A Look at the Next 4 Years: Possible Scenarios

First of all: About the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown in Japan.

I have been following the reports and interviews with top level nuclear physicist carefully over the last week, since the initial mega quake. By now it is clear to me that this could be worst environmental disaster so far in history. It could be even worse than the BP Gulf of Mexico oil will rupture, and that is saying a lot. Lets face it high level radioactivity is being spewed all over the place at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

There have so far been several big explosions at the 6 reactor facility. The explosion on Tuesday, March 15 at reactor #3 was so violent that it blew spent fuel rods stored on the roof of the reactor 3000 feet into the air. Reactor # 3 also uses MOX fuel which is a mixture of Uranium and plutonium which is even far more deadly and dangerous. Breathing one tiny nano sized particle of it means a horrible death by cancer. The fuel rods in the reactors are only part of the problem. There are literally hundreds of thousands of spent nuclear fuel rods stored at the facility which contain highly deadly uranium and plutonium. These spent fuel rods were stored in open water filled tanks literally on the roof of the reactor buildings. They have now been blown all over the place by the explosions at the plant and are exposed to the air, water, and soil.

The nuclear accident at Chernobyl in the Ukraine in 1986 released an estimated 400 times the radiation of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. The radiation from that accident circled the northern hemisphere 4 times before it could no longer be detected. It is estimated that over the last 25 years radiation from Chernobyl has caused over a million cancer deaths, mostly in Europe. The Japanese nuclear catastrophe could make Chernobyl look small by comparison. There is reason to believe that the containment vessels at 2 of the reactors have already been breached. Desperate attempts are being made to keep the reactor rods covered with water not only in the reactors themselves but also in the spent fuel rod storage tanks most of which are stored above the reactors. There is a last ditch effort to pump in sea water to prevent the fuel rods from totally melting down, and causing an out of control chain reaction that could blow up like a bomb. In a worst case scenario Japan could become uninhabitable and millions of people world wide would die of cancer. A run away nuclear reactor is the ultimate dirty bomb.

I shudder to think what this ongoing nightmare could mean in the context of some of the extremely violent aspects happening over the next month, particularly the explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction in the first week of April, Mars square Pluto in the second week of April, and Mars opposition to Saturn in the middle of April. Let us pray that there is not a total melt down and nuclear explosion. This disaster like 911, the economic crash of the fall of 2008, and The BP oil blow out is another ratcheting up of world destabilization. This horror is far from over it could get much, much worse. Humanity is in grave danger!

This catastrophe has the same weird, surreal, is this really happening, dream like feeling about it as Just after 911, the fall of 2008 economic crash, and the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The collective unconscious of humanity, which understands how serious these events are, is experiencing a major traumatic shock.

I will start with some short term influences (next 3 months or so)

Mercury in Ares

Mercury transits the sign of Ares from March 10 to May 16, 2011. This prolonged transit through Ares is because of a Mercury retrograde cycle in Ares. Mercury in Ares in general tends to make people more mentally inpatient, argumentative, competitive, and confrontational. On the positive side people will be more forthright with their ideas, mentally independent, creative, inventive, and inclined to put their ideas into action.

Just when people want to move ahead and take action to implement their plans and ideas transiting Mercury turns retrograde on March 30 at 24 degrees of Ares. This will result in a lot of frustration as people are held back, when they want to move forward, and forced to reevaluate their plans and ideas.

From April 17 through 28 transiting Mercury in Ares opposes Saturn in Libra while stationary turning direct. Governments and corporations will attempt to suppress the real facts regarding the tragic nuclear accidents in Japan especially if there is a full scale meltdown and run away chain reaction. This opposition of stationary Mercury to Saturn will result in delays and frustrations for a lot of people. There will be important developments in some major constitutional legal battles. The established power structure and the main stream media which they control will attempt to block and sensor important news from the public. The public will increasingly resent the government, main stream media, and established legal system which the people will see as obstructing justice and working against the best interests of the general populace. It will be a frustrating, annoying and mentally depressing time for many people. These factors will make it harder for many people to communicate in polite friendly way. The patience of many is worn thin.

