2020 through 2025 – The Crucial years that will determine human destiny – an astrological analysis

Saturn in Capricorn turns direct on September 18, 2019  at 13 degrees and 54 minutes of Capricorn. Corporate  Business and Government agendas  will move forward on whatever they have planned after a period of relative analysis of data and introspective preparation and setting future agendas.

In the first 2 weeks of September The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all transiting in Virgo. This places a strong emphasis, on detailed analysis, and precision and skill in work. Medical concerns, epidemics, and the resurgence of mutated forms of old diseases, that were thought to have been brought under control will be a major concern. Breakdown of neglected infrastructures. Abuse of the environment as a result of industrial pollution, and financial expediency at the expense of public health and safety will be of increasing public concern, as the consequences of past abuse of environmental safety set in and erode the quality of life. Increasing availability of factual scientific data regarding these issues will make the public mare aware  that established official institutions have been lying to the public all along.

  For instance there have  been thousands of scientific studies that conclusively prove that that Wi-Fi radiation from cell phone networks and cell phones have serious health affects including, increased risk of cancer and brain damage. In spite of this huge corporations, such As Microsoft, Apple,   computer chip manufacturers such as Intel, Samsung, TSMC, Qualcomm,  and their major internet dissemination platforms, such as Google, You tube, Face book, and others,  have done whatever they can to suppress public awareness of this proven scientific information through their financial control  of major news organizations, internet outlets, are actively censoring, harassing, deliberately falsifying, and taking down legitimate internet Sites having proven factual information the establishment or deep state does not want the public to know about

It is thought by many investigators that Many of the new diseases and resurgent old ones were genetically engineered in military and intelligence agency related laboratories to be bio weapons for purposes of population reduction.  It is openly stated by the Anu-world order on the Georgia Gide stones, and in many publications, that the elitists under the control of the Anunaki intend to kill off 95% of the human population of Earth, and turn the other 5% into artificial intelligence controlled biological robots. 5G cell phone networks are also deliberately designed to dumb down and sicken and slow kill the human population. Cell phone Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation are an Anunaki Trojan  horse designed to suppress human health and intelligence and are intended to dumb us down and is part of their slow kill agenda to take the planet back for themselves. Many people are being kidnapped by Negative ET’s in national parks and other remote places and in some cases out of parties, restraints and other public places. Sometimes their bodies are later discovered on top of mountain peaks and rock formations or in water tanks.

Something  similar to this happened to a friend of mine, who was abducted while driving in Kansas. When She was brought back she and her car were on very rough terrain on top of a mesa. It would have been physically impossible for her to drive there. Her vehicle had to be removed by a tow truck.

Mercury and Venus both enter Libra on September 14, 2019, while exactly conjunct. Mercury transits Libra rapidly, and Enters Scorpio on Thursday October 23, 2019. This Mercury-Venus  conjunction in the first degree of Libra suggests a short lived socially friendly phase motivated by wanting to know what other peoples agendas are and what they are doing. When Mercury, Venus, The Sun and eventually Mars enter Scorpio it will no longer be playing nice, and long standing covert competitive agendas will take over and re assert themselves.

Venus enters  Scorpio on October 15, 2019. 

 The Sun enters Libra on September 23, 2019 at the Autumnal equinox.

The Sun leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on October 23, 2019. Mercury turns  retrograde on October 31, 2019 at 27 and 1/2 degrees of Scorpio. Mercury turns direct at 11 degrees of Scorpio on November 20, 2019 .

Mars enters Libra on October 5, 2019. Mars leaves Libra and enters his own sign of Scorpio on November 25, 2019.Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius  on January  4, 2020.

Transiting Mercury turns retrograde on November 2, 2019 at 27 Degrees of Scorpio. Mercury turns Direct at 11 degrees of Scorpio on November 20. On December 7, 2019 Mercury regains  27 degrees of Scorpio, the same degree he turned retrograde at on November 2, 2019, Thus completing the retrograde cycle.

This mercury retrograde  cycle in Scorpio will be a time of great intrigue, distorted information, attempted big tech corporate takeover and censorship of all internet media platforms, and attacks on the first amendment and constitutional law. It is also likely to be the time in which President trump backed by the military rounds up, prosecute, and publicly disgrace pedophiles, satanic ritual practitioners, treason and betrayal of the national interest, by selling military and other state secrete to China and other nations. human trafficking, in high places, and other highly illegal and immoral activities including murder, by the Clintons especially Hilary, and also by Obama and the Bush dynasty. This would be based on provable and undeniable evidence. There will be many layers of intrigue and infighting.

I still maintain that it is highly probable that nature will upstage the human geo political drama with seismic-volcanic earth change event so extreme as to bring down the power grid and wipe out coast lines and major cities and ports, long distance electronic communication, communications satellites if there are coronal mass ejections or large electromagnetic plasma discharges between the Sun and passing celestial objects associated with the passage of the Nibiru brown dwarf system through our solar system, The EMP from such an event would wipe out all computer and electronic systems and electrical power systems on the surface of Earth. The good thing about this is that it would also destroy the artificial electronic and artificial intelligence electronic surveillance and control grid that has been set up around us. It could even wipe out some of the underground systems. Such an extreme event could even sink Japan and large amounts of the North American west coast, as predicted by Edgar Casey and many other Psychics and seers.

Up until now, as of September12, 2019 there has been a sense of building tension held in abeyance that has made people tense and agitated, because subconsciously they know something big and world changing is soon to happen.

The full Moon  Is on September 14, 2019, simultaneous with Mercury and Venus both entering the first degree of Libra while conjunct within less than a degree.  There will be a definite positive change in the energy where people will be more inclined to cooperate, communicate and work things out in a fair and just manner, including resolving, past conflicts and moving forward with a new consensus about what  to do  in cooperative endeavors. This will be short lived and when Mercury and Venus go into Scorpio the general mood will revert to competitive covert agendas as usual.

Saturn in Capricorn turns direct only a week later on Wednesday September 18 , at 13 degrees and 54 minutes of Capricorn. with practical initiative and action gradually gaining momentum.

Mercury enters Scorpio on  Thursday October 3, and Venus enters Scorpio on  Wednesday October 9, 2019.  People will revert to a much more emotionally competitive way of expressing their communications, sexual behavior, social interactions, and business, financial, career, and  political activities, all with big time emphasis on secrecy, emotional intensity and intrigue.

Huge scandals will unfold with people in very powerful  positions committing treason, selling the most sensitive military secrets to China and other foreign governments. Much of this was perpetrated by Hillary When she was secretary of state during the Obama administration, as proven records of her private emails  reveal.

These traitors of mankind all life on Earth and the very evolutionary process itself are the total abject slaves of psychotic ET beings who make the most serious mistake any being can make, That mistake is attempting to make themselves greater by making others less.

  In this way they make themselves an obstacle to the very purpose of the evolutionary process, which is to become one with the expansion of the ever accelerating and therefore truly infinite power of all that is, through the perfection of individual self awareness brought about through  the embodiment of life in the limitation of form manifestation. Each form manifestation, takes on the illusion of separate identity which provides the resistance to change where by  each separate  form manifestation creates the illusion of separation which provides the greatest obstacle to the flow of the universal consciousness resulting in the greater destruction of the limitations of form,  whereby, increasing  liberation of consciousness is brought about by overcoming limitation. Real progress is brought about by overcoming resistance to change provided by the inertia of that which is corrupt and inadequate, in the established institutions that are still in power. The longer the  buildup of tension is held off by these established institutions of economic and political power and those who control them, the more disruptive it is when it is finally released. The longer the tension is allowed to build, the bigger the crisis is when the imbalance is released.

If a normal economic correction had been allowed to happen in the 1980’s that would have brought about a recession, it would not have been necessary to keep the market going with so called pre approved credit cards, easy credit on new cars, or business loans etc. The Fed began incrementally lowering its prime interest rates by which other banks and financial corporations can obtain credit. This stimulated the economy, but at the cost of less incentive for investors to put money into new projects at higher interest rates. This brought about, a need in the late 1990’s and first 8 years of the 21st century  to artificially stimulate the US housing market, by extending easy credit, to just about anybody capable of signing their name regardless of their financial history, in what were called liars loans. This was financed by attracting foreign investment into the overheated US economy, or by creating more long term debt. To remain competitive many US corporations shifted their manufacturing  to so called third world countries where cheep slave labor could be obtained and less stringent environmental laws existed. The American strong middle class that was based on practical, engineering, and manufacturing skills and a strong work ethic found their jobs being shipped overseas to people who were so desperate to stay alive that they were willing to become slave workers.

