Eclipses of 2014 and 2015

An astrological analysis including 4 total lunar eclipses

There will be 4 successive total lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015. It is very unusual to have 4 total lunar eclipses and a total solar eclipse in a 2 year span of time.

The first of these total lunar eclipses is on April 15, 2014. The eclipse axis has the Sun at 25 degrees of Ares and the Moon at 25 degrees of Libra. Mercury in this eclipse horoscope is exactly conjunct Uranus, exactly square Pluto and Jupiter, while closely opposed to Mars. Thus Mercury triggers the entire grand square configuration of April 2014. A shockingly dramatic breaking news story could inflame global public opinion. The dramatic news story could be a stock and or bond market crash, a false flag terrorist attack, an outbreak of war, global financial meltdown, or a major natural disaster. A few hours prior to the eclipse time, the Moon in Libra is in opposition to Uranus and Mercury, square Pluto, square Jupiter, and conjunct Mars, thus triggering the entire cardinal grand square configuration. The Moon and Mercury acting together are major triggers for the cardinal grand square configuration. The government and main stream media will try to keep the lid on a dramatic shocking revelation, but will be unable to do so, because of alternative media and or because the crisis is so self evident as to be undeniable. Important whistle blowers will come forward.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus is part of the grand square in this eclipse chart. There could be a false flag attack on the internet, or hackers could obtain and disseminate suppressed information. Revolution will involve hacking of corporate, intelligence agency, banking, Federal Reserve, and military   computers and electronic communications systems. Much of the struggle for human freedom will be fought out on the cyber war battlefield. In the eclipse chart cast for Washington DC Mars is in the 8th house and Uranus, Mercury, the Sun, and the south Moon’s node are in the 2nd house.

It is significant that the 5th exact Uranus Pluto square, the above Mercury Uranus conjunction, the exact cardinal grand square and the total lunar eclipse of April 15, 2014 are all within 8 days of each other. A further stage of major global destabilization seems inevitable in April, 2014.

In the horoscope of the April 15, 2014 Total lunar eclipse chart Venus at 10 degrees of Pisces is Conjunct Neptune at 6 degrees and 47 minutes of Pisces and conjunct Chiron at 15 degrees and 54 minutes of Pisces. All 3 of these planets in Pisces are trine Jupiter at 12 degrees and 53 minutes of Cancer. Venus and Chiron also sextile Pluto at 13 degrees 35 minutes of Capricorn, and inconjunct Mars at 16 degrees and 29 degrees of Libra. . Mars in Libra is retrograding back into an opposition to Uranus, a square to Pluto and a square to Jupiter. This is the beginning of the late April, 2014 grand square configuration. This suggests an economic crisis such as accelerating inflation, currency devaluation, stock-bond market crash, or banking system melts down. The cardinal grand square in this eclipse chart activates the 2nd house Sun in Cancer square the 5th house Saturn in Libra aspect in the US horoscope. The dollar could loose its world oil trading and reserve currency status.

The second total lunar eclipse occurs on October 8, 2014 at 15 degrees and 20 minutes of Ares and Libra. The eclipse axis is almost perfectly aligned with Uranus within less than a 1 degree orb and is also square to Pluto, making this an extraordinarily powerful eclipse. The Moon is closely conjunct to Uranus indicating that the people of the world will take unexpected and revolutionary actions to free themselves from economic, political and military enslavement. Revolutionary actions can catch the established power structures of the world off guard and happen in unusual ways that the ruling elite are not prepared for.

The Moon conjunct Uranus in Ares representing the general human population of the planet suggests sudden unexpected uprisings and demonstrations of people power. This could take various forms such as boycotts, tax revolts, class action law suits, civil disobedience, and occupation of government buildings. Revolution could involve hacking of corporate, intelligence agency, banking, Federal Reserve, and military   computers and electronic communications systems. Much of the struggle for human freedom will be fought out on the cyber war battlefield. In the eclipse chart cast for Washington DC Mars is in the 8th house and Uranus, Mercury, the Sun, and the south Moon’s node are in the 2nd house.

