Transits of the Outer Planets through the Signs 2012 through 2013

Mars in Virgo

Mars is not generally considered to be an outer planet, but when Mars does a retrograde cycle, which happens every 2 years He can spend up to 8 months in one sign. This is currently happening with Mars in Virgo. Mars entered Virgo on November 11, 2011.  Mars turned retrograde at 23 degrees of Virgo on January 24 2012. Mars turns direct at 3 degrees and 40 minutes of Virgo on April 14, 2012. Mars leaves Virgo on July 3, 2012.

Virgo is associated with the natural environment, public health, the medical profession, agriculture, food production, the labor force, the job market, labor unions, and the military. With Mars doing a retrograde cycle in Virgo all of these areas are in a state of crisis. There is massive unemployment happening all over the world. The world is in a massive food crisis with aberrant weather and crop failures on every continent. Because of the global depression that is now happening we can expect a more militant and aggressive labor movement, with strikes and demonstrations demanding jobs, a livable wage, and decent working conditions. This too is a world wide phenomenon. There is dangerous experimentation going on with the genetic engineering of viruses. If these organisms are released into the outside environment it could cause a panendemic. The United States is engager in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and is conducting drone attacks in Pakistan, and making incursions into Syria and Iran. If Israel and or the US attack Iran and its nuclear instillations it could escalate into world war three.

Transiting Mars while slowly turning direct makes a prolonged inconjunct aspect to Uranus from late March through mid May of 2012. This is a most precarious, destabilizing, dangerous, and potentially explosive aspect. The world is sitting on a powder keg which any slight spark could detonate. With this influence here is serious danger of natural disasters and industrial accidents.

In mid April Mars while stationary comes within less than a degree and a half of being in exact opposition to Neptune. This strongly suggests duplicity as in a false flag incident, and deceptive covert military operations.

Mars enters Libra on July 4 and is inconjunct to Neptune in early July and square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus by mid July. These also are extremely potentially violent, destructive and dangerous aspects. Mars inconjunct Neptune again suggests covert military agendas.
Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter entered Taurus on June 5, 2011 and leaves Taurus on June 12, 2012. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign associated with values. What is considered as valuable varies considerably from person to person and culture to culture. Perceived value is often based on the availability or the scarcity of whatever is considered necessary or desirable. In economics this is called the law of supply and demand. This is usually measured in dollars or other currencies used as a medium of exchange. Currencies are generally issued by a national government or the central bank of a national government. Because of this currencies are often unjustly manipulated by whoever controls the government and or its central bank. Those who control these institutions are often or usually motivated by greed and lust for power which becomes an addiction. This addiction blinds the controllers to even that which is in the best interest of their own survival. Money takes on an ego based abstract meaning that is divorced from practical reality. Manipulating money becomes like a game of poker or monopoly where the psychological value is in the sense of personal superiority in winning the game.

Addiction is usually thought of as alcoholism or dependence on drugs, over eating, or even an excessive need for sex. Addiction often takes on more subtle psychological forms, however, that are even more excessive and destructive to the individual and society than the more obvious physical addictions.

What is the motivating force behind all addictions at the deepest psychological level is always fear. Fear can take many forms such as fear of not being good enough, fear of ridicule, fear of being attacked, fear of being alone, fear of the unknown, fear of not having enough, fear of rejection, fear of not being attractive, fear of death, and so on. The list goes on and on. Where a person or a collective of people in their past history whether in this lifetime or previous ones have been the most helpless, have suffered the most, been the most victimized and humiliated is usually the basis of their deepest fears. Facing, understanding, and releasing the deepest levels of fear are the most important psychological tasks for everyone both individually and collectively. Without this there can be no real quality of life or secure future.

Rather than face their deepest levels of fear, which are usually buried in the unconscious mind, people avoid or try to run away from their fears. The unconscious mind in this context means that part of the memory and past history that is not available to the present conscious awareness. Addiction is one of the most common psychological defense mechanisms for avoiding the terrors of facing deeply buried subconscious issues. Money and the status and power it confers is often used by pathologically insecure individuals as a means of  attempting to feel good about themselves and as a means of feeling superior to others by having power over them. In fact the need to have power and control over others is the most characteristic quality of a deeply insecure individual. This pathological trait often takes the form of trying to make ones self bigger by making others less. The need to feel superior to others in order to feel good about them self is the very hallmark of a fear based insecure person. Once you have learned to recognize this characteristic it sticks out like a sore thumb. In reality no one has ever succeeded in making them self bigger by attempting to make others less.

