passes under it, but does not change its horizontal location on the water.  A person can tie one end of a rope to a flag pole or fence post. The person can then hold the other end and stretch the rope tight. By jerking the end of  the rope he is holding up or down  he can send a wave down the rope. When the wave reaches the far end of the rope where  it is tied to the post it is reflected back to the person holding the near end of the rope. The physical substance of the rope does not move down the rope. Ink dots placed along the rope would not move towards the end of the rope with the wave. Waves are a moving compression followed by a moving rarification of the media through which it is moving.

Various wave phenomena are defined and categorized by wave length, frequency, amplitude, and velocity or speed of travel. Waves usually move in a series of waves,  generating a frequency of vibration such as a musical note or tone. Audible tones are made up of sound waves that move through the compressible medium of air. Sound waves can move through other media as well, such as steel. The more rigid the medium through which the waves move the faster they travel. For instance… a person can hear a train coming by placing his ear next to the steel railroad track long before she or he can hear the locomotive coming through the air.

The most rigid and dense thing in existence is the infinitely fast and therefore statically omnipresent pure isness of reality. It is what the ancient Vedic teachings call the great Atman. In the Buddhist tradition it is called the void.  The void is not a nothingness but a no-thing . That is it has no space, time, form, or personal attributes. The eternal pure essence of existence creates, sustains, and destroys all manifestations of space time and form.

Because of its ultimate rigidity it is also the ultimate perfect super conductor.  Because it has zero resistance to all that propagates through it, it seems like empty space and is not even noticed by any waves or compressions of finite wave length, frequency, and velocity that move through it.

Wave length is the distance between successive sequential wave pulses, and frequency is the number of wave pulses that pass a point in space in a given period of time.

When the higher compression density part of one wave meets with the low compression density area of another wave they cancel each other and produce the average compression density of the media they are propagating in. When 2 or more waves come together with their high density areas superimposed, and their low density areas superimposed at the same position in space and instant in time, they reinforce each other producing a greater density variation in the compressible media through which they propagate.  The amount of density variation at a specific wave length and frequency determines the amplitude of the vibration. In audible sound we experience this as the loudness of the sound. We experience the wave length and frequency of the sound as its tone or pitch.

We have all experienced that the same base tone such as middle C played on various  musical instruments sounds different and we can identify what instrument is being played by its sound.  For instance middle C played on a piano sounds different than middle C played on a violin and we can immediately identify which instrument is being played. This is because the overtone structure of the sounds produced by various instruments are different. Similarly,  we can identify a person who is speaking by the quality of their voice.  Each person has their own unique voice print.  This could be displayed on an oscilloscope as a unique wave form.  A single tone or frequency with no overtones or harmonics would produce a smooth sign wave on the oscilloscope, whereas a more complex tone, with harmonics of various amplitudes, produces a more complex wave shape on the oscilloscope. Each and every sound can be identified by its wave shape or form.

Another example of this principle can be seen in the following experiment. The output of an electronic signal generator that is capable of scanning a broad range of frequencies is fed into an amplifier. The amplifier produces the frequency bands being scanned at the voltage and amperage necessary to drive a piezoelectric transducer capable of converting the electrical frequencies to the equivalent sound frequencies. The piezoelectric transducer  is made of a cylindrically shaped piezoelectric ceramic cylinder perhaps 1 inch in diameter, and 2 and 1/2 inches high.  The top and bottom circular surfaces of the cylinder are plated with electrically conductive metal and connected to the output of the amplifier that powers it.  The top of the cylinder is attached to a circular metal plate that vibrates with the sounds generated by the piezoelectric transducer. The sounds produced create reinforcement zones of maximum vibration, and frequency cancellation zones of minimum vibrations in the metal plate.

These zones can be made visible by sprinkling powder or fine sand on top of the metal plate. The sand or powder vibrates away from the zones of maximum vibration and wave reinforcement in the metal plate, into the zones of minimum vibration and maximum wave cancellation. This forms a geometrical pattern or distinct mandala for each frequency at which the plate is vibrated. Whenever  this frequency is changed the old mandala or geometrical pattern in the sand disappears and a distinctly new and different pattern is created. This experiment demonstrates the universal principle that vibration creates form and that each combination of frequencies generates a distinct holographic  pattern unique to the combination of frequencies that creates it. This universal principal applies at all levels of manifestation, from the most subtle and spiritual to the most dense and material.

