The Eye of the Hurricane and the Interdimentional Nature of Be Here Now

Reflections on 2012
An essay

As of mid January 2013 December 21, 2012 has come and gone. So what happened to the massive global catastrophes such as Earth changes pole flips, super tsunamis wiping out of coast lines, global economic meltdown, collapse of the power grid, world war 3, and etc? Perhaps we are operating under the false assumption that massive global change always comes in the form of obvious dramatic events. Such events are always possible and do happen but they are not necessarily the only way massive change happens. It is the subtle pervasive changes that are often the most powerful especially in the judgment of future historians.

A few years ago astrologers were wondering what would happen when Pluto was conjunct the longitude of the Galactic center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. This was due to take place in 2006, 2007 and 2008. That conjunction of Pluto to the galactic center came and went without any huge obvious, dramatic global events that were obviously much bigger than the usual ongoing ferment of these chaotic times. Yet something of enormous world changing significance did happen when Pluto lined up with the galactic center even though it was not dramatically obvious to most people at the time. It was the point at which the global world economy stopped expanding stood still and began to contract. Like a pendulum at the end of its swing there was a moment of stillness and pure potential energy before the pendulum starts moving in the other direction loosing potential energy and gaining kinetic energy as it does so. Only the most astute observers were aware of the coming economic carnage that would be obvious to everyone by the fall of 2008 with the global economic crash.

In a similar manner the December 21, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar date did not produce obvious overwhelming dramatic global events at the time it occurred. Never the less something of overwhelming importance did and is happening with the December 21, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar date even though to most people it is not yet apparent in an obvious way. What is the enormously important history altering change centered on the December 21, 2012 date that is now taking place? It is a world wide transformation of human consciousness.

There are several reasons why this is now happening. One of these is the massive world wide proliferation of electronic communications technology, particularly the internet and cell phones. This has made possible a rapid world wide sharing of information including formerly secret and hidden information that up until this time only a very small privileged select few were privy to.The deeper reasons have to do with an enormous increase in cosmic energy affecting our solar system and planet Earth. Since the 1970’s when the first space probes were sent out, every planet in the solar system have been undergoing massive changes. These changes on other planets in the solar system affecting such things as temperature, brightness, magnetic field strength, and atmospheric weather patterns. Melting of the Ice caps on Mars melting can not be caused by burning fuels and increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide on Earth. Our solar system is now passing through the galactic plane where there is more cosmic dust, and more intense energy. On December 21, 2012 the winter solstice, the galactic plane the Sun and the earth were all in perfect alignment. Even things that science has regarded as being constants such as the Earths shuman resonance and the decay rate or half life of radioactive isotopes are shifting and have been shifting over the last few years.

Perhaps the December 21, 2012 winter solstice date should be viewed as the center of a 7 year time window where unprecedented change takes place. This 7 year period would go from 2008 through 2015. People who communicate with the Mayan elders say that they are of that opinion. It is significant that this same 7 year period coincides with the long term transiting Uranus in Ares square Pluto in Capricorn aspect, as it forms, makes 7 exact squares, and then gradually goes out of orb. The relative calmness with which the December 21, 2012 date passed is like the stillness of the eye of the hurricane passing over before getting hit by the back side of the storm.

With so many global conditions that are totally unsustainable even in the short term, it is inevitable that there will be drastic changes in the immediate historic future over the next 3 years.

According to Cliff High using his web bots program and Courtney Brown using scientifically conducted remote viewing experiments sometime between now and June 1, 2013 there will be a global coastal catastrophe that generates giant displacements of the oceans that wipes out the coast lines of the world and most of the major coastal cities and industrial infrastructure of the planet. According to their data this will be so severe as to end any centralized government control of what happens after that. Billions of people would die, and there would be no international commerce, global banking system, telephone, internet or electrical power grid. It would take the survivor’s decades, maybe centuries, to rebuild civilization. In this scenario nature would upstage the human economic-geopolitical-military drama. Only inland localized isolated communities would survive to start over.

Other channelers, UFO-ET Contact tees, and researchers are of the opinion that the predicted devastating global coastal event is a more catastrophic of two or more parallel future time lines. This school of thinking suggests that people automatically self select which time line they are on according to their karma, beliefs about reality (especially deep seated subconscious beliefs), and which time line they have the most personal resonant vibrational affinity to. This can happen so instantaneously and seamlessly that most people would be totally unaware that it is taking place when it happens.

