2014 and beyond

An astrological analysis world change over the next 3 years and beyond.

As of January 2014, we are approximately half way through the 5 year Uranus in Ares square Pluto in Capricorn transit. This dramatic cardinal sign square is the dominating outer planet aspect between 2011 and    2016. The 4th exact Uranus-Pluto square took place recently on November 1st 2013. There will be 7 exact Uranus-Pluto squares. The 5th one will be on April 22, 2014 at 13 degrees and 34 minutes of Ares and Capricorn. This 5th exact Uranus-Pluto square is part of the exact 13 degree cardinal grand cross that includes also Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer. Transiting Mercury in Ares activates this grand cross on April 15, 2014. This indicates a sudden dramatic breaking news story as Mercury comes into conjunction with Uranus and activates the rest of the grand cross.

The 6th exact Uranus-Pluto square is at 12 degrees and 35 minutes of Aries and Capricorn on December 15, 2014. It is activated by Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and Square Uranus on December 20th through 23rd. This will involve aberrant sexual perversions in high places. Transiting Mercury in Capricorn also is conjunct Pluto and square Uranus on December 25, 2014. Leaked information from within the establishment probably involving a whistle blower will become a shocking major news story. The 7th and last Uranus-Pluto square will be March 17, 2015. This last Uranus-Pluto square is activated by Mars in Ares conjunct Uranus and square Pluto between March 8 and 15, 2015. This is an explosive highly dangerous combination that could precipitate assassinations, riots, revolution, war, bombings, or industrial accidents.

For a swath of time from mid January through July of 2014 Uranus square Pluto is continuously activated or triggered by other planets transiting cardinal signs, thus forming T squares and grand squares with Uranus and Pluto. This is largely because Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer both have stations while turning from retrograde to direct that are square or opposition to Uranus and Pluto. Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus continuously from mid January to mid May of 2014.

Mars is in opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto between mid April and the end of June 2014. These Mars aspects have the potential to produce riots and revolutionary uprisings throughout the world, as marginalized populations struggle to barely survive. Issues of social justice will be of overriding concern.

What is needed is for the masses to be educated as to what and who is controlling the major economic structures of the world, the banking empires that control the bought out and blackmailed economic and political systems in every country. Until the People of every country, race, religion and cultural background understand that they have a common enemy in the globalist banking empire and the Trans national mega corporations controlled by the elitists, the people of the world will be divided and conquered as usual. The proliferation of electronic communications technology is spreading the knowledge of what is really going on even as the elitists are doing every thing they can to dumb down the masses and spread confusion and disinformation. This process is spreading and increasing exponentially through alternative media as the controlled corporate media becomes increasingly discredited and unpopular. As this process reaches critical mass it will be unstoppable.

Stationary Venus in Capricorn is opposition to Jupiter, square Uranus, and conjunct Pluto in the end of January and the Beginning of February 2014. There could be a sex scandal involving powerful people in the establishment related to pedophilia, in high places, and blackmail of public officials.

The transiting Sun in Ares is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto between March 30 and April 7, 2014. This aspect could relate to the secret abuse of power by politicians and other important people that will fuel revolutionary sentiment

Transiting Mercury in Ares is conjunct to Uranus and square to Pluto between April 12 and April 16, 2014. There could be a dramatic news story involving misuse of power and betrayal of the public trust that will inflame public anger against the corrupt economic–political power structure and fuel revolutionary sentiment. Such a breaking news story could trigger the crisis associated with the cardinal grand square in the second half of April.

Transiting Venus in Ares is square to Pluto and conjunct to Uranus between May 12 and 17, 2014. This could relate to shocking revelations about sexual perversions in high places

The transiting Sun in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus between July 2 and 11, 2014. This influence relates to abuse of power and further economic destabilization.

Transiting Mercury in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto and then in square to Uranus between July 20 and July 26, 2014. This will involve alternative media revelations about illegal secret agendas and lying involving banks stealing money from private accounts and unconstitutional spying on the American people. These abuses will arouse public anger at least among those people who are not willfully ignorant or already brain dead from environmental pollution, and toxic additives in the water, vaccines, and food supplies.

Transiting Venus in Cancer is opposition to Pluto and then in square to Uranus between July 26 and August 3rd 2014. This will involve sexual perversions and misuse of public funds.

The second half of April is particularly intense because Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer Uranus in Ares and Pluto in Capricorn all form an exact cardinal sign grand square at 13 degrees of the signs they are transiting. This line up directly impacts the US horoscope second house Cancer Sun at 12 degrees and 44 minutes of Cancer. This is likely to coincide with a financial banking and stock-commodity market crisis of some kind. This could be a so called bank holiday and currency devaluation like what happened in the 1930’s under FDR.

Massive unemployment especially among the younger generation is likely to provoke civil unrest and rioting. This is covertly being encouraged by the elitists to turn the underclass against the middle class and to provide an excuse for martial law. The primary point I am making here is that the first half of 2014 is likely to see extreme global destabilization. The national and world economic-political condition is already extremely unstable and it would not take much additional stress to send it into a tail spin.

There are several possible dramatic events that could precipitate social collapse. Among the possibilities are a large scale natural catastrophe, (such as a massive drought, a coronal mass ejection on the Sun that wipes out the electrical power grid, an earth quake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, or super storm), These possibilities relate more directly to nature. Global destabilization could also result from an escalation of the ongoing Fukushima disaster, or other nuclear accidents, war, pan endemics, economic system melt down, and false flag terrorist events deliberately perpetrated by rogue elements within the economic-political power structure.

That many such disasters (911 being a prime example) are deliberately orchestrated by rogue elements within the government itself is of course extremely disturbing to most people.  That is why many people are unwilling to accept such a possibility until they are absolutely forced to by the overwhelming weight of circumstantial and forensic evidence. The hard core deniers often refuse to look at such evidence rather than admit that they have been deceived. That is becoming increasing hard to do as undeniable reality stares them in the face.

Whatever Jupiter does He tends to do on a big scale. These can be good things or bad things although it usually means good things. That Jupiter in Cancer is an integral part of the middle and late April 2014 exact cardinal grand square configuration is very significant, indicating that whatever the major crisis going on at that time is, it will be on a huge world wide scale. It is also significant that all the various ways in which a crisis can occur tend to exacerbate, trigger and increase each other.