Anything which is a normal and necessary part of life when taken to excess can become an addiction. So what does all of this have to do with Jupiter in Taurus? The fundamental nature of the Jupiter influence is expansion, increase, or to make things bigger. This is generally thought of as a good thing. It means abundance and the ability to have more and do more. That is why Jupiter is called the greater benefic in astrology. Just as Saturn (referred to as the greater malefic) is not all bad and can embody the virtues of organization, hard work, and self discipline; so likewise the Jupiter influence can become pathological when it becomes excessiveness in one form or another. Addiction is an excessive compulsive need for whatever a person is addicted to. In medicine cancer is defined as the aberrant uncontrolled growth of a particular group of cells which results in draining the resources of the other organs of the body which if left unchecked results in the death of the body.

With Jupiter in Taurus we see this in the uncontrolled growth and excessive power of the financial sector of the global economy. The central banks of the world controlled by a very small elite class have cooped the privilege of creating money and credit. This is done through institutions such as the Federal Reserve System which creates fiat currency out of nothing and charges the population interest on it, and through methods such as fractional reserve lending, where the same financial reserves are loaned out to many individuals and businesses over and over again simultaneously. Thus a very small group of elitists become a cancerous parasite on the industry and commerce of the entire world. If this is left unchecked it can result in the demise of human civilization.

So how can we ordinary folk make the best use of the Jupiter in Taurus influence? This can be accomplished by spending the money we have on practical things that have physical intrinsic tangible usefulness of practical life sustaining value. Things such as tools, food reserves, land, gardens, clothing, housing, vehicles, medical supplies, energy self sufficiency, (solar panels, wind mills, etc), are examples of what has intrinsic practical value. Taurus is a very practical earth sign. These things have survival usefulness regardless of what happens to currencies and monetary systems. Debt should be avoided wherever possible. An obvious example of how the financial industry has gotten out of control and become parasitical can be seen in mortgages. By the time a family has paid off a 30 year mortgage they have spent 3 times the money in interest than it cost to build the house, in building materials and labor. This should make it obvious that something is very disproportionately out of balance with the economic system.

On the spiritual level spending time in nature and getting in tune with nature has tremendous value and healing potential especially with Jupiter in Taurus.

The people who will economically survive best in the current global depression will be those who focus on self reliance in creating their own businesses and means of providing the necessities of life.

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter enters Gemini on June 12, 2012 and leaves Gemini on June 26, 2013. Gemini is an intellectual air sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini is associated with communication and on the social and political level is associated with news media of all kinds including, print, radio, TV, and internet. These will expand and proliferate with Jupiter in Gemini. Attempts to lie and suppress information by governments and the established economic-political power structure will meet with resistance from the general population of the world. Alternative media will grow and proliferate exponentially. Establishment attempts at censorship will only drive alternative media underground, and further discredit the corrupt establishment.

Gemini is also associated with ideas and inventions. Free energy technologies have been systematically suppressed over the last 100 years. This is becoming increasingly difficult for the established power structure to do simply because increasingly greater numbers of people all over the world are experimenting with free energy devices and technologies. This will become so wide spread all over the world that it will become impossible to stop and control. Experimentation with new energy technology is becoming a world wide underground movement. Over the next 3 years this movement will reach a critical mass and energy technologies that tap the energy of space will revolutionize the world. When every family has its own energy device that does not require fuel centralized control of energy will no longer be possible. This will tremendously enhance the self sufficiency and therefore independence of local communities.

Transiting Jupiter, moving from the 12th house into the first house is conjunct the ascendant and then Uranus in the US horoscope during July, 2012. Much hidden and suppressed information will emerge into the public awareness. This will fuel demand for reform and accountability in the economic and political system. Corruption and deception will no longer be acceptable. This transit acts as a counter balance to solar ark Saturn conjunct the ascendant in the US chart that is also taking place in 2012. This Saturn solar ark conjunction to the US chart ascendant and Uranus is indicative of the establishment agenda to restrict freedom of information, while transiting Jupiter conjunct the US ascendant and Uranus represents the demand of the American people for freedom of information and transparency and accountability from the government.