Increasingly the US economy became based on financial management and manipulation rather than real manufacturing productivity. American workers were not able to survive without losing their credit homes and physical property with what they could make off the menial mostly service oriented jobs that were  left. This has resulted in lax immigration policies that have allowed millions of illegal diseased uneducated desperate and easily manipulated people into the US while the politicians conveniently look the other way. This has created a vast easily manipulated and controlled underclass that are easily influenced by the very enemies who want to destroy the United states. The united States In opening up and developing a new continent became a place where individual initiative, resourcefulness, courage and far sighted planning for the future became necessary for survival.

The indigenous population of Red skinned Native Americans  lived close to nature were less advanced in terms of physical technology than were the invading European white race who had developed more complex and highly organized business, political, economic, manufacturing, and military systems and capabilities which enabled them to subjugate conquer and overrun the physical environment of North and South America and its indigenous population but at the cost of tremendous waste, and destruction of the natural systems, that have evolved over eons of time to have the capacity to sustain and evolve more conscious, intelligent, adaptable life forms, including us humans.

 At the current human level of evolution, mankind has developed an understanding of the laws of nature at the physical levels of manifestation. We have gained the ability to use the natural forces of nature at the physical level to have power over the physical environment we live in. Unfortunately, this has usually  been done for the sake of expedient financial gain at the expense of the viability of the long range survival of complex multi dimensional systems of nature such as the food chain that throw natural systems we depend on for our survival out of balance. By doing allowing such exploitation we threaten our own survival as the human species living on planet Earth.

The physical strength of a man’s body is limited by the size of his body. An athletically trained and practiced young man has the physical strength to use the strength of his hands and arms alone without using his feet and legs to pull himself up a rope to a vertical height  of 25 feet. If  he is extremely strong he might be able to use the strength of his hands and arms alone to lift his body vert6ically up the rope 50 feet before his endurance runs out. An unusually strong Olympic  athlete could perhaps get up the rope 100 feet or more. That is still a very small amount of physical power.

In Our early development mankind learned to use his more evolved intelligence to be able to store hay and grains in a structure  that he is able to build using simple tools and materials such as vines as rope and stones and fallen tree branches and rocks as hammers or by attaching a stick to a rock with a vine to make a hammer. Such simple building materials and tools were used to make the first primitive huts and enclosures used to protect and store hay grains and other foods that that people and animals eat. These foods are produced by plants  grown in the summer season, harvested in the fall, and stored in winter. The enclosed spaces were used to store food for the winter so that families and their animals could have food safety and warmth to survive the cold season.

By having a fire pit or a fire place in which to burn wood and other dried organic matter it becomes possible to provide warmth and to cook food.  Domesticated animals were given food and shelter in return for protection and physical strength. Dogs announce the presence of approaching animals and or people by barking. They can be trained to protect children and other family members. Dogs provide emotional companionship and become like family members, that are loyal to the family they belong to.  Cats keep away mice and rats.  Providing the protection of shelter for a family and their animals makes it possible to raise and teach children and thus pass on skills to the next generation. In more primitive societies such basic skills are mostly taught by the parents and members of the local community or tribe to the younger generation. Millions of people all over the world still live this way. and retain and pass on the basic knowledge of how to grow food, raise animals, and build shelters on a simple level. Such simple shelters protect from dampness, wind, excessively hot and cold temperatures, and created a safer and more comfortable, and protected environment in which Large animals like cows and goats  that provide milk and horses that can pull a plow or a cart are generally provided with a shelter. These primitive shelters have evolved into the houses and barns we know today.

With what is most likely coming over the next 5 years, many modern people will have to relearn basic skills of growing food, and raising animals, not just as pets but also for survival and protection. This will be necessary when the debt ridden global financial system breaks down most likely in 2020, and most likely starting  in January with the insolvency  of a major financial institution, similar to but much worse than what happened to Leman Brothers in 2008.

 During the great depression of the 1030’S most of the US population were still rural and could grow food or trade work or other items for food and other useful items. Now the reverse is the case with most of the population living in cities which are predominantly on cost lines where the most earth change damage will occur. Even the government is saying, be prepared for electrical power outages that can last 6 months or longer. Diesel vehicles are preferable because they can be easily be converted to run on hemp seed oil and or other oils derived from plants when oil refineries have been destroyed and gasoline and petroleum based diesel fuel is no longer available.

As technology evolved it has become more mechanical automatic and impersonal. In the current era military personnel can operate unmanned drones from half way around the world while watching it on a computer screen as if they were watching a movie. Such military personnel have grown up in an era where they played computer games, which displayed much simulated violence and warfare, which has desensitized them to the human element of pain and suffering that real warfare is about. This is a dangerous condition. Even more dangerous is warfare operated by artificial intelligence which has no concept of human emotions or moral sense of right and wrong. Such dangerous systems can be flawed, break down, and be hacked.

Giving corporations the same legal status as people has been a huge mistake that has allowed greedy people who lack social conscience, psychopaths and sociopaths to hide behind the legal stat ice of corporations to sacrifice the long term general good of humanity and the viability of the natural environment for the sake of private short term profit and advantage.

When the complexities of contemporary life overwhelm the abilities of separate individuals to think and respond fast enough and comprehensively enough at the level of individual mental consciousness to survive  a major breakthrough in human consciousness i s the only way we can survive as a species. the out of control accelerating complexities and insurmountable problems at the current level of human  functioning, is forcing us to be individually more consciously aware and responsible for the effects our individual actions and choices have on the overall health and viability of the natural environment and other species at every level of evolution. The problems of today’s  world  which compartmentalization and specialization has brought about will result in a crisis that will force our stalled and totally inadequate individual level of human awareness to fuse into a combined human collective awareness, that currently exists at the level of the collective sub conscious to fuse into a conscious shared intuitive awareness. This will ignite the collective super consciousness at a higher level of direct exchange of telepathic information at a level  of instantaneous shared direct perception that so vastly exceeds our present level of functioning that it will turn those people who are strong enough to survive into a consciously telepathic super species that will be capable of collapsing the limitations of space and time.

The current world wide situation has gotten so bad, that Nature herself may have to intervene in order to save any life, by creating natural disasters so powerful that it will destroy all our political and management structures that are based on our fragile neglected surface technological infrastructures such as the electrical power grid. Rail and highway systems and throw us back on what is close at hand. This would destroy our ability to ship, transport, communicate and carry out commerce over long distances. but it would also destroy the ability to electronically surveil us.

According to  Edgar Casey’s time line, when mount Vesuvius in Sicily and Mt Pelee on the French island of Martinique in the West Indies both erupt at the same time, people have six weeks or less to leave the West cost of the US and Canada and leave Japan which would both be inundated and submerged at the same time or approximately the same time, at least within a few days of each other.

Edgar Casey also stated that the time of major Earth changes would  start with accelerating earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis in the East Indies. This has been happening for some time already with ever more frequency and severity for at least 2 years and probably longer.

People will be thrown back on the people and resources of local area they are in at the time these big geological events happen. When, how soon, and how severe  such Earth changes are, depends on what else is happening with human kind, various ET factions, cosmic forces, and with planet Earth Herself, who is a conscious being. Everything is in a state of flux, and even the most advanced beings have a difficult time knowing  what the outcome will be. It could be as soon as 6 months from now or perhaps 2 years. Much depends on what time line, we are on or switch to, both individually and collectively. Various time lines have different pasts and futures  existing simultaneously in the same space slightly out of phase with each other. Time lime shifts happen so instantaneously (in what the Pleiadian’s call a nanosecond), that in our ordinary day to day reality they are seamless, and go unnoticed.

By imagining, as specifically as we can the kind of reality we want to experience and doing what we can  to act on it we automatically switch to the time line that has the kind of experience we imagine for ourselves within the much larger context of mass karma.

Time lines have also have sub time lines. There is a composite (I did not say average) time line that humanity as a whole is on. I say composite  and not average because the positive effect of a few very spiritually advanced and powerful  people can balance the negative effect of millions of less spiritually evolved, and therefore, much less psychically powerful  and aware people.

As, human destiny and the destiny of Earth  approaches a climax, a moment of truth time line shifts are becoming more frequent and powerful both individually and for the mass human destiny until a climax of peak intensity is reached. The outcome of this will determine the destiny of Earth and all the life forms at every level of evolution that live on her including us humans, that is spiritual beings having a human experience, on planet Earth for a long time to come of approximately half a million years or longer.

Part 2

November 2019 will be a very confusing time for most people, with Mercury doing a retrograde cycle in Scorpio. Expect multiple layers of media manipulation, lies, intrigues,, betrayals,  secret investigations, attacks, based on lies and falsified, unbalanced, and distorted information.  This could be the month when trump goes after Hillary, Obama, the Bushes and other highly placed traitors, pedophiles and evil doers. The government is even distorting, omitting, and or falsifying scientific data, especially concerning, volcanic and earthquake activity, What is going on with the sun, unusual objects affecting the Sun, information on radioactivity readings, and other normally available scientific data on government web sites. This means that they are hiding things that they don’t want the public to know about, that could eminently affect our survival. There will be hacking wars, communication breakdowns, and less dependable internet service.