Concurrent with Mercury turning retrograde is Jupiter in Ares in opposition to Saturn in Libra. The exact Jupiter-Saturn opposition is at 14 degrees and 20 minutes of Ares-Libra on March 29. The economic fabric of global business will be stretched to the breaking point. This influence will accelerate the general stagflation downward economic spiral as governments and financial institutions go bankrupt and paper fiat currencies lose value. Only investment in real productive industries can produce real economic progress. Printing fiat currency and giving it to banksters on Wall Street is the road to eventual hyperinflation and worthless money.

Uranus entered Ares on March 12 and will be in Ares over the next 7 years. The Sun enters Ares on March 20 at the vernal equinox and stays in Ares until April 20. Mars enters Ares on April 2 and leaves Ares on May 12. Venus enters Ares on April 21 and leaves Ares on May 15. Jupiter entered Ares on January 23, 2011 and leaves Ares on June 4. This amounts to 6 planets transiting Ares within a relatively short time span.

The combined significance of all this activity in Ares produces a time of tremendously accelerated change. Things are on the move. There are a lot of loose cannons out there. It is a time of new beginnings where people are more inclined to act on their own. This will include a lot of rebellion against established authority structures. We can expect to see a lot more revolutionary uprisings in various regions of the world this spring.

The spring equinox is closely conjunct Uranus within ½ a degree, bringing the beginning of a new cycle of revolutionary change.

Mars (ruler of Ares) enters Ares on April 2 and is immediately conjunct Uranus. This is a most explosive and incendiary combination, the astrological equivalent of nitroglycerin. Far example, the Hiroshima nuclear bombing took place on a Mars-Uranus conjunction. It will be a time of fires, explosions, volcanic eruptions, industrial accidents, terrorist acts (state sponsored like 911 or otherwise), riots, rebellions and military confrontations and etc. By April 11 transiting Mars in Ares is square Pluto, so we can expect more of the same in the second week of April.

Over the summer of 2011 the forming square of Uranus in Ares to Pluto in Capricorn comes within a degree of exactness, thus ramping up the world wide confrontation between the people and exploitative, corrupt economic and political power structures. The first in a series of exact Uranus–Pluto squares takes place on June 24, 2012. By that time the global class warfare will be fully engaged and will play out through 2015.

There will of course be much drama and excitement on the human level but nature will also have some huge surprises (witness the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan). As we approach the 2012 sunspot maxima we can expect even more severe aberrant weather, climate change, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. These activities are driven by the Sun and natural solar cycles. Major sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections are ramping up after a period of quiescence over the last 5 years or so. Natural disasters will likely be on an unprecedented scale. We can expect an extremely hot summer as a result of this accelerating solar activity. As solar activity increases global temperatures will also increase.

Progress in constructive initiatives will be made in the first half of May with Mars conjunct Jupiter at the end of April and the first week of May and a triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Ares in the second week of May

In Mid May and early June there is a shift in the astrological energies as 4 planets enter Taurus. Mars enters Taurus on May 12, followed by Mercury and Venus in close conjunction entering Taurus together on May 16, and Jupiter entering Taurus on June 5. As these Taurus ingresses take place there will be a general shift to a more practical business oriented focus. Metals (all metals, not just precious metals) will increase in value.  This is to some extent related to the increased cost of energy used in processing metals. Mercury, Venus, and Mars in triple conjunction are trine Pluto from May 19 to 24. This will encourage practical resourcefulness especially in manufacturing and industries related to recycling. Jupiter trines Pluto in the first 2 weeks of July, encouraging the growth of practical business enterprises, especially those related to efficient use of material resources. This trine repeats in late October, 2011 and mid March of 2012.

Neptune in Pisces

Another important shift in energies takes place on April 5 with Neptune entering his own sign of Pisces. Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius on August 6, 2011 and reenters Pisces on February 4, 2012. Neptune in Pisces will increase the general level of psychic awareness. People who are already psychic will become more so and those who do not normally consider themselves as psychic will be having psychic experiences. This will be confusing and disorienting for many people who are not normally used to such experiences.