These two influences are in stark contrast. The Saturn influence is limiting, controlling, constricting, and contractive. The Jupiter influence is expansive, leading to increase and freedom. The US Gemini rising chart has 7 degrees of Gemini rising conjunct Uranus at 8 degrees and 53 minutes of Gemini. After all this is the chart for the signing of a Declaration of Independence. Does this sound like the influence of Uranus? I think so. Uranus conjunct the ascendant demands freedom of self expression. Freedom and independence are supposed to be traditional American values.

The current co-opted American government controlled by the fortune 50, the international central banking cartel (through the private Federal Reserve System) and the military industrial complex has no regard for the constitution, the bill of rights, or the rule of law. Americans are increasingly and exponentially waking up to the fact that they are living under a rogue fascist tyranny, and they are angry that they have been sold out. This is fueling a huge backlash against out of control government that wants to tax the middle class to oblivion, spy on them and micro manage every aspect of their lives.

The proliferation of news and information is growing exponentially over the internet and other electronic communications technology. This process will reach a critical mass with Jupiter in Gemini. Public awareness of what is really going on is rapidly increasing in a growing minority and will soon reach the point of becoming a mass consensus. This is the hundredth monkey effect.

Gemini is a sign of multiplicity and adaptability. The basic function of Jupiter is to expand, increase, and multiply. Jupiter in Gemini will continue to expand the already exponentially growing world wide proliferation of communication and cross cultural exchange of ideas and life styles. People all over the world will be able share the reality of what really goes on in their lives with the rest of the world. There will simply be too many channels through which information can spread to be able to control them all. It will be far more difficult to perpetrate lies, and false flag attacks in this kind of global intellectual environment. Any attempt to shut down the free internet will only prove to the entire world that those who do so have something to hide. Censorship will only drive information underground where it will continue to proliferate, with hacking becoming the preferred method of gorilla warfare. The Anonymous movement will continue to grow.

Whistle blowers in sensitive positions inside the military, corporate power structures, the financial industry, governments, and the established power structure in general will more and more continue to leak information that discredit’s the ruling oligarchy. Those who abuse power will be increasingly discredited in the eyes of global public opinion. People in every part of the world are exponentially becoming more intellectually sophisticated in seeing beyond the figureheads of power to the real puppet masters. False flag attacks will increasingly backfire in there attempt to herd the mass consciousness into war and tyranny.

This has already happened to a large extent in the case of 911, where the big lie continues to unravel. The official story of 911 is ludicrous to any intelligent educated person who looks at the real forensic evidence. It is not possible to suspend the laws of physics for the convenience of the corrupt military industrial establishment and corporate controlled media. For example the organization called Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth now has a membership of thousands of highly scientifically trained professionals. People all over the world are beginning to connect the dots and understand the big picture. This global trend will continue to grow exponentially, and will reach critical mass with Jupiter in Gemini.

Transiting Venus will be in Gemini from April 4 to August 8, 2012. Venus goes through a retrograde cycle while in Gemini making this Venus in Gemini transit much longer than the usual transit of Venus through a sign. This influence will pave the way for, and partially overlaps with Jupiter in Gemini.

On June 5, 2012 Venus as seen from earth moves directly in front of the Sun. This is a rare phenomenon that occurs in pairs 8 years apart, separated by buy over 150 years. This influence will intensify the already growing mass psychic awakening. People will be more telepathic in understanding that which threatens human survival. Increasing numbers of people will be able to consciously be aware of the deeper knowing that exists in the collective unconscious. The long term influence of transiting Neptune in Pisces is also contributing greatly to mass psychic awakening.

Social networking will play a big role in spreading awareness of whom and what is responsible for the global crisis of human survival now taking place.

Venus in Gemini turning direct is conjunct the ascendant and Uranus of the US horoscope from mid June through mid July. Popular music will reflect this growing social awareness, as will the arts in general. Artists like Joan Baez and Bob Dillon greatly contributed to the cultural awaking of the late 1060’s and this will be true again of the current younger generation of musicians and artists. Music festivals, peace demonstrations, and revolutionary gatherings will become the focal point for social activity, as it did in the 1960’s.