In Politics there will be an abundance of lying secrecy, plotting and counter plotting, with almost no concern for the truth but only with how to manipulate media and get over on the opponent. Many websites are being taken down and censored via mega corporate control of major internet platforms.

In peoples personal lives There is danger of extra marital cheating  and a greater tendency to withhold information, deceptiveness, and lying in intimate relationships. This will become more apparent as Venus enter Scorpio on October 9, and transits Scorpio until November 2, 2919.

Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3rd turns retrograde on October 31, turns direct on November 20 at 11 degrees of Scorpio, and regains 27 degrees of Scorpio on December 7, 2019.

As Mercury turns  retrograde  massive confusion  will set in. this will be for multiple reasons, such as highly placed evil doers, attempting to cover their tracks, by means of disinformation, suppression  of information through censorship and taking  down of websites by means of mega corporation control of major internet media platforms. There are of course paid hackers, disinformation, and character assassination agents. Many investigators and researchers are of the opinion that  Bill and especially Hillary Clinton often working through the  Clinton foundation not only  blackmailed people  but also murdered  people who knew too  much, or were considered a threat. Some people think that the Clintons have as many as 200 such  skeletons in their closet.

 Other reasons include the following. Hacking wars between nations such as currently between the US and China. Hacking by criminal organizations seeking access to sensitive private data such a credit card and bank account numbers is another possible reason.

Yet another possible reason could be the breakdown of communication infrastructure caused by such things, as extreme weather, chaos in the earth’s magnetosphere, Earth changes especially those caused by volcanic eruptions, earth quakes tsunami’s, extreme events on or involving the Sun, such as the, passage through the solar system of the Nibiru brown dwarf system, incoming extremely powerful cosmic energies. possibly related to our solar system crossing the galactic plane, recent bursts of energy that have not been seen before coming from the Galactic center. There is a confluence of, all ending and beginning anew cycle at the same time. if this were displayed on an oscilloscope there would be a sharp spike of intense energy and short duration compared to the length of the cycled created by them all coinciding at the same ending and beginning point. this brief moment of extreme intensity shatters the inertia of the established institutions and power structures of how civilization has been structured and creates chaos as the belief systems which have created a false sense of security and respect for the established institution of human civilization and those who hold positions of power within those institutions are revealed to be imposters and traitors who have used their privileged positions to acquire wealth, power and social status by keeping the general population ignorant and insecure and so preoccupied  with the daily struggle to survive that they have no time for learning about the larger issues that affect the collective survival of humanity and all life.

 Throughout history the times of greatest crisis, dysfunction, and breakdown of the existing culture have always been the times when the greatest, spiritual teachers and avatars  have appeared.  These have been the times of the most significant musical and artistic advancements, scientific discoveries, and cultural breakthroughs. During the times of the worst social chaos, the most corrupt  and   selfish abuse of power by the ruling class that produced the most ruthless oppression of the masses resulting in the most violent revolutions and the greatest social chaos have been the times when seemingly insignificant people have quietly gone about making scientific breakthroughs. inventions new kinds of art and music and have had the most profound philosophical insights and achieved the greatest spiritual enlightenment.

 In the times when the established power structures  have been the most preoccupied with riots, crime, rebellion, violent revolutions and wars  to pay much attention to people who quietly go about experimenting with new ways of doing things and more efficient ways  of solving problems and creating new kinds of art, music, and literature, that would not have  been allowed if the  existing power structures of the time had not been preoccupied with much more overtly obvious and violent rebellion crime and social chaos.


 The inability of  the major institutions of society to cope with the speed of change  at the time when multiple major long term cycles end and start new cycles concurrently creates the instability that necessitates civilization reinventing itself at a more harmoniously integrated and advanced level. The massive change that is now underway is not happening on Earth but on all the planets of our solar and beyond.  Not just Earth but all of the planets of the solar system have undergone massive changes over the last approximately 50 years since. space probes have been sent out to explore  the other planets of our solar system and their Moons.                Transiting  Mars enters his own sign of Scorpio on November 19,  2019 and leaves Scorpio  on January 3, 2020  just as the Saturn-Pluto  conjunction starts to form. Mars in Scorpio is likely to produce covert military activity, whereas Mars in Sagittarius could coincide with direct confrontations and combat. As of January 3,  2020  The Saturn-Pluto  conjunction is already  well within less than a degree of being exact and is already very powerful  as Mars enters the fire sign Sagittarius. It is well known in astrology that that Mars in any fire  sign (Ares, Leo, or Sagittarius) can be very militaristic and prone  to get into military confrontations, and wars. In Sagittarius such conflicts are most likely to arise over differences in cultural beliefs, especially religious ones. The real reasons for conflict are more likely to be  economic and political, but religious differences make a good pretext and justification to the masses.

Most serious economic analysts and historical researchers regard a massive worldwide economic collapse as inevitable in a world economy that is saturated in debt at every level. Knowing this the globalist banking cabal that parasites off of everyone else in the world, could themselves deliberately trigger a global worldwide economic collapse at the strategic time to discredit Trump and blame it on him in an election year. Mercury in Scorpio is more about media manipulation, plotting and counter plotting, secret investigations, intrigue, spying  secrecy and betrayal of public trust and high office for the sake of private gain.

Venus in Scorpio is about sexual obsession and manipulation for the sake of power, money, security, social prominence, career advantage  and manipulation, revenge , getting even, and competitive ego sense of superiority.

The sun in Scorpio is about, showing off, looking powerful and important, seeking political power and public status, and secretly investigating opponents weaknesses, illegal and immoral past wrong doings. Sun in Scorpio also includes using economic-political authority, including, intelligence agencies, police, and military.

It is the globalist banksters themselves, over many decades of economic abuse that created the problem to begin with. This should be obvious to any thinking person. were this to actually happen, the outcome would depend on just how sophisticated the public had become or emotionally naive and manipulate able it still was, in understanding what was really going on beneath the surface of the of major news organizations and official institutions in general.

I still maintain that the most likely time for a global economic crisis to occur is in January of 2020. When Saturn in Capricorn representing the established economic-political power structure conjunct  Pluto indicates  the death of these outmoded institution and the downfall of the corrupted and black mailed people who run them.

We should not forget that nothing is absolutely 100 percent certain until it happens. and that there are other parallel realities and time lines existing in the same space that are out of phase with this one. A shifting of time lines happens so fast , in a billionth of a second or less that they are seamlessly carried out without even being noticed by the people experiencing them. Occasionally they happen in the context of so called paranormal  phenomena such as suddenly finding yourself in a distant place which could be a few miles away, to hundreds, or even thousands of miles from where you were in what seems like just a second ago. I have had such experiences and I know one person who had such an experience over a thousands of miles all the way from Wyoming to upstate New York. this person is a geologist, Who while driving in Wyoming found himself on a high way in  upstate New York amidst geological rock formations that do not exist in Wyoming. The car behind him passed him and then took off at 80 miles per hour. The Driver of that car must have been freaked out by suddenly seeing my geologist friend’s ‘car suddenly materialize in front of him. Such seemingly freakish experiences are generally or castrated by the soul level consciousness of the person experiencing them in cooperation with other very spiritually advanced beings. This may be done to get the person wondering and thinking about deeper aspects of reality, or to avoid dangers that could threaten the person and the work he is doing in pursuing her or his spiritual mission.

 Such paranormal events usually happen the first time when a person, a community of people, a nation, a civilization, a race or species of beings, such as our human species is brought to a standstill by insurmountable problems it is incapable of solving at our present level of development. Again,Throughout history the times of the greatest crisis have also been the times of the greatest spiritual and intellectual breakthroughs,

Average humanity is still dominated  by their emotions and desires and fears. Thus they are run and controlled  by their emotional need to avoid pain and suffering and to achieve pleasure and satisfaction. They are the sheeple the lazy people who are content with the illusion of security that comes with going along to get along with the attitude that that if everyone else is doing it, it must be ok, because everybody else is doing it. This is the blind leading the blind, or all the lemmings running off the cliff and becoming bloody pancakes at the bottom.

