Horoscope of the Federal Reserve – A study of institutionalized corruption

The Federal Reserve came into being in Washington DC on December 23 1913 at 6:02 PM when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve act.

 Fed Birth Chart

Before getting into the Astrology of the Federal Reserve I would like to establish some basic information about what the Federal Reserve is, what it does, who runs it, and some historical background about how it came into existence.

The word Federal implies that The Federal Reserve is a government agency. In fact it is not. The use of the word Federal is a deliberate deception designed to make people think that it is part of the federal government. The Federal Reserve is often referred to as the Fed for the sake of brevity.

The Federal Reserve is in fact a holding company for a handful of the countries biggest banks. The mega banks that own the Federal Reserve run it as a for profit private financial institution. Therefore their primary loyalty is to the shareholders of the private banks that make up the Federal Reserve System, and not the American people.

The Federal Reserve Act was railroaded through congress in a very questionable way two days before Christmas when many congressmen were away visiting their home districts. President Wilson was talked into signing the Federal Reserve act by his advisors without understanding its full implications. Later on President Wilson deeply regretted that he had ratified the Federal Reserve and said so on no uncertain terms. The Federal Reserve System was designed and planed in a secret conclave of the countries most wealthy and powerful bankers and industrialists on Jackal Island off the east coast of Georgia. This meeting was so secretive that the participants did not travel in the same trains and used maid up identities so the servants at the lodge where the meeting was held would not know who they were.

Through the Federal Reserve Act the Fed was given the privilege of printing the nation’s currency and setting central bank interest rates for lending money to smaller banks. The Fed is said to be the lender of last resort for smaller banks and for the government. When the Federal Government needs more money than what it has generated through taxes, tariffs, and the sale of treasury bonds it borrows money from the Fed on which it must pay interest to the Fed. This is inherently fraudulent and parasitical. The Fed produces no goods and services of value to the American people to justify the taxpayer having to pay interest on fiat money the Fed creates out of nothing. What is wrong with this picture? The US constitution says that congress shall have the right to issue currency and determine the value there of. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and many of the other founding fathers of the United States specifically warned us on no uncertain terms that if a private bank was ever allowed to control the nation’s currency it would in time bring about the impoverishment of the American people and the destruction of our republic.
With the Federal Reserve act of 1913 congress abdicated its responsibility to be guardian of the nation’s currency and gave it to the Federal Reserve. The Fed was not only given the privilege of printing our money and charging the government, and therefore the tax payer interest on it, The Fed was also given control over setting central bank interest rates for loans to other banks and to the government and therefore the ability to manipulate the national and to a large extent the world economy by loosening and then tightening credit. During times of abundant credit there would be so called prosperous times but also the creation of much debt. Then by tightening credit the excessive debt burden becomes unsustainable resulting in a recession or depression with bank failures, unemployment, real-estate foreclosures, and many bankruptcies of individuals and businesses. The financial elite then use this opportunity to take over real-estate and other valuable assets that have been used as collateral to secure loans. Those who control the money supply then buy out everything of real tangible value (land, houses, businesses, factories etc) on the cheap for pennies on the dollar. This is a sophisticated form of class warfare.
Two US presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy are noted for initiating a policy of having the US treasury department directly issue currency without paying interest to a privately controlled central bank. They were both assassinated. Who would stand to gain and therefore have the motive to orchestrate these assassinations? Follow the money, as the saying goes.

In its entire almost 100 year history the Fed has never been audited. There is no transparency to the congress or the American people where the Fed is concerned. An example of this recently occurred when Congressman Grayson on the house banking committee questioned Bernanke the current Fed chairman as to what was done with half a trillion dollars of bailout money and specifically if it had been given to European banks. Bernanke was evasive refused to answer the question, and basically thumbed his nose at the congressional committee and the American people. In other words the Fed has become a law unto itself, what amounts to a financial dictatorship. No one who sits on the Federal Reserve board of directors is elected by the public, and yet the Fed is allowed to control the financial policies of the United States banking system in complete secrecy.

