Crisis Point – The great cardinal T square of 2010

We are rapidly approaching a decisive make it or break it point in world history. For the last 7 years Uranus has been in Pisces. Over that time period there has been a growing tension in the collective unconscious of humanity. There is a pervasive awareness that the economic-political-industrial society humanity lives in and depends upon is broken beyond repair and will soon destroy itself. Who ever and whatever survives that process will have to create a very new kind of society. Pisces belongs to the mutable signs and is conditioned by the experiences of the past. Saturn has been in Virgo (also a mutable sign) over the last 2 and ½ years and has been making a series of oppositions to Uranus in Pisces.

The first exact opposition of transiting Saturn opposition to Uranus took place November 4, 2008, coinciding with the fall of 2008 global economic crash. The established economic and political power structure (Saturn) had a head on collision with radical change (Uranus). The last of this remarkable series of 5 exact Saturn-Uranus oppositions takes place on July 26, 2010.

This last time however Saturn is 0 and ½ degrees of Libra and Uranus is at 0 and ½ degrees of Ares. Ares and Libra are cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are focused on the here and now and are associated with crisis situations that require immediate decisive action. Cancer and Capricorn are also cardinal signs.

From May of 2010 through January of 2011 transiting Jupiter and Uranus are more or less conjunct while straddling the Pisces Ares cusp, where the zodiac ends and begins. This is highly significant. It indicates the mobilization into action on a huge scale of an underlying mass discontent. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction also shows the potential for a global spiritual awakening to reach critical mass. This can be seen in the fact that the controlled main stream media is being increasingly discredited while at the same time alternative media is growing by leaps and bounds.
Over the summer of 2010 The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is part of an over all T square configuration that includes Saturn in Libra is in opposition to Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Ares, with all 3 of these planets are square to Pluto in Capricorn. The legal system represented by Saturn in Libra has been co opted by the corrupt established global elite power structure as indicated by Saturn square Pluto. When Mars conjuncts Saturn, opposes Uranus and squares Pluto at the end of July and the beginning of August the establishment is likely to use police and military to put down demonstrations and uprisings.

The ruptured oil Well in the Gulf of Mexico is an ongoing mega disaster that keeps getting worse. By the time of the cardinal T square this summer this continuing disaster could reach apocalyptic proportions. There is no known present technology that can stop this ruptured well from continuing to blast out huge quantities of oil, poisonous heavy metals, methane, benzene, sulfur dioxide, radioactivity, and other dangerous chemicals into the water and into the atmosphere. Oil with sand in it is sandblasting the casing (a 20 inch diameter 2 inch thick hardened steel pipe) until there are holes in the casing. This has happened at depths well below the ocean floor and oil and gas is spewing out of cracks and fissures on the ocean floor up to 20 miles from the actual bore hole. There is no known way to stop this and it keeps getting worse as the abrasive sand blasting effect opens up bigger and bigger passage ways for oil and gas under immense pressure to escape. When these passage ways get big enough the ocean floor could rupture releasing a huge amount of oil and methane all at once in a huge explosion causing a tsunami that could wipe out Florida and the gulf coast. When the methane mixes with the atmosphere there would be a huge explosion comparable to a nuclear bomb. This could be ignited by lightning or other heat sources, and would devastate the whole gulf region. Another extreme danger is from hurricanes that would spread deadly toxins for hundreds of miles.

The flash point could easily come at the very end of July and the beginning of August. On July 30, 2010 Transiting Mars enters Libra and is immediately conjunct to Saturn and in opposition to Uranus. On July 30 also the transiting Moon enters Ares as of 20 hours and 43 minutes Greenwich Mean Time, and immediately is conjunct Uranus and is in opposition to Mars and Saturn. Within a few hours The Moon is exactly conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto. Over the next few days through August 7 Transiting Mars goes on to exactly oppose Jupiter and square Pluto. It is hard to imagine a more potentially violent and destructive astrological configuration. A huge gas explosion in the Gulf of Mexico could easily happen under the influence of these extremely incendiary aspects.

The summer solstice chart for 2010 contains a cardinal grand cross with the Sun opposition to Pluto. The Uranus-Jupiter conjunction is in opposition to Saturn both of these oppositions are square to each other thus forming the grand cross. This shows that global economic-political-social and ecological conditions have reached a point of global systemic breakdown where immediate drastic change is inevitable. In this chart Saturn is square the Moon’s nodes indicating a depressed, angry, and disgruntled mass psychology. The summer solstice Cancer ingress chart and the June 26 full Moon eclipse chart set the basic tone and astrological imprint for the remainder of 2010. Both of these patterns are triggered numerous times by the cardinal T square that is formed over the summer especially in late July and early August.

The lunar eclipse of June 26, 2010 at 4 degrees and 46 minutes of Cancer and Capricorn is in close alignment with Pluto at 4 degrees and 6 minutes of Capricorn. This is very ominous. It implies a do or die, make it or break it global situation. The eclipse, Mercury, and Pluto all square Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the first 2 degrees of Ares. At the time of the eclipse Saturn is at 28 degrees and 32 minutes of Virgo while in loose opposition to the Ares Uranus-Jupiter conjunction, and loosely square to Mercury, Pluto and the lunar eclipse. This also creates a grand square configuration.

Eclipses set up a stress pattern that remain in effect for some time and are often activated sometimes months and even years later by transits to the eclipse pattern. The June 26, 2010 eclipse marks the beginning of the cardinal T square that covers the summer of 2010.

Pluto in Capricorn represents the covert and secretive global elite that controls the central banks and major corporations of the world and dictates policy to the governments and nations. It is and has been for a long time the agenda of this entrenched international cabal to covertly and incrementally destroy national sovereignty, the middle class, at least 80% of the world’s human population, and then set up their fascist one world government. They deliberately orchestrate bubbles and stock market crashes to get more and more control over the global economy. The whole world is being embezzled through currency manipulation by a cabal of central banks and transnational mega corporations.

The fall of 2010. This will bring about a massive shift in mass consciousness all over the world. The people will no longer believe government propaganda, and mainstream media. People all over the world will completely lose faith in their governments, media, and major corporations as the global economic system disintegrates. Whole national governments will default on their debts and or hyper inflate their currencies to the point of worthlessness.

By that time the gulf oil blow out will have turned into a disaster beyond imagination. If an attack on Iran taken place we could have world war 3.

The summer solstice chart and the June 26, 2010 eclipse pattern are activated very strongly in early December 2010 between December 4 and 15, when Mercury is stationary turning retrograde. Mercury, Mars, the Moon’s north node and Pluto are all conjunct in early Capricorn in alignment with the eclipse axis. This will create new and exacerbate existing economic, political, ecological, and societal crisis situations. There will be huge scandals exploding into public awareness and attempts by the establishment to create media blackout. Governments, mega corporations, and the global banking system will loose all credibility and public trust.

Many people will go back to local communal living in small rural communities. This will involve local community self sufficiency to cover the necessities of life, local currencies and barter exchanges. This is the best plan for survival for most people. Urban living will become impossible with no jobs, rampant crime, worthless currency, no electricity, no water, and no toilet. Can you imagine trying to survive under these conditions while living in a high rise apartment in New York City or any other big city?

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