The Astrology of the Change-over Years 2013 through 2027 – Part 1

The change over years is a 15 year period from the end of the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012 to the Winter Solstice of 2027. As of this writing (January and February of 2015), we are already more than 2 years into the Change over Years. The term “change over years” is a term introduced by the Pleiadian ET’s channeled by Barbara Marciniak. According to the group of ET beings Barbara Works with, the change-over years 2013 through 2027 will be a time of slow down as compared to the nano-second (1987 through 2012) which was a time of extreme acceleration, especially during the last 5 years of the nano-second between December 21, 2007 and December 21, 2012. According to these Pleiadian beings, the change-over years will be characterized by the slowdown, breakdown, and increasing dysfunction of the established economic, political, industrial, educational, and religious institutions and systems throughout the world.

Physical survival will be extremely challenging for the human population of Earth. Of  the 15 year period of the change-over years the first 5 years encompassing 2013 through 2017 will see the most dramatically destabilizing break down of life as we have known it. I will do a more detailed analysis in part 1 of this document encompassing the next 3 years till the end of 2017.This is because of the immediate importance of dramatic destabilizing changes that are most likely to take place over the remainder of this 5 year period.

In Part 2 of this document I will cover the 10 year period encompassing 2018 through the end of 2027. This 10 year period will involve the after effects and resulting dysfunction from the dramatic breakdown of civilization as we have known it that will occur between now and the end of 2017. Just exactly how this breakdown takes place and what major destabilizing events occur first is hard to say exactly because the free will of Humanity, ET beings, and the Earth herself  is still at play. In one possible scenario major Earth changes could upstage and curtail the Human geo-political drama. In another possible scenario global economic meltdown could be the first major event to drastically alter the global human condition, and there are other possible events that could be the initial event that pushes the world as we have known it into chaos. As of now we are hanging by a thread. I will not go into as much detail in part 2 because what happens then will play out at a slower pace and will greatly depend on what happens over the next 3 years. I will cover the outer planets Saturn through Pluto transits through the signs, major outer planet aspects, important eclipses, and significant aspect configurations that trigger outer planets aspects involving Jupiter and the inner planets, and periods during which planets are stationary turning retrograde or direct, while making important aspects.

In astrology the unfolding of mass karma is associated with the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter who only takes slightly more than a year to transit a sign is considered as being transitional between the outer planets and the inner planets. The inner planets are associated more with individual concerns and personal expression. The inner planets are the Sun, and  the Moon,( that are called luminaries) and the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The transiting Moon’s nodes, which move backwards through the zodiac, are also a very significant factor in gauging mass karma and the mood of the collective subconscious and how that plays out in significant trends and events.

I will cover the next 3 years in three ways,

These will be as follows.

#1 the outer planets transiting the signs staring with Pluto, Neptune 2nd, Uranus 3rd, followed by Saturn and Jupiter.

#2 Outer planet aspects starting with Pluto and working inwards to Jupiter

#3 Activating aspects from faster moving planets to important more long term outer planet aspects, especially those involving multi-planet configurations with close orbs and or important alignments with eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, Planetary stationary positions, and the US horoscope.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn until January 22, 2024, when Pluto enters Aquarius. Pluto turns retrograde at 2 degrees and 6 minutes of Aquarius on May 2nd, 2024. Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn on September 2, 2024. Pluto re enters Aquarius on November 20, 2024.

Much of Pluto in Capricorn has taken place with Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception (2 planets in each others signs of ruler-ship). This mutual reception has significantly contributed to the totalitarian and oppressive anti life character of established economic and governmental power structures all over the world in the current era. The negative side of the Saturn-Pluto combination is about as bad as it gets, as it represents intentional, pre meditated, covert, planned, organized evil. For example Saturn in Gemini was in opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius in alignment with the Ascendant and Uranus in the US horoscope When 911 happened on September 11, 2001.

Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house have much to do with processes of elimination and recycling. We see this happening in nature in a healthy way in trees dropping their leaves in autumn to become fertilizer for the next year’s growth. The use of the feces of farm animals to make fertilizer is another example. Scrap iron melted down to make new steel is an industrial example.

Pluto is also associated with the toxic byproducts of industry, especially radioactive pollution from the nuclear power and weapons industry. This is the single most important threat to the survival of life on planet Earth. Mass die offs are already occurring in the Pacific Ocean as a result of Fukushima. Genetically modified organisms or GMO’s and petrochemical pollution, such as in the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well rupture also pose a grave threat to the survival of life on Earth. Pluto is associated with death and rebirth and transformation at the very core of existence. When the nuclear power and weapons industry creates radioactive pollution and when the petrol chemical industry creates toxic byproducts that the biosphere is unable to recycle these pollutants in a healthy way life is destroyed and evolution of life is held back. This is evil.

Saturn entered Scorpio on October 6, 2012. Saturn left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius on December 24, 2014.Saturn turns Retrograde at 4 degrees and 55 minutes of Sagittarius on March 14, 2015 only 3 days from the 7th and final exact Uranus-Pluto square on March 17, 2015 at 15 degrees and 17 minutes of Ares and Capricorn. Saturn turns retrograde 2 days after Mars in Ares is exactly conjunct Uranus in Ares and square Pluto in Capricorn on March 12, 2015. The spring equinox on March 21 is only a week after Saturn turns retrograde.

A total solar eclipse takes place on March 20 at 29 degrees and 27 minutes of Pisces less than ½ a degree prom the spring equinox. The third in a series of 4 total lunar eclipses takes place on April 4, 2015 at 14 degrees and 24 minutes of Ares and Libra in close alignment with Uranus and square to Pluto.