Structural form at all levels of manifestation, from the most subtle to the most dense, is created by vibration.  The primordial vibration of creation is referred to in the bible as the word of God. In ancient Vedic philosophy it is called the cosmic AUM vibration.  A word is a sound, and sound is a vibration.  It is the primal vibration of Gods self awareness that creates all form manifestation, that has identifiable structural features, and that causes the decent into material manifestation.  The form manifestations this process brings into existence provide the vehicles for individualized, seemingly separated, manifestations of consciousness.

The illusion of separate identity results from the identification of consciousness with the forms it occupies.  Forms that  consciousness can occupy exist in a vast range of shapes, sizes, densities, and life spans. The various density levels of form manifestations exist in a harmonic series of wave lengths frequencies and velocities of vibration and wave propagation that exist in harmonic mathematical relationships, analogous to the octaves and notes of musical scales.

The entirety of all existing form manifestation could be called the Universe in the sense that it all comes from the same source, the same infinitely fast therefore statically omnipresent primal isness. It could also be called the multiverse because of the infinite variety of form manifestations that are created.  Form  manifestation exists in a limitless array  of sizes, shapes, densities, and time durations.  Each density level has a causative, programming relationship to the denser levels below it and is organized and programmed by the subtler less dense levels above it.

The principle of discrete harmonic mathematic relationships in wave length and frequency is well established in physics,  and at the sub atomic level in quantum physics, such as embodied in Plank’s constant. There are also discrete harmonic relationships in the velocities at which waves propagate and therefore in time. We define time by comparing the motions of things in form manifestation to each other. For instance the rotation of the Earth once, or 360 degrees on its axis, is how we define the time unit of one day. One rotation of the Earth around the Sun is how we determine the time unit of a year. Complete 360 degree rotations of the Earth on its axis are of equal duration compared to each other, thus making days of equal length.  And so we can compare them to other motions such as a trip by car from New York city to Los Angeles and say that the trip took 5 days. That is to say, the Earth rotated 5 times on its axis in the time it took for the car to get from New York to Los Angeles. We also say  that a woman’s first child was born when the woman was 21 years of age. What we are really saying is that the Earth rotated around the Sun 21 times between her birth, and when she gave birth to her first child.  Thus measurements of time are based on comparisons of motions of things in our environment.  Like wave length and frequencies speeds of motion or velocities are quantized into precise or discreet mathematical multiples of each other.  Thus rates of time to which we compare motions at all scales of manifestation, also exist in precise harmonic relationships.  In this way various densities of form manifestation have harmonic time relationships to each other, as well as wave length and frequency relationships to each other. It is the quantization of Velocities and therefore time that makes possible time travel and teleportation.  This is what makes time dimensional, just as space is dimensional, in the organized manifestation of form out of synchronized vibrations at every level of creation from the most seemingly physical to the most ethereal.

            As the infinite power of the Atman becomes increasingly aware of itself in its form manifestation at the levels where form manifests, the life or consciousness embodied in an evolving life form becomes more coherent and harmoniously organized enabling it to resonantly entrain to the organized standing wave patterns of subtler higher frequency and higher velocity harmonic levels of energy.  This process results in ever more evolved and multidimensional life forms which ultimately are capable of understanding that they are not the life form they occupy, but the energy that created it. It is a mistake to assume that this evolutionary refinement of a life form is only at the gross physical level.  Etheric, astral, or emotional levels, as well as mental and intuitive levels within the same multidimensional life forms are evolving, as well by gaining more purity, coherence, and specialized capabilities at these more refined density levels as they are able to manifest a more evolved and refined body at the physical level. As life forms such as our human ones evolve into the level of intuition, direct knowing, and ability to download information from the quantum, fractal, holographic universal web of consciousness, it brings about expanded powers to influence and improve the collective human consciousness and create more refined and harmonious vehicles for the creative expression of consciousness at the mental, emotional, vital, and physical levels.

Ultimately, these refinements lead to the ability to transfer even the physical form from one density level of manifestation to another, while maintaining its internal coherency and ability to manifest the self awareness of the consciousness occupying  it, in expressing it’s evolutionary purpose through whatever density of form manifestation it chooses to shift into. When the body can actually physically do this by shifting velocity harmonics while able to maintain its structural integrity, then it can instantaneously re-manifest its physicality anywhere it chooses to focus its attention.  The ability to shift velocity harmonics simultaneously at every density level of our being results in the ability to time travel and teleport to any location in time-space we wish to manifest in.

I like to express how energy manifesting as vibration self organizes by asking a question. What conditions are necessary for vibrations to reinforce each other and not cancel each other?  The answer to this question can be defined with what could be called the 4 laws of coherency.

First law: Phase

Vibrations in any compressible media must be in phase to reinforce. They must come together at the same position in space at the same instant in time to reinforce.