There will be increased concern with the condition of the oceans as a result of man made and natural disasters. Hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis and underwater volcanic eruptions will increase in frequency and severity. Ships and airplanes will be increasingly lost at sea often under mysterious circumstances. The devastating long term consequences of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well rupture will become increasingly undeniable. What just happened in Japan as devastating as it was is only the beginning.

Possible geological earth change scenarios

I am not prepared to say that that any of the possible scenarios I am about to mention will necessarily happen nor exactly when they would happen. What I am pointing out is that these and other possible natural disaster scenarios when combined represent a serious threat to the survival of human civilization on planet earth. It is a known statistical fact that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornado’s, and aberrant, extreme weather have been increasing in frequency and severity over the last few years at an ever accelerating rate.

Mega natural disasters caused by earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, aberrant weather, and etc. will rival man made disasters such as out of control genetic engineering, genetically engineered pandemics, depleted uranium, The BP oil blowout, nuclear reactor meltdowns, economic depressions, wars, nuclear war, environmental degradation, chem-trails, species extinctions, state sponsored terrorism, tyrannical political regimes, global class warfare, and so on.

How human history unfolds over the next 5 years, in my mind has much to do with weather natural or man made causes take the lead (happen bigger, sooner) in driving world change. If natural disasters take precedence this could curtail some of the more extreme human caused problems. There would be a loss of centralized economic and political control.

As we have just witnessed in Japan natural disasters can trigger man made disasters waiting to happen. In this case a mega earthquake-tsunami caused the even more serious melt down of nuclear power plants.

Perhaps the biggest disaster currently unfolding is global famine. While this is driven by naturally caused climate change it is greatly compounded and exacerbated by unwise human pollution, policies, and priorities.

I do not claim that I or for that matter anyone perfectly understand all the dynamics involved in the following scenarios.

There are several potential geological mega disasters waiting to happen. To mention a few: The Yellow Stone caldera could blow up and bury the United States and possibly the rest of the world in volcanic ash. The New Madrid fault could let loose in a mega quake and tear up the mid section of the country. The Cascadea subduction zone of the Pacific Northwest could let loose in a 9+ Richter scale earthquake that devastates west coast cities, send a tsunami all the way across the Pacific Ocean, and severely damages nuclear power plants on the US west coast. This would be the US equivalent of what just happened in Japan.

Even worse a large section of the big Island of Hawaii could break off and slide into the ocean, creating a mega tsunami that would wipe out the coastline cities and civilizations of the entire Pacific Rim. There is already a big, deep fissure or crack on the big island of Hawaii which is experiencing quakes on an ongoing basis. With more seismic and volcanic activity a big chunk of Hawaii could break off and fall into the Ocean. Scientific research has established that the highest tsunamis are caused by landslides into the ocean. If this were to occur on Hawaii there would be the mother of all tsunamis.

When measured from the ocean bottom to the highest point of the Mauna Loa volcano Hawaii is by far the highest mountain on earth and by far bigger than Mt Everest. A vertical cross section of the big island is not cone shaped, as one might think, but is shaped like a mushroom which has a wide top sitting on a narrower stem. This is because molten lava solidifies when it reaches the water thus making the top of the island wider. With sufficient earthquake and volcanic activity it is quite possible that a large section of the island could break off and fall in the ocean. Could this be what is being referred to in the Book of Revelations as a fiery mountain falling into the sea (that is the Kilauea Volcano having a major eruption that causes a big portion of the island to slide into the ocean)?

The economic consequences for the world of any of these possible scenarios would of course be immense. The current (mid March 2011) disaster in Japan is already bringing the Japanese stock market down well over 10% and having a similar impact on the New York and other world stock markets. If this continues or resumes with the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan it could well be the beginning of the expected global market crash.

There is a potential for a mega geological disaster (a near extinction event so to speak) to cut short the accelerating current human economic, and geopolitical drama. If something like that happens all bets are off. The effects could be so severe and all pervasive as to eliminate all centralized economic and governmental control throughout the world. Whoever survived would have to depend on the resources of their local environment for the necessities essential for survival.

