Current Trends as Revealed Through the US Horoscope

In this article I have chosen to do an analysis of the horoscope of the United States in terms of economic, political and social trends. There is not universal agreement among astrologers as to what is the most valid chart for the United States. Some charts use the adoption of the articles of confederation, or the ratification of the Constitution, and other important historic dates as charts for the USA. It is not that only one of these charts can be correct and that all the others must be invalid. They each provide significant time slices or snapshots of the unfolding of American history from which future developments can be extrapolated. This applies to people as well if we consider the time of conception and the horoscope of the moment of death as also being important to the ongoing spiritual entity.

US Chart 6-09

The most commonly used chart for the USA is the July 4, 1776 Gemini rising chart. This chart is calculated for 2:13 AM at Philadelphia Pennsylvania on July 4, 1776. This chart has 7 degrees of Gemini rising and 13 degrees of Aquarius on the midheaven. In my experience this chart definitely works in describing the US as a country and in providing accurate predictions and plausible astrological explanations of US history. This is the chart I will be using for the purposes of this report and in this report I will refer to it simply as the US horoscope or chart. The US horoscope does provide important information as to general economic and political conditions and trends.

In 2010 it is now 234 years since the Declaration of independence. Some astrologers are of the opinion that in determining transits to the US chart 3 degrees and 15 minutes should be added to all the planets and other sensitive positions of the US chart to compensate for a phenomenon called precession of the equinoxes. In my opinion this technique seems to work. For example at the time of 911, transiting Uranus was conjunct to the precession corrected Moon in the 7 degree Gemini rising US chart. This was a definite unexpected shock (Uranus) to the public consciousness (Moon). Also on that infamous day transiting Saturn opposition Pluto was aligned with the precession corrected ascendant and Uranus in the US horoscope. This is definitely indicative of a violent event that had malicious intent and organization behind it. This precession correction technique can also be applied to older individuals. For example for someone 72 years old a full degree would be added to the birth positions of the planets and other sensitive positions of the natal horoscope. This is why transits to the horoscopes of older individuals sometimes seem to act late. Please note that precession correction applies to transits only and not to progressions and solar arks which operate on a different time ratio scale whereas transits operate in real time.

The 7 degree Gemini rising US chart has Uranus closely conjunct the ascendant at 8 degrees and 53 minutes of Gemini. Uranus also rules Aquarius the sign the Moon and Midheaven are in. Uranus is associated with revolution and radical change and so this chart is descriptive of a declaration of independence, a document which describes the American ideals of freedom, democracy, and rule by the people. More accurately the US was intended to be a republic in the minds of the founding fathers, in as much as the rights of individuals and minorities are also protected. These were considered to be radical (Uranus) concepts at the time of the declaration of independence. The US at least until very recently has always been at the forefront of scientific discovery, technology and invention which also points to a strong influence from Uranus.

The 7 degree Gemini rising chart also places Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun in Cancer in the 2nd house. This indicates great wealth, and in fact we have been the wealthiest nation in history. In this chart the 2nd house Sun in Cancer is square to Saturn in Libra in the 5th house. The 5th house is associated with the stock market among other things. This shows the periodic boom and bust cycles the American economy goes through. This also shows the danger of banking and financial industries gaining too much power and control thus stifling creativity and growth. Saturn rules the 8th house (corporate money, taxes, and inherited wealth) of this chart and also rules Capricorn where Pluto is placed. This shows that over time an entrenched corporate power structure could gain too much power and threaten the freedom of the people.

In this chart Saturn is exalted in Libra (the preeminent legal sign) and is in grand trine with the midheaven and Moon in Aquarius and Uranus and Mars in Gemini, This strongly supports the concept of the rule of law and constitutional government.

Mercury in this chart is in the third house and thus accidentally dignified since this house is associated with Gemini which Mercury rules. Mercury is in Cancer suggesting that reason and unbiased perception can be clouded by emotional manipulation. Mercury is also in opposition to Pluto in the 9th house in Capricorn. This indicates the danger that powerful corporate interests in cahoots with government would use secrecy, financial control of media, emotional manipulation, and deceit to mislead the public.

