New Paradymes in Physics

By Louis S. Acker

The Universe is manifested from a primal spiritual essence, which we can call the Void. The Void is beyond, or independent of time, space, form, and personality characteristics. That is to say it has no identifiable or particularized characteristics. The void is an essence, which has infinite or unlimited speed or velocity. Its entire existence is simultaneously present in every point in space. This is a higher order of omnipresence. It not like saying that water is present everywhere in the ocean. It is rather like saying the entire ocean is simultaneously present within each drop of the ocean. If something is so fast that it is here and everywhere else throughout infinite space and back again in zero time it is as good as though it had never left.Through its interaction upon itself the Void sets up moving compressions of its own essence or vibrations, or waves which can have finite velocity and measurable (as compared to each other) wavelengths and frequencies. When vibrations of finite velocity occur then time and space come into being. Time is a comparative measurement of motions. Space is a comparative measurement of density variations. We perceive space between a chair and a table, for instance because the air between the table and the chair is less dense than the chair and the table. When the chair is moved with respect to the table we perceive that time has elapsed because of the motion of the chair with respect to the table. Units of time such as the second, minute, hour, day, year etc are based on repetitive motions within our environment to which we compare other recognizable changes in the environment. A clock for instance produces a series of repetitive motions of the hands of the clock against the face of the clock of equal duration compared to each other to which we compare other rearrangements of the environment to say so many hours or minutes have elapsed. The rotation of the earth on its axis provides the day and rotation of the earth around the sun gives us the year as other familiar time units.

All form manifestation is made up of vibrations interacting with each other and thus creating nodes or standing waves within the elastic or compressible media of the Void. These standing wave nodes are more dense or compressed than the spaces in between them and so they acquire the attributes of particles or basic building blocks of matter. For standing waves to exist the vibrations that create them must be in phase with each other. That is the moving waves or compressions must be timed such that they meet in the same positions at the same instant of time. If vibrations are not in phase they cancel leaving only those vibrations that are in phase. This then becomes the basis of a process of natural selection by which only in phase vibrations can exist in each other’s presence and persist in time. It is also the basis of a pro evolutionary antientropic principle in nature that builds order and eliminates disorder.

It is then important to ask what conditions are necessary for vibrations to mutually reinforce each other in order to co exist and create form manifestation.

Four Laws of Coherency

I like to define the conditions necessary for vibrations to mutually reinforce as what I call the four laws of coherency.

First law: Phase

This is the simple idea that two bullets fired from identical guns at the same location using the same ammunition with the same velocity will hit the same target at the same time if both guns are fired at exactly the same time. For moving compressions or waves in an elastic media to come together in the same position in space they must arrive at the point where their trajectories or paths of travel intersect at the same time.

Second law: Harmonics

For vibrations to mutually reinforce each other their wave lengths and frequencies must be the same or harmonically related. This allows for the maximum number of shared or superimposed standing wave nodes among the vibrations present. The number twelve is an important harmonic number for instance because it is the lowest common denominator for 1, 2,3,4,6, and 12. Wavelengths related in these ratios all superimpose at every 12th multiple of 1 creating a stronger node because of the combined energies of harmonics 1, 2,3,4,6, and 12.

Third law: Geometry

For vibrations moving along different trajectories to intersect each other at the same positions in space their paths of travel must conform to geomitries which allow the points of intersection to be one wavelength apart or an even multiple of one wavelength apart. The paths of travel or trajectories of the vibrations thus form a geometric grid or matrix similar to the organization of atoms in a crystal lattice. For instance regular tetrahedrons and octahedrons of the same edge length will stack together triangular face to triangular face such that their edges join together forming continuous strait lines which are either parallel or intersect each other at angles of 60, 90, or 120 degrees. This allows harmonically related and properly phase timed moving compressions or vibrations intersecting at these angles to superimpose and reinforce each other forming a geometric lattice of nodes. Other geometric patterns based on the five regular polyhedrons allow moving pulses to synchronies in strait line, spin motion and processional motion as well. These intricacies are far more easily elucidated through geometric diagrams and models than verbally.

Fourth law: Velocity

Vibrations obeying the first three laws can share the same standing wave nodes providing their velocities are the same or exact harmonic multiples of each other. This law can be illustrated by the following example. Imagine a completely dark room with a conveyor belt in it that moves one inch per second. On the conveyor belt is a row of little light emitting diodes, which flash instantaneously once per second and are spaced one inch apart. Under these conditions each diode flashes at the exact position that the one ahead of it had at the last time they lit up. This produces the stroboscopic illusion of a stationary row of lights spaced one inch apart and flashing once per second. In This analogy the one-inch apart of the light emitting diodes is equivalent to one wavelength. The one-inch per second is equivalent to the time it takes a vibration to go the distance of its own wave length and the lighting up once per second is equivalent to the vibrations arriving at a standing wave node. This analogy can be taken a step further by superimposing on the lights moving one inch per second other rows of flashing lights moving 2,3,4,5,6,7, etc inches per second, spaced 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc inches apart. Under these conditions there would still be the stroboscopic illusion of a stationary row of lights spaced one inch apart. This model applied to quantum mechanics would make it perfectly possible to have many forms of energy, which move at higher multiples of the speed of light. These would share the same standing wave nodes as scientifically acknowledged electromagnetic waves that move at 186000 miles per second or the light velocity known to official science. Such higher harmonics of the speed of light could possibly exist as powers of two times the speed of light such as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc times the light velocity.

Such Trans light velocity harmonics comprise psychic and spiritual dimensions of existence, which occupy the same space as what we call the material universe. These higher multiples of the speed of light comprise the so-called higher dimensions often referred to in metaphysical literature.