The most extreme geological (earth change) scenario is a pole flip. Before chalking this up to bad science fiction let it be pointed out that there is ample evidence in the geological record that this has happened several times before in geological history. But first, what is a pole flip. The solid crust of the Earth is very thin as compared to the overall diameter of the Earth. It is more like the thin shell of a raw uncooked egg that is liquid inside. The Earths crust is on average only about 30 miles thick. An idea first proposed by Einstein in the 1950s is that the Earths crust can slide over the liquid core such that the axis of spin finds a new peace of real-estate under it. It is like a completely detached tangerine skin that can move around over the tangerine inside. The Earths axis of spin itself remains stable because it has huge angular momentum and gyroscopic energy. Through the redistribution of crustal mass as a result of tectonic forces, volcanic activity, movement of magma plumes underneath the surface crust, and gradual accumulation of ice sheets in the polar regions the solid skin or crust of the planet becomes unbalanced with respect to the axis of spin causing it to periodically slip or slide over the molten core to rebalance itself.

There is considerable geological evidence to substantiate such a theory. In Alaska and Siberia now extinct frozen mammoths have been found with undigested food in there mouths and stomachs. For this to happen these huge animals would have to have gone from a place that was very warm to one that was extremely cold very quickly. This could be explained by animals living in a sub tropical region suddenly being moved to a polar region.

Magnetic domains in rock core samples provide important clues. In places on the ocean floor like the mid Atlantic ridge where fresh molten magma comes out of volcanic vents the magma hits the water is cooled and solidifies. The prevalent magnetic field of the Earth aligns the magnetic domains in the rock as it solidifies. The deeper scientists drill their core samples on the ocean floor the further they go back in time in geological history. This is somewhat analogous to studying tree rings. It has been observed that every few tens of thousands of years the magnetic domains in the rock suddenly shift to a new direction, suggesting a reversal of the Earths Magnetic field and possibly also a repositioning of the Earths crust caused by a sudden slippage over the molten core.

Why would archeological remains of sea ports be found at high elevations in the Andes Mountains in Peru? Remains of ancient pyramids, cities, and huge obviously man made stone structures have been discovered on the ocean bottom off the coast of Japan, in the Caribbean, in the Gulf of Mexico, and other places.

Why would coal be found on the Antarctic continent when coal is produced from the compressed decayed vegetation of a warm climate?

In addition to all these geological clues just about every ancient culture on Earth has their stories, myths, and legends about the great flood. There are the persistent legends of great islands and continents such as Atlantis and Lemuria that had once thriving technologically sophisticated civilizations that sank beneath the ocean. What could explain this?

The Earth is not a perfect sphere. The centrifugal force of the Earth’s rotation on her axis of spin causes the Earth to slightly bulge at the equator and flatten at the poles by a distance of  a few miles. This is about the right distance to raise or submerge continental land masses. When there is a geographic repositioning of the Earth’s crust with reference to the planets axis of spin land masses that move towards the equator are thrust outward and rise while land masses that move towards the poles sink.

If such a cataclysmic repositioning of the Earth’s crust happens quickly (within a few hours or a few days) oceans slosh over the land and most of civilization and its infrastructure are wiped out leaving a small remnant of traumatized survivors to start over. Such a scenario could have happened numerous times in very ancient history prior to currently available written records. Most of humanities real ancient history has been lost and suppressed. This certainly fits with ancient Hopi legends and prophecies as one example of what ancient traditional cultures have to say.

What is the 2012 concern?