Mercury at 1 and ½ degrees of Scorpio applying to a trine to Neptune suggests that increasing mass psychic awareness will enable the people of the world to see through official lies, deceit, and divide and rule tactics. False flag attacks will backfire as a more sophisticated world citizenry will see through the deceit and inconsistencies. Mass psychological mind control methods that were effective in the past will no longer work as well as they used to if at all.

Mars at almost 17 degrees of Sagittarius forms an almost exact trine with Jupiter in 17 degrees of Leo, and is trine to the Moon-Uranus conjunction in 14 and 15 degrees of Ares creating an overall grand trine configuration in the fire signs. Mars and Jupiter are also sextile the Sun in Libra. The grand trine configuration in fire signs will build energy and momentum among the people of the world to envision and build a more positive future for human freedom and creativity. This will go beyond rebellion against oppression and tyranny and will include a positive vision for human culture and civilization that encourages freedom justice, cooperation, sharing, creativity, spiritual values, and a positive vision for the future. Those who take positive action to build new, more just, enlightened, self sufficient and ecologically sustainable communities, and economic-political-social structures will be the real leaders in the new era. Awareness of problems without awareness of solutions can produce denial and apathy. Both are necessary. We must be willing to look at the huge problems we face. Then there is the possibility of identifying and implementing real solutions. As the Hopi’s have recently said “we are the people we have been waiting for”. It is up to us to make it happen. No religious hierarchy, government, or big corporation, will do it for us.

The grand trine configuration can also have a down side. The recent water sign grand trine of July, 2013 produced massive flooding all over the world. The grand trine can signify elements that are excessive or out of control. The fire sign grand trine between mid September and mid October of 2014 and in the October 8, 2014 total lunar eclipse chart involving Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Ares could easily coincide with out of control wild fires, fires in cities, volcanic eruptions, nuclear meltdowns, and fiery industrial accidents such as at oil and gas wells, refineries, oil pipelines. And power plants.

I suspect that there already exist inventions and new technologies that have been proven to work in neutralizing radioactive pollution. The problem can not be solved at the physical level. Radioactive pollution must be neutralized at the sub atomic level where neutrons can be moved from one atom to another through interdimentional sub space. The theorists, researchers, and inventors with real solutions tend to be ignored because the discoveries they make don’t fit with current official scientific dogma, or because of deliberate corporate-government interference. These ideas and methodologies deserve research and implementation.

Venus at 10 degrees of Libra is aligned with the eclipse axis within a 5 degree orb. Venus is also almost exactly square Pluto. We can expect more shocking revelations concerning pedophilia and other aberrant sexual perversions in high places. Covert elitist agendas are degrading the arts and entertainment through financial control of the media and entertainment industries. This deliberate agenda is intended to degrade moral standards and corrupt society.

Pluto is conjunct the 4th house cusp of the eclipse chart set up for Washington DC. Environmental concerns, especially radioactive pollution From Fukushima and other nuclear industry sources will take a terrible toll, becoming a dominant world wide environmental and political issue, as the consequences of radioactive pollution become increasingly impossible to ignore.

The next eclipse of importance is a total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 at 29 degrees and 27 minutes of Pisces, only about 12 hours from the 2014 Aries ingress or spring equinox. This solar eclipse is in the middle of the 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses

The eclipse chart cast for Washington DC has Saturn is in the 10th house and conjunct the midheaven within 2 degrees. Venus at 3 degrees and 35 minutes of Taurus is inconjunct to Saturn. This suggests economic problems involving, government, banks and other official institutions. Jupiter in the 6th house at 13 degrees of Leo is inconjunct Mercury in 12 degrees of Pisces, inconjunct Pluto at 15 degrees of Capricorn, and trine Uranus at 15 degrees of Ares. Jupiter Mercury and Pluto form a Y configuration in this March 20 2015 total eclipse horoscope. There is the possibility of a revolt within the military. More whistle blowers within secret agencies, the military and major banks, and corporations will come forward with more shocking information.