Atomic particles are standing wave nodes shared by many velocity harmonics of vibration. Such particles or standing wave nodes are a brief instant of pure potential energy caused by the implosion with equal pressure from equal angles of many harmonically related wavelengths frequencies velocities and geometric modalities of kinetic energy waves. Such particles or standing wave nodes are constantly blinking in and out of physicality so rapidly that anything we attempt to observe them with sees them as being there continuously. Matrixes or lattices of shared standing wave nodes are the means by which psychic dimensions imprint and communicate with the physical dimension. Holographic images stored in energy fields of vibrations moving at higher multiples of the speed of light are the basis of the memory of the universe or what are called the akashic records.
Electromagnetic waves with transverse electrical and magnetic oscillations perpendicular to the direction of propagation are a frequency modulation or beat phenomena of a much more fundamental field of longitudinal or scalar vibrations. The transverse vibrations of electromagnetic waves are a geometrical property of the field they are modulated into. The longitudinal or scalar field sets up a geometrical array or matrix of standing wave nodes, which contains 90-degree angles. When this field is disturbed by frequency modulations the elasticity of the field resists and reflects back these modulations setting up a transverse oscillation pattern which is perpendicular to the direction in which the disturbance is moving. The longitudinal field in which these disturbances are modulated has an extremely short wavelength that is probably the plank constant wavelength known in quantum mechanics. Other velocity harmonic multiples of the speeds of light also undoubtedly have their own fundamental wavelengths that are harmonically related to the plank length. The various velocity harmonic standing wave fields share a geometrical array of potential energy standing wave nodes in common. The potential energy of these standing wave nodes is the summation of the kinetic energy of all the wavelengths, frequencies, velocity harmonics, and geomitries of vibrations that contribute to them. When there is an unbalance between the energy of these various kinetic waves that create the nodes, when the nodes disperse as kinetic energy again the potential energy of the node is distributed equally among them. This causes holographic patterns encoded into the frequency modulations of one velocity harmonic to be imprinted onto the standing wave fields of other velocity harmonics.

Atomic particles, which are standing wave nodes, can be transferred from one location to another through being dispersed as higher velocity harmonic waves and then re coalesced in a new location where there is an energy density vacuum or low pressure point. Living systems such as plants, animals, and humans, which have an organized etheric energy field (or morphogenetic field) do this all the time performing biological transmutations. This was proven by the French scientist Louis Kevran who performed careful quantitative analysis of percentages of chemical elements present before and after biological processes. His book Biological Transmutations is well worth reading. Protons and Neutrons are literally transferred from one atom to another through the etheric field. We see the same kind of phenomena in cold fusion.

In Bells theorem it is proved that two photons emitted from the same atom moving in opposite directions at the speed of light communicate with each other instantaneously. When the polarization angle of one photon is changed the other photon changes its polarization angle instantaneously to match. This occurs through higher light speed harmonic fields linking the two photons.

Basic atomic particles expand out as the wave motion of a series of velocity harmonics occupying larger and larger volumes of space for shorter and shorter periods of time and then collapsing back to smaller volumes of space for longer periods of time. It may be that for an infinitely short period of time they occupy an infinite amount of space. All the particles of the same kind are resonantly tuned to each other and they all share the some energy at the highest velocity harmonics. It is interesting that the mass of the electron is a constant throughout the universe according to contemporary physics. This implies that the combined energy of all electrons throughout the universe is shared equally among all electrons after they collapse back to their most dense collapsed state. They are all resonantly tuned to each other through the higher velocity harmonics.

Where wave energy compressions superimpose in an elastic media at the same positions in space at the same instant of time positively charged particles are generated and where wave attenuation of the elastic media superimpose negatively charged particles are generated. It may be that when patterns of waves coalesce into particles from higher velocity harmonic states, whole matrix systems of them do so in different time sequences separated by extremely short periods of time of perhaps a few nanoseconds. This could be the basis of parallel realities or separate historical time tracks. A technology that could negotiate these subspace time sequences could be the basis for time travel. For instance in the channeled writings of Barbara Marciniak the Pleadian extraterrestrial beings who she channels state that there still exists an Atlantean civilization that solved its problems and continues now. Everything that exists including the past and future exists in the exact present moment or eternal now. What we call the past are now existing higher velocity harmonic holographic imprints of physical plane conditions that have changed, and what we call the future are now existing holographic images which could be a physical plane condition if precipitated into lower velocity harmonics.

So called free energy technologies which tap the energy of space do so by creating a highly organized electromagnetic standing wave field which is able, by virtue of its coherency to sit up an efficient interface through shared standing wave nodes with higher velocity harmonic energies. This coherent electromagnetic field acts as a high conductivity wave guide for higher velocity harmonic waves. This sets up an imploding vortex for the higher velocity energies, which entrains to and feeds and sustains the coherent electromagnetic field making it a source of electrical energy that can be taped for practical use. Many such devices are sophisticated geometrical and multi harmonic antennas designed to create the right harmonic resonant conditions for this to occur.

Gravitation is caused by the flow of higher velocity harmonic waves through shared nodes or particles with material plane matter. The organized structure of matter acts as a high conductivity wave guide for higher velocity energies analogous to a piece of iron focusing a magnetic field. When physical masses are in proximity they create a circuit for the flow of higher velocity energies through and between them causing a frictional drag in the particles they flow through which draws the masses towards each other. Advanced technologies such as exist in extraterrestrial space ships use highly efficient wave guides for focusing and directing higher velocity energies to propel their vehicles through a process of directed falling.

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