Much of the original Justification for creating the Fed was that a strong central bank would moderate the booms and busts of the business cycle and bring about a more stable national economy and banking system. If so the Fed has been a total failure. Since 1913 the dollar is now worth 4 cents of its value in 1913 in terms of real purchasing power. We have seen two devastating world wars, numerous regional wars, the great depression of the 1930s, numerous recessions and bubbles and periods of double digit inflation. This is certainly a most dubious track record for an institution that is supposed to be the guardian of economic stability.

Such incompetence would certainly be reprehensible enough but, there is an even more ominous explanation. What if wars, stock market crashes, depressions and other tragedies of the 20th and early 21st centuries were deliberately orchestrated to work to the advantage of a tiny elite class that controls the world’s major industries and financial institutions? The major 6 or so mega banks of the US got their initial competitive advantage and major funding largely from British and European sources. This is most notably true of the Rothschild banking dynasty that took over the British banking system after the battle of waterloo and which also dominates the banking systems of Europe. According to some accounts JP Morgan for instance personally owned only about 6% of the JP Morgan bank and the rest was owned by Rothschild interests that provided the funding for the JP Morgan financial empire, The Rockefeller Oil and banking empire, and other major banking and industrial giants. The captains of American Financial and industrial major corporations have been in cahoots with the major European financial empires from early on in US history. This has enabled European and more recently globalist economic interests to covertly and incrementally gain control over the major economic and political institutions that dominate the United States. It is evident that foreign economic power played an important role in setting up the Federal Reserve System.

The Federal Reserve is possibly the most important central bank in the world, but it is one of a group of central banks that control the finances of major nations and regions in a similar way to how the Fed operates. The controllers of these major banks are and have for a long time been in collusion with each other to dominate the entire world economically and then by using their economic power to corrupt and control, and divide and conquer too politically and militarily dominate the entire planet. Their ultimate aim is to eventually politically dominate the entire world and all of its resources by setting up a technological fascist global dictatorship under their control. The plan of this global cabal is to incrementally use financial manipulation, bribes, and blackmail to take over the natural resources, industries, banking systems, governments, and currencies of every nation and region of the entire world. They regard strong nation states, and populations that have a strong sense of national pride and loyalty to their countries and national traditions as obstacles on the path to global domination.

History teaches us that great nations and empires have always fallen as the result of internal corruption. It is always the enemy within that is the most dangerous. Even when these great nations and empires are overrun from without, that would not have been possible if they had not been severely compromised and weakened from within. The destruction of national sovereignty, the rule of law, and human rights has always been a covert agenda of a world financial elite class that controls the central banks of the world. We now live in a world where out of the top 100 wealthiest entities of the world 48 are national governments and 52 are corporations. Such corporations hire their own mercenary armies and use their economic power to dictate policy to national governments.

The US military has been used by major corporations and banking interests that own them to economically enslave and subjugate weaker countries all over the world to the interests of the global banking and corporate elite. The real agenda is sanitized to the American public by the corporate controlled main stream media, as fighting communism during the cold war era of the second half of the 20th century or in more recent years as fighting terrorism. Now that the economic domination of most of the countries of the world has been accomplished this transnational cabal of the global financial elite is ready to attempt the destruction of the United States as a sovereign national entity as well as any other English speaking, European, or other independent nations still standing. They intend to destroy and impoverish the middle class in the US and the entire world as an obstacle in path of their plan for total world domination. They want to establish industrial feudalism where there is a tiny super rich elite class and the rest of the population is an impoverished slave class with no human rights.

They do this by overextending credit to the American middle class and simultaneously outsource entire industries and the jobs that go with them to cheep slave labor in third world countries. This brings on a credit crisis causing a massive economic downturn resulting in economic depression. Illegal immigration from Mexico, and other Latin American or other third world countries is covertly encouraged by the elite class and institutions they control, to take up and suppress the wages of whatever jobs like construction and farming that are left, that can not be outsourced. Instability is deliberately built into the economics of the system to bring on the inevitable banking crisis, stock market crash and the intended economic destruction of the American middle class.