Saturn turning retrograde could indicate that the establishment powers that be could go into a more defensive damage control mode as the revolutionary forces represented by Mars conjunct Uranus take the initiative.

Mercury in Pisces is square Saturn in Sagittarius between March 15 and 18, 2015. Mercury square Saturn indicates that the establishment will do whatever it can to spin, suppress, and distort real news and accurate information concerning major world events that are taking place. As Mercury moves into conjunction with Neptune in Pisces between March 18 and 20, these establishment attempts to suppress and distort real news will shift more heavily into disinformation mode by attempting to create a web of confusion and falsehood. Psychically sensitive people who can read the energy will see through these establishment attempts to manage the news, and will have a better understanding of the underlying core issues. When all of the above factors are considered, it is apparent why March of 2015 has a very strong potential to be a major historic turning point.

Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 15, 2015. Saturn turns direct on August 2, 2015, at 28 degrees and 17 minutes of Scorpio. Saturn re-enters Sagittarius on September 19, 2015.

Pluto in Capricorn suggests the death and fundamental change in governments and the established economic and political power structures that currently control the world. These fatally corrupt institutions are rotting from the inside out. They are losing their grip even though it may superficially appear that they are more oppressive than ever with their pervasive surveillance, swat teams, and militarized police. The corrupt establishment is losing intellectually and spiritually as exponentially increasing numbers of people are seeing through the official façade and understanding the real elitist agenda. Financial upheaval and dramatic events over the next few years will disrupt national and global economic, governmental and industrial infrastructures. There are simply too many ways in which the current economic, political and industrial systems are unsustainable even in the short term of the next few years. By the time Pluto enters Aquarius and Neptune enters Ares in 2024 and 2025 these systems will no longer exist in the way we know them today, and a new type of civilization can begin to take hold in whatever human condition has survived on Earth up until that time.

Pluto in Capricorn needs to be understood in the context of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn This has been the dominant outer planet aspect since 2011.There still remains the last of 7 exact Uranus-Pluto squares on March 17, 2015.There will be 2 close approaches to an exact Uranus-Pluto squares One in December 2015, within less than a 2 degrees of exactness on December 26, 2015 and one within less than 3 and ½ degrees of exactness on December 22, 2016 These close approaches can still be effective when Uranus and Pluto are activated by aspects from other faster moving planets.

A prime example of such activation of aspects between outer planets by faster moving planets is March of 2015. The last of 7 exact Uranus-Pluto squares transpires on March 17, 2015 at 15 degrees and 17 minutes of Ares and Capricorn. Venus in Ares is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto between March 2 and 7, 2015, with the exact aspects on March 5 and 6. Mars in Aries is conjunct Uranus and square Pluto between April 8 and 15, 2015 with the exact aspects on March 12. This will be a very volatile period of significant danger to the world.

Fortunately Jupiter in Leo is part of this configuration to add a positive, creative influence to the mix. Jupiter is inconjunct (150 degree aspect) to Pluto between mid February and Mid June, 2015, allowing for a 3 degree orb or variation from exactness. Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees and 35 minutes of Leo on April 8, 2015. The inconjunct is a difficult aspect. There will be no lack of hypocrisy and counterfeit spirituality coming from organized religion, and rosy appearing lies and deceits coming from the powers that be and their controlled media. There will be rampant insider manipulation of stock, bond, and commodity markets by the Federal Reserve, international banksters, and heads of international mega corporations and the governments they control. Recycling materials used as fuel or raw materials for manufacturing will become more of a growth industry.

Jupiter in Leo is trine Uranus in Ares between mid February and mid March. 2015, and over June and early July 2015. This has significant positive creative possibilities. Forward looking proactive people will increasingly take charge of their own destiny by starting their own businesses, organizing humanitarian projects with their friends, and inventing new technologies for manufacturing and energy production. Localized food production and manufacturing through automated computer controlled green house environments, 3D printing, computer controlled, precision metal working and many other ways will become the most effective and inexpensive ways of meeting human needs for survival and growth into the future.

People will become more adept at recycling, repairing, and inventing using what they already have on hand and through working together, trading and bartering within their local communities. There will be experimentation with new currencies and computerized bartering systems. Such endeavors for self sufficiency may be persecuted at first as they have been in many cases up till now: but as the old systems fall away, the new more efficient and humanitarian ways of organizing society, using technology, and conducting business will take hold. At the spiritual level people will rely more on their own inner guidance and less on external dogma. Coordinated group and mass meditations can be extremely effective in creating positive peaceful future probabilities and time lines. According to research done with transcendental meditation a very small percentage of the over all population meditating in a coordinated way on a regular basis was show to statistically reduce the crime rate. This same principal practiced on a world wide basis could prevent wars and other disasters, and open up higher states of consciousness in exponentially growing numbers of people.

A second example of faster moving planets triggering long term outer planet aspects is in mid July of 2015. Mars in Libra is square Pluto between July 13 and July 19, 2015. Mars Is in opposition to Uranus between July 22 and 28, 2015. Mercury in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn between July 15 and 17 and square Uranus between July 18 and 20, 2015. The combination of these Mars and Mercury aspects make mid July of 2015 a volatile time for the world. There is a higher probability of destructive or violent events most likely in the form of false flags, but also in the form of confrontations between the poor and disenfranchised against the established power structure and its police and military. The establishment will exploit these any way it can, to justify more militarization and centralization of power. More shocking suppressed information, about abuse of power and betrayal of the public trust in high places, will come to light.