                             The one  universal  omnipresent source of everything that exists is in the innermost self awareness and consciousness of every being and every evolving life form. The extent to which a life form is consciously aware of this fact depends on how far it has progressed in its evolutionary development. To participate in this universal evolutionary process, a life form and the consciousness that inhabits it can be at any level of evolution. The extent to which it can  influence the universal evolutionary process depends on the degree to which it’s level of evolution permits. Levels of evolutionary development cover a vast range from a sub atomic particle to an atom, to a molecule, to an ameba or one celled organism, to a worm, to a fish or a bird, to o cat or dog, to human, to an avatar, to the innermost consciousness of a planet called a planetary logos, to a solar logos, to a  galactic logos, and beyond. The more evolved a life form is and the consciousness that inhabits it is the more powerful its influence is. If a being is un balanced in its evolution and selfish in it[‘s purpose it can do great harm and incur serious karmic retribution that causes serious setbacks in its evolution.

Perhaps !0% of Humanity have developed a strong enough awareness at the mental level, to at least be strongly influenced by their mind if not dominated by their mind. That is, there reasoning is usually able to  control their emotional reactions . Evolution of the mind covers a vast amount of developmental process within itself, with people at various levels of mental progress  and various types of mental development. Those near the top level of mental development are already starting to display a  different and higher faculty of knowing called intuition.

At the intuitive level of knowing a person simply direct her or his attention to that which he chooses to know about and thereby entrains to the vibratory frequencies and patterns of that which she or he directs their attention. This enables those people who are advanced enough to function at this level to  duplicate and download the information of anything they wish to know about anywhere in space and any time in the past present or future. Intuition is a much faster, and far more accurate process than logic and reasoning which is often based on erroneous and incomplete information, and therefore is almost always subject to error. A being at the Intuitive level simply downloads the information by entraining her or his consciousness to the unique hologram or vibration pattern  of that thing or condition he directs his focused attention to, thereby duplicating a copy of it in the energy field of her or his consciousness. There are many ways in which psychic and intuitive knowing can manifest depending on which chakras, with their characteristic levels of consciousness are more dominant, developed and open. More often than not people are very retarded in some ways and extremely advanced in other ways.  It behooves all of us to use our greatest strengths to overcome our biggest faults and weaknesses.. Uneven development always poses the danger of making big mistakes with serious long range consequences.

IT is highly significant that Transiting Mercury is exactly conjunct the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction  on January 12, 2020. This conjunction of Mercury to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is not just a brief influence because any thing as important as a Saturn-Pluto conjunction has its own event horoscope the influence of which lasts way beyond the duration of the aspect itself. This very strongly suggests that some dramatic worldwide news development will trigger a implosion and collapse of established economic systems worldwide and bring down the highly secretive, corrupt and abusive global central banking system. The system of central banks that dominate the global economy and the disgustingly evil pedophile black mailed slaves of the oppressive Anunaki off planet beings who control the elitist cabal who are at the top of the human food chain have for their own selfish purposes have imposed the tyranny that has been the dominant influence controlling Earth. This has gone on for the last approximately half a million years. It is these beings who also fight among themselves that are the ultimate oppressors of Earth and of the human species who they genetically engineered  to be their slaves, that have held back evolutionary progress on Earth and throughout their empire in the local galactic neighborhood.

 This evil has been personified as an evil entity called Satan Who has been personified as a fallen Arch Angel Who wanted to be more powerful and important than the ultimate creator of all that exists. Whatever is the ultimate source of this corrupting evil influence is, it has always used falsehood motivated by selfishness to parasite off the hard work and pioneers of evolutionary progress who have devoted their existence to the service of the general good of humanity and ultimately all life.

 What kind of an event would trigger such a collapse of existing corrupt economic and political institutions could take many forms from a major natural disaster, to the bankruptcy of a major financial institution or nation, to the outbreak of a major war as examples. Such a major event would stop the circulation of debt and start the economic dominoes knocking each other over. This happened in 2008  with the bankruptcy of Leman Brothers. This event would have crashed the global economy, had it not been for the creation of trillions of dollars of fiat currency by the Fed, and other major central banks throughout the world with no tangible assets to back them up. This has diminished the value of everyone else’s money that has been earned the honest way by creating products and services of real value. It has also focused liquidity at the top of the economic pecking order that can be used to buy out honest hard working people on the cheap.

This time the consequences of a worldwide econonioc crisis and collapse would be far more serious because any attempt to re inflate the global economy with fiat currency would only destroy confidence in the whole system and fuel hyper inflation until we have a worthless Weimar Dollar like what happened to the German mark in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This is indicated by Jupiter in Capricorn in the sign of his fall and therefore subject to the same weaknesses of the corrupt economic-political power structure that is already in terminal decline. This is indicated by Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, later in 2020 especially in the fall of 2020.

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 22, 2020. Saturn turns retrograde on May 11, 2020 at 1 degree and 57 minutes, only 3 minutes of short of 2 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 2, 2020  Saturn turns direct on September 29, 2020 at 25 degrees and 20 minutes of Capricorn. Saturn re enters Aquarius on December18, 2020 only 2 days before Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 20 2020 for the first time since January 6 , 2009.  These Saturn and Jupiter ingresses or entries into Aquarius which are only 2 days apart are also very close to the winter solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, 2020 The initial ingress of Saturn into Aquarius. will increase interest among serious thinkers in more libertarian free enterprise and local systems of economic and political organization where business is conducted by stating how many hours of one persons time is worth how many hours of another person’s time, or what an item to trade is worth the other persons item to trade or how many hours of the other persons work time an Item or items is worth.

this will be the time when new more local community experimental grass roots based economic  political and spiritual forms of social organizations begin to emerge, in the power vacuum left behind by the collapse  of the old corrupt and bankrupt national and international economic and political systems. This will especially be the case if by that time there has been major destruction of coastal areas and long range  communication and transport systems.

Transiting Mars enters Aries on June 28 2020. Mars turns retrograde on September 9 2020 at 28 degrees and 8 minutes of Ares. transiting Mars turns direct  on November 13, 2020 at 15 degrees and 14 minutes of Ares. Mars regains 28 degrees of Ares where he turned retrograde on January 2, 2021, thus ending his retrograde cycle.. Mars leaves Ares and enters Taurus on January 7, 2021. Mars is conjunct Uranus in Taurus  Between January 18,2021 and January 24, 2021. This prolonged transit through his own cardinal fire sign of Ares is extremely dangerous, especially in the fall; of 2020 when Mars does a retrograde cycle. During the fall of  2020 mars make numerous square transits to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto which are transiting the later degrees of  Capricorn.

Mars in Ares turns retrograde in an almost exact square to the US horoscope Pluto in the 9th house. The US chart Pluto is at 29 degrees and 34 minutes of Capricorn, and Mars turns retrograde  at 28 degrees and 8 minutes of Ares. Angry citizens will challenge violations of the US constitution, and violations of their human rights by corrupt politicians, and courts and those in positions of wealth and power.  If these issues are not satisfactorily addressed there will be riots, violence, and armed revolution. Transiting Pluto will conjunct t his natal position in the US horoscope in 2021 and 2022. There will be a movement to re write the US constitution to more adequately and comprehensively protect the inalienable human rights of all citizens, and maintain the rule of law. If this is not adequately accomplished anarchy, Violence, and bloodshed will ensue. If we take precession correction into account  by adding 3 degrees and 24 minutes to the positions of the planets and other significant points in the US horoscope  we obtain their precession corrected positions for 2019. The precession corrected position for Pluto in the US horoscope is 58 minutes or effectively 1 degree of Aquarius. transiting Saturn is conjunct this degree in the spring and early summer of 2020 and again while conjunct Jupiter in the last 10 days of December 2020 and the first 10  days of 2021.

Precession correction is a significant factor in the lives of elderly people. and in longer lived business, professional educational, religious, and political organizations.  A 72 year old person has 1 degree of precession correction to add to natal positions to ascertain the precession corrected positions.

Transiting Pluto Makes his first ingress into Aquarius on January 21 2024. Pluto turns retrograde on May 2, 2024 at 2 degrees of Aquarius. Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn on September 2, 2024. Pluto turns direct on October 12, 2024 at 29 de3grees and 34 minutes of Capricorn. Pluto re enters Aquarius on November 20, 2024 and is conjunct The US precession corrected Pluto through all of 2025. indicating that a state of constitutional crisis to preserve the basic human rights that were included in the Us constitution in the original amendments to the US constitution that became the bill of rights will be ongoing  until 2026.

There is also the danger of War with China, Russia and or other foreign powers. There could also be the incursion of negative extraterrestrials who want to eliminate humans and occupy remote territories such as national parks and vast expanses in the western states. This is already happening with many stories about people being abducted and killed by negative ET entities This information has been suppressed in the major news media. Mars is continuously square  the US horoscope Pluto Between August 23, and September 23, 2020 for an entire month.