This solar eclipse chart cast for Washington DC has the south Moons node, Uranus, Mars and Venus In the 2nd house. This indicates destabilizing economic conditions. Jupiter in Leo Trine Uranus in Aries suggests positive innovations and technologies can be implemented. It can also mean breakthroughs in spiritual awareness. People all over the world will share a common sense of spiritual unity in implementing sustainable solutions for human survival. Mass demonstrations will become as large as to number in the millions.

The Eclipse is at 29 degrees and 27 Minutes of Pisces is only approximately 12 hours from the vernal equinox. This last degree of Pisces position of the eclipse symbolizes serious now or never unfinished business and agendas belonging to the old cycle and the old economic, governmental, military, industrial, and religious institutions that that will be blind sided by radical change, before being completed. This delay of the elitist agenda allows more time for the spiritual awakening to take hold.

The 3rd of 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses takes place on April 4, 2015. The eclipse axis at 14 degrees and 20 minutes of Ares and Libra is aligned with Uranus at 16 degrees and 20 minutes of Ares and closely square Pluto at 15 degrees and 30 minutes of Capricorn, forming a T square with Pluto. This configuration will fuel revolutionary sentiment. This Eclipse set up for Washington DC has Mercury, the south Moon’s node, the Sun, and Uranus forming a stellium in Ares in the 12th house in opposition to the Moon in Libra in the 6th house. Obama care and inadequate health care in general will arouse public anger, as will the overloaded and corrupt prison system, and the secret network of FEMA camps that are set up like concentration camps.

On the positive side Jupiter at 12 degrees and 27 minutes of Leo is trine The Sun and Uranus and is sextile the Moon. This implies more spiritual awakening in the general populace and demand for re establishing constitutional rule of law. There is the possibility that technological innovations can be used constructively for a change, to improve the human condition.

The 4th consecutive total lunar eclipse is on September 28, 2015, with the eclipse axis is at 4 degrees and 41 minutes of Ares and Libra.  Unemployment will continue to be a major problem. Unsafe working conditions and industrial pollution will continue to be a big issue. Mercury conjunct the south Moon’s node and in opposition to the North Moon’s node suggests that the public will be more aware of what goes on behind the scenes and what the real elitist agenda is. This will result in even more massive public distrust of the established economic-political power structure.

Saturn in the 6th house of the eclipse chart is inconjunct the south Moon’s node and semi-sextile the north Moon’s node, square Mars, inconjunct the Moon, and semi-sextile the Sun. Environmental pollution, and unemployment will continue to be big problems. Chemical and biological pollution of water supplies, medicines, vaccines, and food will wreck havoc on public health and become an increasingly important political issue. Labor problems along with a radically resurgent labor movement will gain increasing significance.

Neptune in Pisces is in the 10th house conjunct within 6 degrees to the midheaven and in opposition to Mars and Jupiter in Virgo in the 4th house in this eclipse horoscope. This signifies a corrupt government that is out of touch with reality and increasingly not trusted by the people at the grass roots level.

Mercury at almost 10 degrees of Libra in the 5th house is inconjunct to Neptune in the 10th house and applying to a square to Pluto in the 8th house at 13 degrees of Capricorn in the eclipse chart. Elitist control and militarization of public education will turn education into an institution for surveillance, regimentation, and slave training. This will increasingly be resisted by the younger generation and the public at large.

In addition to the 5 above specified total eclipses there are 3 additional partial solar eclipses. Partial eclipses are not as powerful as total eclipses, but they are significant especially when the eclipse axis is strongly aspected.

They are as follows.

Annular solar eclipse on April 29, 2014

Partial solar eclipse on October 23, 2014

Partial Solar eclipse September 13, 2015

The Annular Solar eclipse of April 29, 2014 is at 8 degrees and 52 minutes of Taurus. This eclipse includes the Cardinal Grand square of Late April, 2014. The eclipse chart cast for Washington DC places Saturn at 20 degrees and 52 minutes of Scorpio in the 10th, conjunct the 26 degree Scorpio Midheaven. This indicates a government bogged down by massive debt Mars in Libra in the 8th house is in opposition to Uranus in the 2nd house, square Jupiter in the 6th house, and square Pluto in the 12th house. This suggests sudden financial crisis with lots of secretive covert government, banking, and big corporate financial manipulation going on. Obama Care designed by corrupt big pharma and insurance companies will be enormously expensive and inefficient. Excessive taxation and outright theft of funds from private bank accounts will increasingly fuel public anger. Government financial abuse of the citizenry will build a massive black market as the people get increasingly fed up with corporate-government fascist abuse of the economic system.