Those who have systematically studied and researched the globalist elite super class and their writings, activities, covert agendas, and mind set reveal that they have no moral scruples, lack any normal sense of conscience and believe that the ends justify the means. Many of them have been brainwashed and conditioned with trauma based mind control from an early age with a belief system that accepts extreme perversion as normal. When these practices are perpetrated within a small number of 12 or 13 elitist inbred families over many generations an extremely perverted psychology and mind set is created. A lot more could be said about this but it is beyond the scope of the intended length of this article.

At the time I am writing this, late July 2010 much of the above globalist-elitist agendas have already been accomplished. The global economic meltdown began in earnest in the fall of 2008 but to astute observers it was obvious that it was coming years in advance. The global economy stopped expanding, leveled off, and imperceptibly at first began to contract over 2006 and 2007 the same period of time that Pluto was conjunct the galactic center. The concept of a black hole at the galactic center is an apt analogy to a black hole of uncontrollable debt. Pluto is associated astrologically with mass trends. And the galactic center is the biggest gravitational magnet in our immediate galactic neighborhood. In astrological terms this was a force big enough to shift the entire world economy from expansion to contraction. Some times the most defining moments in history go unnoticed and unappreciated as to there true importance at the time they occur. To the casual unenlightened observer 2006, 2007 and early 2008 seemed relatively normal economically speaking. Mortgage financing to buy a house or borrow money on ones house was still easily available. Credit cards proliferated and it seemed that there was endless credit available and cheep imports from China, India, Indonesia, Latin America etc. to satisfy just about any whim imaginable. It was not till the fall of 2008 that it was obvious to everybody that something was going drastically wrong with the global economy. Now the world is in the beginning stages of a severe depression that could be even worse than what happened in the 1930s. These events did not just randomly occur, they were deliberately planned and orchestrated, and the Federal Reserve had a lot to do with it.

Now over the remainder of 2010 the world is approaching a crisis point the likes of which the world has never seen before. Even though the globalist agenda for total world domination is far advanced there is an exponentially increasing awakening taking place of the American and world human population. This is largely because of the global proliferation of ever more accessible electronic communications technology and especially the internet in the hands of alternative media. As economic survival gets tougher an enormous backlash is building against abuse of power. In exponentially increasing numbers people are connecting the dots and understanding how their enslavement is being orchestrated by a small unscrupulous minority. For example passionately anti establishment talk show host and documentary film maker Alex Jones who only a few years ago was generally considered to be a conspiracy theory wing nut now has an international audience numbering in the tens of millions. Are we starting to see a hundredth monkey style mass awakening take place?

If so in astrological terms such a mass awakening is characteristic of the current Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Aires. This conjunction started to form in mid May 2010 with Jupiter and Uranus still in Pisces, and continues through January of 2011. This unusually long time span for a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is produced by the combined retrograde motions of both Jupiter and Uranus. This conjunction over its duration moves back and forth from Pisces to Aries, then from Aries to Pisces, and then back to Aires. This is highly significant in that it depicts the ending of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. While these planets were in Pisces a growing awareness in the collective unconscious of humanity has been building as to what and who is responsible for the ever increasing dysfunctional condition of Human civilization. This collective awareness is now breaking forth into radical (Uranus) Action (Ares) on a huge (Jupiter) scale, as a critical mass is reached in the collective consciousness of humanity.