Mars in Ares is square Jupiter in Capricorn on  August 4, 2020 at 19 degrees and 44 minutes of Ares and Capricorn on August 4, 2020. After turning retrograde Mars is square Jupiter a second time on October 19, 2020, at 19 degrees of Ares and Capricorn. after  going direct Mars is square Jupiter a third time on January 23 2021 at 9 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius. Mars in Ares is square Pluto in Capricorn on August 13, 2020  at 23 degrees of Ares and Capricorn. After turning retrograde Mars again is square Pluto on October 9 at 22 and 1/2 degrees of Ares and Capricorn. after turning direct Mars squares Pluto a third time  on December 23, 2020 at23 degrees and 55 minutes of Ares and Capricorn.

Mars squares Saturn on August 25, 2020. Retrograding transiting Mars squares transiting Saturn at v25 and 1/2 degrees of Capricorn on September 29, 2020 . Mars sis square Saturn a third time after Mars  turns direct on January 11 2021with Mars and Saturn at 2and 1/2 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius.  Trans These are all very  dangerous and inflammatory aspects that are likely to produce  violence in the forms of war, revolution , rioting, and crime all over the world.

By that time there will be drastic, worldwide food shortages, that have been caused by the chaotic weather that has been happening all; over the world and continues to get even more extreme. This will cause worldwide civil unrest, rioting and revolution as food become unaffordable to ordinary citizens. By that time much more shocking information about corruption treason and betrayal of the public interest by Obama, the Clintons and Bushes during their presidential administrations, involving treason, pedophile activities, ritual torture, murder, and even cannibalism will so shock and disgust the American people as to cause public anger on a level never seen before.

These heinous activities are  conducted in secret black magic rituals, by the most prominent politicians, and the top leaders of major religious organizations, particularly in the Catholic church, the top echelons of the Mormon hierarchy, and even in major organizations in eastern religions and by famous gurus and leaders associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. By that time there will be irrefutable completely provable evidence that this has been going on. Those prominent people engaged in these activities are kept in line by a system of mutual blackmail, and the torture, murder, and killing of the families of those who attempt to break away and publicly reveal what is going with these hideously evil activities. President trump with his military backing is seeking to bring these evil doers to justice.

The British royal family and the Rothschild’s, who run the world’s biggest central banking empire are in the very top level of these evil activities could have control over even president Trump. Trumps recent trip to England where he had dinner with the royal family and subsequently came out with heavy support for the state of Israel makes me concerned that Trump had his arm twisted When he visited and had dinner with the royal family and that he might have caved in. The British crown in cahoots with the Rothschild’s own the majority of the consortium of private banks that make up the federal Reserve.  

. The state of Israel has always been a Rothschild top agenda. Its brutal violence and oppression of the Islamic Arab  population of the Eastern Mediterranean region who have lived there for many centuries, is no better than what Hitler did to the Jews in world war 2. The Rothschild’s have never been loyal to or supporters of real Judaism and have in reality been the biggest betrayers of the Jewish people. Had the Rothschild’s wanted to, they could have prevented the Jewish holocaust under Hitler. They allowed it to happen because of its propaganda value in for creating the state of Israel and to keep the Jewish people of the world loyal to the  Rothschild agenda  of maintaining and perpetrating their global financial hegemony. The Jews who are so prominent in the fields of education and business are descendants of Caesarians who converted to Judaism in the middle ages for political reasons. The Caesarian’s originated in what is now the Ukraine and Georgia. The ancient Israelites were a Semitic race.

The British crown approved the creation of the State of Israel during WW1 during a  time when the Germans were winning. The British needed the support of the American press and universities which was dominated by Jews. The Rothschild’s agreed to use their influence among the Jews to mobilize support for the United States to enter World War 1 in support of t he British in return for British Support for the creation of a Jewish state in the same area around Jerusalem in the so called holy land where the Semitic Jews of the old testament had lived in ancient Biblical times. The Rothschild’s used their Jewish influence to go to war, largely by the false flag sinking of the Lusitania. And at the end of WW2,England and the US supported the creation of the Jewish State of Israel.

It has been suggested by some historical researchers  especially David Icke that Hitler himself was the illegitimate son of an important member of the Rothschild lineage and that the members of his top level circle Such as Herman Himmler, Herman Goring, Joseph Goebbels, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Retell, Erich Raeder, Karl Donitz, Albert Speer, and Joachim Von Ribbintharod  were also of Jewish decent. They certainly do not look like blond haired blue eyed Germans.

The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well as the Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism have all been set up by one or the other 2 major competing and conflicting factions of the top ruling class of the Anunaki empire pyramidal hierarchy.

The current Anunaki emperor who is called Anu has 2 half brother sons  born to 2 different mothers. The oldest of these two half brothers is Enki  who was born to  a consort or mistress of Anu who was not the official empress. the younger of the two half brothers is Enlil who was born to the officially recognized empress, who was the half sister of the emporer Anu.  Because of this Anu designated Enlil the younger of the two half brothers as inheritor of the emperorship. Enki who is the older half brother who was born to the mistress or consort of the emperor Anu. Enki is a scientific and engineering genius and is the far more talented and intelligent of the 2 half brothers. Enlil is an authoritarian, punishing false god who demanded absolute obedience, including animal and human sacrifices who was the old testament Jehovah in one of his personifications. The story of the Anunaki  is complex and covers a very long time span, that involves, rival factions, incest, extreme sexual obsession, internecine war, genetic engineering, and use of humans to fight each other as proxy solders and armies. It is too long to go into here.

I suggest that those who want to know more about Anunaki history  and current activities read the books and listen to the audio recordings  of Barbara Marciniak who channels a group of Pleiadian beings. These books and recordings can be purchased from Bold Connections Unlimited at PO box 782 Apex North Carolina

I have been using a magnetic compass, over the last few weeks the kind with the magnetic needle that points north and aligns with the earth’s magnetic field. As of

November 7, 2019 I have been observing the direction of the compass needle over the past few weeks, and it has been changing  the direction in which the compass needle points dramatically,  as much as 30 degrees within a few days and sometimes dramatically within the same day. This is not something I got off the internet. It is my own direct observation o an ordinary magnetic compass. I encourage anyone to try this experiment for themselves, and come to their own conclusions.

The current instability of the Earth’s magnetic field is letting in high energy particles from space and the lack of sunspot activity and the current low levels of Sun spots is weakening the heliosphere which protects our solar system from high energy particles from other places in the galaxy. At the same time our solar system has  entered the paper thin, as compared to the scale of galactic distances, galactic plane, where cosmic energies area far more intense, and where derbies of space rocks are and asteroids are far more frequent. This also greatly adds to the tremendous intensity of the energies we are experiencing at this critical Historic juncture.

Capricorn  covers the 8th house of the US horoscope beginning with the first degree of Capricorn on the 8th house cusp. The 9th house begins at 22 degrees of Capricorn if Placidus houses are used. The exact Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees and 45 minutes of Capricorn is on January 12, 2020. Conjunct the US 9th house cusp. This shows that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is fundamentally a spiritual issue concerning the abuse of power and the betrayal of public trust for the sake of short sighted personal gain at the expense of the greater good and progress  of civilization, and of the people.

 In the Spring Summer and Fall of 2020 transiting Jupiter in Capricorn is also conjunct or nearly conjunct the 9th house cusp of the US chart. This holds promise that the consciousness of the American people will come to a more  inclusive and expansive through discovering and understanding that we have deliberately been misled and lied to about our real spiritual nature, history, cosmic origins, evolutionary potential. This expanded understanding of the big picture of our origins and evolutionary process and spiritual potential will eventually give birth to a far more advanced civilization.

 As more and more inside information is revealed about what really goes on at the top levels of the religious and political institutions that that run the world, many true believers will undergo severe disillusionment as their lifelong emotional investment in their belief systems collapses. The emotional trauma that this causes will be severe for many people but it absolutely necessary for people to learn to rely on their own internal connection to a higher power instead of being misled by external authorities.

As cultural understanding grows of the deeper more hidden and very deceptive forces that that enslaved and controlled Earth and the evolution of her life forms including us humans, The people will take their power back and thus assume personal responsibility and leadership for envisioning communicating and organizing simpler more efficient methods of mobilizing  local material resources and people with skills and creative solutions among family friends, and local acquaintances to handle emergency situations and create long term sustainability. As the thoroughly corrupt and rotten to the core religious, economic, industrial, and political institutions that run our world collapse and those who hold  the top level positions of power in these institutions are revealed to be traitors of humanity, they will leave behind them a power vacuum that will be filled in at the level of local grass roots organization to create local community self sufficiency. This will especially be the case if long distance communication transportation and commercial shipping infrastructures have broken down or been destroyed.

Increasing cultural understanding of the deeper more hidden and very deceptive forces that that enslaved and controlled Earth and the evolution of her life forms including us humans become more widely understood, as to their methodologies, these methodologies will become increasingly ineffective. Chief among these methodologies is the technique of divide and conquer through manipulating fear of other nations, religions, cultures and parts of the world. The same applies to religious, economic, and political ideologies, professions, socioeconomic classes, and so on.