There has in recent years there has been a lot written about, and a lot of interest in the date December 21, 2012. This is the end of the Mayan calendar. Many proponents of new age lore are saying that on that day the winter solstice aligns with the center of the galaxy which contains a massive black hole. But that is not astronomically technically correct. What really happens on December 21, 2012 is that the winter solstice aligns perfectly with the plane of the Milky Way galaxy. So what is the galactic plane?  In geometry a plane is a perfect flat surface. In the solar system the ecliptic is the plane in space defined by the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. All of the planets with the exception of Pluto orbit the Sun within the same phonograph disk, so to speak. The plane of the orbits of the other planets of our solar system all align with the plane of the ecliptic or the Earths orbit within 2 degrees of declination. The plane of the galaxy is defined as the average orbital plane of the billions of stars that orbit the galactic core or hub of the galaxy. In geometry two flat planes intersect each other along a strait line. The only exception to this is if the two planes are exactly parallel. On December 21, 2012 the Sun at the winter solstice is in perfect alignment with the line along which the ecliptic and the plane of the galaxy intersect each other. This will bring a tremendous release of cosmic energy into the Earth. Why is this so?

According to one theory, the galaxy like the Sun and the Earth has a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole. The magnetic boundary line and null zone is the galactic plane. The Sun and its magnetic field exist in the magnetic field of the galaxy. When the solar system and the Earth with it crosses over the galactic plane the Sun reverses its magnetic field causing the Earth and the other planets of the solar system to do likewise.

It is a known fact that over recent centuries, decades and years the Earth’s magnetic field has been getting weaker at an accelerating rate. The magnetic field of the Earth is now almost at zero and has big distortions and irregularities in it, one of which is called the South Atlantic anomaly. The north magnetic pole is migrating towards Siberia at an increasingly rapid rate. Birds and fish use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate. This is at least one reason (poisonous pollution is another) why big flocks of birds have been falling out of the sky and there have been mass fish die offs in many places all over the world. Aircraft also use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate, and so airports continually have to re align their runway lights and markings to accommodate shifts in the magnetic field.

It is the Earth’s magnetic field that protects humans and other biological life forms on earth from dangerous cosmic rays and charged particles moving at high velocity which damage DNA and cause mutations. It is thought, that when the Earth aligns perfectly with the galactic plane at the winter solstice on December 21, 2012 the magnetic field of the Earth will go to zero. When this happens the Earth is subjected to intense energies that she is normally shielded from. This has happened numerous times in the past according to ice and rock core samples and other geological data. These periods of magnetic field reversal also correspond with the extinction of old species and the beginning of new ones. Such sudden changes in the Earth’s magnetic field have profound effects in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth’s interior that change the flow of magma causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and causing geographical pole flips where the earths crust slides over the molten core such as described above.

Whether such a catastrophic event happens exactly on December 21, 2012, happens at all, or happens in a window of time of say 7 years of which December 21, 2012 is the center date, remains to be seen. There are differences of opinion among those who study these matters.

By now it is well established that Sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections do trigger weather changes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions on

Earth. We humans are also electromagnetic creatures and so it is thought that what happens on the Sun influences mass psychology. A correlation has been established between sun spot maxima periods of high solar activity and historic cycles of increased war. With the sun spot maxima of 2012 we will see a heating up and ramping up of the human geopolitical drama as well as increasing frequency and severity of weather and geological changes. As of now (March 2011) the Sun is producing major X class solar flares and huge magnetic field distortions and correspondingly we are seeing outbreak of revolution in the Arab world and the horrendous Japanese earthquake- tsunami-nuclear meltdown disaster.

Up until 2010 the Sun went through a very quiet period of little or no Sun spot activity. This corresponded with severe winters in China and other parts of the world in 2008 and 2009. With the sunspot maxima now ramping up we can expect exceptionally hot global temperatures.