Second law: Harmonics

Vibrations must be in discrete intervals of the same wave length and frequency or mathematically precise harmonic multiples or fractions  of the frequency, that is chosen to be the fundamental frequency. For vibrations to reinforce they must coexist in mathematically precise harmonic relationships to each other. This produces chords of vibration frequencies and wave lengths, of which musical chords in audible sound are a familiar example.

Third law: Fractal Geometry

For vibrations to be in Phase they must encounter each other at positions in space one wave length apart or an even multiple of one wave length apart. To do this they must conform  in their directions of propagation to universal fractal geometries based on the five regular polyhedrons and how they are generated from each other. This applies to several kinds of motion, including straight line motion, spin, precession, and spiral motion.  How these kinds of motion and these fundamental universal geometries integrate is a detailed subject best explained using diagrams and geometric models to show people how to visualize the processes involved.  It is a difficult subject for most people to follow using verbal language only because there is too much unfamiliar terminology.

The fourth law: Harmonic Velocities.

For vibrations to reinforce they must propagate at the same or harmonically related velocities.

This can better be understood using the following example.

Imagine that you are in a room with a moving conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is moving one inch per second.  On the conveyor belt is mounted a row of little light emitting diodes that turn on and emit light for a very brief instant of perhaps one thousandth of a second. The light emitting diodes are spaced one inch apart, and turn on once per second. The room is made completely dark so that the only source of light is the flashing diodes. Under these conditions  each time the diodes flash, each one is at the same position that the one ahead of it had the last time the diodes flashed. Thus there is the stroboscopic illusion that the conveyor belt is not moving the diodes forward one inch per second. Thus the illusion of a static condition is created. Using this same principle a repetitively flashing strobe light can make a spinning fan blade appear to be standing still.  Further suppose that that the conveyor belt speeds up by one inch per second increments, of 2inch  per second, 3 inch per second, then 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and so on increments.  Under these conditions each diode would still flash at one of the 1 inch positions. It would still appear that nothing was moving.

Think of the one inch apart positions of the diodes as being comparable to one wave length. Think of the one inch per second as being the time it takes the vibration to go the distance of its own wave length, which is its fundamental time unit.  Think of this motion as occurring at the speed of light.  According to Einstein the speed of light is a constant that nothing can surpass.  This is true only at the physical or electromagnetic level of manifestation.  It is entirely possible that there are higher multiples of the speed of light, at which subtler kinds of vibration propagate in other parallel dimensions of existence to the one we physically occupy.  This is analogous to the other multiples of one inch per second speed on the conveyor belt.  The diodes flash at positions that match one of the 1 inch increments on the 1 inch scale of flash positions, which is analogous to the ability of the standing wave nodes of one velocity harmonic such as the speed of light to superimpose its standing wave nodes with the standing wave nodes of other  mathematically related velocity harmonics.  This makes it possible to download or upload holographic information from the standing wave fields of one velocity harmonic to that of a higher or lower velocity harmonic.  This opens up the reality of time travel, instantaneous teleportation, and various kinds of consciousness over-matter abilities.  Psychic healing and psychic metal bending are also amongst these. I have personally witnessed many such instances.

Individualized manifestations of the omnipresent eternal isness come into being through identification of consciousness with the forms it occupies. This process has 2 major parts of its development. The first is the decent of spirit into matter, in which increasingly dense vibration patterns are created, in which time is expanded and space is contracted.  As layer after layer of standing wave nodes of harmonically and mathematically related wave lengths and frequencies are superimposed, these standing wave nodes become increasingly solid and dense creating more and more separate and lasting form manifestations that become increasingly limited in the ability to resonate with other-dimensional subtler density levels that are established by major velocity harmonic carrier frequencies.

The evolutionary phase of the ascent of life in material form back to spirit begins when conglomerates of  material manifestation become increasingly complex. The increasingly complex manifestations of material form generate increasingly intricate resonate patterns of vibration within denser levels of creation. These more intricate form manifestations become like electrical circuits in their ability to transmit and respond to each other at specific combinations of frequencies. This process eventually results in the ability of these more complex material form manifestations to resonate  with and respond to similar patterns of form manifestation existing in subtler, faster, and higher cosmic carrier frequencies.  Frequency modulation of these carrier frequencies create holographic standing wave forms within the  beat frequencies and wave lengths created by these frequency modulations.