The bigger and more complicated religious, business, educational, economic and political systems become the more they are subject to inefficiency, corruption, and abuse of power. The biggest crimes are perpetrated under the guise of secrecy to protect  national security. Under the national security act, that was enacted shortly after World War 2 the discoveries of scientists and new technologies of inventors can be taken away from their discoverers and creators and taken over by the military industrial establishment which profits off of division injustice war and suffering. This is a system of institutionalized theft, Just as the Federal Reserve, that operates in total secrecy, in cahoots with major central banks in other countries is a system of institutionalized theft at the economic level. Both are run by the same group of international criminals who are beholden to no one except to the extra terrestrial overlords who conquered  Earth a long time ago, who are there slave masters. This small group of psychotic, sociopathic Beings have been for half a million years the dominant power in control of Earth. Never the less, Pleiadian’s and beings from other ET civilizations have infiltrated Earth and contributed to the complex and very diversified gene pool that makes up the present day human population of Earth.

Since our genetically engineered beginning over 200,000 years ago, we have evolved into a far more intelligent and capable and highly adaptable  and powerful species. Because of our very diversified genetics we have within our DNA a wide range of information and deep memory that gives us the ability to evolve very rapidly and adapt to and transform the most poisonous and deadly threats to our survival. At present humanity has access to and uses only about 5% of our cranial capacity and DNA memory. Those beings who genetically engineered the first prototype humans designed us to have short life spans of 120 years or less. They disconnected those DNA molecular interfaces that make possible the memory of other lifetimes and conscious connection to our soul and to the universal spiritual reality that transcends and yet contains all manifestation of form that become the vehicles of evolving individual separate self awareness  that through the struggle to survive the limitations of embodiment in form creates a concentration of focused awareness in the limitations of form in time and space that is the means by which the self awareness of the consciousness embodied in separated individual life forms evolve into more powerful self aware beings. As individual beings become more powerful they become more of a threat to the status quo comfort zone of those invested in maintaining their positions of power and security which there positions of power and control in the established order permits even if this creates limitation and suffering for many other beings .By limiting the freedom to evolve faster by having the time and opportunity to study,  learn and express their creativity and evolve more rapidly by overcoming inertia and resistance to change, Those who live comfortable privileged lives by   making  others subservient by holding back the opportunity to evolve learn and become more creatively powerful of those who they have forced into subservience they impede the very evolutionary process itself and incur karmic limitation in their own evolutionary process.

The frustration and suffering  of being stuck and limited in an old corrupt system  causes a pressure that eventually brings about a sudden and catastrophic collapse of the old system that causes such chaos that it is only possible to survive by being re organized by a subtler faster level of existence. This subtler faster level of existence is a step closer to the infinitely fast and therefore statically omnipresent eternal pure consciousness that transcends the limitations of time and space. The struggle of life to survive in limited life forms perfects and speeds up the infinite power of God which only the totality of all that exists had in the beginning has by perfecting her-his-Its infinite self awareness in each of its evolving life form manifestations God multiplies her-his-its infinite power as the totality of all that is, through each perfected life form that has by experiencing the limitations of time and space through embodiment in life Forms perfected and purified its individual consciousness. to the point. where It can, while maintaining its individual conscious identity experience that its consciousness is the same consciousness which is the under pinning, foundation, and sustainer of all and everything that exists. Time is Gods leverage For compressing that which is most expanded and subtle into that which is most dense and compressed. because paradoxically seeming that which is most dense is the fastest conductor of vibration.

 An example of this is that Steel which is much denser than air conducts sound much faster than air. I learned this as a  child  because by putting my ear to the rail road track I could hear a train coming while it is still far away much sooner than I could by listening for it through the air. That which is most small and dense provides the best boundary conditions for multi harmonic, multi dimensional systems which are fractal systems in both time and space.  Time is a comparative measurement of motions. Space is  measured by multiples and fractal harmonic systems of a fundamental wave length, which in physics is thought to be Planks constant. Planks constant is also expressed as a fundamental frequency. To which I also suggest there must be a fundamental velocity of which there is also an entire range  of  major harmonics of this velocity  which create fractal arrays of geometrically organized and superimposed standing wave patterns. I further maintain that these organized fractal geometric patterns contain sub set geometries at a series of harmonically organized velocity and therefore also time harmonics. These multiple velocity-multi time sub sets share standing wave nodes and anti nodes in common. So, they can trade places with each other. long distance space travel over vast galactic distances and time, travel which is harmonic velocity jumping are the same phenomena and one is not possible without the other.

Genetically engineered and mutating diseases are now just starting to emerge as a threat. By 2021 and 2022 in a worst case scenario they could become pan endemics. This is as big a danger as any we face over the next few years. A population weakened by food shortages, severe weather, chemtrails, GMO foods is an easy prey to diseases. Dangerous Diseased people are deliberately being brought in from the Congo and other regional world locations to spread deadly diseases such as Ebola in Europe and America. This is a major part of the elitist agenda to kill off most of humanity.

On the positive side, major advances in non local inter dimensional Radionics technology will have the ability to cancel and destroy the genetic wave forms of bacterial and viral pathogens, at the etheric level. Positive pro human extra terrestrial Beings and races will assist us in this process when we ask for their help and are willing to do our best to help ourselves.

The US horoscope Mercury is at 24 and 1/2 degrees of Cancer in the 3rd house The US chart Pluto is in the 9th house at 27 and 1/2 degrees of Capricorn. This the US horoscope has an opposition aspect between Mercury and Pluto with a 3 degree orb. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 9th house, will make the same aspect to the US Mercury in 2020  and  2021 .  This transiting opposition of Pluto to Mercury in the US chart is exact in the spring and summer of 2020 and the fall of 2021. when precession correction is taken into account. This influence will last into 2025. Transits of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn  will also be in opposition to Mercury in the US horoscope at the same time they conjunct Transiting Pluto.  will also oppose the US horoscope Mercury. Transiting Saturn does  this in January of 2020 and Transiting  Jupiter does it in late March and early April of 2020 and in late November of 2020. Transiting Jupiter stationary turning retrograde at 27 degrees and 14 minutes of Capricorn on May 14 2020 is  opposition to precession corrected US Mercury in May of 2020 and early December of 2020.

The natal Mercury-Pluto Opposition in the US horoscope shows an inherent weakness in the handling of news and information that distorts objectivity. Mercury in cancer or for that matter Mercury in any water sign is subject to prejudices and biases that are the result of emotional conditioning. Emotional likes and dislikes and attitudes resulting from family background, religious indoctrination, socioeconomic status, and cultural conditioning all tend to distort factually rational understanding of what is really happening  in the bigger reality that surrounds a population, or the people of a nation and keeps them from understanding what is really going on in the larger reality around them. This means that The people of the United States are just as subject to emotional propaganda manipulation as people of other regions and nations in the world.. This is especially true on subconscious levels.

 Now in the age of electronic media, cell phones, internet and mass entertainment Mind control and manipulation has taken on a new dimension, using subliminal signals that imprint the subconscious even though the conscious mind is not aware of it. Specific frequencies are used to jam peoples normal, healthy brain wave patterns and artificially induce specific moods, emotional reactions, and mental states. this is very dangerous in as much a most people are unaware at the conscious level that it is being done to them. It is estimated that approximately 4 billion people on the planet have cell phones and yet a large percentage of them do not even have toilets. This is degrading much of the healthy moral values of traditional cultures. Electronic media control has become the major battle ground in politics economics, marketing, entertainment, and mass psychology manipulation and control.

in the US this has been and will be over the next few years played out in the struggle between centralized corporate establishment media and diversified small media that has primarily uses the internet to get their messages across to the general public. The internet has given the citizens a way to express their opinions and share and share information.  Now centrally controlled giant corporate conglomerates that own major internet access platforms such as Google, Face book , twitter and YouTube are using their financial and managerial control to censor and shut down websites that do not support the elitist agenda.

Pluto is in the 9th house of the US horoscope. What astrologers call mundane astrology is the astrology of politics and word affairs. The 9th house in mundane astrology has to do with the high courts which have the authority to decide on the interpretation of laws In the US this is the federal courts and most especially the Supreme Court which has the final authority to rule on the constitutionality of laws that have been enacted by congress and signed into law by the president. If the Supreme Court rules that a law is unconstitutional that law becomes nullified and con no longer be legally enforced.