A third significant example of such activation is the late fall of 2016. Transiting Jupiter in Libra is square to Pluto on November 25, 2016 and opposition to Uranus on December 24, 2016. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn in mid November 2016 and trine Uranus in Ares in late December of 2016.Transiting Venus in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto on November 24, 2016 and square Uranus on November 29, 2016.  Transiting Mars in Aquarius is semi-sextile Pluto and sextile Uranus in the first week of December 2016. Transiting Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde on December 19, 2016 at 15 degrees of Capricorn almost exactly conjunct Pluto within 1 degree and 13 minutes of orb.

All of these aspects to Pluto and Uranus taken together indicate that the late fall of 2016 has the potential to be a very historically significant time.

Transiting Mercury goes through a retrograde cycle in Gemini in May and June of 2015. Mercury enters Gemini on May 2, 2015. Mercury turns retrograde at 13 degrees of Gemini on May 19, 2015. Mercury turns direct at 4 degrees and 35 minutes of Gemini on June 11, 2015. Mercury returns to 13 degrees of Gemini the degree he turned retrograde at on June 27, 2015, Mercury leaves Gemini on July 9, 2015. Mercury is more or less conjunct the US horoscope Ascendant and or Uranus between May 5 and June 5, 2015. This has for the US a similar theme to the previous Mercury retrograde Cycle in Aquarius. There will be major news stories that will have shocking revelations for the American people that will be a wake up call for many. Many Americans will be dismayed by the extent to which they have been lied to by politicians, major corporations, the government, and main stream controlled media.

In the last 10 days of May Transiting Mars in Gemini is conjunct retrograding Mercury with both planets conjunct the ascendant and Uranus in the US horoscope. This will arouse public anger in response to dramatic revelations and shocking events. There will be large public demonstrations that have a potential to become violent. The unexpected nature of what happens could be an enormous embarrassment and disgrace to the established power structure. There is a potential for disruption of transportation and telephone and internet communications. There is also the possibility of major power outages and or dysfunction of the internet, telephone systems and other electronic communications resulting from the breakdown of the electrical power grid. Transiting Mercury is again conjunct the US ascendant and Uranus between June 18 and 26, 2015 after Mercury has turned direct. Mercury turning direct at 4 and ½ degrees of Gemini is only 3 degrees from the ascendant of the US chart. For practical purposes Mercury is conjunct the US ascendant and or Uranus for all of May and June of 2015. There will be an enormous news story that will not go away that will be a major game changer where public opinion is concerned. This very unusually prolonged Mercury transit will trigger a series of shocking revelations that will unravel the big lie and reveal the shocking truth of official duplicity before the whole world. The speed as well as the unexpected and unusual nature of these revelations will catch the establishment off guard and unprepared.

During most of May and June of 2015 Mercury is also square Neptune at 9 degrees of Pisces. This implies that many long standing official lies and deceptions will be exposed. This will be a very confusing time for the world and especially for the United States. A series of successive attempts to suppress, falsify, manage, and spin the news by the government and corporate controlled media will result in a self contradictory, unmanageable tangle of lies that no intelligent person can take seriously. False flag terrorist attacks may work in the short run in mobilizing a mass public emotional reaction but the official deception will unravel over time and discredit the government and the corporate media. This has certainly been true of 911.

Major shocking revelations and events will happen so fast, and in sudden, unpredictable, multiple ways, and in so many places simultaneously, that the established economic-corporate-government, power structure will be caught off guard. The surprise factor will work to their disadvantage and make it impossible for them to respond in a coordinated, organized way.

The establishment oligarchy is thoroughly dependent on computer technology and the internet for commerce and communication. The oligarchy’s network of centralized control is the most dependant on the internet and electronic communications technology. Attempts by the establishment to control, sensor, or shut down the internet will result in shooting themselves in the foot. Inside sources of information embedded in the established power structure, whistle blowers, and hackers will increasingly continue to expose official corruption and mal intent.

Venus goes through a retrograde cycle, Mostly in Leo, in the summer of 2015. Venus enters Leo on June 8, 2015. Venus enters Virgo on July 19, 2015. Venus turns retrograde at 0 degrees and 46 minutes of Virgo on July 25, 2015. Venus retrogrades back into Leo on August 1, 2015. Venus turns direct at 14 degrees and 23 minutes of Leo on September 6, 2015. Venus enters Virgo on October 9, 2015.

Mars transits Leo between August 9, and September 25, 2015. The sun moves through Leo between July 23 and August 23. Mercury transits Leo between July 23 and August 7, 2015. Jupiter remains in Leo until August 12, 2015 when he enters Virgo. Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Leo between June 27 and July 6, 2015, and also between August1, and 8, 2015. This is favorable for creativity in the arts, especially the performing arts. On the level of personal relationships it helps genuine expressions of love and connectedness with other people through the heart chakra. Despite the insanity of the times we live in people will still find ways to socialize, have fun, and be creative. There is danger of ostentation and excessiveness, especially among the wealthy and privileged sectors of society.

These positive potentials are further augmented by the Venus-Jupiter conjunction and its trine to Uranus in Ares between June 27 and July 6, 2015. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction exactly overlaps with the timing of Venus trine Uranus and Jupiter trine Uranus. This 3 planet configuration has enormous creative potential where cultural and scientific breakthroughs can take place. Many of these breakthrough will not be widely known about when they happen but they will never the les be significant in the long run. Creativity will not be exclusively in music and art, but also in science and the implementation of breakthrough technologies. The blend of art and technology will produce some epic movies and documentaries. There will be a movement towards a more humanitarian and home schooling approach to education which fosters individual creative expression and healthy cultural values. Festivals, gatherings, social occasions, and parties are favored.

