Creating the Positive Time Line

An essay about the current mid December 2012 historic context

As of early December 2012, the world is seething with all kinds of economic, environmental, political, military, and natural catastrophe related problems. So far as we approach the end of 2012 there has not been an obviously overwhelming dramatic global mega event on the scale of or greater, than Fukushima, The gulf of Mexico BP oil well rupture, The economic crash of October 2008, The tsunami of December 26, 2004, or 911 in 2001. It is certainly quite possible that such an event could occur between now and December 21, 2012, but even if  it doesn’t, we could be missing the central significance, or main issue of what the December 21, 2012 winter solstice and end of the Mayan calendar date is about.

To get to what this could mean, I am going to digress to 2006 and 2007 when transiting Pluto was conjunct the celestial longitude of the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius in the Tropical zodiac. Many astrologers, including myself, awaited this Conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center with baited breath as signifying some kind of enormous change. Indeed something of  huge world wide significance did take place at that time, that is continuing to have enormous on going repercussions, but it passed relatively unnoticed at the time, except to the most astute observers. It was not a dramatic event but a subtle pervasive change that has affected every aspect of human life world wide.

What was it? It was the point at which the global economy stopped expanding, stood still, and then began to contract. This did not have obviously dramatic consequences until the fall of 2008 with the stock market crash and global economic crisis that began then. A future historian would see 2006 and 2007 as the time when the global economic system reached the point of debt saturation where growth was unsustainable. The unsustainable debt made the global economic system dysfunctional to the point of causing the ongoing current global economic depression.

Whether or not there are immediate and overwhelmingly obvious dramatic events of world wide significance between now and December 21, 2012 or very shortly thereafter, a huge change of historic mega proportions is taking place even though it may, or may not exactly coincide with obvious front page global mega events. This change that is happening now and in the near future will profoundly influence history for centuries and millennium to come.

So what is this change? It is an unprecedented and revolutionary shift in the consciousness of humanity itself. This shift in human awareness has been steadily and exponentially building over the last 25 years or so and is now about to reach critical mass. It could also be likened to the so called hundredth monkey effect.

For instance increasing numbers of people are becoming aware that 911 was an inside job or secret government sponsored false flag operation. 911 served its immediate purpose of justifying the invasion of Iraq and promoting the so called war on terror, as an excuse for the dismantling of civil liberties, through the patriot act and other unconstitutional legislation.

The official 911 story simply does not stand up to numerous eye witness testimonies and a mountain of forensic evidence, as set forth by such organizations as Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth as one example. No rational person who takes the time to impartially examine the evidence can take the official story seriously. The laws of physics are not suspended for the convenience of corrupt politicians. Once 5% to 10% of the population becomes aware of the real truth the process reaches critical mass and the real perpetrators will lose all public credibility.

In the long run the corrupt fascist established power structure has shot it’s self in the foot with 911 and other state sponsored false flag terrorism. We are dealing with a much more informed and intellectually sophisticated global population because of world wide access to the internet and other electronic communication, as well as the increasing intensity of cosmic energy affecting human consciousness.

False flag and divide and conquer tactics that used to work in manipulating public attitudes are no longer as effective than they used to be and in some cases backfire. This trend will continue and intensify. More and more the world population is identifying who the real enemy is in the global class warfare that is being perpetrated by the central banking elite of the world and their off planet negative ET reptilian and Grey controllers.

That is why the Elitists pursue policies that do not make sense even from a purely selfish point of view. When they radioactively and petro chemically poison the planet they are poisoning themselves, their children, grandchildren, and future generations as well. This indicates that the elitists themselves are slaves of demonic entities that do not care about them any more than they care about the rest of humanity. When these elitists have outlived their usefulness they will be terminated by their demonic controllers without compunction. When they make a deal with the devil the devil will always eventually double cross them. Such is the nature of evil.

The mass awakening of humanity is growing exponentially. The elitists are a small group of approximately 6000 people, while the world population of approximately 6 billion vastly outnumbers the elitists. When humanity at large identifies who the real enemy is it will be over for the elitists. I suspect that the mass awakening is somewhat behind schedule but also the elitist agenda is even more behind schedule allowing more time for the mass awakening to occur. In the long run this will be to humanities advantage.

The historical process now taking place could also be splitting into 2 time lines one catastrophic and the other allowing for a less traumatic transition into an enlightened civilization. I am aware that such a notion would seem preposterous to most people, but it is not implausible in terms of interdimentional quantum physics.

On the sub atomic level the particles that make up what we perceive as physical reality are standing wave nodes that are imbedded in a fractal-holographic continuum that blinks in and out of physicality trillions of times per second. It is possible to have parallel physical realities occupying the same space that blink in and out of physicality out of phase with each other and can exist independently and unaware of each other. This line of thought supports the notion of parallel but different histories or time lines.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that observing an experimental process changes it. If so this destroys the notion that the observer can act independently of the observed process without changing it through the process of observing it. This suggests that consciousness is actually the underlying principle sustaining all manifestation and focused attention by human and other self aware beings is capable of changing so called physical reality and even how history unfolds.

This supports what people have always instinctively known that prayer meditation and other spiritual practices can change how the future manifests. It can even alter physical matter as in psychic metal bending, telekinesis, and other so called paranormal abilities that have been well documented in parapsychology labs and other scientific research. It is of utmost importance to envision a positive life friendly and human friendly future for Earth and our human species, because that is the first step in creating it. By envisioning such a future we create a path for manifesting it. This process of remembering from a positive future how we got there creates the road map for how to get there.

It may superficially appear that the dark side with its monopoly of the technology of violence and control of the global monetary system is winning, but in the process the global blow back it is creating by its accelerated agenda of unlawful economic manipulation, fascism, and police state violence against the people will bring about its demise. This is forcing the established power structure to reveal its real agenda. Once the masses of humanity identify who is orchestrating the evil, suffering, and artificial scarcity on the planet it will be over for the elitists. Their overtly accelerated agenda of attacking the population shows the underlying fear and panic of the elitist that they are losing control. Their accelerated agenda of violence against the people is actually a sign of weakness.

To me the most apocalyptic event that has happened so far on the time line we are currently experiencing is Fukushima in particular and the dangerous nuclear industry in general. The catastrophic environmental consequences of the BP oil well rupture in the Gulf of Mexico in particular and the petro-chemical industry in general is in my estimation the second most catastrophic event so far. These along with chemtrails are direct attacks on the Earth and her ability to sustain life.

If focused intention can alter matter then coordinated mass focused attention is exponentially even more powerful, even to the point of being able to change the physical condition of the Earth from the sub atomic level and alter history. Key to creating a positive time line future for humanity and all life on Earth is the knowing that it is possible. As has been aptly pointed out by many advanced spiritual teachers, our beliefs about reality, especially mass beliefs, is what creates our reality. Such beliefs are not just on the conscious level but more importantly permeate many individual and collective sub conscious levels as well. As one person astutely pointed out the mass consciousness is the time line. A major breakthrough in the mass consciousness such as is now occurring will alter the time line of history for the better.

In the present historic context this can happen very fast as compared to other eras. This is powerfully indicated by the exact Yod or Y configuration in the 2012 winter solstice horoscope. Jupiter in Gemini is simultaneously inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are in exact sextile and in mutual reception in this Y configuration. Jupiter in Gemini (the sign of communication and media) is the focal planet of the Y configuration. This indicates the mass consciousness breakthrough reaching critical mass. We are indeed at a major cosmic time node where many cosmic cycles are coinciding, Welcome to 2012 and beyond. What an exciting time to be Alive!

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