The battle between big corporate censorship of the internet and the right of the people to have  equal rights to put up their websites will be fought out in the federal courts all the way to the Supreme Court in historic Supreme court cases. Those in favor of equal access to the internet will base their case on first amendment  by pointing out that the internet is the mode4rn equivalent of a printing press and therefore is under the protection of the 1st amendment that grantees freedom of the press. They will further contend that the airways and technologies  of electronic communication are the property of the people and the basic access to use them are not subject to exclusive private ownership by an individual or a corporation. The legislative and executive branches of government6 which are congress and the presidency will have their things to say about internet censorship but the Supreme court will have the  authority to make  internet censorship unconstitutional. This is also like saying that it inot possigle to patent or exclusively own a law of nature. Antitrust legislation may also be used to break up the monopoly control of enormous corporate conglomerates have over the internet.

Transiting Saturn enters Aquarius on March 22, 2020 only 2 days after the vernal equinox. Saturn turns retrograde on May 11, 2020 at 1 degree and 57 minutes, or almost 2 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 1st 2020, Saturn turns direct on September 29, 2020 at 25 degrees and 29 minutes of Capricorn. Saturn re enters Aquarius on December 17, 2020, only 2 days before Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19, which in turn is only2 days before the winter solstice on December 21, 2020. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur every 20 years and mark the ending and beginning point of a very major syndical cycle. especially in terms of business, commerce and politics. The fact that this Jupiter- Saturn conjunction happens right at the Aquarius ingress or the very beginning of Aquarius is highly significant!.  Also, that it happens so close to the winter solstice make it even more highly significant!!!. Probably out of necessity, this will see the first grass roots experimentation with new more democratic and egalitarian forms of economics, trade and self governance. This will happen at the same time as the old corrupt Saturnine, Capricorn  power structure breaks down and begins a process of complete disintegration concurrent  with the birth of a new system. This new system will be based on an entirely different and far more advanced system of social, economic and political organization.  This process will take approximately  5 years  between 2020 and 2025.

 Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction while entering Aquarius together in late December of 2020 will conjunct The US precession corrected Pluto in the spring and early summer of 2020. This will correspond with one of the last desperate brutal attempts to impose Tyranny on the American people, and the rest of the world. When transiting Pluto conjuncts his own precession corrected position in the US horoscope at the first degree of Aquarius the final battle against the forces of oppression will be engaged. Pluto enters Aquarius on January 21, 2024 turns retrograde on May 2, 2024 at 2 degrees of Aquarius  and retrogrades back into Capricorn on September 2, 2024. Pluto turns direct at 29 degrees and38 minutes of Aquarius on October 12, 2024. Pluto re enters Aquarius on November 20, 2024

All of this Pluto transit activity in the first6 2 degrees of Aquarius is conjunct   Precession corrected Pluto in the US horoscope. This will be the final decisive battle in bringing about the total demise of the old corrupt system that has enslaved Earth for a very long time. This system has been imposed by a tyrannical  Extra Terrestrial Empire Under the control of degenerate Psychopathic, Sociopathic leaders. These leaders are the Royal family of a pyramidal Top Down  military style command chain that has no conscience, and  does not understand the sacredness of life. These Beings have no compunction about destroying anything it cannot conquer and enslave.

 It does not matter that that our genetic ancestors were genetically engineered to be an inferior slave workers. Omnipresent consciousness working through the all powerful evolutionary process occupies and evolves every self aware life form, no matter how humble its origins, to ever more expanded and coherently organized power to create beauty. By taking responsibility for serving  the evolution of all life. the individual self awareness in every life form merges with ever expanding vistas of Gods infinitely fast and therefore eternal still all powerful  self awareness that manifests her-his-its infinity through perfecting the individual self awareness within each life form. By means of this process Gods infinite power is multiplied through the eventual perfecting and expanding the  consciousness within each life form to the level of recognizing its own evolving consciousness as the same consciousness in the evolving consciousness of every other life form.

 The greatest manifestations of the power of God is where the all powerful nature of that primal isness which transcends the limitations of time space and form interacts with itself to create time, space  manifestation of form which ultimately evolve to a level of consciousness and creative ability approaching that which only the totality of all that is had in the beginning.

 The only way to be secure is to accept insecurity. The times of greatest crisis in human history have always been the times of greatest breakthroughs  and evolutionary progress .Now human survival on Earth faces a challenge to our survival of our species far greater than we have ever faced before.

As flawed as it was the founding fathers of the United states were among the first people to defend the basic rights of the people  to express freedom of communication, and creative expression to grow and evolve  as a divine right. inherent in the evolutionary purpose of life itself. All expressions of consciousness at all levels of evolution occupying all life forms at every stage of development  are housing individual self aware beings whose degree of advancement is subject to the limitations of the life form it occupies. The more evolved a being is the more evolved is the life form it  can occupy.    

 Individual manifestations of consciousness in evolving life forms from the densest seemingly inert rock to the most exalted interdimensional enlightened being are expressions of almighty Gods supreme evolutionary purpose of evolving each of her-his life forms to a state of perfection where it manifests the entire power wisdom and love which Gods infinity had in the beginning at the level that transcends all time space and form. In this infinite process  of consciousness taking on form manifestation and engaging in the illusion of separate identity which is given the free choice of self expression through the limited level consciousness that can express through the life form it occupies it influences and affects other evolving life forms that respond to its actions and thus engages in the interactions of the feedback it gets from other manifestations of life embodied in form. This process manifests as the law of Karma which rewards unselfish actions and brings expanded awareness and greater opportunities as the result of benevolent actions and manifests suffering as the result of selfish actions.

The Declaration of Independence, The American revolution  against the irrational Tyranny of king George expressed through the British crown and the subsequent enactment of the US constitution and Bill of rights as severely flawed and hypocritical as it was, especially to non Caucasian races, is never the less one of the first great historic examples of standing up to Tyranny. Since that time the forces of oppression that run our world have regarded The United States as the greatest threat to their control and have used every means at their disposal overt, but especially covert means, to undermine and defeat American democracy.

In the 3,years 2024, 2026, and 2026  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all change signs, some of them more than once, Due to retrograde motions of transiting planets straddling sign boundaries planets often move into a new sign wile in direct, forward motion, then turn retrograde and back up into  the previous sign and then turn direct and move  forward into the new sign, for the duration of its transit of that sign. Jupiter takes only a little over a year to transit a sign and, so  will have changed signs twice in 3 years

 This for better or worse will propel humanity into a brave new world of uncharted territory. People will have to reinvent themselves individually and collectively on every level, from the most practical to the most spiritual. Much drastic change death and destruction to life as we have known it will have transpired by that time. Humanity will enter an unknown future that is extremely different than what has been known in the past.

Saturn enters Pisces on March  8, 2023. Saturn enters  Aries on May 25, 2025. Saturn retrogrades back  into Pisces on September 1, 2025. Saturn re enters Ares on January 27, 2026. Neptune enters Ares on March 31, 2025. Neptune retrogrades back into Pisces on October 22, 2025. Neptune turns direct at 28 degrees of Pisces on December 10, 2025. Neptune re enters  Ares  on  January 27, 2026

Saturn and Neptune are conjunct from mid May of 2025 to mid September and closely conjunct with Saturn and Neptune both in the first 2 degrees of Ares Between late May and the end of August 2025. Saturn and Neptune are again conjunct between late January and mid March 2026. Both Saturn and Neptune are conjunct again in the first 3 degrees of Ares  Between mid February and mid March 2026. The destruction of old corrupt and entrenched institutions and the social downfall of their highly compromised leaders, regardless of whether these institutions are religious, economic political or cultural  always liberates a lot of raw chaotic and sometimes very destructive energy. The French revolution led to Napoleon and the Russian revolution brought about Communist totalitarian rule starting with Stalin.

This is most important , especially from the point of view of mass psychology.   Saturn and Neptune are the 2 most karmic planets in Astrology. Saturn brings the lessons of limitation and hardships  that result from having to face practical reality and the need to physically survive in the practical world  and the hard experiences brought about  by lack of discipline, harming others, lack of responsibility and bad choices in the past in this lifetime or other lifetimes. Saturn also brings rewards that have been earned through self discipline, hard work, and being responsible to the greater good and long term progress of humanity.

Neptune is associated with Pisces and the 12th house, and therefore with the subconscious mind, and the undesirable effects  of painful traumatic experiences in this or other lifetimes that have been isolated or walled off in the subconscious.  these walled off subconscious memories of acute traumas in the past automatically influence people to attitudes and behaviors that without their being consciously aware of it causes actions and psychological states that are inappropriate  and self destructive in the context of daily life. Neptune is also associated with creative imagination, dreams, altered states of consciousness and psychic abilities.

The high side of Neptune is advanced psychic abilities Inspired creativity, especially in the arts. Spiritual insight and understanding and forgiveness, compassion ,and empathy.