The multiple transits of planets through Leo further emphasize education related issues. People will discover that they can educate themselves through creative projects. Creative projects can be anything from growing a garden, to building a green house, to inventing a new kind of electrical generator, to putting on a party or event, as examples. The process of gathering the knowledge, resources, and cooperation of other people and other conscious beings to accomplishing such goals is in and of itself an advanced educational methodology . Such activities are encouraged by multiple planets transiting Leo over the summer of 2015. The year of 2015 is a time when people of vision and constructive purpose can make progress despite the unprecedented dangers and challenges that 2015 holds. In this processes inspired leadership will come from unexpected places. People will re discover the ability to as individuals and groups survive and prosper by implementing inventive solutions to the problems they face. Such resourcefulness and self reliance is the key to achieving a successful culture and civilization.

Much of this inventive creativity will have to be carried out quietly as an underground movement in many places simultaneously, all over the planet. In the initial stages, there is danger of covert and or overt oppression of such grass roots movements over the next 3 years in particular, and until 2024 and 2025 when Pluto enters Aquarius and Neptune enters Ares. Until that time the dying established power structure will attempt in whatever ways it can to suppress independent self sufficient alternative culture that could threaten centralized tyrannical control. As the old established power structure looses its grip more enlightened ways of organizing society will take hold. The most important breakthroughs will be the breakthroughs in human consciousness and the development of so called paranormal psychic abilities.

The summer of 2015 is far from all sweetness and light. Venus in Leo is square Saturn at 28 degrees of Scorpio between July 10 and August 10, 2015. The depressed global economy will make life more difficult for just about everybody. There will be an emotional undercurrent of insecurity and melancholy as the human condition gets harder because of the economic and environmental state of the world.

Jupiter in Leo is square Saturn in Scorpio Between July 25 and August 12, 2015. This indicates economic setbacks, and government interference getting in the way of progress. Government regulations, excessive taxation, and debt will impede progress.

Mars in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces between July 5 and 12, 2015. This will generally enhance the ability of people to trust and act on their gut level intuition. This influence enhances the ability to heal and help others to heal. There is a greater potential for intuitively guided action.

Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn between July 13 and 19, 2015. Mars in Cancer is square to Uranus between July 18 and 28, 2015. There is under these influences increased danger of violent destructive occurrences. The Mars-Pluto opposition is aligned with the Sun and square Saturn in the US horoscope. This could have serious economic consequences for the United States and for the world. Violent events whether man made or acts of nature could trigger global economic Chaos.

Over all July is a potentially very dangerous time but also holds great promise for creative progress in the arts and sciences and in creating a more benevolent people friendly global culture. Every human citizen of Earth has the opportunity to make a positive difference through contributing to solutions through their prayers, meditations, thoughts, feelings, actions, and use of available resources. Some people are in a position to make a big difference and others less, but on some level or levels everyone can make a difference to some extent. When enough people do this life on Earth in general and for humanity in particular can survive and re build civilization on a more advanced level.

During September 2015 transiting Jupiter in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. On the positive side this will enhance spiritual awareness and make people more aware of the spiritual connectedness of all life and all humanity. Jupiter in the practical sign of Virgo will help to put such developing spiritual awareness into practical application in making the human condition healthier. On the negative side the expansive nature of the Jupiter-Neptune combination can lead to grandiose delusions that are out of touch with practical reality. This influence can help people to rely more on their own inner spiritual guidance and be less dependent on external religious dogma. Venus and Mars are conjunct in the middle degrees of Leo in Late August and early September. This will amplify romantic attraction and chemistry in attraction between the sexes. Many of these relationships will involve a lot of drama characteristic of Leo.

A Mercury retrograde cycle takes place in Libra in September and October of 2015. Mercury enters Libra on August 28, 2015. Mercury turns retrograde at almost 16 degrees of Libra on September 17, 2015. Mercury turns direct at 0 degrees and 56 minutes of Libra in near exact conjunction to the north Moon’s node on October 9, 2016. This can lead to breakthroughs in mass conscious understanding of the core issues and historic significance of the times we are living in. Mercury returns to 16 degrees of Libra on October 25.  Mercury leaves Libra on November 2, 2015.

Mercury turning retrograde in mid Libra is roughly square Pluto and opposition Uranus in mid September. Mercury turning retrograde is closely sextile Venus in mid September. There will be shocking breaking news stories. These could be real or contrived (as in problem reaction solution false flag events) for purposes of mass psychology manipulation. As is usually the case glitches and scientifically impossible discrepancies will show up in the official story that discredits it in the long run. The establishment relies on public emotional reactivity, distraction, and short memory to promote the big lie. To serious researchers the official story will soon become ludicrous. This has certainly been the case with 911. Mercury sextile Venus is good fore literary endeavors and there could be some positive news stories along with all the insanity.

Transiting Venus in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto followed by square to Uranus between May 20 and 28. 2015. This could bring into the open scandals related to the deviant sexual practices of the wealthy and powerful. There has, for example, been an emerging scandal involving the pedophile practices of high officials and the royal family in England. Something could happen that would blow this wide open.