At first social actions taken to initiate real change will seem sporadic and unorganized. These efforts at first may appear to be puny against the heavily funded and highly organized forces of the established power structure. The fact that these new initiatives are taking place in so many places at once in so many diverse ways is creating an irresistible force for the revolutionary restructuring of human society. This can not be successfully done in a violent way because for practical purposes the established power structure has a monopoly on violence with all the biggest most sophisticated weaponry. If things do get violent it could become an assassination war. This could be triggered by the killing of one or more key resistance to tyranny leaders resulting in massive public anger. In such a scenario disgruntled veterans, citizen militias, or lone individuals would decide they have nothing to loose by taking on the leaders of the establishment by stealth and assassination.

Mass civil disobedience, general strikes, non compliance, mass refusal to pay taxes, grass routs organization, massive exposure of lies, corruption, and evil deeds, converting the police and military to the side of the people are far more effective tactics. If attempted individually refusal to pay taxes for instance is likely to land a person in prison. However, such acts of resistance if collectively carried out on sufficiently massive scale are highly effective. If an individual soldier goes AWOL he has a big problem if he gets caught, but if the whole army or a large percentage of it goes AWOL the government and established power structure has a big problem. Another effective tactic is flooding the courts with law suits for violation of the constitution and bill of rights.

A key factor in how all this plays out is economic. If the federal government defaults on its debts, the value of the dollar will crash. If to avoid default the government prints even more fiat currency, beyond a certain point the currency will hyper inflate and become worthless. When this takes place a vast number of government employees, enforcers, police, and military will simply walk off the job. After all no one can afford to work for nothing, or for money that is worth nothing, even if they wanted to. This will cause vast chaos of course, but it will also create a kind of de fact too freedom that allows the opportunity for a grass roots restructuring of society to take hold.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction needs to be understood in the context of the bigger planetary configuration it is part of. Saturn in Libra or late Virgo is in opposition to Jupiter and Uranus in late Pisces or early Libra. The Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn all square Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration is triggered by the Moon entering Ares and Mars entering Libra on July 30 2010. Mars goes on to conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto over the following week. Drastic history altering events are likely to take place at the end of July and during the first week of August 2010.

Now let’s look at the astrology of the Federal Reserve horoscope of December 23, 1913 at 6:02 PM in Washington DC.

The Sun is at 1 degree and 33 minutes of Capricorn in the 6th house in close opposition to Pluto in the 1st degree of Cancer in the 12th house. This close to exact Sun-Pluto opposition explains much as to the secretive, covert nature of the Fed. In the fall of 2008 and during 2009 transiting Pluto was conjunct the Sun and in opposition to Pluto in the Fed horoscope. Pluto has also been square the Fed chart midheaven at 0 Ares, and Nadir at 0 Libra vertical axis. There has been increasing support for Congressman Ron Paul’s legislation to audit the Fed. The opposition to this legislation has sought to water it down to the point of ineffectiveness.

It is clear that the powerful cardinal T square of the summer of 2010 is hitting the Fed chat in multiple powerful ways. As Jupiter and Uranus conjunct the 0 degree Aries Midheaven of the Fed chart the globalist central banker cabal will attempt to make the ultimate power grab of unlimited power over every aspect of the US economy and financial system. There is already legislation being rammed through the bought and blackmailed congress to that effect.They will attempt this by posing as the saviors of the global economic disaster they themselves created. This would amount to total economic dictatorship. At the same time transiting Saturn in Libra is conjunct the Nadir and opposition the midheaven of the Fed chart. Karmic justice will play a big part in determining what actually transpires. The courts and legal system will play a big role in this. If justice can not be served through the legal system then there will be revolution one way or another.

Other important features of the Federal Reserve chart include Saturn at 13 degrees of Gemini in the 12th house in exact opposition to Mercury in 13 degrees of Sagittarius in the 6th house. This shows an extraordinarily fearful and negative mental outlook to the point of being a severe mental illness. This is a control freak outlook that fears anything it can’t manipulate and dominate. It is a selfish and materialistic mind set capable of illegal, unethical, underhanded plotting and scheming to take unfair advantage. This Saturn-Mercury opposition is Square to Chiron and the Moons nodes. This shows an attitude that public health, safety, and well being are of no concern. The Fed agenda is to dominate and control food and medicine and brain wash the public into thinking tainted vaccines, GMO crops, toxic food additives, and poisons such as sodium fluoride added to municipal water supplies are for their benefit. This goes beyond mere economic expediency to programs deliberately intended to dumb down, chemically lobotomize and sterilize the public as part of the elitist eugenics population reduction agenda. This is done through close alliances with major elitist controlled pharmaceutical companies such as Baxter and Merck and chemical companies such as Monsanto and DuPont.