Beat frequencies are created when 2 frequencies that are almost the same are played simultaneously. The 2 frequencies fade in and out of phase with each other, causing a wavering increase and decrease in the amplitude of the vibration. In audible sound this phenomena is noticed in the wavering loudness of a bell or gong. Very few bells or gongs are perfect enough to produce an absolutely steady tone that does not waver. Beat frequencies in audible sound are created when two sounds or notes that have almost the same frequency are played at the same time. Every major velocity harmonic carrier frequency is modulated with many beat frequencies and the modulations of these beat frequencies establish their own harmonically, mathematically, and geometrically organized standing wave holographic patterns

Increasingly harmonious and beautiful creations through which consciousness can evolve are created through this process. In this way Gods infinite creative power is multiplied in the perfected evolutionary  journey of his supreme self awareness in each of his form creations.  By this process God’s creative power as the totality of all existence is multiplied in each of his creations. Though the decent into material form and the interaction of these forms with each other, the evolution of  consciousness in each form manifestation evolves into perfected vehicles for the expression of God’s infinite creative self expression. This is the evolutionary phase of ascent of material form manifestation, back to spirit.

By identifying with and serving the evolutionary purpose of the inner core essence of the one supreme  God in all manifest creation, we increase our awareness.  Our awareness becomes more comprehensive in our moment to moment here and now ability to respond to increasingly subtle and pervasive cosmic carrier frequencies and their modulations.  God’s supreme self awareness is the innermost core of everything that exists.  This awareness manifests in an increasingly multidimensional way.  This is the process of consciousness  individualizing into a seemingly separate identity through identification with a life form it occupies.  As these life forms become increasingly multidimensional including velocity harmonics, the individual consciousness  embodied in the life form becomes increasingly aware that it is a manifestation of the universal life force that is inherent in, and is the cause of, all form manifestation.  This brings about the realization that the same cosmic electricity that sustains personal existence is the same life force that is in and manifests everything else, and that separate personal identity is an illusion.

As the ability to be awake in the exact here and now of every moment to moment experience of our lives increases we increasingly gain the ability to observe not only at the physical level, but also at emotional, mental, and intuitional levels as well.  This results in the ability to better observe and therefore understand our motivations and the motivations of others.  Free will begins in the mind by our choice of what thoughts we focus our attention on.  Focused attention is a powerful force that energizes and changes that which it observes. In physics this is called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  The physical effects of this have been measured in actual physical scientific experiments.

The process of self observation, and coming from a place of inner stillness, is essential if one is to maintain sanity in an insane world.  Meditation is an important process for anyone who seeks to evolve to higher levels of consciousness.

The overall evolutionary gain of life evolving through embodiment in form, thru the process of the decent of spirit into matter, and matter evolving back to spirit, through an ascending series of ever more evolved life forms, is that the full infinite creative power of the creator of all form manifestation is multiplied in each of her-his perfected life forms. This is a non linear process that accelerates as it advances!

The consciousness of energy manifesting in the structure of atoms and the geometry expressed in molecular structures and crystal lattices of dense matter such as in a rock or a piece of metal, is already asserting the self organizing nature of reality.  This process is very slow compared to the evolutionary development in higher life forms. It can take millions of years to grow a quartz crystal for example. When a crystal becomes sufficiently pure and without flaws in its organization of atoms in a crystal lattice, it can resonate to a specific harmonic set of electromagnetic frequencies especially if it is piezoelectric, as is quartz, and many other crystal structures. If a piezoelectric crystal is vibrated with sound it generates an oscillating electromagnetic field at the same frequency as the sound that is vibrating it. Conversely if a piezoelectric crystal is subjected to an oscillating electromagnetic field it will produce sound at the same frequency as the oscillating electromagnetic field, that is being used to energize it.

For example, thin wafers of quartz are used in radio transmitters to keep the broadcast frequency steady so it does not interfere with the frequencies assigned to other broadcast stations. This process is so exact and sensitive that the quartz wafers must be kept at an exactly constant temperature, because even the slight changes in the thickness of the quartz wafer caused by ordinary environmental temperature changes would change the resonant frequency of the quartz wafer, and cause the transmitter to stray from its assigned broadcast frequency.

There are glass like kinds of substances that are part crystalline, and part amorphous (glass like) in the arrangement of their atoms that have more complex and interactive resonant electromagnetic fields capable of entraining with or resonantly interacting with the subtler field of existence just above the physical level of manifestation which is called the etheric.  When 2 or more of these pieces of glass like substance are placed near each other they generate vortexes of etheric energy that have the same standing wave holographic geometry as the physical samples.  These holographic vortexes precipitate into physical samples of  the same substance.  These physical manifestations usually look like smooth pebbles or small rocks made of transparent glass. They are found in mountain streams in Tibet, and other places. They are called tears of Shiva.