Saturn reenters Sagittarius on September 19, 2015. Sagittarius is a sign associated with religion, history, cultural traditions, social norms in terms of morality and acceptable behavior, legal systems, higher education, travel and contact with foreign cultures. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter associated with expansion and the big picture. Saturn is related to discipline, restriction, contraction and the lessons imposed by practical reality. The corrupted institutions of organized religions, unjust legal systems, governments, mega corporations, and global banking will come under increasing scrutiny as modern electronic communication makes inside information available to increasing percentages of the world’s people. Modern electronic communications technology has made it easier for government to spy on the people, but it has also made it easier for the people to spy on their governments. It is a double edged sword.

Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house have much to do with processes of elimination and recycling. We see this happening in nature in a healthy way in trees dropping their leaves in autumn to become fertilizer for the next year’s growth. The use of the feces of farm animals to make fertilizer is another example. Scrap iron melted down to make new steel is an industrial example.

Pluto is also associated with the toxic byproducts of industry, especially radioactive pollution from the nuclear power and weapons industry. This is the single most important threat to the survival of life on planet Earth. Mass die offs of entire species are already occurring in the Pacific Ocean as a result of Fukushima. Genetically modified organisms or GMO’s and petrochemical pollution, such as in the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well rupture also pose a grave threat to the survival of life on Earth. Pluto is associated with death and rebirth and transformation at the very core of existence. When the nuclear power and weapons industry creates radioactive pollution and when the petrol chemical industry create toxic byproducts that the biosphere is unable to recycle in a healthy way, then life is destroyed and the evolution of life is held back. This is evil.

Saturn reenters Sagittarius on September 19, 2015. Sagittarius is a sign associated with religion, history, cultural traditions, social norms in terms of morality and acceptable behavior, legal systems, higher education, travel and contact with foreign cultures. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter associated with expansion and the big picture.

Saturn is related to discipline, restriction, contraction, and the lessons imposed by practical reality. The corrupted institutions of organized religions, unjust legal systems, and compromised educational institutions that deliberately hide the truth will be increasingly be exposed and come into public disfavor. Religious, legal, educational, and cultural, belief systems and institutions that do not serve truth and justice, and the practical survival needs of the people will loose public acceptance and support. For self reliantly intelligent, spiritually aware people this will seem long overdue; for many of those who are more indoctrinated it will come as a psychologically devastating shock. Future generations will relegate such corrupted, institutionalized false belief systems to the superstitions of the past.

The establishment will attempt in every way it thinks it can get away with to impose a centrally controlled set of social norms, and dogmatic belief systems, but it will be impossible for them to put the genie back in the bottle. Too much critically important information is already publically available to those willing to look for it. Large numbers of people are waking up to what is really going on behind the curtain of official secrecy and this trend will continue to grow exponentially.

The practical consequences of the misuse of power and resources will become so blatantly obvious as to be undeniable. This will most especially increasingly be so with the consequences of Fukushima, the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well blowout, and other environmental catastrophes that have resulted from greed, megalomania, and short sightedness. Saturn in Sagittarius will require that humanity adopt a far more spiritually self reliant, just, practical, and reality oriented social code of ethics. There will be no room for double standards, and exclusive unearned entitlements based on privileged social status.

Saturn in Sagittarius can bring limitations on travel and long distance communications and commerce. This could be for a variety of reasons. Collapse of the global economic system, civil unrest, war, industrial accidents and or natural disasters such as earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, aberrant weather, and sudden climate change could make travel more dangerous expensive, time consuming, and in some cases impossible. All of these potential causes could damage or destroy the physical infrastructure of highway systems railroads, ports, electronic communications networks, and electrical power grids, on which travel and long distance communication depend. The financial insolvency of national governments, states, and municipalities will result in the neglect of the necessary repair maintenance and replacement of vital infrastructures on which modern life as we have known it depend. Restrictions on travel could also result from the high cost and or unavailability of fuel or as a result of government-military surveillance, quarantine, and lock down. Such conditions could force people to rely more on developing their psychic telepathic abilities.

Saturn in Sagittarius will also increase religious fanaticism among poor less educated and or heavily indoctrinated populations that are often used as pawns in the geo-political chess game. The deep corruption within the institutions of organized religion will become exponentially increasingly apparent to greater numbers of people. This will bring a shift away from institutional religion to greater reliance on inner spiritual guidance. Religion will have to become far more practical in actually serving the survival priorities of the people if it is to continue to have public support. As Saturn turns retrograde at 4 degrees and 55 minutes of Sagittarius on March 14, 2015, he comes within 3 degrees of being square to Neptune at 7 degrees and 51 minutes of Pisces.

Transiting Mercury in Pisces is square Saturn and then conjunct Neptune between March 15 and 19. This is called translating. This has the effect of making the some what wide 3 degree orb of this initial approach of Saturn square Neptune more effective. Intelligent people are becoming increasingly aware that an organized top down tyrannical oppressive force has been in control of Earth for along time. It can be traced back to hybrid human-ET bloodlines that have occupied the highest positions of power throughout history until present times. These bloodlines still predominantly occupy the highest positions in government, financial, and religious power. They in turn are controlled by negative off planet ET entities that invaded Earth and took over a long time ago.

The negative side of the Saturn-Neptune combination is subconscious fear and mental illness in the sense of being out of touch with reality. We can count on the elitists to manipulate this fear in every way they can to serve their agenda. Mercury conjunct Neptune will bring spiritually aware people deeper intuitive insights. As practical survival becomes more difficult for millions of people, many people who are psychologically and or physically unable to adjust to the daunting realities of current and near future world conditions will become psychologically unhinged and go psychotic. Some people will become more proactively self reliant in creating positive alternatives to what no longer supports life and others who are un willing to face reality and or are stuck in ridged belief systems will psychologically loose it. This will be even more noticeable by mid March, 2015. Through most of 2016 mass psychosis could reach panendemic proportions as vast numbers of people feel overwhelmed by the many challenges to their survival.