In the US chart Mars in Gemini in the 1st house is square to Neptune in Virgo in the 5th house. This among other things points to our long history of problems with alcohol and substance abuse. In more recent times this has led to covert intelligence agencies particularly the C.I.A. importing heroin and cocaine as a away of raising money (without accountability to congress) for illegal operations and creating the excuse for police state and destruction of civil liberties at home. This has been well proven and documented even though it may still seem shocking and unbelievable to many people. The prevalence of violence, escapism, subliminal advertising, and commercial exploitation in American entertainment media is largely related to this Mars square Neptune aspect in the US horoscope. The Romans had their gladiator spectacles and we have our football games.

I could go into much more detail about the features of the US horoscope, but the main purpose of this report is to see what it reveals about the present and the next few years

Solar ark directions to the US chart.

Solar ark Saturn is currently at 7 degrees of Gemini and conjunct the ascendant. In 2 years solar ark Saturn will conjunct Uranus in the US Horoscope. This indicates the corporate controlled government fascist agenda to destroy the freedoms and independence of the American people will reach a critical stage. According to Mussolini fascism is defined as the merger of corporate and government power. This is definitely happening today, and must be stopped or we will loose our freedoms and constitutional form of government. Saturn rules the 8th house (central banks, corporations, collective resources, inherited wealth, taxes, insurance and finances of other countries) with Capricorn, spanning the 8th house of the US chart. The established corrupted economic-political power structure is attempting to control and enslave the American people and a huge class warfare showdown and power struggle looms in our near historical future. If all three branches of government are corrupted beyond repair and are no longer responsible to the will of the people revolution will be inevitable.

Solar ark Mars is conjunct the midheaven of the US chart during 2010. There is grave danger of reckless military adventurism. Throughout history when governments are in trouble at home they provoke wars to unite the populace against a perceived external enemy. This is often preceded by a state orchestrated crisis or false flag attack to manipulate mass psychology, create fear, and get the people angry and ready for war. Such attacks are known about ahead of time, but allowed to happen as in Pearl Harbor or covertly perpetrated by rogue elements within the government itself as in 911. The Roman emperor Nehru torching Rome, Hitler’s minions burning down the German parliament building, the suspicious explosion on the battle ship Main, the sinking of the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Pearl Harbor, and 911 are all examples of this. We should not be surprised if a major incident of this kind as bad as or worse than 911 is perpetrated before the year is out. Only a large percentage of the American people becoming wise to this tactic can prevent this. That is why the 911 truth movement is so important in educating the public.

President Eisenhower warned the American people about the military industrial complex destroying democracy and constitutional government in his fair well address on leaving office. Since then the military industrial complex and the banking oligarchy that controls it have taken over just about every part of government to the point where we are descending into a totalitarian police state. Solar ark Mars conjunct the midheaven simultaneous with solar ark Pluto square Mars, and also solar ark Saturn conjunct the ascendant and Uranus is threatening the very existence of American democracy and free enterprise.

Solar ark Pluto is in the 5th house is square to the US horoscope Mars in the first house during 2010 and 2011. This also strongly points to danger of war and police state. This aspect shows the danger of the re introduction of the draft and the militarization of education. There are horror stories these days in the news (primarily alternative media) about federally militarized police doing practice raids on schools and terrorizing students and teachers, and beating up and tasering peaceful civilians on the street. They send violent agent provokers into peaceful political demonstrations to discredit the demonstrations and create the pretext for more police violence and suppression of the people. Pluto square Mars is considered to be one of the most violent aspects known to astrology.