Mars at 19 degrees of Cancer is conjunct the ascendant at 18 Cancer. Both Mars and the ascendant are lined up with the Saturn nodal axis. This depicts an aggressive selfish me first attitude. The first house Mars is in opposition to Jupiter in Capricorn in the 7th house. This suggests greed, excessiveness, and a tendency to gamble, but also the ability to use slick public relations to create a false image. Needless to say the Fed can hire all the fancy lobbyists and lawyers it wants.

The Moon is at 14 degrees of Scorpio in the 5th house. The Moon is closely inconjunct to Saturn in the 12th house. The Moon is disposited by Pluto in the 12th house. This indicates covert manipulation of the stock market. It also reveals an extraordinarily callous attitude towards the general public associated with the Moon in Political astrology and towards children and young people associated with the 5th house. From the Fed point of view young people are for cannon fodder and the public is for fleecing. Saturn inconjunct the Moon should be seen in the context of Saturn opposition Mercury. Both of these aspects have very close orbs making them important defining influences in the Fed chart.

Saturn in the 12th house opposition Mercury and Venus in the 6th house combined with Sun also in the 6th house opposition Pluto in the 12th house shows that from the perspective of those who control the Fed, the US and world labor force is to be treated as industrial prisoners and paid as little as possible. From the perspective of their emotionally stunted and negative mind set, who cares if the workers have miserable lives and die young there are so many of them they are expendable, and besides the world is overpopulated anyway, we need to cull most of the world’s population so we can have the world for ourselves.

The Fed chart has Neptune in the 1st house in wide but applying opposition to Jupiter in the 7th house. This combined with the 7th house Jupiter in opposition to the ascendant and first house Mars as well as the Mars-Neptune midpoint indicates a capacity to use slick public relations to serve the globalist agenda using spin, disinformation, exaggeration, and sophisticated psychological manipulation. This is a mind set hat has no regard for the truth and will routinely lie whenever it suits it purpose. The problem with liars is that they often end up believing there own lies. They loose touch with reality and do dangerous, deadly things to themselves as well those they consider expendable.

Mars in his fall in Cancer and accidently dignified in the first house is an interesting mixture. Mars in Cancer would tend to be more covert, while Mars in the first house is aggressive, so this combination would be covertly and preemptively aggressive. Covertness is also strongly indicated by afflicted Saturn and Pluto in the 12 house. The Moon in Scorpio is trine Mars showing that the Fed has access to and uses police and military force. Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio the sign that the Moon is in. In Astrology this is called a dispositorship. Because of the house placements and aspects to Mars and Pluto in the Fed chart this ads a further subversive, exploitative, and aggressive tone to the Federal Reserve and its attitude to the environment and the general population. In other words people future generations, and the environment don’t matter only money, dominance, and power. It is a rule or ruin attitude.

In terms of economics these aspects are highly inflationary as Mars is impulsive, and Jupiter and Neptune are both very expansive. Based on its track record inflation is largely what the Fed does. Remember that the Dollar is now worth 4 cents on the 1913 dollar in terms of actual purchasing power. These influences indicate obsession with short term gain at the expense of long term consequences.