Saturn in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces between mid November and mid December 2015, with the exact square on November 27, 2015. Saturn is square Neptune a second time between mid May and early October 2016. The 2nd exact Saturn-Neptune square is on June 18, 2016 at 12 degrees an 2 minutes of Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces within a 2 degree orb between May 16 and October 27, 2016.

During Saturn square Neptune we will see the break down and dysfunction of the established medical system. Neptune, the 12th house and Pisces are associated with hospitals and institutions. Available medical resources will simply be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sick and psychologically disassociated people. There will simply not be enough money to keep the official medical systems going. The medical system will degenerate into a pill dispensary for big Pharma.

Countering all of this will be a return to affordable practical and effective traditional systems of healthy diets based on locally grown organic produce and herbs that have powerful known health benefits. Spiritual healing in its many forms will enjoy a major renaissance.  Food production will increasingly rely on fully computer operated green house environments.

Neptune in Pisces is associated with the Oceans of the world. Saturn square Neptune in Pisces describes the immense damage done to the worlds oceans by the petrol chemical industry and even more so by Fukushima. The damage to the pacific ocean by Fukushima is so severe that an extinction event is happening with mass species die offs. The fish, birds, and animals are all dying. Entire species of plant and animal life are already no longer there. There is a massive media blackout on these events. By 2016 when the Saturn-Neptune is fully operative the consequences of Fukushima will be so blatantly obvious as to be undeniable even to the most willfully ignorant. Humanity will have to face up to the fact that the nuclear power and weapons industry is a deadly threat to all life on Earth.

Jupiter enters Virgo on August 12, 2015. Jupiter turns retrograde at 23 degrees and 14 of Virgo on January 9, 2016. Jupiter turns direct at 13 degrees and 15 minutes of Virgo on May 9, 2016. Jupiter leaves Virgo September 9, 2016.

Jupiter transits including not just aspects to other planets, but also sign and house positions show where growth and expansion are possible.

They show where rapid progress can be made. On a financial level Jupiter shows where the greatest potential for profitability is. Many people who can no longer find jobs in companies and corporations will go into business for themselves in some capacity.

Virgo is associated with specialized knowledge and skills. This is why Virgo is associated with the medical profession with its emphasis on education and specialized skills. Virgo is also associated with food and farming. Many people will be interested in developing practical skills with which they can go into business for themselves. There will be a resurgence of interest in natural forms of medicine and healing. 3D printing and other computer operated manufacturing and food growing technology will make local community manufacturing and self sufficiency easier and more practical.

Jupiter in Virgo will greatly enhance and increase an already growing interest in and movement towards a return to natural organic farming and natural herbal and plant based healing. This will be with a higher scientific understanding of how natural processes work, and how to be in harmony with them. It will be based on respect for and cooperation with nature, rather than on attempting to conquer, dominate and control nature. Wealth will be re defined as ability to do that which creates health and sustainability instead of abstract numbers of dollars, euro’s, or whatever, that have variable and questionable value. What form this trend takes will vary depending on how much infrastructure of industry, communication, electric power grids, travel and commerce remains intact over the next few most historically critical years.

The dangers of collapse of the economic system, war, climate change, earth changes, petrol chemical and nuclear pollution cold play out in many ways depending on what happens first and in what sequence. The best overall survival strategy for humanity will emphasize Virgo virtues of efficiency, practicality, health, and sustainability.

Jupiter in Virgo is trine Pluto in Capricorn during October 2015, March of 2016, and between early June and early July 2016. Recycling and reuse of waste products will become a growth industry. 3D printing and other computer controlled manufacturing and food production will make self sufficiency and sustainability in small local communities more practical. As in the human body each of trillions of cells has the DNA coding to produce an entire body; so likewise each local community should strive to have the ability of re creating civilization.

Transiting Jupiter in Virgo is inconjunct Uranus between October 27 and November 18, 2015, and between February 24 and March 18, 2016, and a third time between August 3 and 23, 2016. This can increase interest in more natural environmentally friendly technology. It will also increase interest in natural medicine. Uranus can relate to the re discovery of technologies that are very ancient as well as those that are very modern. As the established systems of health care become more and more expensive and overloaded there will be increasing interest in simpler traditional and alternative healing methodologies. The undesirable, unexpected consequences of big Pharma dominated current standard medical practices will become increasingly apparent and unsustainable.

Jupiter enters Libra on September 10, 2016. Jupiter turns retrograde on February 6, 2017. Jupiter turns Direct on February 9 2017. Jupiter leaves Libra on October 11, 2017. Libra is a sign dealing with relationships, and issues of fundamental justice. As such Libra is associated with the institution of marriage, and the legal profession. Jupiter in Libra has to do with a cultures concepts and standards of what constitutes balance, fairness, and Justice. When Jupiter makes challenging hard angle aspects to other planets as Jupiter does to Uranus and Pluto during the fall of 2016, and most of 2017. Cultural standards of what constitutes Justice will be a world wide dominant overriding issue. The major issues will concern economic exploitation of humanity and abuse of power by a global economic-political elitist oligarchy, and the class warfare it perpetrates on humanity.