This aspect also indicates the danger of war involving the use of nuclear weapons. This includes the already prevalent use of depleted uranium which is causing horrible birth defects and is a mega crime against future generations. This aspect also Points to increasingly violent entertainment media as part of the covert program to de sensitize the public to violence, war and police brutality. This aspect also indicates an increasingly radicalized and rebellious younger generation. The abuse of children by pedophiles in the Catholic Church and other organized religions or in the so called child protective services, day care centers, schools and other government or corporate run institutions is also indicated by this aspect. Pedophiles are attracted to employment in such organizations because it gives them official cover and easy access to children. Such abuse has become rampant in our society and has infiltrated the highest levels of government. If you doubt this I suggest you look up the Franklin Cover-up out of Omaha Nebraska. I have watched a documentary on this that was suppressed, but one copy managed to escape and get on the internet. Such deep dark secrets are routinely used to blackmail politicians.
In two years solar ark Pluto will conjunct the 5th house US chart Neptune showing continuing chaos and disintegration in the stock market. In the same time frame the solar ark Moon squares the 2nd house US Sun in Cancer. The solar ark Moon is conjunct the 5th house Saturn of the US chart in 4 to 5 years. Solar ark Mars is conjunct to the US 10th house Moon in Aquarius also in 4 to 5 years. This is very dangerous and depressing for the American people and especially for the younger generation. There will be a huge amount of public anger at government and the ruling class and violent attempts by the government to suppress the people along with rampant economic dysfunctionality. The second great depression is not likely to be over any time soon. Gerald Celenti calls it the greatest depression since he expects it to be even worse than the 1930’s. For one thing in the 1930’s the vast majority of the population was rural and could at least grow food. Now the reverse is true and the vast majority of the population is urban and is at the mercy of a crumbling infrastructure. Can you imagine the millions of people living in high rise buildings in New York city without plumbing, functioning toilets, electricity or elevators, and what a nightmare that would quickly turn into.

Obama’s Sun is directly in opposition to the US chart midheaven and solar ark Mars. For the US to attack Iran or allow Israel to attack Iran and then draw the US into the war would be a mega disaster tantamount to starting world war three. Were that to happen, then all bets about anything are off. At the present time the war in Afghanistan has been expanded Pakistan is being attacked by US pilotless drones and cross border raids, and the Iraq war continues as bad or worse than ever. Obama has broken every campaign promise he ever made about winding down the Iraq war and other US military involvements. This is hardly surprising since Obama has from the beginning been bought and paid fore by the globalists. There is increasing evidence that Obama was not born as a US citizen and therefore can not legitimately be president according to the constitution.

Solar ark Neptune in the 12th house is still square the midheaven and is closely inconjunct to Saturn in the 5th house. This indicates covert manipulation of the stock market, subversion of the constitution and rule of law, debasement of education and an increasingly drugged (whether legally as in Ritalin or illegally as in cocaine), frustrated, and alienated younger generation. Many college graduates these days have as much as $50.000 in student loan debt and no prospect of a job. They are lucky to find a job flipping hamburgers for MacDonald’s at minimum wage.
Solar ark Venus in the 10th house is inconjunct the US 3rd house Cancer Mercury. This suggests propaganda efforts by the government to occupy the media and public attention with trivia to distract public awareness from what is really important, or to put a friendly spin on basically sociopathic policies. In other words more of the same old corporate controlled main stream media spin propaganda. It sounds like “prosperity is just around the corner”. Where have we heard that before?

The progressed or solar ark Sun is currently trine the second house Jupiter of the US chart. As of now (May 2010) this aspect is just past exact and will diminish over the next year. The US economy would already be far worse were it not for the protection of this aspect and the prior trine of the progressed sun to Venus and the Venus-Jupiter midpoint of the US chart that took place over the last 4 years. The protection of the progressed Sun trine Jupiter is now still strong but diminishing rapidly and will dissipate entirely over next year and a half leaving the above mentioned not so nice solar ark aspects as the predominant influence. The protection afforded by progressed sun in Pisces trine 2nd house Jupiter in Cancer could have something to do with the huge amount of deficit spending that has taken place over the last 18 months. This has mostly benefitted the biggest banks (Jupiter in the 2nd house). Constant and increasing deficit spending which may provide some temporary relief has got to cause big problems sooner or later and at this point more likely sooner than later. When servicing the debt becomes unsustainable to the point of choking productivity the whole system crashes. Unfortunately that is where the global economic system is headed. Eventually civilization will rise from the ashes like the phoenix, but that is little comfort in the short run. Those people who understand that a huge historic crisis is rapidly approaching and take steps to prepare for it in terms of self sufficiency in the necessities of life and viable self employment will have the best chance of making it through the danger period.