For example the current disastrous global economic condition is bringing insolvency to local and national governments world wide, resulting in neglected infrastructures and industrial safety standards. This causes industrial accidents that threaten the safety and survival of life on planet Earth. The Gulf of Mexico BP oil well rupture and Fukushima are the obvious current examples of this. This is only one example of how economic, political, military, industrial, ecological, social, and geological crisis conditions can compound each other.

Most people do not understand the intricate extent to which global manufacturing and commerce depends on a delicate network of supply lines of specialized components and raw materials. When this supply chain breaks down in one place it halts economic activity in many other locations. For example, Raw materials from South Africa are shipped to Japan to manufacture a specialized component for an airplane guidance system manufactured in America that is sold to countries in Europe. The job security and economic stability of the people in all of these locations is threatened if the chain of supply breaks down in any one of more of these locations. Disruption in one location leads to systemic breakdown. Too many of such local disruptions occurring at the same time can destroy the fabric of international commerce. This would be historically similar to how the fall of the Roman Empire led to a social condition in Europe and other places of small local fiefdoms and feudal lords.

Global commerce was dealt a severe blow in the fall of 2008. But that was only the beginning of a process that is still ongoing. The next big economic shock wave could destroy at least for the most part the entire fabric of world economic commerce especially if the crisis is accompanied by war or sufficiently devastating Earth changes. Such an eventuality would force people to survive off of what can be grown and manufactured in their local communities.

In astrology the sign of Cancer is associated with family, home and the social-cultural traditions that shape and define family values. In astrological lore, Jupiter is said to be exalted in Cancer. Religious, moral, and social traditions associated with Jupiter have their roots in the family and the culture a person is born into. The Sun as well as Venus and Jupiter are in Cancer in the US horoscope, making The United States a Cancer country. These values will become more important again as people are forced to rely more on their family and neighbors. Local manufacturing will again become a viable enterprise. In the long run this will be beneficial, especially for the United States. This could be the silver lining indicated by transiting Jupiter conjunct the US 2nd house Sun.

The negative side of Jupiter is excessiveness. Excessiveness can take the form of out of control creation of fiat money, out of control debt and out of control deficit spending. At the hands of the Federal Reserve economic dictatorship the US economy suffers from all of these maladies. It is like inflating a balloon to the point where it explodes. It is highly significant that the April 2014 exact Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto grand square in 12 and 13 degrees of the cardinal signs exactly aligns with the 2nd house Sun in the US horoscope at 12 degrees and 44 minutes of Cancer. The April grand square will directly impact the financial stability and survivability of the United States.

One of the dominant features of the US horoscope is the applying square between the Sun at 12 degrees and 44 minutes of Cancer in the 2nd house and Saturn in the 5th house at 14 degrees and 47 minutes of Libra. In astrology the second house is associated with banking, money and physical assets that represent wealth, while the 5th house is associated with stock and commodity market trading and speculation. This Sun-Saturn square in the US horoscope describes the periodic boom and bust cycles the US economy goes through. Transiting Mars and Jupiter will activate Saturn in the US horoscope over the next few months. Uranus and Pluto will also activate the US horoscope Saturn at various times during 2014 and 2015.

Transiting Mars in Libra is conjunct the US horoscope Saturn in mid and later April and the second half of June 2014. This relates to the militarization and federalization of education that is destroying our school systems and alienating the younger generation. The deliberate elitist degradation of mass education and the globalist attack on the family, community managed local school districts, home schooling, and parental rights is tremendously destructive to what America has traditionally stood for. This assault on decency and common sense is alienating and suppressing critical thinking, creativity, the capacity for sound moral judgment, and the desire to reach peak achievement in the youth of the nation and world. There could be some very ugly cases of police brutality against children and young people during this US horoscope Mars to Saturn transit.

Transiting Jupiter was square the US Saturn between August 25 and September 19, 2013 and will square the US Horoscope Saturn again between April 14 and May 12, 2014. This transit relates to the ongoing debt related economic malaise. Transiting Uranus is in opposition to the US Saturn between April 7, 2014 and January 14, 2015. Transiting Pluto is square to the US Saturn between February 17 and June 14, 2014 and again between December 21, 2014 and February 25, 2016. All of the above transit time periods allow for a 2 degree orb applying and separating. These transiting aspects to the US horoscope will further destabilize the US economy

In addition to all of these intense transits to the US horoscope 5th house Saturn at 14 degrees and 47 minutes of Libra there are powerful progressed and solar ark aspects to the US Saturn as well.  The midpoint of progressed midheaven and progressed Mars is conjunct the US Saturn. The solar ark Moon is currently directly conjunct Saturn in the US horoscope and will continue to be in orb through 2014 and 2015. These powerful progressed and solar ark conjunctions to the US Saturn greatly intensify the already extremely powerful above listed transits of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto to Saturn in the US horoscope.

In Astrology the 5th house is associated with the stock and commodities markets, children and young people, the birth rate, primary education, the entertainment industry, games sports, art, music, performing arts, social activities, parties, holidays, celebrations, and all kinds of creativity. Creativity as intended here applies not only to the arts but also to invention and new ways of economic and social interaction. Saturn is associated with restriction, hardships, and limitations. Saturn and especially Saturn in Libra are associated with the law of karma and the problems and suffering that are the consequence of wrong action. The current globalist elite attack on the constitution and human rights is degrading education and turning schools into prisons.

High school and College graduates have little or no decent job options. 25% of young adults in the US live with their parents because of economic hardships. A rise in interest rates, a banking system meltdown, a dollar devaluation, The dollar loosing it’s international reserve currency status, inflation, and other natural or man made problems will crash the stock market, bond, and commodity markets sometime within the next 2 years. The struggle for survival is making it harder for people to enjoy life and be creative. Solar ark Moon conjunct Saturn is a very emotionally depressing influence indicating a lot of depression and feelings of alienation, hopelessness, and despair in the general population and especially affecting the younger generation.

The moon rules the 2nd house of the US horoscope and disposits (rules the sign a planet is in) Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun in Cancer in the 2nd house of the US chart. The solar ark Moon conjunct the US Saturn indicates economic hardship for the American people. It relates to the established power structure that wants to limit freedom of self expression and turn federalized school systems into police state indoctrination and slave training centers. This Moon-Saturn conjunction relates to the massive student loans that can never be paid back which are economically crippling the younger generation. Even PHD graduates are unable to find work except in menial low paying jobs in the service sector of the economy. Young people are already having a hard time surviving on these meager salaries. Under these conditions how can they possibly pay back massive student loans involving tens of thousands of dollars?