The partial solar eclipse of October 23, 2014 calculated for Washington DC has Pluto conjunct the midheaven. The midheaven is also square Uranus in the 12th house. This is a further indication that the federal government has become totalitarian and could covertly orchestrate a dramatic false flag attack blamed on supposed terrorists to justify martial law and suspension of civil liberties. Venus is exactly conjunct the eclipse point in the 1st degree of Scorpio. The exact triple Venus, Sun, Moon conjunction is applying to a trine to Neptune indicating that the Public will increasingly intuitively understand what is really going on resulting in increasing public distrust of the co-opted government. The establishment will want war while the people want peace and justice. Mars at 28 degrees of Sagittarius is trine the Ascendant at 24 degrees of Ares and sextile The Sun Moon and Venus. Their will be wide spread protests and various forms of revolutionary action and non compliance with the oppressive corporate-government fascist agenda.

The partial solar eclipse of September 13, 2015 is at 20 degrees and 10 minutes of Virgo. This is in close opposition to Chiron at 19 degrees and 10 minutes of Pisces and inconjunct (aspect of 150 degrees) to Uranus at 19 degrees and 37 minutes of Ares. The eclipse chart set for Washington DC has Uranus conjunct within a 3 degree orb to the Midheaven at 16 degrees and 44 minutes of Ares. The eclipse is in the 3rd house of communications and media. There will be much controversy in the media regarding government lying, fraud, and abuse of power. Mercury in Libra conjunct the 4th house cusp is square to Pluto in the 6th house and in opposition to Uranus .conjunct to the midheaven. Corruption and dysfunctionality of the medical system under Obama care or whatever medical system exists at that time will arouse public anger. Mercury in opposition to Uranus indicates government invasion of privacy and computerized spying on internet and telephone communications. Electronic ease dropping devices are also built into so called smart meters and household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, TV sets, and compact florescent light bulbs. There will also be a counter movement of revolutionary hackers and whistle blowers who will spy on and reveal secretive official agendas and illegal unconstitutional actions that are perpetrated against the people.

Venus at 15 degrees of Leo is inconjunct to Pluto in the 6th house and inconjunct to Chiron in the 9th house, thus forming a Y configuration. International trafficking of children and adults for the sexual perversions of the rich and powerful will continue to be a problem. These activities will also spread venereal diseases which can develop into a widespread problem, with new virulent mutated strains emerging. As information and proof of these abuses becomes wider spread there will be increasing public disillusionment and anger. Those who are psychologically unwilling to face the truth will shut down and go into denial until immediate dire circumstances in there immediate personal life forces them to face reality.

Venus at 15 degrees of Leo and Mars at 22 degrees of Leo are in a wide but also applying conjunction. This again emphasizes sexual issues and what people do for pleasure and entertainment. Both planets are sextile Mercury which is conjunct to the 4th house cusp and in trine to Uranus and the midheaven. These favorable aspects should raise public awareness regarding these issues.

Saturn in the 5th house is at 29 degrees and 40 minutes of Scorpio, in a wide but applying square to Mars. This suggests a degraded under funded police state style educational system deliberately designed by the elitists to dumb down and enslave the younger generation.

In this eclipse chart Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd house is in close opposition to Neptune in Pisces in the 8th house. This indicates excessive deficit spending, and excessive printing of fiat currency, leading to run away inflation and destruction of the value of the Dollar. By September of 2015 much will have changed. In a year and a half or so we could be living in a very different reality. Mars in the second house trine Uranus conjunct the midheaven suggests experiments in alternative currencies. Uranus conjunct the midheaven suggests revolution and radical changes in government.

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