Secondary progressions to the US horoscope

The US progressed Moon is currently at 13 degrees of Virgo conjunct the 5th house cusp. It will take approximately 3 years for the progressed Moon to move through the 5th house. The progressed Moon has been in Virgo over the past year and is now entering the 5th house. The progressed Moon in Virgo shows a more back to basics, austere, conservative, and practical public mood. The younger generation is getting a heavy dose of reality.

Americans will be far more couscous about making investments, and intent on a much more detailed and practical approach to the investments they do make. In about a year the progressed Moon will square Mars and conjunct the 5th house Neptune of The US chart. This suggests chaos and disillusionment in the stock market. Investors will be angry, fed up and tired of being lied to. Drugs, alcohol, and other forms of escapism will continue to be a big problem.
The US progressed Mercury in the 10th house in Aquarius is and has been inconjunct Neptune over the last year. This influence exacerbates the manipulation of the stock market and lying about the real state of the economy that the government and ruling financial oligarchy has engaged in.

Progressed Venus is starting to conjunct Chiron and sextile Mars in the US chart. This influence will over the next 2 years stimulate interest in natural harmonious forms of healing and will bring awareness to the major role that psychological health plays in physical health. This can also create interest in making hospitals and other institutional environments more people friendly, esthetically pleasing, comfortable, and socially harmonious. Progressed Venus sextile Mars suggests grass roots action to make improvements in public health, medical practices and other health related institutions. Transiting Chiron entered Pisces on April 24, 2010. Chiron re enters Aquarius in mid July and goes back into Pisces in early February 2011. In the second half of 2010 Chiron and Neptune are conjunct in late degrees of Aquarius. Since Neptune rules Pisces this makes a natural transition for Chiron entering Pisces. Chiron in Pisces will increase interest in psychic and spiritual forms of healing and the central role that the subconscious mind plays in creating sickness and health.

The progressed midheaven of the US chart is currently almost 6 degrees of Libra in the 5th house. Over the last 5 years the US progressed midheaven has been square to Venus, the Venus-Jupiter midpoint and then Jupiter in the second house of the US horoscope. This square of the progressed midheaven to second house Jupiter shows reckless irresponsible gambling by corrupted government with the people’s money. This is to be seen in trillions of dollars of fiat currency magically created by the Fed and given to their central banker buddies, to jack up the price of their own stocks, with no accountability to congress or the American people. Of course down the line they will deliberately crash these stocks, shortchange everyone else and then buy them back on the cheap. This can only lead to federal government default or hyper inflation and economic ruin. It is like a rigged gambling casino on steroids.

In 2010 the United States is 234 years old. Over that length of time progressions of slower moving outer planets can tighten the orbs on birth chart aspects or dissolve these aspects by moving out of orb. New progressed aspects by outer planets are sometimes formed. These changes can be used to define long term trends. Progressed Jupiter is now separating from a conjunction to the US Sun in the second house. This indicates that since the end of World War 2 over the past decades the United States reached the height of its economic and political global hegemony, and now that is starting to wane at an ever accelerating rate as un serviceable debt accumulates.

Progressed Saturn in Scorpio in the 6th house is separating from a trine to Venus and applying to a trine to the Venus-Jupiter midpoint, and then trine Jupiter in the US chart. This shows that the common sense and discipline of the American working class, businesses, and industries will in the long run re establish sustainable prosperity once the current abuse of power has been effectively dealt with.

