Non Local Radioactive Pollution Elimination Technology

An exploration of possible ways of safely neutralizing nuclear waste

The tragedy of Fukushima is a reminder to us all of Just how deadly serious a danger to human survival on planet Earth the proliferation of radioactive pollution is. At least 3 giant reactors are in full scale uncontrolled melt down. Massive pollution from this unprecedented nuclear accident has already spread into the soil, the ocean and the atmosphere. Radioactive particles from this disaster ejected into the atmosphere have already circled the planet several times. Radioactive pollution from Fukushima in the Pacific Ocean is already killing seals in Alaska and is showing up in milk and cheese in Europe at levels seriously above normal background radiation.

It is estimated that the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl has been responsible for over a million cancer deaths since the nuclear disaster occurred in 1986. The Fukushima disaster is far worse with at least 3 huge nuclear reactors in uncontrolled full scale meltdown. Just because Fukushima is no longer on the front page does not mean that it has gone away. There is no way to physically retrieve the radioactive isotopes from Fukushima which are already dispersed all over the planet. They have to be dealt with using an entirely different methodology.

Such a methodology would need to employ action at a distance. The way in which the structure of matter is organized on a physical level is the result of vibration. The way in which vibration organizes matter can be seen in following example. Hans Jennings made movies of a vibrating metal plate mounted on top of a piezoelectric transducer. Piezoelectric substances sonically vibrate when subjected to an oscillating electrical current, and when sonically vibrated they generate an oscillating electrical current at the same frequency as the sound used to vibrate them. Quartz is a prime example of a piezoelectric substance. Quartz wafers ground to a precise thickness with electrodes attached to their opposite surfaces are used to tune radio transmitters because their resonant frequency does not vary. In the experiment referred to here the piezoelectric transducer is hooked up to a frequency generating oscillator that can sweep through a broad range of electromagnetic frequencies. The piezoelectric transducer sonically matches whatever electrical frequency is fed into it, and vibrates the metal plate mounted on top of it at the same frequency.

Fine sand or other kinds of powder is sprinkled on top of the vibrating metal plate. As the metal plate vibrates the powder moves away from the zones of maximum vibration on the metal plate and into the null zones of least vibration. This process generates a distinct pattern or mandala in the powder. When the electrical frequency fed into the piezoelectric transducer is changed the pattern in the powder on top of the vibrating plate disappears and an entirely new and different pattern emerges. This one example of how vibrational frequency determines the structure of material form.

Another example is seen in soap bubbles. When soap bubbles are subjected to sound of various frequencies the bubbles go from being spherical to shapes approximating the five regular polyhedrons. Depending on the frequency of sound tetrahedral, cubic, octahedral, pentagonal dodecahedral or icosahedral shaped soap bubbles are formed. A similar phenomenon can be seen in the shapes of water droplets subjected to various sonic frequencies.

A similar process involving much higher frequencies determines the structure of atoms, molecules, living cells, and life forms of all varieties. Complex fractal-holographic wave forms set up the nodal structures that organize the structures of living things. It is always the patterning of subtle levels of energy that determines the outer physical form manifestation. Rupert Sheldrake calls this the morphogenic field. Disease results when the morphogenic field is disrupted by dissonant distorted energies. In people such disruptions are usually caused by negative emotions related to traumatic experiences.

Healing therapies such as radionics and homeopathy effect cures by adjusting the frequency patterns of the morphogenic field which determines the physical manifestation of health or disease. For example, a skilled practitioner in India, using a saliva or hair sample to tune into the frequency code of an individual patient thousands of miles away in America, can affect a long distance cure simply by broadcasting the frequency pattern of the appropriate homeopathic remedy. This frequency pattern is transmitted through the ocean of akasha that pervades space and is reabsorbed by the  specific person whose unique frequency code it is tuned to.

It may well be that the traditional herbal and subtle energy healing practices of ancient indigenous cultures and more modern practices such as radionics and homeopathy hold important keys to solving the global radioactive pollution problem. If such methods work on the microcosmic level of healing individual people, then presumably the right application of such technologies could eliminate unwanted radioactive isotopes on the macrocosmic planetary level.