Uranus in Aquarius is conjunct the 8th house cusp and is relatively without aspects. This shows a propensity for economic shock therapy. The Fed makes surprise moves prepared in stealth and carried out suddenly to economically take advantage of the people. Fed insiders coordinate multiple economic policies in unison with central banks in the rest of the world to manipulate the US and global economy. This is done to transfer wealth from the lower and middle classes to the tiny super wealthy global elite. Politicians are bought and blackmailed, media controlled, secret intelligence agencies, and police-military used to suppress dissent to pursue the agenda of the global elite super class. The Fed, Wall Street, and the US treasury department are all run by the same incestuous group of elitists serving the same agenda for total world domination.

Now let’s look at progressions, solar ark directions, and transits to the Fed chart.

Fed Progressions

The Fed horoscope progressed Mercury is at 12 degrees and 57 minutes of Pisces. This almost 13 degree progressed Mercury is currently (as of early August 2010) closely square the Fed chart Mercury-Saturn opposition. The 9th house position of progressed Mercury suggests that the Fed is currently in secret collusion with foreign central banks to dominate and control the world economy. This also indicates that huge amounts of money are being moved off shore fore the private benefit of the financial elite. Remember the Fed acts in total secrecy. They consider themselves above the law and accountable to no one. Of course this is not a new situation but it does indicate that there global agenda has now reached a critical stage of development. The controllers of the fed and their international coconspirators are at a stage where they must make there moves or loose their window of opportunity. The accelerating world wide mass awakening that is taking place is bringing increasing mass awareness of the true nature of the elitist agenda. When this awareness reaches a critical mass it will be impossible for the Fed and their coconspirators to carry out their plans. This could relate to the leaking of sensitive inside information. Progressed Mercury is also starting to close in on the conjunction to the north Moon’s node and opposition to the south node suggesting that much more wide spread public knowledge of the real Fed agenda will be building over the next two years.

Progressed Venus in Ares in the 10th house is square Mars in the Fed chart indicating a serious public relations problem, as increasing public awareness of what the Fed is and what its real agenda is. Venus rules the 4th and 11th houses of the Fed chart. This shows an aggressive disregard for human society and the environment. There is also the likelihood of the major banks that control the Fed being involved with money laundering and other kinds of financial involvement with sexual perversions, such pedophilia, human trafficking, trauma based mind control and using these things to blackmail and own officials and politicians. The controllers of the Fed are involved with the same group of elitists who engage in such perversions. Such dark secrets are getting more and more exposure through alternative media and the elitist controlled main stream media is losing credibility. This could involve a huge scandal for the Fed and its crony’s in government and the corporate aristocracy.

Fed Progressions 2

Solar ark directed Uranus currently in 13 degrees of Taurus in the 11th house is starting to oppose the Fed chart 5th house Moon at 14 and one half degrees of Scorpio. This influence will reach peak intensity in about 1 and ½ years. This indicates that the Fed will make sudden moves to catch the public off guard. This will most likely be a Fed engineered stock market collapse. The deepest part of the 1930s great depression was in July of 1932. This was about 2 years and 9 months after the initial October 1929 crash. Prior to the summer of 1932 the stock market almost reached its pre October 1929 level and then crashed again even worse. We will most likely see the same double dip pattern in the current depression. The totally manipulated stock market is presently being fattened for the kill.

Solar ark Mars is currently coming into the exact square to the Fed chart first house Neptune in Cancer. This is a highly illusionary smoke and mirrors type of influence, prone to exaggeration and wastefulness. This influence tends to be out of touch with reality. It is also prone to excessiveness and addictions. Addictive behavior can be physical as in drugs and alcohol, but it is also psychological. Greed and megalomania are the ultimate kind of addiction. Like all kinds of addiction, the need for immediate gratification blinds people to the long term karmic consequences of their actions. Addiction leads to being willfully or at least subconsciously out of touch with reality. For the average individual addiction leads to personal and often family tragedy, but at the level the Fed wields economic and political power it is a threat to human civilization over the entire world.