Transits to the US horoscope

Over the last year and over the next 2 years transiting Pluto in the 8th house is opposition to Venus and Jupiter in the second house. This shows an economic balance of power shift to foreign banks (8th house). We are starting to see some of the more serious consequences of financial over leveraging on every level. Just servicing the debt is strangling creativity, productivity, and cost effectiveness. This is the natural consequence of going from the world’s biggest creditor nation to the world’s biggest debtor nation in the space of a few decades. Wall Street has sold The United States of America out to foreign banks for filthy lucre and cheep foreign slave labor. If there is to be a future for our republic the American people must take their economic system back. This will require ending the Federal Reserve, outlawing deficit spending, fractional reserve lending, and returning the power to issue currency to congress as mandated by the constitution, as well as massive election finance reform.

Pluto’s opposition to Venus is also indicative of corrupted sexual culture as in prostitution and pedophilia in high places as a means of blackmailing (owning and controlling) politicians. This is pan endemic in Washington DC these days.

Transiting Neptune conjunct Chiron is currently Straddling the Aquarius-Pisces cusp while sesquiquadrate (a 135 degree aspect that is considered difficult) Saturn in Libra in the 5th house of the US chart. This shows confusion, ineptitude, and corruption in covert government manipulation of the stock market and lack of enforcement of laws to protect the average investor. This is further shown (underscored and reinforced) by Transiting Chiron and Neptune transiting the 10th house inconjunct to transiting Saturn in the 5th house. Saturn rules the 8th house so large corporations, the Fed, insurance companies, and foreign banks are implicated in this corruption. These influences also show the likelihood of financial panic resulting in a stock market crash and more insolvency in the financial industry due to the deteriorating value of assets. Recent stock market losses are suggesting the second big stock market crash (phase 2) could be starting to happen as of late May 2010. Because Chiron is involved, the consequences of government-corporate corruption are having a very adverse affect on public health and environmental safety. This is shockingly evident in the current Gulf of Mexico off shore oil rig blow out which could turn out to be the biggest man made industrial environmental disaster in known history with the possible exception of Chernobyl.

Transiting Neptune and Chiron are also sesquiquadrate to the US second house Sun. This is also indicative of the current government confusion, corruption, and incompetence concerning the banking and financial industries. Neptune transiting the 10th house government) of the US horoscope and making these difficult transits shows a government and central banking industry out of touch with reality.

During the remainder of May and during June of 2010 transiting Saturn in the 5th house is trine the 9th house Pluto of the US chart. This could possibly bring about some much needed enforcement and reform of laws regulating the stock market, governing environmental safety, and the protection of children. The worst child abuse is perpetrated by pedophiles who have ensconced themselves in official religious and child care institutions.

Transiting Saturn in Libra in the 5th house is square the US Venus and Jupiter in August and September of 2010, suggesting further unraveling of the stock market and banking system. This is also indicated by transiting Saturn in the 5th house square the second house US Sun in November and December 2010, and April, and August of 2011. Over the winter of 2010 and 2011 transiting Saturn is conjunct the US Saturn in the 5th house forming a Saturn return. These transits are more serious because this transit reinforces the natal Sun square aspect in the US horoscope. Transiting Saturn in the 5th house over the last and next approximately 2 years this indicates a generally depressed stock market and hardship for children and the younger generation.
Transiting Jupiter and Uranus are currently conjunct in late degrees of Pisces and early degrees of Ares during 2010, and in the 11th house of the US horoscope. Transiting Jupiter is square the 2nd house Venus of the US chart over the summer. This influence encourages inflationary tendencies. Transiting Jupiter is currently in May in opposition to transiting Saturn in the 5th house. This contributes to the current stock market instability.

Transiting Jupiter is trine the US Mercury from mid October through mid November 2010. This encourages honest news reporting and better public understanding of what is really going on.
Transiting Uranus is square the US 2nd house Venus off and on over 2011 and 2012 pointing to more economic instability. There could also be some major sex scandals.

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