Least such a notion seam preposterous, consider that there is already scientific evidence that living things while they are alive have the ability to literally transmute one chemical element into another, at least if you take seriously the research of  a French scientist by the name of Louis Kervran who wrote a book titled “Biological Transmutation”. Kervran’s experiments involved very careful quantitative analysis of the percentages of chemical elements present before and after a biological process. If the before and after percentages of specific elements do not match and are significantly different then there is evidence of transmutation. This notion flies in the face of officially acceptable scientific doctrine, which assumes that transmutation can only happen at extreme temperatures of millions of degrees such as in a nuclear explosion or in the interior of a star. Such theories and the research that supports them are likely to be dismissed out of hand by the scientific establishment, and so funding for research along these lines is not likely to be forthcoming, at least not from the usual sources such as foundations and government grants. Kervran’s experiments are not that expensive and hard to reproduce in a well equipped modern laboratory. This should be done to see if Kervan’s thesis is correct. If biological transmutation does exist the implications for science and our understanding of the universe are profound indeed. The recently discovered cold fusion phenomena also points in this direction

A typical example of one of Kervran’s experiments is as follows. A package of bean seeds such as would be used in planting a garden is selected. The seeds from this package are divided into two equal quantities by weight using a laboratory scale. One of these is quantitatively analyzed as is, for percentages of chemical elements present. The other half is placed in a sealed jar with a carefully measured quantity of water and air and then sprouted. After this half of the original package has been sprouted they are also quantitatively analyzed for percentages of chemical elements present. If it is found that the percentages in before sprouting sample are not the same as the after sprouting sample by a significant degree, then there is evidence of transmutation.

There are also the documented stories of saints and advanced yogis who have developed the ability to physically survive without having to eat food at all. Apparently they have developed the ability to energize there etheric hologram so powerfully and coherently that it manifests or crystallizes on the physical level as well.

An important question to ask is; what is the interface between the physical level of manifestation and subtler levels of etheric and spiritual energy. I present a basic explanation of this in one of my previous documents, titled “New Paradigms in Physics, available on my website, What I call the 4 laws of coherency provide the basic keys to understanding how this works. I will review them briefly here.

Let’s start by defining what vibrations or waves are. For there to be vibrations there must be something that is vibrated. A simple example of this is a wave traveling on a rope. To do this one end of the rope is tied to a pole or a tree and the other end of the rope is held by a person who pulls it taught. When the person jerks the rope up or down a hump in the rope or wave travels down the rope to the other end and then reflects back to the person. The wave as a disturbance travels along the rope but the rope itself does not move. Because the wave moves more or less sideways to the rope it is called a transverse wave. Waves moving on a body of water are another example of transverse waves since the waves move more or less sideways to the surface of the water. This can be seen by floating a cork on the water. The cork bobs up and down as the wave passes, but it does not move forward with the wave.

Sound waves are moving density disturbances in the compressible medium of air or any other compressible medium. Sound also travels through water or other liquids and through solid substances such as steel. These types of waves are moving compressions that are lined up in the same direction as the direction they are moving in. These kinds of waves are called longitudinal waves.

In order for waves to move there must be something for them to move through. In ancient times this was called the either, conceptualized as an all pervasive subtle essence of existence. This view fell out of favor in the early and middle 20th century but is now gaining acceptance again by theoretical physicists. It is becoming increasingly apparent to modern science that the manifested universe and all that it contains is a wave interference pattern or hologram. Whatever essence this hologram exists in is the real is-ness, the substrate of all manifested things.

Suppose that this either was something so fluid and so fast that it had infinitely fast velocity. If it had infinite velocity it would be here, every other location or point throughout infinite space and back again so instantaneously that it would be the same as though it never left, and the some for an infinitude other points or locations throughout an infinite expanse. Paradoxically seemingly infinite velocity results in static omnipresence. This is referred to as the void in Buddhist philosophy; because it has no form, shape size, fixed location, beginning, end, or any other identifiable characteristics. It is not nothingness in the sense of not existing, but rather a no-thing-ness in that it has no distinguishable characteristics. The void exists independently from time and space even though it creates and contains all time space and form manifestation.