The trigger for economic collapse could take various forms that could include the dollar loosing its up until now, more or less exclusive international oil trading and reserve currency status. Russia China, India, Brazil, and other nations have recently been making agreements to trade oil in their own currencies. The next phase could see other countries, particularly China dumping their dollar and Treasury bond reserves as a retaliatory measure against the US Federal Reserve policy of reckless fiat printing of dollars with no tangible assets to back them up. The Fed calls this quantitative easing. This could result in Federal Government default and or hyper inflation of the dollar and other major currencies.

It is not just the US and the Federal Reserve that has been out of control in creating fiat money. The European central bank, China, and Japan have been doing the same thing. There is an international currency war going on to see who can make their products the cheapest on the international market. It is a global problem that will lead to global economic havoc. It could well be the spring of 2014, especially April, when the global economic melt down escalates into world wide fiscal chaos. The globalist elite think they can control the chaos they are creating. They are destroying the things they themselves are the most dependent upon. A coronal mass ejection on the Sun could take down the electrical power grid and global electronic communications. This would deal centralized political, economic, government and military centralized power a severe blow. That is only on of several natural and man made hazards that could drastically disrupt life as we have known it.

Hard angle aspects, the conjunction, square, and opposition, angular houses, and cardinal Signs including Ares, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn have a quality of immediacy about them. They indicate crisis situations that can not be put off and require immediate attention. Failure to take timely responsible action has undesirable, if not disastrous consequences. A grand square indicates a condition in which attempts to solve problems in one area aggravates problems in other areas.

Decades of economic mismanagement and parasitical manipulation of markets by the elitist cabal of central bankers will result in world wide economic paralysis. It will take years probably decades to sort out this mess and in the process many governments and major corporations will fall by the way side. The elitists think that they can manage this chaos, come out on top and set up their one world currency, dictatorship, and military. This delusional thinking will bring about their down fall and demise.

For the first time in history a large and growing percentage of the world population, are starting to understand who the real perpetrators of economic collapse and social chaos are. The old methods of divide and conquer including false flag attacks, and problem reaction solution  manipulation of public opinion that served the elitist agenda so well in the past will no longer work and will in many cases backfire. Once 5% to 10 % of the population understands what is really going on, the rest of the population has to encounter the newly (to them) revealed information. Even if they reject these ideas, in time they will have to accept them as more and more truth is revealed and becomes obvious as current historic events unfold. We are on the cusp of a huge change in mass awareness. Everything that is created by human civilization, good or bad, is first thought of and motivated within human awareness. Whatever is created in this process is a reflection of the level of consciousness of the person or people who created it. Significant advances are usually conceptualized by a small group of more intellectually advanced and intuitive individuals and then put into action by larger collectives of people. To significantly change mass consciousness is to change everything.

This process has greatly accelerated in modern times as a result of an enormous intensification of the cosmic energies that affect human awareness and all life throughout our solar system. This change is in progress now and will continue to intensify.

NASA probes sent to other planets and there moons in our solar system over the last 30 years reveal massive changes in brightness, magnetic field strength, atmospheric weather features, and other scientifically measurable phenomena. Massive changes are happening on the Sun and through out the solar system and not just on Earth. This has to do with our solar system crossing the plane of the galaxy. On a more subtle level these same cosmic energetic shifts are bringing about a massive change in human consciousness on planet Earth.

Resonant vibration is what creates all form manifestation. An example of this can be seen in the following experiment. Fine sand or other powdery substances are sprinkled on top of a thin metal plate. The center of the plate is attached to a piezoelectric sonic driver that can vibrate the metal plate over a wide range of frequencies. The frequency depends on the frequency of the electrical signal fed into the piezoelectric driver by the oscillator or frequency generator it is electrically connected to. Each frequency produces its own unique and distinct geometric pattern or mandala in the powder by vibrating the powder into the standing wave nodes in the metal plate. As soon as the frequency is changed an entirely different pattern is generated and almost instantaneously created. So likewise the kind of societies, civilizations, and historic events that appear on Earth are a reflection of the prevalent level of consciousness within the human population. The prevalent kind of human consciousness is in turn conditioned by the cosmic energies influencing humanity on Earth during various specific cosmic cycles.

We are currently on the cusp between the Piscean age which we are leaving and the Age of Aquarius which we are entering. That is like changing the frequency of the oscillator that determines the frequency that the metal plate vibrates at. The old sand pattern disappears when its sustaining frequency ends and the new pattern emerges in response to the new frequency. The old world order that wants to think that it is the new world order is the established religious-economic-political-military power structure which up till now has been sustained by the prevailing Piscean age energies. With the advent of the incoming energies of Aquarius an entirely new kind of human society will emerge. The question is if humankind can survive the chaos of the transitional phase we are going through. The new incoming energies are incompatible with the established power structure. As these new energies take hold the old established power structure will no longer have the energy to sustain it.

Time is not on the side of the elitists. They have a very limited time frame in which to try to achieve their objectives. They are already behind schedule and the longer they are delayed the less chance they have to be successful. The more the elitist agenda is exposed, resisted, and delayed the more time there is for the population to wake up in exponentially increasing numbers as the real truth becomes ever more obvious. The awakening is a non linear process that builds on itself. This is why the elitists are becoming ever more overtly vicious in the use of physical force as they become increasingly desperate, because they are loosing intellectually, psychically and spiritually. The haste with which the elitists are trying to force their agenda is making them inept and more likely to make serious mistakes that have massive unintended consequences.

There are several additional progressed and solar ark aspects to the US horoscope for 2014 and 2015. The US progressed Moon in the 6th house is at 27 degrees and 40 minutes of Libra and square Pluto in the US horoscope at 27degrees and 40 minutes of Capricorn in the 9th house. This will most likely have to do with the legal-political battle over Obama care. The 6th house deals with health related issues and the 9th house rules the high courts, or federal courts, and most especially the Supreme Court. A judgment could be passed down concerning the constitutional legality of Obama care. There could also be legal battles concerning the mass medication of the American people through toxic chemicals added to municipal water supplies, vaccines, and food. Unemployment will continue to get worse under this and other influences. Chemtrails, HARP, and other high handed elitist geo engineering programs that attack public health and the ecological balance of Earth, will increasingly be exposed This is done without public knowledge, consent and approval. Such dangerous programs will be increasingly exposed, arousing public anger and opposition.