This is an example of an evolving life form at the high end of the mineral stage of evolution and the beginning stage of the vegetable stage of evolution.  In Theosophy, the writings of Alice Bailey, and other traditional  esoteric teachings, mineral, vegetable, animal, Human and beyond stages of evolution, are referred to as kingdoms. The mineral stage of  evolution is called the first kingdom in the traditional esoteric teachings. Life forms that can grow and reproduce, are referred to as the 2nd or vegetable kingdom. The animal stage of evolution where emotionality and individual emotional traits become apparent, is called the third kingdom.

The fourth or human stage of evolution is characterized by conscious self awareness, the ability to think, employ logic and mathematics, exercise individual choice, and consciously participate in choosing the path of one’s own evolution.  These choices influence and contribute to the collective human evolution.

Other places in the multiverse have life forms that can be very different from those found on Earth according to the requirement to adapt to the conditions of their local environment.  However, they all display distinctive stages of levels of consciousness as described above.  It is wise to avoid judging other beings as threatening or evil just because they occupy a life form that is unfamiliar.  It is the being not the body that counts. There are many spiritually advanced  beings in the universe that have bird-like (avian), insectoid, aquatic (perhaps dolphin like) or even reptilian bodies or life forms. It is the kind of consciousness they manifest that matters.

            The fifth kingdom or next level above the human is characterized by intuition, telepathic exchange of information, wisdom as compared to mere knowledge of specific pieces of information, and the ability to simply download the holographic imprint of anything or place required, through the unified holographic web of existence, throughout time and space.  At the high end of the fourth kingdom advanced humans are already displaying various manifestations of intuitive functioning.  Some examples of this are remote viewing, prophetic knowledge of future events, conscious memory of other lifetimes, and telepathic exchange of information. Telekinesis, time travel, and the ability to change the shape, size and chemical composition of physical objects without the use of physical force, such as in psychic metal bending, are other examples.

So called miraculous abilities are called “Siddhis” in the yogic traditions and philosophies of India, which go back many thousands of years. It is always recommended by real spiritual teachers that such advanced abilities only be used for unselfish purposes, to advance the human condition, and to serve the evolutionary purpose of all life. When such abilities are used for selfish self-aggrandizement, the glorification of egoistic self importance, or to take advantage of others, or simply for commercial purposes of making money, it is a desecration, and results in karmic blowback.

Imagine, that you are sitting in a room with a few other people and all the doors and windows are closed, such that you cannot see through them. Then in a split second everything in the room becomes twice as big and moves twice as fast including all your cellular biological functions such as digesting food, creating new cells, etc.  As you become twice as big, the other people become twice as big, and everything in the room becomes twice as big and all motions at every scale of sizes are happening twice as fast. Under these conditions you would be oblivious that anything had changed because everything remained proportionately the same, within the enclosed room or environment you are occupying. This process of doubling size and speed of motion could be repeated over and over again and you would still be oblivious.  It would not be until you went outside the door and discovered that you were much larger than people and things in the outside environment, that you had become bigger and moved faster. Only then would you discover that something unusual had happened inside the enclosed environment you had been occupying.  Such an experience would be similar to being inside a space craft teleporting instantaneously through a worm hole to a different place on the other side of the galaxy.

Imagine that you are in the New York city subway system, perhaps the major subway station such as Times Square and Grand Central station, where different train lines intersect and have several levels on top of each other. Some of these levels have 4 train tracks, with 2 in the middle and 2 more with a track on either side of the middle 2 tracks. The 2 tracks in the middle are for express trains.  The express trains are faster because they only stop at major stations and not at minor local stations. They tracks on either side of the 2 central tracks are for local trains that stop at every station on their line both local stations and major stations and so they are slower than the express trains.

You are going uptown from a miner station a block from where you live, and 2 minor stations down town from a major station. You are going to visit a friend who lives near a minor station, which is 2 minor stations uptown from another major station. To save time you get off the local train at the first major station and walk over to the central track where you get on the uptown express train. You then ride the express train that bypasses several local stations, thus saving time until you reach the major station that is 2 minor stations downtown from the minor station that is close to where your friend is. You get off the express train and walk over to the side track where you get on the local train that takes you to the local station that is closest to your friend. This example is analogous to switching velocity harmonics in space travel.

When spirit descends into the denser levels of form manifestation associated with lower velocity harmonics, space is compressed and time is expanded. When form manifestation ascends back to spirit, space is expanded and time is contracted.  It is a reciprocal relationship.  It is also extremely non-linear because every time  one goes up or down a velocity harmonic, it is an exponential increase or decrease.

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