This essence acts upon itself and generates waves, pulses, or disturbances that move through it creating vibrations that have identifiable characteristics such as finite velocity of propagation, wave length, frequency, and variations of density. These variations interact with each other creating holographic interference patterns giving rise to form characteristics such shape and structure. In the bible in Genesis this is referred to as the word or cosmic sound, or vibration which creates the manifested universe with all its infinite constantly changing variety of form manifestation.

What I postulate as the 4 laws of coherency are based on the premise that there is an anti entropic (order creating and disorder eliminating) principal operating in nature. It is based on wave reinforcement and wave cancellation. Vibrations moving in a compressible media can be in phase or out of phase. When they are in phase they reinforce and continue to exist. When they are out of phase they cancel and are no longer present.

An example of how this works can be seen in a stereo system. Have you ever wondered why the two wires in speaker hook up wire are coded with a stripe on the insulation on one of the wires, or else one of the wires is silver colored and the other copper colored. This is done so the wires that connect the 2 amplifiers of the stereo system to the two speakers can be connected with the correct polarity. This makes it possible for the sound waves coming from the 2 speakers to be in phase. This happens when the speaker cones of both speakers move forward and backwards in unison. When the speakers are hooked up correctly the audio quality produced sounds full and natural. This is an example of wave reinforcement. If the wires connected to the back of one of the speakers are reversed or change places where they connect to the speaker, then one speaker cone moves forward while the other moves backwards. The audio produced then seems weak, distorted and unpleasant. This is an example of wave cancellation.

The four laws of coherency define the necessary conditions for vibrations to reinforce and not cancel each other. They are as follows.


The first law states that to mutually reinforce the vibrations must be in phase with each other. How this works is explained in the above example of how speakers are wired to a stereo system.


The second law states that the vibrations must have the same wave length and frequency or wave lengths that are exact multiples of each other and are therefore harmonically related. This makes possible frequent and efficient reinforcing of wave forms. Music for example contains many harmonic relationships of sound frequencies that make the music pleasant to listen to. A less coherent sound such as that produced by dropping a rock on the floor produces a thud sound that is not pleasing or musical sounding. The number 12 for example contains several harmonic relationships. 12 is the lowest common denominator for the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12. Wave lengths which correspond to these ratios will have more frequently occurring areas of wave reinforcement. The harmonic importance of 12 is seen in nature in the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 petals of the heart chakra as examples.


The third law states that the trajectories or directions of motion of the vibrations must intersect each other in positions in space that are equal distances apart and one wave length apart or an even multiple of one wave length apart in order for the vibrations to reinforce each other. This involves geometry and the geometrical organization of the standing wave patterns of the vibrations. Only certain specific geometries allow for this. These are the geometries based on the 5 regular polyhedrons or the Platonic solids as they are called. These are the tetrahedron that has four sides that are equilateral triangles 6 edges and 4 corners. The cube that has 6 square sides 12 edges and 8 corners. The octahedron has 8 triangular sides 12 edges and 6 corners. The pentagonal dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal sides 30 edges and 20 corners. The icosahedron has 20 triangular sides 30 edges and 12 corners. These 5 regular polyhedrons can all be geometrically generated from each other. They also nest within each other in a way that produces an infinitely repeating 3 dimensional fractal. Exactly how this works is more easily conveyed through diagrams and 3 dimensional models than through verbal language.

This geometric synchronization and geometric organization of standing wave nodes occurs synchronously and simultaneously in several types of motion including linear motion in a strait line, spin or rotational motion, processional motion, and spiral motion. I will not go into the details of this here as it is beyond the scope of this brief introduction and would be more easily conveyed through diagrams and computer animation.


To mutually reinforce each other the waves must move at the some velocity or at velocities which are harmonically related multiples of each other. Since time is a comparative measurement of motions, if there are discrete or specific harmonic multiples of velocities that allow for efficient wave reinforcement then there must be discrete harmonic ratios in time as well.