This influence also points to growing dissatisfaction and possible revolt in the military as the Obama administration engages in more and more endless foreign wars, while continuing to trample on the constitution and the rule of law. There is also the danger of the outbreak of deadly genetically engineered diseases.

The progressed Sun currently at 8 degrees and 39 minutes of Pisces is square to the 1st house US Uranus at 8 degrees and 53 minutes of Gemini. Over the last 2 years and over the next 2 years this influence has been fueling revolutionary sentiment over out of control Government. Current opinion polls show that the presidency and congress have the lowest approval ratings ever. The American people are angry and fed up with destructive economic policies, endless foreign wars, and the growing police state that tramples on traditional American values.

Solar ark Neptune in the 12th house is currently almost exactly square the 10th house Aquarius Moon of the US Horoscope Deep down in there gut the American people know that something is horribly wrong with how the government in cahoots with the super wealthy are running things. Most of the people still do not understand exactly how or why, but they sense on a collective subconscious level that something very parasitic and evil is destroying America from within and that our country has been hijacked.

This aspect also relates to the deliberate doming down of the population,

This is done by adding toxic chemicals and biological agents to food, water and medicines and by harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Many people will be feeling a vague sense of anxiety and insecurity without knowing why, especially those people who have not been paying attention to what is really going on in the world. Many people regardless of whether they are consciously aware of it or not will be sensing the collective unconscious freak out that is going on below the surface appearance of day to day routine normalcy. Many secretive things are being done in government without the knowledge and consent of the American people. We will see increasing mental illness as more and more people feel unable to cope with the complexities, uncertainties and injustice of the current human condition.

Solar ark Mars in is now starting to conjunct the 10th house Aquarius Moon in the US Horoscope. This aspect will increase in exactness over 2014 and will reach peak intensity in a year, after which it will gradually diminish over the following 2 years. The American people will be angry at government encroachment on the freedoms guaranteed in the bill of rights. The hijacked government will try to crack down on the people using military force and militarized police forces. There will be riots (often with the instigation of government agent provokers), secessionist movements, and in the most extreme scenario armed revolution. This is where things could get really ugly with the danger of government using deadly military force against the people. The more effective revolutionary tactics will be various forms of decentralized non compliance with official programs.

The corrupted government may attempt to use a major false flag attack to justify more militarization, foreign wars, police state, martial law, and government theft of private property. Theft of private property will most likely take the form of extreme taxation of the middle class and the raiding of segregated private bank accounts. Second amendment rights of the people to defend themselves against rogue, fascist government versus government attempts to confiscate guns will become even more of an over riding political issue than it already is.

In his recent state of the Union speech Obama in a blatant assault on the constitution, has essentially declared himself dictator to do whatever he wants including attacking and engaging in war with other countries with or without congressional approval. How all this works out largely depends on how the majority of the military responds by ether defending the people or going along with the fascist agendas of illegitimate government. Obama has recently conducted a purge of many up right and patriotic high ranking officers in the military. This could be instrumental in turning the military against the fascist takeover. This is why Obama is covertly bringing in foreign troops including Russian and Chinese ones who would have fewer qualms about firing on American civilians than American soldiers. Obama should be impeached for his numerous violations of the constitution. This is unfortunately not likely to happen because the current spineless congress is too bought out and blackmailed to defend the constitution.

Solar ark Mercury in Pisces is Square Mars in Gemini in the first house of the US horoscope. This influence is still increasing and will continue for another 2 years. There will be even more hot angry debates in the media between alternative media and controlled main stream media. There will be increasing public anger with Congress, the presidency, and government in general. There will be intensifying on going battles over spying and censorship. More whistle blowers will come forward with shocking suppressed information. Hot debates will increase in congress as the public gets angrier over what has been done to them without their consent. As the public becomes more sophisticated attempts by the establishment to stampede public opinion using covert disinformation campaigns, false flag attacks, and fear manipulation will increasingly backfire. Blackmailing, Spying on, and threatening congress could become an explosive political issue. There will be increasing anger and revolt within the military over high level corruption and treasonous violations of the constitution. How this plays out will be a key factor in determining the future.

As food and other essential living expenses become more and more out of reach for millions of Americans there will be a resurgent labor movement with wild cat strikes, walk outs and new kinds of collective bargaining, not just in private industry but among government employees as well.

Excessive regulation and taxation will produce a burgeoning underground black market. Bribery and corruption will proliferate within government agencies. As devalued and or hyper inflated money becomes increasingly worthless government employees and enforcers will walk off the job because they can no longer survive on what they are being paid. At that point centralized control will implode and with it the globalist plan for world domination. It will be the unintended consequences of their own actions more than anything else that that will bring down the globalist power structure. You have heard of shooting yourself in the foot, well the so called New World Order is cutting off both legs from under themselves and expects to re emerge to dominate the world. For example the globalists would like to shut down the free internet, but in doing so they destroy what they depend on to sell their products, operate the stock and commodity markets and run their corporate-government control systems. Without the internet they can not maintain a competitive edge.

There could be a time in the near historic future where local populations in every part of the world will be far more dependent on their local communities for food, medicine, energy, and other essentials for survival. This would end centralized economic and political control. It would cause economic and technological setback, but it would also allow social, economic, and political institutions to diversify and re configure themselves in a more just and effective way. To what extent such a scenario eventuates will depend on how sever the coming economic-political disruptions are, how much damage is done by war, and to a large extent what nature does in terms of climatic and geological changes.

The plot goes even deeper. There is a growing consensus among many UFO-ET researchers that our Planet was invaded and taken over a long time ago by negative self serving ET factions that took over the planets resources and enslaved human kind to serve its hostile agendas. They quarantined Earth and cut off all contact with the rest of the galaxy. These negative ET’s feed off of negative human emotions which are like an addictive drug to them.