While this idea would seem ridiculous, preposterous, and absurd to most people, it is not inconceivable in terms of quantum physics. The solid seeming physical reality that is familiar to us through our physical senses is made up of atoms, which are made up of sub atomic particles that blink in and out of physicality trillions of times (or some huge number like that) per second. These particles are only particle like during the potential energy node part of their enormously fast oscillation between the geometrically organized standing wave node, potential energy part of their existence and the kinetic harmonically organized wave lengths, frequencies and velocities of  waves moving between the positions of the standing wave nodes. The kinetic energy part of this dance expand out through a series of harmonic multiples of the speed of light approaching infinite velocity and therefore occupying all space. During this part of the dance space is expanded to infinity and time is contracted to zero. As these moving vibrations contract back to the standing wave potential energy node phase of their existence through fractal-geometric and harmonically organized interfacing fields of vibration space is contracted and time is expanded. All of the particles that create the illusion of physical manifestation are resonantly tuned to each other and move in and out of physicality in phase with each other.

It is conceivable that multiple sets of holographic-fractal y organized configurations of mutually entrained vibrations could alternately move in and out of physicality out of phase with each other such that they create separate time lines occupying the same space that can be oblivious of each other, each with different physical features and histories. There could be a time line where in the early spring of 2013 an enormous coronal mass ejection on the Sun triggers major geological disturbances on planet Earth resulting in ocean displacements that destroy most of civilization on the coastlines. Whatever human population survives more inland at higher elevations is suddenly thrust back into a pre industrial condition with, no gasoline, electricity, telephone, internet, and no access to replacement parts or other manufactured items. It could take decades and possibly even centuries for civilization to regain and surpass it its present January 2013 level of technology.

Another time line could exist where in the early spring of 2013 there are also geological disturbances and displacements but not nearly as severe as in the first above described time line, such that many more people and considerably more of the worlds industrial infrastructure survives to restart civilization. This time line would enjoy a less traumatic transition into a more enlightened society with a more advanced technology and a more compassionate social, economic, and political organization. A third time line could exist where benevolent ET beings use their advanced technology to adjust the Earths energy fields in such a way as to prevent major geological upheavals so as to allow Earth humanity to work its karma in a less traumatic way. A person living in one of these time lines would be under the impression that the one he is experiencing is the only one that exists.

The fact that the Earth’s magnetic field is continually weakening and a few times already has been briefly extinguished means that life on Earth and her human population is more susceptible to cosmic energy. The gamma ray bursts and other intense energies emanating from the core of the galaxy are not just random blind force. They have holographic intelligence that makes them conscious, purposeful, organized, and supremely intelligent. This conscious energy is what programs the DNA of living life forms including us humans. We are due for a major upgrade.

Spaces fairing ET races and civilizations have mastered the scientific understanding of the holographic-fractal nature of existence and the technology based on this understanding. They are able to travel in time as well as space. In fact there can be no long distance space travel such as across the galaxy which does not also involve time travel. When ET space craft do this they resonate all the sub atomic particles that make up their space vehicle and all that it contains to a level of intensity that to contain the energy they all in unison transfer the potential energy of their standing wave nodes to the kinetic energy of a higher velocity harmonic of the speed of light.  When this happens the space craft disappears physically and simultaneously re manifests as an etheric hologram. Within its internal self contained system everything proportionately remains the same.  At these much greater velocities (probably powers of 2 times the speed of light) they can traverse the galaxy almost instantaneously and then re manifest physically through the reverse of the above mentioned process when they reach their destination. When the space craft re manifests physically it enters a new physical location and time line. Different velocity harmonics of vibration have different time scales as compared to each other. The higher the velocity harmonic the less time it takes for things to happen, as compared to slower velocities. By transferring you’re hologram to a higher velocity harmonic and then reintroducing it into a more physical level it is possible to move backwards and forwards in physical level time and thus the future can be recreated and modified from the past by creating a new time line. You’re physical point of manifestation can be moved between time lines and space coordinates. As ridiculous as such an idea might seem many UFO-ET abductees and Contac-tees who report being taken onto ET spacecraft recount experiences of missing time or of being brought back to the place they were taken from prior to the time they were taken.