Possible splitting of time lines

There is yet another theory about what could happen in 2012 or over the next 4 years. It would no doubt seem preposterous to most people. That is the splitting of time lines. As implausible as this might seem, it is not inconceivable from the point of view of quantum physics. At the sub atomic level reality is a fractal-holographic matrix of interacting waves that establish standing wave nodes that blink in and out of manifestation quadrillions of times (or some huge number like that) per second. These standing wave nodes are the microcosmic underpinnings of our so called solid physical reality. Through a series of wave length, frequency and velocity harmonics these nodes expand out to infinity and collapse back to incredibly small dense particles, over and over again, at enormously high frequencies. That is they oscillate incredibly rapidly between the dense particle state and an all pervasive wave state. It is not inconceivable that there could be many simultaneous physical realities with separate and different histories that occupy the same space with the particles they are made of blinking in and out of physicality out of phase with each other so that these separate physical realities can coexist without interfering with each other. According to this understanding the Earth and her life forms including the human periodically encounter major time nodes where many cosmic cycles begin and end together. When such major time nodes occur, the intense focus of cosmic energy produced make possible the splitting of one physical realty into two or more separate physical realities. Such a change could happen instantaneously (in a microsecond, or in the blink of an eye so to say) and seamlessly such that it could go unnoticed by those experiencing it. For a more detailed explanation of how such quantum mechanical processes work you might want to read my document titled New Paradigms in Physics on my web sight www.louisacker.com <http://WWW.louisacker.com> .

Such a theory could explain much of so called paranormal phenomena, including UFOs, teleportation, miraculous healing, psychic surgery, time travel, and so on. Could it be that people according to their karma, level of consciousness and selfish or unselfish motivations are self selecting which future history they resonate with and will therefore enter? Perhaps there is something to those biblical (or for that matter accounts in the sacred texts of many ancient cultures) of the rapture where two people are standing in a field and one is taken and one is not. Perhaps there is a major time line split for planet Earth in our near future where one portion of humanity takes the high road time line into a spiritually and scientifically advanced civilization and another portion of mankind follows the low road time line into a more primitive, destructive, and warlike future. Could it be that one such time line will experience a nuclear war and or a catastrophic pole flip and the other will instead go into a golden age?

Probable scenarios if human civilization on Planet Earth manages to avoid a civilization killing nuclear war or natural catastrophe.

If the present economic,(global class warfare of the few against the many), geopolitical, technological, military, and ecological human species drama now being played out on planet Earth is allowed to continue at least for a few more years what cold we reasonably expect as the evolution and most likely outcome of the present unprecedented (at least in known history) crisis based on astrology, history, prophecy, science and common sense.

Transiting Mars will be in Virgo from November 12, 2011 to July 3, 2012. Mars turns retrograde on January 24, 2012 at 23 degrees of Virgo and goes direct on April 14, 2012 at 3 degrees and 40 minutes of Virgo. Mars gets back to 23 degrees of Virgo on June 20, 2012. This long transit of Mars through Virgo is due to a Mars retrograde cycle. Mars in Virgo will place strong emphasis on public health and food supply concerns on a world wide basis. This will result in food riots and revolutions. Unemployment and labor problems will reach crisis proportions. There will be general strikes as a means of mass political protest. The labor movement will become a powerful force all over the world with major confrontations with the established economic-political power structure. Industrial and food related health and safety will become an overriding concern. There is danger of a global pandemic. There will be revolt and refusal to obey orders in the military of various countries.

2012 and beyond

Venus will transit Gemini from April 4, 2012 to August 8, 2012. Venus turns Retrograde at 24 degrees of Gemini on May 15 2012, and turns direct on June 27, 2012 at 7 and 1/2 degrees of Gemini. Venus regains 24 degrees of Gemini on July 31, 2012.

On June 6, 2012 Transiting Venus moves directly in front of the solar disk as seen from Earth. This rare event is called a Venus occultation. It has important astrological significance because the solar energy is super charging the Venus Energy and blasting it directly at the Earth. This will intensify the ability of people to be telepathic and will inspire a more harmonious and peaceful vision for the future of humanity. The ability to envision and communicate about such a future is the first stage in creating it. This is an important influence in raising mass consciousness. People will become more consciously aware of their telepathic communication and their connection to the collective mind of humanity.

Other than the galactic level alignments briefly discussed above to me the most future defining outer planet configuration between now and 2015 is the square of Uranus in Ares to Pluto in Capricorn. In 2011 this square starts to form and it gets close enough to exact over the summer to start to have a major impact, especially when triggered by hard angle aspects from other planets.