Transiting Jupiter slowly turning direct is conjunct the ascendant and Uranus of the US horoscope in December of 2012 and in January, February, and March of 2013. This will fuel the movement for the return to traditional American values of freedom and democracy. There will be huge populist demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter transits the cardinal water sign of Cancer June 27, 2013 to July 17, 2014. Cancer is associated with food, nurturance, the home and family. It is in the context of family that traditional values of morality, religion, national heritage, history and cultural traditions are passed on from one generation to another. That is why Jupiter (religion and cultural values) is exalted (gains it’s power) in the sign of Cancer. It has long been the covert agenda of the elitist cabal to destroy the family. By destroying the continuity of culture as passed down through the family the elitists think that they can impose their own agenda of neo feudal fascism. The sanctity of the family is instinctual in human nature and any attempt (once correctly identified in the mass consciousness) to destroy these values will meet with fierce resistance.

Transiting Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto and then in square to Uranus during August of 2013, and for a longer stretch of time while turning direct from late January through April of 2014. The battle to preserve the family and the cultural values associated with family life will reach peak intensity during these transits. People all over the world who have strong cultural ethnic and religious identities will not tolerate state interference in their religious beliefs and spiritual practices. Police state tactics may temporarily intimidate overt protest but there will always be underground resistance.

Transiting Jupiter is in the second house of the US horoscope while in Cancer, and conjunct the US chart Venus and Jupiter in July of 2013, as well as conjunct the US chart Sun in late August and early September of 2013. Jupiter is again conjunct the Sun in the US horoscope in the late winter and early spring of 2014. This could possibly indicate the beginning of economic recovery in the United States if some of the necessary economic reforms have been enacted. This will still be an uncertain process and a bumpy road because Transiting Uranus will be squaring and transiting Pluto opposing The 2nd house Cancer Sun in the US horoscope at various times over the next 4 years. After that Uranus will go on to oppose the US chart 5th house Saturn in Libra and Pluto will square Saturn in the US chart at various times in 2015 and 2016.

Saturn in Libra

Transiting Saturn will continue to be in Libra until October 6, 2012. Saturn in Libra is highly legalistic. Many lawsuits challenging unconstitutional usurpation of power by the co-opted out of control federal government are currently in progress with Saturn in Libra, and this will continue for the duration of Saturn in Libra. If this legal process is successful then a greater degree of peace and progress can be achieved and suffering and bloodshed can be avoided. If the legal system and the courts are too corrupted to be capable of delivering real justice then revolution in one form or another will be the only alternative the people have left.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn will be in Scorpio from October 6, 2012 to December 24, 2014, when Saturn enters Sagittarius. Retrograde Transiting Saturn re enters Scorpio On June 16, 2015. Transiting Saturn re enters Sagittarius on September 19, 2015.

This will probably be the most dire life threatening period of the great transition that is now upon us. Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn and will be until 2024. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and so this Pluto transit has a saturnine quality. Saturn in Scorpio is in Pluto’s sign and so is conditioned by plutonian characteristics. When two planets are in each others sign it is called a mutual reception. Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception suggest that humanity will be faced with serious life and death issues.

Perhaps the most serious of these is the problem of nuclear radioactive pollution. Fukushima is an on going mega disaster with at least 3 huge  nuclear reactors in continuing uncontrolled meltdown releasing deadly radioactive poison into the oceans and the atmosphere which is circulating all over the planet. Fukushima is a far more serious disaster than Chernobyl and it is estimated that Chernobyl has been responsible for over a million cancer deaths since 1986. Fukushima has the potential to cause many millions of cancer deaths over the next few years. Unless a way is found and implemented to safely neutralize these radioactive isotopes which are spreading all over the world millions of people will die and the human gene pool will be severely damaged. Since there is no way to filter the oceans, and the worlds atmosphere or dig up the radioactive pollution that has settled into the ground all over the world the only possible way to eliminate the problem is through a non local technology that would broadcast the right frequency codes into the environment to safely neutralize the radioactive isotopes wherever they are. This would be a technology somewhat similar to homeopathy and radionics, but on a macroscopic scale. I will go into this in more detail in a document I am currently working on titled “Non Local Radioactive Pollution Elimination Technology”.

What is even more profoundly disturbing is that there will undoubtedly be more volcanic eruptions, tornados, super storms, mega quakes and tsunamis that could cause the meltdown of more nuclear reactors in the United States or other places in the world that would further escalate the already dire nuclear pollution catastrophe that threatens the ability of our planet to sustain life, especially human life. It is estimated that 90% of existing nuclear reactors are leaking radioactivity at least to some extent .Many of these reactors are aging past there projected life span, are deteriorating and becoming increasingly dangerous. Practically nothing has been done over the past year since the Fukushima disaster to improve the safety of the world wide nuclear industry and this is especially so in the United States. Apparently the survival of human civilization on planet Earth is not a major concern or priority for those who are running the world.

Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn will also bring about the demise of governments, giant corporations, banks, and other financial institutions. The global economic structure and banking institutions will continue to melt down. The global debt that now exists on paper can never be paid back. It is a mathematical impossibility. Even if there were 100% taxation world wide and every material asset in the entire world was sold it would not be nearly enough to pay back all the debt that exists on paper. The vast majority of this debt is illegitimate to begin with because it is based on fractional reserve lending and by banks and by charging interest on fiat currency created out of nothing by central banks, especially the Federal Reserve. This fraudulent debt must be nullified and declared void before there can be any real recovery of the global economy.

The current global economic meltdown has been deliberately engineered by the elitist cabal of central bankers. They think that by economically imploding the world that they can then pose as the saviors and then set up their economic, political, and military world dictatorship. What they do not understand or chose to ignore is that what their cabal is doing will have huge unintended consequences for themselves as well. The elitist agenda does not make sense even from a purely selfish point of view. They are engineering their own destruction along with everybody and everything else.

Scorpio and its ruler Pluto are associated with the occult, death, rebirth, taxes, insurance, and large economic institutions, and nuclear technology.

The dying established power structure is panicking and becoming increasingly desperate and therefore is attempting to force its agenda. It is becoming increasingly overt and blatant in its attack on human freedom, self determination, and the rule of law. This is because on a mental and spiritual level it is loosing control. This is accelerating the mass human awakening which is happening faster and faster on an exponentially increasing scale, and thus creating an enormous global backlash.

The global central banking system, like any Ponzi scheme is running out of new sources of capital to feed off of and is creating unsustainable debt, and therefore is destined to collapse. This would have already happened in the fall of 2008, had there not been massive creation of fiat currency by the privately owned Federal Reserve. This is only postponing the collapse and will make it worse when it does happen sometime in the near future. This money created out of nothing is being used to shore up the so called to big to fail bankrupt financial institutions. Hardly any of this newly counterfeited fiat currency is used to help businesses that produce real products and services and create jobs. Without creating jobs there can be no real economic recovery.

The elitist cabal has co opted and perverted much of the environmental movement with their propaganda about man made global warming carbon dioxide and demand for carbon taxes. There is however, a huge life threatening environmental crisis which they have created with industrial pollution from such things as pharmaceuticals, poisoning of water supplies, industrial chemicals, fracking, GMO crops, genetic manipulation, oil spills as in the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well blowout, and especially nuclear pollution. Scorpio and Pluto are associated with recycling. In nature this happens in a healthy natural way such as the leaves falling off the trees in the fall decomposing over the winter and becoming the fertilizer for the new growth starting the next spring. Elitist controlled industry has introduced poisonous toxins into the biosphere which are destructive to the normal processes of life. These problems must be effectively dealt with if life is to survive into the future on our planet. This will require developing and implementing safe and effective ways of recycling (a Scorpio Pluto concept) industrial bi products in a way that does not hurt the environment.

The dark side of the Saturn-Pluto combination is arguably the most evil planetary combination known to astrology. The corrupted and entrenched established power structure of the dominant economic, political, military, and religious institutions of the world and the ruling elites that run them will fight to the bitter end to maintain their positions of wealth, power and prestige. It is a rule or ruin attitude. They are in fact not free agents. They have in their lust for power made a pact with evil entities to gain control of the world and its resources. Now those entities control them and will double cross and terminate the elitists once they are no longer of use to those entities.

Scorpio and Pluto are associated with the destruction of form manifestations that have become worn out, corrupted or no longer serve a useful purpose so that the energy within those forms is liberated to create new forms that are more adequate vehicles of expression and evolution. In human terms this is seen in the process of reincarnation. The same kind of process applies to currencies, economic systems, civilizations, governments, nations and empires. These also go through a cycle of birth, growth, maturity, decline, death and rebirth. This universal natural process definitely applies to the economic-political power structure which is and has for along time been running the world. What the elitist controllers like to call the new world order is actually the parasitical, feudalistic old world order in the process of going through its final death throws.