This is where be here now comes in. Focused attention on the exact here and now is the way to entrain ones personal energy field to other parallel realities and time lines, such as to be able to manifest in and move between them. The purpose is to create interdimentional entrainment and efficient transfer of energy and information between standing wave energy fields in different dimensions or density levels of manifestation.  This can be achieved through meditation  by focusing steady attention on a specific place and time by being aware of you’re self being the awareness that is experiencing it. Where the focused conscious attention goes the energy goes automatically. By this process you tune you’re personal energy field to entrain to the universal consciousness and its infinite holographic storage of information.

Advanced adepts, (some people would call them ascended masters) and highly evolved ET beings are able to teleport and manifest in physical form wherever and whenever they choose simply by willing it with no external technology needed. There are also advanced technologies that can do this by setting up highly coherent electromagnetic standing wave energy fields that efficiently interface with the harmonic and geometric structures of trans dimensional realities. Such technologies are employed in the ET space craft (or space ships for lack of a better term) that travel the galaxy and manifest in various dimensional realities. Such time-space faring vehicles are in many ways more akin to a life form than what we would think of as machinery.

According to geological evidence going back millions of years. Species of plant and animal life suddenly appear in the geological record instead of gradually morphing into there new forms to adapt to their current .environment, according to the limited Darwinian theory. It is ridiculous to think that something as complex as the human genome could be created by a process of random selection. It is to quote David Icke, like expecting a tornado ripping through a junkyard to assemble a Rolls Royce. Only something with creative purpose and enormous intelligence could have designed the human body. The same applies to other life forms. This suggests that plant, animal, and human life was genetically engineered and seeded on Earth by the universal consciousness or by advanced beings working in cooperation with the universal consciousness.

The consciousness revolution now taking place on planet Earth is manifesting in many ways. Every day people all over the world are now producing their own audio and visual electronic media and use it to communicate to people planet wide. This is unprecedented in history. Prior to very recently video, and computer equipment for production was way too expensive for the average person to afford. The December 21, 2012 Mayan calendar date coincided with Jupiter in Gemini involved in a powerful tight Y configuration with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. I go into more detail about this in some of my previous posts. Jupiter in Gemini means expansion and proliferation of communication, information, and education. It implies spiritual awareness communicated and applied in a practical way. Jupiter was conjunct the ascendant and Uranus of the US horoscope as of the December 21, 2012 date. This suggests that the more awake and conscious segments of the US population can be among the leaders in birthing a more just and enlightened global civilization.

The official lie and the official façade are unraveling and crumbling in the face of scientific, factual information, which is being understood by an exponentially growing significant minority of the world’s population. It only requires 5 to 10% of the population to come to an understanding of whom and what is the real problem to require, the rest of the people to be aware of and confront the issue one way or another. At this point the awakening process reaches critical mass. It is the so called hundredth monkey effect. That is happening now. The genie can not be put back in the bottle. This is the most significantly important change associated with the December 21, 2012 winter solstice date. It may not be as dramatic as a sudden mega event but it is even more important.

Even if the establishment censors and shuts down  the free internet, thereby proving to the whole world that they have something to hide, it will only encourage a vast army of hacker revolutionaries and inventers of new  communication technologies, who will find new ways of circumventing the system. Time is on the side of truth. The corrupt power structure has only a limited window of time to implement their agenda, which is rapidly slipping away. The longer humanity can hold out the greater are the chances of survival and minimizing suffering while the old system self destructs.

To change the mass consciousness is to change everything. Anything that manifests in human society or civilization is first imagined, thought over, desired and acted upon by people. Whatever is manifested in this process, whether it is beautiful or ugly, depends on the level of consciousness of the people who created it. A religion for instance can in practical reality be no better than the level of consciousness of those who espouse it. Major changes in human consciousness can only result in major changes in human civilization. Consciousness is always the ultimate prime mover. The collective consciousness of the human population of Earth is currently undergoing an enormous change at an unprecedented speed as compared to any history we know about. As one astute observer pointed out the mass consciousness is the time line.

The established power structure is threatened by this massive change that must ultimately sweep away their control system based on lies and deceit that it has built over the centuries. The controllers of this corrupt system are using every dirty trick they can think of to slow down, and stop this massive shift in human awareness. This includes Radiation from Fukushima and other nuclear accidents, Crashing the global economy, GMO foods, poisoning the water supplies, poisonous vaccines, tainting the foods with harmful additives, nano tech run amuck, by chemtrails that aerosol spray us with Aluminum and barium compounds and biological agents to dumb down and soft kill the population.