Mercury in Cancer squares Uranus and Opposes Pluto between June 18 and June 21. There will be a riveting news event. The earthquake hit Japan just as Mercury was conjunct to Uranus and entered Ares and the nuclear plant disaster unfolded as Mercury went on to square Pluto.

Transiting Sun in Cancer squares Uranus and opposes Pluto June 24 through 30. Crisis situations will escalate and revolutionary sentiment will grow.

Transiting Venus in cancer squares Uranus and opposes Pluto July 6 through 10. There will be a major scandal involving sex, incest, sexual abuse of children, or other perversions.

Transiting Mars in Cancer is square Uranus and opposition to Pluto August 7 through 14. This is a dangerous configuration which could signal violent events such as explosions, outbreak of war or revolution, terrorist acts by government or otherwise, industrial accidents, extreme storms and etc.

The fact that these entire 4 trigger aspects are made from Cancer indicates that the events associated with them will have a major emotional impact on the masses and will shape public sentiment.

The first exact Uranus Pluto square is on June 24 2012 at 8 degrees of Ares and Capricorn. The battle will be fully engaged between global humanity and their oppressors.

The second exact Uranus-Pluto square is at 6 degrees and 57 minutes Ares-Capricorn on September 19 2012.

The third exact Uranus-Pluto square is May 21, 2013 at 11 degrees Ares-Capricorn.

The 4th exact Uranus-Pluto square is November 1, 2013 at 9 degrees of Ares-Capricorn.

The 5th exact Uranus-Pluto square is on April 22, 2014 at 13 and ½ degrees of Ares-Capricorn.

The 6th exact Uranus –Pluto square is on December 16, 2014 at 12 and ½ degrees of Ares-Capricorn.

The 7th exact Uranus –Pluto square is March 17th 2015 at 15 degrees Ares-Capricorn. Mars in Ares is conjunct to Uranus and square Pluto during this final exact square, increasing the potential for extreme disruptive events.

Transiting Mars in Libra is square Pluto and opposition to Uranus July 14 through 21, 2012

Transiting Mars in Capricorn is square Uranus and conjunct to Pluto in late November 2012.

Transiting Mars in Ares is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto March 20 through 28, 2013. Transiting Sun and Venus make these sane aspects to Uranus and Pluto March 28 through April 4 2013.

Transiting Mars in Cancer is opposition to Pluto and square Uranus July 25 through August 3, 2013.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer is opposition to Pluto and square Uranus August 3 2013 through August 27, 2013.

Transiting Mars in Libra is opposition to Uranus and square Pluto December 21, 2013 through January 4, 2014.

Transiting Jupiter is opposition to Pluto and square Uranus mid January through May 3, 2014. Jupiter turns direct on March 5, 2014

Transiting Mars in Libra is opposition to Uranus and square Pluto mid April through June 2014. Mars is stationary turning direct on May 20 at 9 degrees of Libra.

Transiting Mars in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto and square Uranus November 8 2014 through 13, 2014.

Transiting Mars in Ares is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto march 9 through 14 2015.

These trigger transits by Mars will increase disruption and the potential for violence, war, and revolution when they occur. The cardinal sign nature of these transits makes them even more volatile. Revolutionary change will take place under these transits. When Mars makes hard angle trigger aspects (as listed above) to the Uranus Pluto square there is greater potential for decisive, disruptive events to occur that initiate important military, industrial, and revolutionary events that initiate history altering changes and trends.

The transits of Jupiter opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus in August of 2013 and Mid January to early May 2014 will increase the size and momentum of global economic, social, and political changes taking place. There will be a significant shift in the philosophic and spiritual outlook of people in every part of the world under these Jupiter aspects.

Transiting Mars stationary turning direct in Libra opposition Uranus and square Pluto mid April through June of 2014 is very significant because these transits last much longer than normal Mars transits because Mars is in a retrograde cycle. This could be a decisive turning point in the global economic- geopolitical struggle.

I will go into more detail about Uranus in Ares square Pluto in Capricorn and  associated trigger aspects in my next article.

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