Jupiter in Libra is inconjunct Neptune in Pisces between October 15 and November 2, 2016. This relates largely to the massive disillusionment that will set in when large segments of the world population, find out that they have been deceived. Those that are deeply indoctrinated into established religious and cultural belief systems will find out that their religious institutions and, the hierarchies that run them, are deeply corrupt and abusive of the people. This unraveling of deeply flawed cultural, religious, economic, and political hierarchies and institutions will create temporary confusion and disillusionment that is a necessary part of the mass unveiling of the truth. Those people who are the most deeply culturally, emotionally, and mentally invested in belief systems based on external authority will be the most affected by this mass confusion.

Jupiter in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn between November 11 and December 4, 2016, and between March 7 and April 14, 2017, and a third time between July 23 and August 11, 2017. Precedent setting legal battles will be fought over the civil rights of the people versus the tyrannical abuse of power by corrupted government. If fundamental justice can not be won in the courts revolution is inevitable. The outcome of revolution will depend largely on whether the military sides with the people to uphold justice or remains under the control of the corrupted power structure. This basic scenario will play itself out in every part of the world in one form or another. This difficult square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn describes the totally disproportionate distribution of wealth between the 1% of 1% who enslaves humanity and trashes the rule of law, with ½ of the rest of humanity left with not even enough food to survive.

Jupiter in Libra is in opposition to Uranus in Ares between December 9 2016 and March 11, 2017, and between September 19 and October 6, 2017. This indicates growing populist momentum in every part of the world for legal reform and the establishing of the rule of law where all are equally accountable before the law. Throughout history for thousands of years up until the present time there has been no real justice in the human condition on planet Earth. We have been subjected to a top down tyranny imposed by a very small in number super elite class who are themselves subservient to a parasitical off planet influence that invaded and took over Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. Only a spiritually awakened humanity is capable of establishing real justice. Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus in Ares is part of the awakening process. As this spiritual awakening progresses people will rely more on their internal spiritual guidance and less on external dogma for their sense of justice and what is morally acceptable and what is not.

There will be a demand for reform of the legal system on all levels especially in terms of how the economic system is run, and how that affects human rights and fundamental issues of justice. Until the Federal Reserve System and other private central banks and their issuing of the public currency and charging the people interest on it is done away with nothing will really change. Until institutionalized theft within the global banking system is eliminated there can be no real justice and improvement of the general economic conditions for humanity on Earth. Equally important is the elimination of fractional reserve banking where the same deposits are loaned out 10 or more times with the bank collecting interest on each of these loans. These systems are inherently and fundamentally parasitic, fraudulent, and unjust.

The public currency in that it represents the honest labor of the people, is the collective property of the people. A privately owned banking system charging the taxpayer interest on printing the public currency and fractional reserve banking are both based on getting something for nothing, and so they are a form of theft that should be made illegal.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius between Mid August and mid September, 2017. This encourages realism and common sense in management and economics. It encourages business enterprise and people taking practical responsibility for managing their own affairs.

Transiting Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11, 2017. Jupiter turns retrograde at 23 degrees of Scorpio on March 9, 2018. Jupiter turns direct at 13 degree of Scorpio on July 10, 2018. Jupiter leaves Scorpio on November 7, 2018. Recycling and recycling technology will become a growth industry with Jupiter in Scorpio. Technologies will be developed for reusing what is left over from the industries of the past. Recycling will work hand in hand with environmental clean up, including paying for the cost of environmental cleanup. Whether or not environmental clean is at a sophisticated technological lever or a more primitive level will depend on how much of the worlds industrial infrastructure is still intact by 2018. War and or natural disasters such major earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, or tsunamis can reduce much of the world to a rubble heap, depending on what happens over the next 3 years and what time line we end up on. Recycling can be as simple as composting a families organic garbage or as sophisticated as recycling metals and plastic.

Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces between November 22 and December 14, 2017. This trine in water signs will encourage empathy and compassion at the emotional level. This will encourage a heart chakra level of understanding that transcends external conditions of wealth and social status. Many people by that time will have experienced reversals of fortune and highly unusual events affecting there own lives that will increase their emotional understanding of the human condition.

Transiting Saturn is trine Uranus between December 10 2016 and January 13 2017, and between May 1 and June 6 2017, and a third time between October 28 and November 26, 2017.  This can further the practical application of new scientific and engineering breakthroughs. There will be experimentation with new forms of economic and political organization. This will be based group cooperation and sharing of ideas and specialized knowledge. These new ways of conducting commerce and organizing society will begin as a grass roots movement in local communities which will network with each other to share practical knowledge and solutions to common problems. Such experiments can involve such things as alternative currencies and computerized barter systems and employee collective ownership of companies and manufacturing facilities. These new economic and political systems will encompass the best of ancient knowledge combined with modern technological advancements. As the old economic and political institutions fall away the new systems will take hold. Many of the new systems will be born out of necessity. Many people who can not find jobs will invent ways to go into business for themselves. The break down of long distance transportation and communication will necessitate better organization and self sufficiency at the local level.

Transiting Mars enters Sagittarius on March 7, 2016. Transiting Mars turns retrograde on April 17, 2016 at 8 degrees and 54 minutes of Sagittarius. Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio on May 29, 2016. Mars turns direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio on June 28 2016. Mars re enters Sagittarius on April 3, 2016. Mars leaves Sagittarius on September 27, 2016

Mars is conjunct Saturn at 9 degrees of Sagittarius between August 19 and 30, 2016 and square Neptune at 10 degrees of Pisces. Mars thus activates or triggers the more long term Saturn-Neptune Square. This suggests conflict involving extremist religious fanaticism and false flag attacks designed to manipulate public opinion to justify war and police state. The established power structure will do every thing it can to manipulate public opinion through fear and hyped up terrorist threats.