We are assaulted by false flag attacks such as 911, or the recent spate of school shootouts by mind controlled social misfits strung out on psychiatric drugs. The family histories and personal connections of these killers are almost always associated with intelligence agency handlers and or parents or other family members with connections to military-intelligence government agencies.

Every psychological trick to demonize other nationalities, religions, races, social classes, and so on, will be used as part of the divide and conquer war agenda. What is running the world has no loyalty to any nation? It is a small elitist group of central bankers and hybrid royal bloodline families. The important question is what controls them. According to the ancient legends and sacred texts of all ancient cultures visitors came to Earth from the heavens and had sex with the local earth women and produced hybrid offspring. These hybrids became the royal bloodlines that became a proxy system of control for the parasitical off planet entities. Because these hybrid bloodlines are vibration-ally and genetically closer to the off planet visitors they are easier to manipulate for these off planet entities. These royal hybrid blood lines later became the captains of industry, the fortune 50 CEOs, the central bankers, prime ministers, presidents, popes, and  potentates that currently dominate the world.

Much of what the elitists do does not make sense even from a completely selfish point of view. Radiation from Fukushima will give them cancer and genetically damage their children and grand children the same as anyone else.

When the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well rupture happened in 2010, BP could have saved 40 billion dollars in clean up costs by using a natural oil eating micro organism that produces harmless ecology friendly by products. The lighter than water oil rises to the surface, and in the presence of sun light is eaten by the friendly bacteria. This method has been successfully used all over the world. The oil spill is eliminated usually within a few months depending on its size. The company which provides this natural oil slick eating microbe has a well established and successful international business.

Instead BP used highly toxic cor-exit a chemical emulsifier which when combined with oil sinks to the bottom poisoning everything in the water column. Cor-exit is so toxic that it destroys cell walls and causes massive hemorrhaging. It eats the skin off of plants, fish, birds, animals and people who come in contact with it. By using enormous amounts of Corexit BP has essentially poisoned The Gulf of Mexico and made all the seafood produced from it toxic. It is an ecological disaster of unimaginable proportions. Fukushima is an even greater planet threatening catastrophe.

It seems that whatever entities ultimately control the elitists has a rule or ruin attitude. The reptilians and other negative species controlled by them such as the grays have held the Earth and the human race on this planet in quarantine and slavery for a long time. Now that control is being challenged by the human friendly extraterrestrial beings that originally seeded the Earth with life including the human population. This is the War in heaven referred to in the Book of Revelation. The negative ETs would rather destroy the Earth and strip the planet of what ever resources they can take than leave it to their enemy to repossess. Like a retreating army they are killing the animals and burning the crops and salting the land behind them to make it unusable to their advancing enemy. How else can the self destructive behavior of the elitists be explained. The negative ET faction has no regard for their hybrid blood lines which are simply a tool for controlling the human population of Earth.

Once these hybrid bloodlines have outlived their usefulness they will be terminated. It’s the old story of make a deal with the devil and the Devil will double cross you. Even though the elitist Cabal is at the top of the human food chain they are themselves slaves to their off planet controllers for whom they perform their black magic rituals involving  pedophilia, blood drinking and human sacrifices.

These depraved practices enable these demonic entities to manifest in the 3D frequency range of normal human experience. The negative ET entities live off of fear based chaotic human emotional energy. It is like an addictive drug high to them. To this end they have used their control of the ruling class to keep the human population in a constant state of fear, depression, artificial scarcity, war, and suffering. This is done through, economic manipulation, artificial scarcities, genetically engineered diseases, subliminal programming, manipulated religious belief systems, war, and through divide and conquer tactics that pits nations, races, religions, and social classes against each other.

Both positive and negative ET races have visited Earth throughout the ages from very ancient time’s right up to the present day. There is a vast amount of archeological and historical evidence including (cave drawings, pictogram s carved into rock, sculptures, and religious paintings to prove that this is true. Every ancient culture and every period of history has its stories and legends about visitors from the heavens who came to Earth. Their vehicles were sometimes called flaming chariots, flying shields, celestial boats and other descriptive terms by the native human inhabitants. In current modern times they are called UFOs. If the visitors were friendly, caring and beautiful they were called angels, and if they were ugly, nasty, exploitative, and coldly self serving they were called devils and demons.