Saturn in Scorpio coincides in time with most of the now forming Uranus in Ares square Pluto in Capricorn aspect which is the most important and historically defining outer planet aspect from 2011 through 2015. I have covered this Uranus-Pluto square and it implications in depth in several of my previous articles on this web site. What happens in this historically brief but critical short time frame will condition the future of humanity on planet earth for a long time to come. Saturn in Scorpio will be the most difficult, dangerous, painful, and destructive phase of the huge final battle between the forces of good and evil on our planet that is now being joined. It is the valley of the shadow of death that humanity must pass through on the way to the rebirth of human culture and civilization.

Uranus in Ares

Ares is an intensively powerful position for Uranus. Ares is a cardinal fire sign, and is the most direct action oriented sign of the Zodiac. Mars is the ruling planet of Ares, but Ares is closely connected to other planets as well. The Sun is exalted in Ares. In as much as whatever manifest on the physical level is first conceived of on a mental level suggests that Mercury is related to Ares. Uranus which is associated with sudden release of energy is powerful in Ares the sign of action and new beginnings.

In political astrology Uranus is associated with the people or the general population. With Uranus in Ares the people will take matters into their own hands rather than submit to the sociopathic policies of those who control economic-political policy. Uranus is associated with revolutionaries and those who wish to change the system. Tension has been building for a long time in the mass psyche as corruption and abuse of power have had their way. Sudden spontaneous mass populist movements will seem to come out of nowhere. These will be the collective expression, of mass discontent with the abusive way the world is being run. We see the beginnings of this in the Occupy movement, the Tea Party movement, and Anonymous. Such political activism is happening all over the world, but it will reach far greater intensity over the coming months, and the next 3 years. It will express itself in various ways in different countries and cultures in the beginning but these will merge into a global movement over the next few years with the universal recognition that humanity faces a common enemy.

There is a growing awareness in people all over the world that the same class warfare is being waged against the people everywhere by the same international elitists that have no loyalty to any country. Once the people of the world identify who the real puppet masters are it will be much harder for the elitist super class consisting of only about 5 to 6 thousand people to enslave humanity. False flag attacks and other divide and conquer tactics will no longer be effective in instigating war. The current extremely rapid advance of modern electronic communication technology is making it increasingly fast and easy for people in any part of the world to communicate with people in any other part of the world. This plus an ever increasing psychic access to the knowledge and wisdom of the collective unconscious is giving the individual citizens of the world the ability to understand the big picture and who the manipulators of the divide and rule game are. Once this is universally understood the old world order that pretends to be the new world order is finished.

How long the free internet remains free is a vital question. The bought out central banking cabal controlled congress, presidency, and court system may censor and shut down the free internet, but if that happens I doubt seriously that that it will be enforceable. Hackers, short wave radio operators, and new technologies will find ways of circumventing state censorship. It will also be obvious to the whole world that the controllers have something to hide. The gene is out of the bottle and it can’t be put back. The economic consequences of shutting down the internet would be so devastating as to backfire on the establishment.

Uranus is associated with invention and innovation. Ares is a sign of initiative. Uranus in Ares encourages the general population of the world to do their own experimentation and scientific research especially in areas like energy, agriculture, housing, and health. Such efforts have in the past usually been suppressed or co-opted by the corrupt established economic-political power structure. The world is now entering a time when there will be so much independent technological experimentation going on in so many places that there will be no way to control or stop all of it. An underground scientific network is growing all over the world to distribute the knowledge of breakthrough inventions in energy and other fields to for use in local communities every where. The key is decentralization in energy production and the other necessities of life. When local communities are able to produce their own essentials of life they will be liberated from corrupt centralized control. Such communities could then network with other communities on a coequal basis.

The real solution to the dilemma of human civilization in the Uranus in Ares era is with those who take the initiative in creating their own businesses, jobs, and develop their own technologies to provide their own energy, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, communication and education. This pioneering inventiveness applies not only gadgets, technologies, and ways of producing electricity but also to inventing new methods of commerce, exchange of goods and services, and ways of social interaction. This will involve individuals, but even more so groups and small communities. This requires courage, self reliance, self discipline, and hard work. It also requires the social skills necessary for cooperation and co creation with partners, friends, groups and communities. Those who wait for a government or a corporation to do it for them will loose out. The future belongs to those who accept responsibility for their own lives and boldly take the initiative to create solutions to individual and collective problems