Solar ark Neptune in Scorpio and conjunct the 5th house cusp of the Fed chart is currently square the Fed chart Uranus in Aquarius conjunct the 8th house cusp. Neptune rules the Fed chart 9th house and Uranus rules its 8th house. This influence reaches peak intensity in about 6 months and tapers off after that over about a year and a half. This influence also suggests a Fed engineered second even worse stock market crash. Unintended consequences of the chaos this creates could also bring down the Fed and the so called New World Order or elitist cabal that runs the world financial system. Their plan has been for a long time to create global financial collapse, so they can then step in and pose as saviors offering solutions that give the cabal even more centralized control and dictatorial powers. It is highly likely this will backfire and bring about the demise of the Fed.

There is currently an exponentially growing mass awareness of what the Fed is up to and what its real agenda is. Regardless of what unconstitutional legislation the Fed and the New World Order bribes and blackmails congress to pass, beyond a certain point the general public will refuse to cooperate or go along with it. The more the elitist controlled governments of the world use police and military force to quell civil unrest the more the masses will be alienated and the more they will resist. If the governments default on their debt or create so much fiat paper or computer entry currency that hyper inflation sets in, then they will be unable to pay their police and military enforcers who will refuse to work for nothing. This would result in a period of anarchy and chaos, but also the economic-government-corporate power elite would loose control. This would be a most dangerous time in history, but it could create a kind of de fact-to freedom out of which a new and different kind of social structure could be created.

Now let’s look at transits to the Fed chart.

Fed Transits

The most glaringly obvious thing is that the cardinal T square of the summer of 2010 makes a powerful connection to the Fed chart midheaven-nadir vertical axis and the exact Sun-Pluto opposition in the Fed chart. The Sun-Pluto opposition and the midheaven-nadir vertical axis of the Fed chart form a tight grand square with all 4 points being heavily activated by the current cardinal T square of the summer of 2010. The Fed is reaching for unlimited dictatorial power over every aspect of the US economy with transiting Jupiter conjunct Uranus at the midheaven of this chart while at the same time it is being undermined by Saturn at it’s nadir in opposition to the midheaven. Transiting Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter all square The Fed chart Sun-Pluto opposition, while transiting Pluto is conjunct the Fed chart Sun and is in opposition to its Pluto.

The total lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010 at 4 degrees and 46 minutes of Cancer and Capricorn was in almost perfect alignment with Pluto at 4 degrees and 6 minutes of Capricorn. This eclipse is aligned with the Fed chart Sun-Pluto opposition, as was the summer solstice of 2010.

There is an intense focus on Pluto, in the summer solstice 2010 chart, the June 26, 2010 eclipse chart, the summer 2010 cardinal T square, the conjunction in early degrees of Capricorn of Pluto and the north Moon’s node in the late fall of 2010, A multiple conjunction of Mercury stationary turning retrograde, Mars, The north Moon’s node, and Pluto in early and mid December 2010 and in the Sun-Pluto opposition of the Federal Reserve horoscope. All of these alignments involving Pluto amplify and intensify each other. This all indicates deadly serious agendas perpetrated by stealth behind the scenes. The Fed may for a brief period of time obtain the unlimited power it seeks but in the process it will bring about its own demise. All of this is coming to a critical point now and over the next 2 years. With Uranus so powerfully activating the Fed chart there will be unexpected surprise developments that will be extremely destabilizing. This inherently parasitical and unconstitutional institution is soon headed for the scrap heap of history.
The total solar eclipse of July 11, 2010 at 19 degrees and 24 minutes of Cancer is closely conjunct the Fed chart ascendant and Mars. This shows the Fed making very aggressive moves and power grabs. As global awareness increases the Fed in particular and elitist oligarchy in general has a steadily decreasing time frame in which to carry out their agenda for total world domination. They are aware of this. As time runs out they will attempt to achieve their objective through creating chaos any way they can and through the overt use police and military force. They will be in a hurry and will make costly careless mistakes. This will cause an enormous world wide backlash that will bring down the established power structure. This drama will play out over the next 3 years or so.

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