In order to control the human population of Earth they fragmented large portions of our original DNA into small snippets that are called junk DNA. This was designed to dumb us down and make us more controllable. Our life span was shortened so that we could not have time to figure out what had been done to us. These ET’s set up hybrid blood lines that combined their own DNA with the DNA of earth humans. These hybrid blood lines became the royal families that the ET set up to rule human society by proxy. In more modern times these same hybrid blood line families became the presidents, prime ministers, heads of mega corporations, and CEOs of major banks. Most of the world’s wealth is controlled by these same families. The hybrid DNA of these 12 or 13 families makes it much easier for the negative ET’s to psychically possess people of these bloodlines who have a portion of the ET DNA. Dark occult rituals are performed by these so called royal blood lines involving ritual murder sacrifices and blood drinking to invoke these dark entities. Many people report seeing those of these blood lines shape shift or morph into these reptilian entities. These heinous practices have their roots in the distant past when they were perpetrated openly. In modern times these atrocities still go on in secret.

Now the control over humanity and planet Earth by these entities is being challenged by more spiritually motivated and human friendly ET races. These positive ET races originally set up Earth and her plant, animal species, and humanity as a genetic library.

According to some sources there is an ET war currently going on in the near Earth environment. Skirmishes have been seen from orbiting space stations and people on the ground using night vision equipment. According to some sources debris or space junk has been seen falling to Earth which is retrieved whenever possible by the military for intelligence and reverse engineering purposes. I know that this will seem utterly ridiculous to many people and yet there are reports photographs and videos of these skirmishes and confirming reports coming in from many sources. The military as usual will do every thing it can to keep such information secret and hidden from the public.

AS I see it there are 3 major forces affecting the survival and destiny of humanity on planet Earth. These are first what Earth humanity does including the international geopolitical drama, second what the various ET factions do, and third what nature does in terms of geological and climatic changes. All three of these factors are highly interactive, making a very complex pattern of future possibilities and probabilities.

The most extreme case Earth change Scenario would be a physical pole flip where the solid crust of the Earth slides over the molten interior, such that the Earths axis of spin aligns with a new geographic location on the Earths crust. There is much geological evidence that this has happened many times in past geological history.

A more extreme case ET intervention scenario could involve mass landing of ET craft or UFO’s or an extremely visible obvious space war between positive and negative ET factions with lots of space junk falling to Earth for everyone to see and know about. A most extreme Human scenario would involve nuclear war and or Fukushima type events that cause total or near total destruction of civilization and the ability of Earth to sustain life.  The actual outcome of all these factors should be evident within a few years perhaps within 2 to 3 years. There are very reliable reports that ETs have shut down nuclear missile systems both in the US and former USSR. One such incident involving minute man nuclear missile silos happened in Minot North Dakota in 1988.If they have intervened in the past they could intervene in the future.

So much of what the elitist cabal dos makes no sense even from a totally selfish point of view. It is in fact completely self destructive. In spreading nuclear pollution they are giving themselves cancer and genetically damaging their children and grand children. In engineering world wide economic collapse the globalists are destroying the complex web of industrial infrastructure that makes their extravagant life style possible. They are a cancer on the human race. To the negative ETs that control them the globalists are merely a means to an end to be terminated as soon as their usefulness is over. The globalists are themselves slaves of their negative ET controllers. The negative ETs use remote hypnosis to mind control people in key positions to do things they would not normally do in order to corrupt human institutions such as government and commerce.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune entered Pisces on April 5, 2011 and retrograded back into Aquarius On August 6, 2011. Neptune entered Pisces again on February 4, 2012. Neptune leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces is a significant change in the energies. Aquarius is an air sign, and therefore intellectual but also somewhat detached. Aquarius is related to the higher mind and is capable of understanding advanced mathematical, scientific and metaphysical concepts.

Pisces as a water sign is emotional and psychic on an empathic level. The vast majority of humanity is still primarily motivated by feeling and emotions.

The world wide revolution in consciousness that is now taking place was first conceived in the minds of a relatively few advanced thinkers and researchers who were the first to understand how humanity is being manipulated. That was The Neptune in Aquarius phase. Now that Neptune has moved into Pisces larger and larger segments of the masses are catching on and reacting very emotionally. As more and more shocking revelations are unveiled it sends ripples through the collective unconscious. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and so the Neptune influence is very powerful at this time. Neptune influences are subtle but also very powerful like the tide coming in and lifting huge ships off their moorings. As Neptune transits through the signs and forms aspects to other outer planets these Neptune influences set the pervasive emotional tone of the times. Neptune and Pisces rule the oceans in astrological tradition. Neptune in Pisces describes the severe ecological destruction of the Oceans caused by The Gulf OF Mexico BP oil well blow out and the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns that are destroying the life of the oceans and making sea food everywhere unsafe to eat. Geo-engineering, industrial pollution, and weather manipulation without public knowledge or consent is destroying the biosphere.

There can be no real democracy when the public is kept in the dark about the most important issues. Americans are waking up, after decades of complacency, to the fact that our government has been hijacked by hostile forces. When people lose there jobs and there homes and are being attacked by militarized police for exercising their constitutional rights it is hard to ignore.

As of February 4, 2014 The Dow Jones industrial average has lost over 1000 points over the prior 2 weeks. If this trend continues and unemployment continues to get worse than it already is at some point this spring there could be a full blown world economic crisis.  Late April looks especially ominous because of the exact cardinal grand square involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in precise alignment with the US horoscope 2nd house Sun in Cancer. The élites according to some inside sources are planning total world economic collapse fore sometime in 2015. There is a possibility that what they have already set in motion could even get out of their control as early as the spring of 2014.

The influence of Neptune in Pisces is increasing the psychic awareness of humanity. The collective unconscious is rising closer to the surface. Increasing numbers of individuals are becoming able to psychically read what is going on. As these trends increase there will be a tipping point in the mass consciousness where the people en mass no longer trust the official economic-political institutions. They will see through the official lies. For successful revolution to take place it is essential to understand that to be a true patriot anywhere is to support patriots everywhere. Only by supporting the human rights of people of other nationalities, races, religions and ethnic backgrounds all over the world can we preserve our own human rights. Otherwise we will be divided and conquered as usual.

World citizens everywhere need to unite and understand that they have a common enemy in the globalist elitist monopoly cabal. Once this is clearly understood by a significant percentage of the world wide global human population of planet Earth, then something effective can be done to stop the economic raping and pillaging of humanity and the planet.