The down side of Neptune is confusion, neurosis, and psychosis. indecisiveness, addiction. and escapism and lack of healthy boundaries. Such problems  are almost always related to unresolved traumatic memories, that are  often from other lifetimes. Yet, it is visionaries and  psychically guided and intuitively inspired people who have always been behind the most significant breakthroughs. Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. It is imagination that creates the thought form s, or subtle dimension holograms that later are brought into physical manifestation. If imagination is used only for escapism, day dreaming, getting lost in entertainment with lots of self destructive subliminal  messages, avoidance of work and responsibility this results in being out of touch with reality, incompetence, procrastination and inability to be decisive or take action.

 When imagination is used for solving problems, and is coupled with realism about current state of affairs then it becomes the inspiration behind beauty, progress, and creativity, and problem solving. Exposing and challenging the institutionalized theft of those in power and the corrupt system that abuses power raises awareness and mobilizes opposition to those who seek power for selfish reasons and personal ego glorification. Unless those who wish to expose and oppose the evils of abuse of power can imagine and create better alternatives to what is wrong by inventing better solutions there real benefit to society is short lived and such revolutionaries often create more problems than they solve.

Saturnine harshness and authoritarianism that perpetuates the established power structure, at all costs, stifles individual initiative, inventiveness, creativity and evolutionary progress. Since the corrupted established power structure  has already lost its credibility on the spiritual level and intellectual levels, It is resorting to brute force and blatant censorship to avoid being exposed. That, they have to resort to such obviously overtly oppressive methods means of course that they have big crimes and betrayals of the public trust to hide.

 Neptune and Saturn are both very strong at this time since both planets are transiting the sign it rules. During the Piscean age the  spring equinox has moved from the last degree of sidereal Pisces to the first 2 and 1/2 degree of sidereal Pisces. the first duad or the first 2 and 1/2 degrees of any sine come under the same rulership as the sign itself. Signs are divided into sub segments of three 10 degree segments called deaconates. Besides the ruler of the overall sign, each deaconate has a sub rulership of one of the three signs belonging to the same element, as the sign itself. The first 10 degrees of Pisces, from 0 to 10 degrees would also come under the influence of Neptune as well as the overall sign of Pisces. The same applies to the first Duad or 2 and 1/2 degrees of any sign. Therefore the first duad of Pisces also comes under the influence of Neptune.

 The spring equinox has been moving backwards through sidereal Pisces during the Piscean age at the rate of a degree every 72 years, or a sign of 30 degrees every 2160 years . The spring or what is called the vernal equinox  is now starting to move into the last degree of sidereal  Aquarius. This means for the last 180 years the vernal equinox has moved backwards through the first 2 and 1/2 degrees or the first duad of Pisces and therefore  the most delusional Neptunian part of the Piscean age No wonder recent history has been such a confused mess.

 Bringing  the influences of  Saturn and Neptune together in a constructively purposeful manner is very difficult In today’s world of cutthroat competition and crisis conditions that encourage expediency at the expense of long term survival  justice and respect for human dignity. Unless, the ability of every member of society to have the opportunity to manifest their full potential by having the full opportunity to pursue whatever educational and career goals their innate intelligence ambition and self discipline are capable of, our civilization will not survive and will go back to the stone age.

Citizens regardless of their role in society must be guaranteed enough free time to enjoy the fruits of their labor not only as money or material possessions, but also in having the time and leisure, to be with their family and friends, and most importantly to relate to their children. It is of utmost importance that the natural family unit be preserved and protected and the right of parents to teach and raise their children as they see fit as long as they are not abusive and seriously irresponsible or incompetent to the extent of causing serious harm to the health and safety of their children to take on the even greater and more complex tasks that their generation must face in creating and reinventing the spiritual, educational, economic, legal, and political institutions on a more transparent and just level that will be essential for the survival of the human species.

 If we fail to do this the misuse and exploitation of advanced technology by using fear tactics that enables a few people to misuse the progress which science has made for selfish purposes, by using protection of national security as the excuse. According to the national security act of 1947 a scientist or inventor may not even be allowed to work on or profit from his or her own discovery or invention. These elitist controllers who run the biggest financial and military-industrial corporations also control most of the news media. They use fear based propaganda to create enemies, where there need not be any. this is the  divide and conquer tactic that has been used to enslave mankind. The propagandized threat of a foreign country, a  competing religion or different race, socioeconomic class, profession or with those who support competing economic, political, social, educational, cultural, ethnic, and religious points of view, as the excuse for secrecy, censorship, false information, and suppression of the real truth about human origins and our real history. so that the elites who control the military industrial complex can go about their immoral and illegal activities without any accountability to the people or governments  of The United States or other countries.

At this point I will explain some important things about the significance  of Uranus in Taurus. Uranus expresses its self best in Aquarius, and is said in astrological terms to be the ruler of Aquarius.  In my estimation Uranus is also the co ruler of Capricorn. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and is square Taurus which is a fixed earth sign. and trine Capricorn which is also a cardinal Earth sign. Uranus is in its detriment or where its full expression is hampered in Cancer and Leo which are the opposite signs of Capricorn and Aquarius which are ruled by Uranus

Uranus is exalted or where it is most powerful in Scorpio,  the sign of death and rebirth. This is compatible with Uranus who’s nature is sudden radical change. Uranus falls in the opposite sign to Scorpio which is Taurus. Taurus is where Uranus does the most damage, devastation, and brings the most unexpected drastic change to the prevailing culture of materialism and its ill gotten money and physical assets.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was in the world war 2 era were hundreds of millions of people died as a result of the war, and whole cities were leveled and regions made desolate. If we don’t learn some basic karmic lessons, this time around with Uranus in Taurus could be even far more destructive in the current transit of Uranus in Taurus.  The first ingress of Uranus into Taurus  was on May 16, 2018. after retrograding back into Ares Uranus re entered Taurus on May 16 2018.

Uranus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on April 25, 2026. This Uranus ingress into Gemini is very significant because Taurus and Gemini are extremely different. This holds true in general for all signs that are next to each other with a 30 degree angle between them and also signs that have an inconjunct or 150 degree angle between them.

 Taurus is a fixed earth sign that combines the most stable of the 3 quadruplicities or crosses that are called cardinal fixed and mutable. Of these 3 groupings of 4 signs each the fiixed signs are the most persistent and consistent in pursuing their main goals in life. the fixed signs are Taurus ( fixed earth) Leo (fixed fire), Scorpio (fixed water), and (Aquarius fixed Air).  Earth is the most stable and solid of the 4 elements. Taurus  can be the most practical, calm, and stable of all the signs, but it can also be the most materialistic and selfish. By contrast Gemini is a mutable Air sign. The mutable cross or quadruplicity is the most adaptable, malleable and flexible of the three crosses and therefore the most changeable and unstable. The mutable signs are  Gemini (mutable air) Virgo (mutable earth) Sagittarius (mutable fire) and Pisces (mutable water) Of the 4 elements. Air is the least dense, and most changeable, compressible and expandable of the 4 elements. So, mutable air or Gemini is the most intellectually versatile, subtle, and impartially scientific, and logical in learning and understanding just about anything it is curious about or wants to know and understand. Gemini is skilled in many forms of communication, and can be among the best writers and teachers.

When Uranus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini the most destructive phase of the massive changes in our near future will shift into a time when more advanced thinking and solution oriented inventiveness will come into play and better means of communication will be implemented..Whatever has survived by that time will experiment with new ideas and ways of doing things in all fields of endeavor.

 Saturn enters Aires the first time On  may 25, 2025 , and Neptune does the same on March 31, 2025 .  After both planets retrograde back into Pisces Saturn and Neptune are closely conjunct in the summer of 2025. Neptune re enters Aries on January 27, 2026 and Saturn re enters Aires on February 14, 2026. They are again closely conjunct in the beginning degrees of Aires during the last 2 weeks of February and during March of 2026.

We will enter a new era but with a residue of old karmic conditioning from the Piscean age and before.  Will we learn from the mistakes of the past and successfully integrate Neptunian imagination, intuition, and psychic sensitivity with Saturnine practicality, realism, and discipline or will we allow painful subconscious memories and fear manipulation to get the best of us and repeat the mistakes of the past? That remains to be seen.

My  thoughts about what is going on in Hong Kong are as follows.

first of all Hong Kong  is a major world financial center at least as important as Tokyo, London, or New York.  Architecturally,  at the very least, Hong Kong is  the most modern and advanced city in the world. The Chinese government would be stupid to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, especially for the sake of their communist totalitarian idiot-ologies. for one thing there dictatorial and militaristic treatment of Hong Kong is making  the Chinese government look very bad to the rest of the world, especially the business world.  The Chinese would also lose the effectiveness of their major show piece and export center. Perhaps that is why President Trump is holding back on a more overtly aggressive  military stance so as to let the Chinese  leadership make fools of themselves. Then he will take whatever  actions he and the US military who are his backers deem appropriate at that time.

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