To understand how this works consider the following analogy (computer animation would help here). Imagine a conveyor belt that moves 1 inch per second mounted on the belt is a row of light emitting diodes that turn on for a thousandth of a second once per second. This is taking place in a completely dark room where the only light to be seen is the flashing of the light emitting diodes once per second. Each time the conveyor belt moves one inch each diode reaches exactly the same position that the one ahead of it had the previous last time the diodes flashed. Under these conditions we would have the stroboscopic illusion that nothing is moving at all. It would look exactly the same as if the conveyer belt was turned off. Let us extend this analogy further. Next to the row of light emitting diodes moving one inch per second we will line up other rows moving 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 inches per second. In this model all of the diodes flash at exactly the same instant. They all move one inch per second or an even multiple of 1 inch per second and they are all lined up in perfectly even rows. From the point of view of an observer looking strait down one of the rows, each time all the diodes flash in unison they have all arrived at exactly one of the positions on the conveyor belt of the original one inch per second diodes.

In this analogy the 1 inch spacing’s represent the distance of one wavelength. The one inch per second represents the time it takes for a vibration to go the distance of its own wave length. This is the fundamental time unit for that wave length. The 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 times one inch per second represent velocity harmonics or multiples of the base velocity.

This is an important key to understanding the relationship between physical level of manifestation and subtler etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual levels of existence that interpenetrate the physical level of manifestation. Every basic particle known to subatomic physics is a standing wave node in a fractal-holographic vibration matrix. This vibration matrix exists simultaneously on many harmonically related velocities that share the same standing wave nodes. The speed of light could be regarded as the base velocity for the physical level of manifestation. Etheric levels of manifestation exist in higher multiples of the speed of light, quite possibly powers of 2 times the speed of light.  This sequence is 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and so on each time doubling the previous amount. Because in this model each velocity harmonic moves twice as fast as the previous one it also moves twice the distance in the same time unit. This also means that it moves two wave lengths of the previous velocity harmonic in the same time as the previous velocity harmonic moves one wave length. This makes possible an efficient superimposition and therefore entrainment of standing wave nodes between velocity harmonics.

This entrainment takes place in the transfer of density variations in the compression of the ether at nodes shared by several velocity harmonics.

Holograms existing in the beat frequency modulations of one velocity harmonic imprint their holographic interference pattern onto the standing wave fields of other velocity harmonics though their shared fractal array of geometrically coordinated nodes.

Let’s run that by again.

The combined geometrically organized standing wave fields of various velocity harmonics set up a fractal interfacing of their standing wave nodes. Nodes, enabling the holographic imprinting of information (in-form-mat-ion) from one interpenetrating density level of manifestation to another.

This is an important key to how the energy patterns programmed into the subtle energy fields of the human aura are imprinted onto the brain at the electro-chemical level. This enables the body to respond to intelligence originating in the subtler dimensions of the human energy field.

Such energy fields are able to contain enormous amounts of information. This is made possible through a process called multiplexing. An FM (meaning frequency modulation) radio station broadcasts an electromagnetic frequency which maintains approximately the same frequency except that the frequency is varied within a narrow range. These variations are made to correspond to the sound produced by music, voice, or anything else that produces audible sound. The FM radio receiver picks up these frequency variations and translates them back into audible sound.

Radioactive isotopes are radioactive because they have an unstable energy pattern that is seeking to eject the extra unwanted neutron from the nucleus. If this happens at the physical level which has the speed of light as its fundamental velocity harmonic carrier frequency then the ejected neutron acts like a bullet disrupting other physical structures such as DNA molecules that it runs into. If the unstable nodes etheric density compressions, or atomic particles within the nucleus of radioactive isotopes can be absorbed through the shared nodes of several velocity harmonics and its compression density neutralized by density voids at higher velocity harmonics at the nodes shared by several velocity harmonics then it could be possible to neutralize the radioactive isotopes harmlessly.

Living things from one celled organisms to plants, animals and the human body have an organized holographic structure in higher velocity harmonics that is capable of absorbing atomic particles from the nucleus of one atom and re introducing it into the nucleus of another atom, thus performing transmutations. These transmutations enable the living cells to create if necessary atomic elements in the right proportional quantities necessary for its optimal functioning.