We also need to get over the absurd notion that corporations have legal person hood. Corporations are run by people and those people who run them should be held legally accountable for their actions according to the laws that apply equally to everybody. Neptune in Pisces promotes a growing human empathic awareness that is furthering an emotional level of common understanding. World wide alternative media must and in most cases is furthering this kind of global human unity awareness. World wide independent alternative media continues to gain ground against controlled media. This trend is growing in size and diversity. This is a good sign.

Chiron and Neptune have for some years been more or less conjunct starting in late Aquarius and continuing into Pisces. This has promoted the proliferation of alternative medicine and healing practices which recognize and work with the energetic, psychic and spiritual dimensions of healing. This conjunction is now separating but it has made an ongoing contribution to human awakening. As long as Chiron and Neptune are both in Pisces it will remain effective to some extent.

Neptune in Pisces is furthering the process of rediscovering true human and planetary history, including very ancient history. Many people are experiencing psychic memory of past life experiences and or are able to remote view the past. Many archeological and historic artifacts are being discovered that conclusively prove that very advanced civilizations have existed on Earth in very ancient times. The official version of history is a carefully crafted lie. By the time Neptune leaves Pisces in 2025 the official lie will be completely discredited. There is also extensive historic records and archeological evidence of interaction with UFO’s and ETs in ever part of the world in every historic era from the very ancient past up to current modern times.

The negative side of Neptune is escapism, deception, mental illness, addiction, dysfunction, lack of responsibility, and unwillingness to face reality. These undesirable manifestations will proliferate as many people are increasingly unable to cope during the collapse of the old social order.

Transiting Mercury was stationary turning direct on March 17, 2013 at 5 degrees and 40 minutes of Pisces conjunct Neptune at 3 degrees and 42 minutes of Pisces.

Transiting Mercury was stationary turning retrograde on June 26 2013 at 23 degrees and 6 minutes of Cancer and turned direct at 13 degrees and 20 minutes of Cancer on July 20, 2013. This Mercury retrograde Cycle did not have a mercury station conjunct or trine Neptune but it was in a water sign.

Transiting Mercury was stationary turning retrograde at 2 degrees and 33 minutes of Scorpio on November 10, 2013 and exactly trine Neptune at 3 degrees and 35 minutes of Pisces.

Transiting Mercury is stationary turning Retrograde at 3 degrees and 15 minutes of Pisces on February 6, 2014 conjunct Neptune at 4 degrees and 22 minutes of Pisces.

On June 7, 2014 transiting Mercury is stationary turning Retrograde at 3 degrees and 9 minutes of Cancer trine Neptune at 7 degrees and 35 minutes of Pisces

Transiting Mercury will be stationary turning Retrograde on October 4, 2014 at 2 degrees and 17 minutes of Scorpio and trine Neptune at 5 degrees and 17 minutes of Pisces.

It is unusual to have such a long series of stationary Mercury positions closely conjunct or trine Neptune. This augments the effects of Neptune in Pisces. These Mercury transits to Neptune will increase psychic awareness and improve communication between the subconscious and conscious minds of people everywhere in the world. These Mercury Neptune aspects encourage creative imagination, ability to envision a positive future, empathic psychic awareness, emotional understanding, and telepathic communication. People will be better able to see through falsehood, lies, propaganda, and disinformation.

Stationary positions of transiting planets happen where a planet as seen from Earth appears to stop and reverse directions from forward motion to moving backwards in the zodiac or from backward motion to forward motion. These stationary positions are very important because aspects made to other planets at that time last much longer than normal and often signify important decisions and or changes of direction that can be significant for the future of a person or human society. This long series of conjunctions and trines of stationary Mercury to Neptune are very significant at this time in the awakening of humanity to a more multi dimensional awareness of life and reality. These mercury-Neptune aspects will significantly improve intellectual (Mercury) understanding of how the subconscious mind (Neptune) both individual and collective function. This will make it more difficult for those in positions of economic-political power to manipulate and herd public opinion and beliefs.

In January and early February of 2014 the transiting north Moon’s node in Scorpio is trine Neptune and the transiting south Moon’s node is sextile Neptune. This influence is helping the mass spiritual awakening that is now under way. The Moon’s Nodes are associated with mass consciousness and mass karma. In the horoscope of an individual the Moon’s nodes signify a person’s individual relationship to mass consciousness and mass karma.

Astrologers are generally of the opinion that the Moon’s south node relates to a persons past karma including past life experiences (been there done that), while the North Moon’s node signifies a persons path of future development. In terms of mass psychology and karma the south Moon’s node represents cultural past belief systems and historic development, while the north Moon’s node indicates current mass beliefs and attitudes and where society is headed. The Moon’s nodes move through the signs of the zodiac in the opposite direction that the planets do.

Transiting Mars entered Libra on December 8, 2013 and leaves Libra on July 27, 2014. Normally Mars takes only a month and a half to transit a sign. This prolonged, over 6 month Mars transit through Libra Is because Mars goes through a retrograde period while in Libra. There will be many lawsuits over police brutality and abuse of power by central banks, mega transnational corporations, and governments. Mars is more or less opposition To Uranus and square to Pluto from mid April to the end of June, 2014. When the people discover that they have been sold out to the point that all 3 branches of government are trampling all over the constitution, human rights and the rule of law they will feel that they have no recourse left but revolution. It has already been demonstrated that it is no longer possible to have an honest election.

To be effective revolution must be intelligent and well thought out, and based on decentralized non compliance, and exposure for all to see of treasonous corruption and abuse of power. Rioting in the streets will only provide an excuse for martial law and military violence against the people.

Much will depend on whether the military predominantly sides with the people or the corrupted government. It must be thoroughly understood that when a government betrays the people and turns rogue it forfeits all legitimacy to rule giving the people the right to throw it out of power and institute a new government. That was what the Declaration of Independence was all about and what it is still about if we want our humanity back.

Uranus in Ares square Pluto in Capricorn is the predominant outer planet aspect Defining current history. There are other outer planet aspects and sign transits of significance over the next few years that are worthy of consideration.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct to Uranus in Ares between the Beginning of July and the End of August, 2014. Both Ares and Scorpio are ruled by Mars and Pluto. This describes a struggle between humanity and elitist banksters who print money and charge the taxpayer interest on it. This is something for nothing fraud at the most basic level. Any system based on fraud is inherently out of balance and has a limited life span until debt reaches a level that can not be paid back, then the whole system stops working.. There can be sudden breakdowns of aging infrastructure resulting in disruption of the electrical power grid, electronic communication networks, highway systems and industrial productivity. There will be ongoing skirmishes between the people who want freedom and big corporate government that want control of every aspect of our lives.

Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, 2018. Uranus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on July 8, 2025. Uranus retrogrades back into Taurus on November 8. 2025.  Uranus re enters Gemini on April 27, 2026. Uranus in Taurus will be a time of experimentation with new kinds of monetary systems, currencies, barter exchanges, and worker ownership of businesses, and corporations.

Transiting Saturn entered Scorpio on October 6, 2012 and leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on December 24, 2014. Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 15, 2015 and re enters Sagittarius on September 19, 2015.

Saturn in Scorpio is emphasizing the karma of the toxic consequences of industrial waste products such as oil spills, medical waste, consumer products, mine tailings, and etc. but most of all nuclear pollution. Fukushima should have been an enormous wake up call for everyone. Saturn in Scorpio is in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto represent the established economic-political power structure and it’s repression of the people. Saturn in Scorpio is bringing out the worst most oppressive aspects of police brutality and fascist agenda of martial law and suspension of the Constitution.

Obama is acting more and more like a dictator, while the constitution, human rights, and the rule of law are being increasingly marginalized. The established power structure is doing everything it can to create debt slavery and to destroy the American middle class which poses an obstacle to their agenda for total world domination. People are having trouble getting their money out of their private bank accounts and in some parts of the world banks are already stealing money out of private checking and savings accounts.

As obscenely over leveraged banks get deeper in trouble, these bankrupt financial institutions are increasingly resorting to illegal wealth confiscation from their depositor’s private accounts under the guise of wealth taxes or some other flimsy excuse. This was already done to Gerald Celenti by MF Global who refused to deliver to Gerald his gold that he had on deposit. Money has already been stolen out of private accounts in Cyprus. The banking system has become a parasite on the human race. So much debt has been created at every level that it has become mathematically impossible to ever pay it back. Most of this debt is fraudulent and needs to be written off.

The federal Reserve and other central banks in Europe, China, Japan, and other countries are creating trillions and trillions of dollars worth of fiat currencies to bail out elitist banks and mega corporations (the so called to big to fail) while diluting the value and purchasing power of everyone else’ money. This amounts to theft from the middle class to finance the decadent extravagance of the 1 percent of 1 percent that make up the super rich.

In the remaining time that Saturn is in Scorpio the major decisive and future history determining battles in the global class warfare being waged against humanity by the elitists will be fought. The outcome of these battles will determine if human society is destroyed and returns to a Stone Age existence like after the sinking of Atlantis or if human civilization moves forward into a golden age .The steaks could not be higher.

Transiting Saturn Enters Sagittarius on December 24, 2014 and retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 15, 2015. Saturn re enters Sagittarius on September 19, 2015, and leaves Sagittarius on December 20, 2017.  In some cases Saturn in Sagittarius will correspond to attempts to retreat to the psychological safety and emotional security of traditional religious social and legal doctrines. To the extent that this is expressed as a return to common sense moral accountability and considerate conduct it is a good thing. The old corrupt power structure or whatever is left of it will attempt to impose rigid religious and ideological belief system to discourage independent thinking that could challenge authority and to keep the people in line with official policy. This is not a good thing and should be challenged at every opportunity. Higher education will be more geared towards practical applicability in the struggle to survive. There will be restrictions and or limitations on long distance travel. This could be for economic reasons or because the established corporate-fascist power structure does not want the people knowing and communicating with what is going on in other parts of the world, or because of Earth changes and other acts of nature. The physical infrastructure of travel such as highway systems, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports, and airports could be so damaged by neglect, war, industrial accidents, and geologic-climatic changes as to severely limit travel. Travel restriction could be the result of any combination of or all of the above reasons. Social breakdown, crime and lawlessness could also make travel more dangerous.

People will be more reliant on there local communities for sustenance and survival. Jupiter will continue to transit cancer until July 16, 2014 Jupiter in Cancer also emphasizes reliance on family and the local community especially where food production is concerned. There will be a return to local manufacturing and self sufficiency. 3D printing and other computerized on the spot and on demand manufacturing techniques will make it easier for local communities to be self sufficient in a more high tech way than returning to relatively primitive 19th century manufacturing and technology. Over the remainder of 2014 and during 2015 Jupiter transits the 3rd and 4th houses of the US horoscope which are also associated with the local community.

Every forward looking local community should develop its own energy production, food production, medical, communication, educational, transportation, repairing and manufacturing capabilities that can function if necessary in the absence of larger national and international systems. Each community should have its own machine shop and technology center capable of inventing, manufacturing, building, repairing, improvising, and maintaining equipment and infrastructure.

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius will be square to Neptune in Pisces between beginning of November and the middle of December 2015 and between late May and early October, 2016. This can be a very psychologically depressing influence for struggling humankind. Many people will be subject to subconscious fears as chaotic circumstances subconsciously remind them of painful and unpleasant conditions in their past including previous lifetimes. Uncertainty about future survival will increase the collective anxiety, and push psychologically unstable people into full blown psychosis. This can be an extremely depressing, distressing, disturbing, and dysfunctional influence on the individual and mass psyche, Prisons, asylums, and hospitals will become increasingly harsh and dysfunctional. The privatization of prisons will turn them into slave labor factories, exploited by the rich and politically powerful.

Transiting Saturn enters Capricorn On December 20, 2017, and enters Aquarius on March 22, 2020. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 2, 2020 and re enters Aquarius on December 18, 2020. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. So the Saturn influence is very strong when Saturn transits Capricorn. How this most crucial transit of Saturn through Capricorn plays out depends on what happens between now and when Saturn enters Capricorn. If the old corrupt power structure manages to keep its grip on the major economic-political institutions of the world it will use The Saturn in Capricorn energy to consolidate its control over the key institutions of human society. If humanity successfully overthrows or significantly weakens the corrupt elitist power structure between now and when Saturn enters Capricorn then we will see the last gasps of the old power structure as it makes its last feeble attempts to remain in control. Rigor mortis of the old system could set in when Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in 2020.