We can expect demonstrations, riots, and revolutions with Uranus in Ares, and this is already happening in many places. Violent uprisings usually Provides the established power structure with the excuse to use its monopoly on the technology of violence against the people. More effective means of revolution must be found. What if the military refuses to obey unconstitutional orders and instead arrest and detain the domestic enemies of the republic? These domestic enemies are the corrupt politicians and banksters who have engineered the current financial collapse and attack on the constitutional rights of the people? What if the people en mass refuse to pay taxes? What if there are mass boycotts of major corporations that are involved in sociopathic agendas? What if there are nationally and even internationally coordinated mass general strikes. These methods only work if they are carried out on a significantly mass scale, but when the mass consensus for that is achieved such methods can be extremely effective. Mass non compliance events can be coordinated to be carried out none locally so that people can participate where they are in their local communities without needing to travel to mass gatherings. Big gatherings can make an easy target for violent military style oppression. Decentralized demonstrations can be more holographic and all pervasive in their effectiveness.

It is difficult if not impossible to predict exactly what will happen over the next few years while Uranus is in Ares The influence of Uranus is notorious in astrology for being sudden and unpredictable, but it will certainly be dramatic and history changing in the extreme. Various factors that are beyond the control of current governments and their technologies can play a part in this including so called acts of nature such as coronal mass ejections on the Sun and their associated earth changes, and also the agendas and actions of extraterrestrial civilizations and their associated ET-UFO phenomena. We may not know exactly where and when the lightning will strike, but strike it inevitably will. It is this very suddenness and unpredictability that will catch the established power structure off guard and bring its carefully laid plans for world domination to naught.

Neptune in Pisces

On April 5, 2011 Neptune entered Pisces and retrograded back into Aquarius on August 5 2011. Neptune re entered Pisces on February 4, 2012 and will not leave Pisces until April 28, 2025. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces the sign in which his influence is the most powerful making this transit of Neptune most significant. Neptune, Pisces and the 12th house are all associated with each other in astrology. This is the domain of the subconscious mind both individually and collectively. The influence of Neptune is very different from that of Uranus. The influence of Uranus is typically sudden, unexpected and dramatic, akin to a lightning strike, while the influence of Neptune tends to be gradual, subtle, and imperceptible but never the less extremely powerful. The influence of Neptune is like the tide coming in which happens slowly over several hours but can lift massive ships off their moorings.

Neptune is associated with psychic and intuitive processes, and therefore with dreams, visions, premonitions, past life memories, and empathic sensitivity to the moods and feelings of other people and the collective unconscious in general. The negative side of the Neptune influence manifests as escapism, addictive behavior, neurosis, psychosis, and all kinds of irrational behavior caused by unresolved subconscious issues. Such aberrant behavior is usually caused by suppressed memories of highly traumatic experiences in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Such traumatic subconscious memories and the powerful emotional imprints made by them are frequently too overwhelming for people to consciously deal with so they continue to fester on a subconscious level causing attitudes and behavior that is inappropriate and self defeating in the present context a person is living in.

These dynamics operate on a mass level as well as an individual level and can and do affect the psychological characteristics of whole nations, religions, cultures and races, as well as the human race on planet Earth in general. Humanity on planet Earth has certainly had a very traumatic history going back tens and even hundreds of thousands of years, which is largely the reason we see so much mass psychosis and dysfunction today. Uranus in Pisces in the last few years, Chiron in Pisces and now Neptune in Pisces have been and is bringing the collective as well as individual subconscious issues closer to the surface of conscious awareness. This is bringing on a mass psychological healing crisis. When this happens the dysfunctional behavioral characteristics often temporarily become more pronounced while the drama is being resolved and integrated into the conscious awareness. This is also true on a collective as well as individual level.

Much of the influence of Neptune in Pisces relates to humanity remembering and reclaiming our real history. For economic and political reason of control and mass indoctrination we have been lied to about our real historical past. Humanity must reclaim and consciously reintegrate our real history if we are to learn the appropriate lessons from our long past history. Only by truly understanding where we have been and why can we make the right decisions about where we are going.

Currently there is the field of what is called forbidden archeology. Artifacts such as giant human skeletons up to 30 feet tall, ancient buildings and pyramids on the ocean floor, and technological devices embedded in ancient rock are being discovered all over the world. Usually these are quickly sequestered and hidden from the public, because they do not fit with the official version of history that supports the agenda of the ruling elite. In every part of the world in every period of history there are records and legends of flaming chariots, flying shields and visitations from sky gods and similar descriptions. The so called UFO-ET phenomenon is not unique to modern times. It has been going on throughout history as far back as we can track it.