Often these ET off planet visitors were worshiped as gods because there superior knowledge and technology gave them powers and abilities that seemed supernatural and miraculous to the scientifically and technologically unsophisticated human population of Earth. The less spiritually developed and more self serving parasitic negative ET factions took advantage of the naive gullibility of the Earth human population to set up a culture of slavery and servitude for the Earth humans. That does not mean that these exploitative ET factions were spiritually more advanced in any true sense, but merely more technologically sophisticated. This is analogous to the Vietnam War in which the Americans had helicopters and other technologies that made it possible to bomb, napalm, and machine gun Vietnamese villages with impunity, but this did not mean that the American military that perpetrated these atrocities was in any way morally or spiritually superior. They simply had more technologically sophisticated weapons than the Vietnamese villagers.

These ET interventions in Earth human affairs almost always involve genetic manipulation. The positive interventions by friendly ET races were intended to create a highly intelligent and spiritually aware human species capable of consciously and creatively furthering the evolution of consciousness through evolving life forms. We were originally genetically engineered as a composite of genetic DNA contributions from several (some sources say 22) of the most advanced ET species or races, using the most advanced genetics available in the galaxy.

According to The Pleiadian ET beings channeled by Barbara Marciniak Earth was originally terra-formed and set up to be a genetic library by a consortium of  space fairing advanced ET races in the Galaxy to preserve genetic information. If you want to preserve information over vast stretches of time the best way to do it is with a self replicating system. Vegetable, animal, and human life was seeded on Earth to create a life sustaining planetary echo system. According to these Pleiadian’s the Earth was invaded and taken over by negative reptilian invaders about half a million years ago.

To subjugate the Human population the invaders fragmented or cut up in small peaces all but 2 of our original DNA strands, to dumb down and make more controllable the human population. This was designed to disconnect the human population from awareness and memory of their true spiritual identity and purpose. The ideal slave is one that can no longer remember that he or she is a slave. It has never seemed normal to me that most people are unable remember in detail their past lives. How can people be expected to correct their mistakes of the past, and make spiritual evolutionary progress if they are not allowed to remember what they did and experienced? Now that new cosmic energies are arriving DNA is being holographic ally resonated into new configurations and disconnected strands are being reconnected. This will make it possible to have better past life recall among other more advanced capabilities.

Many ancient legends speak of gods, who warred amongst themselves, were addicted to sexual perversions, and practiced incest, so as not to dilute their supposedly superior genetics. This inbreeding produced unhealthy, psychologically unbalanced, and degenerate offspring. These Gods were most likely technologically advanced, but spiritually lacking ET overloads. They and their part human hybrid offspring misused their advanced technology and brought about the destruction of great and advanced civilizations that existed on Earth in very ancient times. The legends of Atlantis and Lemuria relate to this. Some of these ET overloads have had to incarnate in the Earth human drama to experience the kind of suffering they created and attempt to balance their karma. The most important part of this drama is playing out at the present critical historic juncture.

Places have been discovered on Earth such as Mohenjo-Daro India where there is a sheet of green glass from fused sand that was subjected to massive intense heat such as produced by a nuclear detonation. This green sheet of fused sand is similar to the green sheet of fused sand found under the Nevada and New Mexico nuclear test sites of the 1940s and 1950s. These highly vitrified places are after many thousands of years still highly radioactive, indicating that there were nuclear wars on Earth in very ancient times. The current abuse of technology especially nuclear and genetic technology is a karmic replay of what happened in Atlantis and other very ancient civilizations.

Giant skeletons have been discovered all over the world, some as tall as 30 feet. This gives credence to the biblical accounts of giants in the Earth.  These and other embarrassing artifacts that do not go along with official history are removed and hidden from public scrutiny, by the established Power structure that controls the museums, educational system, and the media. Another example: When the Spaniards conquered Central America and South America they supposedly destroyed all the written documents and records of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. But is that what really happened? There are those of the opinion that these documents were stolen by the Conquistadors and spirited away to the secret vaults of the Vatican library.  The pope, cardinals, and other high officials of the Catholic Church probably regarded these documents as having occult knowledge that the Church wanted exclusive control of. An important part of the world wide breakthrough in consciousness that is now happening is humanity recovering our real history.

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