This Mars-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius is opposition to the Ascendant and Uranus and conjunct the 7th house cusp in the US horoscope. There could be more shocking revelations about 911 which had Pluto in Sagittarius conjunct the US horoscope 7th house cusp in opposition to Saturn in Gemini conjunct the US chart ascendant and Uranus. This Mars-Saturn conjunction square Neptune suggests a strong element of deception designed to create mass paranoia and manipulate public opinion. Mars conjunct Saturn in opposition to the US ascendant and Uranus also suggests the ongoing problem of invasion of the US by illegal immigration. This is covertly encouraged by the corrupt globalist power structure to drive down wages and undermine the US as a strong sovergn nation.

Transiting Mars turning direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus in Ares between Mid June and Mid July 2016. This is a dangerous aspect suggesting sporadic military attacks and guerrilla warfare. Both Ares and Scorpio are ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Transiting Venus enters Ares on February 4, 2017. Venus turns retrograde at 13 degrees of Ares on March 4, 2017. Venus retrogrades back into Pisces on April 3, 2017. Venus turns direct on April 15, 2017 at 26 degrees and 55 minutes (almost 27 degrees) of Pisces. Venus re-enters Ares on April 29, 2017.

Venus turning direct is square Saturn for almost a month between April 4 and 28, 2017. This could be a very sad time for many people because of the extreme events that will have taken place in the world by April 2017. In a worst case scenario extensive loss of life could have taken place by that time. It will be a hard time for romantic and marriage relationships in particular. There could be a lot of hard work and responsibility with little fun and few perks. A very bad world wide economic condition will be an emotional damper.

Transiting Mercury turns retrograde at 15 degrees and 53 minutes of Libra on September17, 2015. Mercury is approximately square Pluto and or opposition Uranus during mid September 2015. Shocking news and information will be revealed by whistle blowers embedded in the establishment system. Computer hacking by covert government agencies spying on the people and by hacker revolutionaries spying on banks governments and major corporations will ramp up cyber warfare.

Retrograding Mercury in Capricorn turns direct at 14 degrees and 58 minutes (almost 15 degrees) of Libra on January 25, 2016. Mercury is conjunct Pluto and square Uranus during the second half of January and the first 4 days of February 2016. This transit will stir up continuing controversy over government spying on the people and electronic invasion of privacy. Moles imbedded within the established economic, political, military and intelligence agency system along with hacker revolutionaries will continue to reveal shocking information about illegal covert activity within the establishment power structure.

Transiting Venus in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto and square Uranus between February 4 and 10, 2016. This will stir up controversy and shocking revelations concerning the aberrant sexual perversions of the rich, famous. and powerful.

Retrograde transiting Mercury in Taurus turns direct on may 22 2016 at 14 degrees of Taurus. This is loosely trine Pluto at 17 degrees of Capricorn and exactly inconjunct Saturn at 14 degrees of Sagittarius and trine Jupiter at 13 degrees of Virgo. Mercury is more or less trine Pluto during the last 2/3rds of May and the first 3 days of June 2016. It is possible that there could be significant scientific discoveries and or implementation of environmental clean up technologies.

Mercury inconjunct Saturn could bring suppression of important information or break down of communication. Many people will be experiencing a discouraged outlook. Mercury trine Jupiter helps optimism but this aspect does not complete the exact orb before Mercury goes direct

Retrograding Mercury in Virgo turns direct on September 22, 2016 at 14 degrees 49 minutes of Virgo. This is exactly trine Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury trine Pluto is effective between September 17 and 28, 2016. Profound scientific discoveries and breakthroughs can be made under this influence. Deeply hidden information in many fields of research can be understood in a new context.

Transiting Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde on December 19, 2016, at 15 degrees of Capricorn. This Mercury station is conjunct Pluto at 16 degrees of Capricorn. This has serious implications related to secret agendas.

Transiting Mercury turns direct on May 3rd 2017 at 24 degrees of Ares while conjunct Uranus. Mercury turning direct is conjunct Uranus between mid April and mid May 2017

Transiting Mercury turns direct at 28degrees of Leo on September 5 2017. This is conjunct Mars at 29 degrees of Leo and trine Uranus at 28 degrees of Ares. This configuration is effective during the first 10days of September 2017. This greatly encourages proactive creativity and inventiveness. Sudden intuitive insights will lead to breakthroughs in understanding. This can take many forms. A few examples are starting a business, inventing an energy device, creating music and art, creating a new system for exchange of goods and services, writing a book, and so on and on. Mercury trine Uranus suggests sudden insights and break through ideas. People of like mind come together to achieve common goals. The Mars conjunct Mercury and trine Uranus component of this configuration suggests the energy and determination to act on new ideas and breakthroughs in understanding.

Inspired new leadership will arise from among those who are willing to cooperate in implementing real and practical solutions to the problems humanity faces. This influence encourages intelligent action. Significant breakthroughs are possible.

Transiting Mercury turns retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius on December 23, 2017. Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, sextile Mars in Libra, and trine Uranus in Ares between November 17 and December 11, 2017. This influence will help people to intuitively grasp new (to them) understandings of the big picture deeper history and more important implications of what is happening around them. Mercury conjunct Saturn suggests organized disciplined thinking of the kind that is associated with mathematics, the scientific method, and realistic budgeting of time and money. These practical virtues combined with the intuitive insight of Uranus and the ability to act associated with Mars can be a highly effective combination fore implementing effective solutions and making real progress.

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