Neptune in Pisces will have the effect of increasing psychic sensitivity on a mass level. Those people who are already psychic will become even more acutely so, and those people who do not consider themselves to be psychic will find themselves having psychic experiences. Pisces is an emotional water sign. Neptune in Pisces will increase the overall level of empathy that is the ability to feel what other people are experiencing and how it is affecting them emotionally. As a result people will be increasingly unwilling to support or participate in policies which exploit people and cause suffering.

Many people who thought of themselves as having a secure place in the established social structure will experience severe reversals of fortune which will drastically change their values and outlook on life. Increasing economic, political, environmental, and social chaos can induce a panendemic of emotional exhaustion and mental illness. Many of those who have not prepared will become psychologically unhinged as the extreme events of the next few years unfold. There will be even far more interest in psychic development and paranormal experiences than their already is. If there is a period of time when electronic communications infrastructure goes down as a result of solar flares, earth changes, wars or martial law people will have to learn to rely more on their telepathic and psychic abilities to communicate and know what is going on.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto entered Capricorn on January 27, 2008 and retrograded back into Sagittarius on June 15, 2008. Pluto reentered Capricorn on November 28, 2008. Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on March 24, 2023 and retrogrades back into Capricorn on June 12, 2023. Pluto re enters Aquarius on January 22, 2024.

As Capricorn power structures age they become increasingly inflexible and set in there ways to the point that they can no longer adapt to new conditions. This eventually brings on their demise and the downfall of those who rule them. This is now happening at an accelerated pace with Pluto in Capricorn and will happen even faster when Saturn transits the Pluto ruled sign of Scorpio. Then Saturn and Pluto will be in each others signs, what astrologers call a mutual reception. By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn most of the world’s major economic institutions and governments will no longer exist or will be totally different from what they are today.

Capricorn is associated with the established economic, political, military, social, academic, and religious institutions of society and those who occupy the key positions of power and control in these institutions. As these institutions become old and decay from within those who control them become increasingly corrupt, self serving and parasitic. Most of these institutions especially the more powerful ones were corrupted a long time ago or were set up to exploit humanity to begin with. Pluto in Capricorn represents these qualities in their most extreme form. The more insecure the elite that control these institutions become the more irrational, destructive, draconian and oppressive there policies will become in their desperate attempt to subjugate the awakening masses of humanity. The elitist cabal that controls the central banks of the world runs the multinational corporations, buys the politicians and orchestrates the wars understands that they have a limited time or window of opportunity to implement their agenda for total world domination. They sense that they are running out of time and are therefore panicking. This is making them try to force their agenda. They are becoming increasingly blatantly totalitarian and careless in their tactics. This in turn is awakening the mass of humanity to an exponentially growing understanding of the elitist agenda for global enslavement, and is creating massive resistance to it from an increasingly united global humanity. When it is universally understood who and what the real enemy is the game will essentially be over and the elitist cabal will fall.

The control structure of the elitist cabal, powers that be, illuminati, globalists so called new world order or whatever name it is called by goes very deep into very ancient history and relates to a few families or royal bloodlines of very ancient origin. It’s chain of command eventually at the very top connects to off planet entities that conquered the Earth a very long time ago and have covertly been in control ever since through their proxy, hybrid (part human part off world ET) royal bloodlines. This theory will understandably still seem preposterous to most people. Never the less many serious researchers who have done deep investigation into ancient history are coming to this understanding. This is too extensive a subject to attempt to go into in this document. Notable among these researchers is David Icke who has written extensive books on these subjects.

What is still running the world is a feudalistic system of social control. It is not the obvious medieval feudalism of castles and serfs but a modern economic fascist corporate feudalism of central banks, mega multinational corporations and wage slaves. The same inbred blood lines still control the positions of real power in the central banks, mega corporations, political power structures, and military chains of command. This parasitical system is loosing control on the psychological, mental and spiritual level even though it may temporarily seem to be gaining power on a brute force police state level. It is engineering is own down fall and its time is very short. Within a very few years, probably by 2016 its power will be broken. Between now and then humanity is in for a messy battle to regain our freedom. The now forming Square between Uranus in Ares and Pluto in Capricorn will have played out by 2016. This Uranus-Pluto square signifies the immense final global struggle to regain human freedom on planet Earth the world is now entering into. I go into extensive detail about this Uranus-Pluto square in my more recent (over the past year) posts on this

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