What are the right electromagnetic and etheric frequency combinations to transmute radioactive isotopes into non radioactive isotopes? As always nature is our great teacher. We need to look at how nature does it. Important clues could be found in biology, homeopathic medicine, radionics, and the orgone research of Dr Wilhelm Rich, shamanism, and ancient esoteric traditions such as alchemy.

What I am about to suggest here are not perfected proven final solutions but rather suggestions based on what my logic and intuition perceives to be fruitful directions for research, experimentation, and inter disciplinary sharing of knowledge and insights that could lead to breakthrough solutions.

For starters let’s look at homeopathic preparations that are used to treat radiation sickness. These presumably have vibration codes that that tune subtler higher dimensional energies to neutralize radioactive isotopes in the human body. If the work on the microcosmic human level then presumably they should also work on a macrocosmic planetary level.

Research needs to be done to find out what microbes, plants and living organisms are most able to transmute radioactive substances.

There are microbes that live in boiling water in the volcanic ponds of Yellowstone Park. There are microbes that live in the water of spent fuel rod pools at nuclear power plants. According to the research of Louis Kervran all living things transmute the elements.

Let’s examine the work Wilhelm Rich did with orgone energy accumulators and how these interacted with radioactive substances. Orgone accumulators invented by Wilhelm Reich are accumulators and storage vessels made of alternating layers of electrically conducting and none conducting layers that act as one way filters for collecting pranic energy. I suspect that if such orgone accumulators were made in energy focusing shapes such as pyramids and the five regular polyhedrons that the effects would be even more pronounced and powerful.

Let’s take a look at what we can learn from the so called UFO-ET phenomena and communication with extraterrestrial beings. We need to ask for their guidance and help in these matters. The more spiritually enlightened and benevolent of these ET races are many thousands of years more advanced than our current Earth civilization. We can benefit tremendously from their help and guidance.

Let’s examine the insights of quantum physics in terms of resonant geometrical and harmonic energy structures such as atoms and sub atomic particles. We need to communicate between all these disciplines to get a comprehensive understanding of how inter dimensional energy fields work, and how to devise an effective technology for neutralizing radioactive pollution.

Once a respected scientist Dr James A Patterson told me that something called heavy, heavy water, not heavy water is a tremendous neutron absorber. Heavy water which is also called deuterium is water containing higher isotopes of hydrogen, meaning that the hydrogen atom which is usually made up of one electron and one proton has a neutron as well as a proton in its nucleus. Heavy, heavy water has extra neutrons in the nucleus of the oxygen atoms. According to what Dr Patterson told me heavy-heavy water is a tremendous neutron absorber. Is it possible that that if the resonant frequencies of heavy-heavy water were broadcast into the environment it would also neutralize radioactive isotopes?

It is said that certain materials such as boron are good radiation absorbers. Investigation into their frequency matrix could be useful.

It has been suggested that by those who use their psychic abilities to tune into nature that certain plants are especially adept at neutralizing radioactive substances. This certainly goes along with Kevran’s thesis of biological transmutation.

For instance Rev Jean Holmes who is a psychic, a spiritualist minister, a communicator with the nature spirit world, and a Native American grandmother has told me that Sun flowers are good at eliminating radioactivity. Sun flowers are also a good source of minerals, oil, and protein for birds, animals, and people. Similar things have been said about spirulina plankton, hemp and other plants. This deserves serious scientific research and statistical analysis using instrument able, measurable, quantitative analysis as to whether such assertions are indeed true. The electromagnetic and etheric frequency spectrum’s of such plants should be investigated as to ways of broadcasting them into the environment using technologies such as homeopathy, radionics, and etheric energy concentrating and focusing devices such as orgone accumulators, pyramids, and various adaptations and combinations of these.

If these radioactive isotope neutralizing frequencies are to be effectively broadcast throughout the planet we also need to work in harmony with the Earth’s etheric lay line grid and conduct our radioactivity neutralizing procedures on the appropriate lay line grid power points or vortexes, to distribute the energy throughout the planetary etheric energy grid.

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