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn is trine Uranus in Taurus between mid July and early October, 2018. This influence will aid practical experiments in the implementation new more just, democratic, and functional economic and political institutions. Much of the hard work of re inventing these institutions will fall on the shoulders of the generation born between 1984 and 1998 that has Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune or in some cases 2 or 3 of these planets in Capricorn. This generation will inherit the daunting task of re inventing and re structuring the economic-political organization of human society. This especially applies to those born between Mid February and the end of May,!988 and between early December of 1988 and February 7 of 1991 that has Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all in Capricorn, as well as those born between 1991 and 1996,  with Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn.

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn is sextile Neptune in Pisces between January 9, and March 6, 2019 and also between May 15 and July 19, 2019, as well as between October 14 and November 30, 2019. This encourages a good combination of intuition and psychic ability with common sense and practicality.

Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn between December 21, 2019 and February 5, 2020. This very important aspect could coincide with the final disintegration of the old power structure, as its sustaining energies fade out.  It could also be a very difficult time for basic survival not only because of the dysfunction of social, economic, and political institutions, but also because of the poisonous-toxic legacy of the misuse of technology especially nuclear, petro-chemical, and military technology.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is square Uranus in Taurus between January 29, and March 21, 2021 and between December7, 2021 and January 9, 2022, and also between August 28 and November 9, 2022. Reinventing the industrial, economic, and political institutions of human society will be a daunting task. Old corrupted rules and regulations will impede progress and will have to be dispensed with. Encouraging people to act in a more natural and spontaneous way (as long as it does not result in extreme anti social behavior) will help to free up energy and get things moving.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo is trine Uranus in Ares between Mid December and mid October, 2014, and again between mid February and mid March, 2015. This will encourage free humanity style creativity and innovation in such areas as free energy technology, local community grass roots organization, education, and new forms of communication and commerce. This is for people who don’t need official permission from anybody to be proactive in finding and implementing real solutions. Inspired creative action to implement solutions enables optimal self sufficiency and survival, while furthering the cause of human spiritual evolution towards enlightenment. Forward looking people will make breakthroughs in consciousness and suddenly understand a much bigger and more multidimensional picture of reality.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo is inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn between late August and late September 2014, and again between the beginning Of February and late March 2015. One of the manifestations of this difficult transit will be the hubris and extreme arrogance of the elitists. Count on the negative side of Jupiter in Leo in inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn to go on the ultimate decadent, delusional, ego power trip. The most corrupt Roman emperors could not have been more extreme than what is going on now. Obama, who is a Leo, exemplifies this in the extreme.

The natural desire of the younger generation for creative freedom of self expression will encounter the subversive influence of the elitist agenda. As survival conditions get worse and it becomes more generally apparent who the real perpetrators of the worlds major problems are the younger generation will rebel against the control freak state and start to create their own vision of society. There will be false starts and the old corrupted established power structure will do whatever it can to co-opt this movement. Never the less some of the new more viable social experiments will make it through to be the seeds of a new civilization.

Jupiter enters Virgo on August12, 2015 and leaves Virgo on September 9, 2016. Jupiter turns retrograde at 23 degrees and 14 minutes of Virgo on January 8, 2016 and turns direct at 13 degrees and 15 minutes of Virgo on May 9, 2016.

Jupiter in Virgo will expand a movement of developing specialized practical skills. In the absence of jobs people will be forced to go into business for themselves. Craftsmanship, the ability to fix broken equipment, and solve practical problems will have value in exchange for money, trade or barter. There will be a return to traditional medicine based on sound diet, herbs, and healthy life style. Government attempts to restrict such free enterprise will simply drive it into an under ground black market movement.

Jupiter in Virgo is trine Pluto in Capricorn in October of 2015, March of 2016, and mid June through mid July of 2016. This influence encourages breakthroughs in the recycling industry. These developments will be environmentally friendly as well as economically profitable by turning waste products into usable raw materials and products. There will also be medical advances in genetics and life extension.

Jupiter in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius between the beginning of March and mid June, 2016. This describes a struggling economy, strikes and labor disputes, and lack of funds for medical care. Whatever the government does to solve economic problems is likely to make them worse.

Jupiter in Virgo is inconjunct Uranus in Ares between October 27 and November 16, 2015, between February 24, 2016 and March 8, 2016, and between August 4 and 22, 2016. This suggests run away inflation and the bursting of economic bubbles such as what happened to the US housing market in 2008. There will be erratic swings in stock and commodities markets and currency exchange rates. This influence could indicate the rise of extremist religious cults of various kinds. There could be disruption of long distance travel as a result of economic-political instability or acts of nature.

Pluto enters Aquarius On March 24, 2023. Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn on June 11, 2023. Pluto re enters Aquarius on January 22, 2024. Pluto leaves Aquarius in 2043. Once Pluto has finally left Capricorn the old corrupt control structure will finally have died out. As Pluto enters Aquarius the first humble beginning of a new and very different kind of social organization can begin to take hold like the first seedling of what will eventually become a mighty tree. Even tough these localized actions will seem tiny and insignificant taken as single events they will be happening simultaneously in many locations thus creating an underground network that will reorganize into a holographic rather than the old pyramidal military chain of command model or structure of communication and decision making. This will be facilitated by the ongoing proliferation of ever more sophisticated electronic communication technology and by the ongoing and accelerating evolution of human telepathic capabilities. It will be much harder, in fact near impossible to deceive and manipulate a population capable of reading psychic energies and discerning motivations.

Neptune leaves Pisces and enters Ares on March 31, 2025. Neptune retrogrades back into Pisces on October 23, 2025. Neptune re enters Ares on January 27, 2026. Neptune leaves Ares and enters Taurus in 2038. There will be a reaction against the dysfunctional past and a rejection of psychological muddle and confusion. There will be a collectively sensed need to engage in creative action to implement a new vision for humanity.

Saturn entering Aries is conjunct Neptune in the first 3 degrees of Ares between Late May and early September 2025 and between Late January and early April, 2026. This will be the beginning of a new karmic Cycle. On the positive side there is the opportunity to bring into practical manifestation a new vision for human civilization based on positive action, creativity, cooperation, and sharing. The negative side of Saturn-Neptune is subconscious (Neptune) fear (Saturn). In the beginning of Ares this is likely to be the fear of moving into uncharted territory, the fear of the unknown. For braver souls it will be the ultimate adventure.

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