The Astrology of the US horoscope for 2016 and beyond

In this article I will look at the July 4, 1776 US horoscope and its indications for 2016 and beyond.

Of most immediate concern is the next Retrograde cycle of Mars in early degrees of Sagittarius and Late degrees of Scorpio. Mars enters Sagittarius on March 7, 2016. Mars turns retrograde on April 17 at 8 degrees and 54 minutes of Sagittarius. Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio on May 28. Mars turns direct on June 29 at 23 degrees of Scorpio.  Mars re enters Sagittarius on August 3, 2016. Mars  reaches  8 degrees of Sagittarius on August 22 conjunct the original April 17 position where Mars turned retrograde at 8 degrees and 56 minutes of Sagittarius on August 22. Mars leaves Sagittarius on September27, 2016.

Saturn in Sagittarius will intensify fanatical religious fundamentalism. Mars in Sagittarius will make such fundamentalism more fanatically aggressive and war like. When Mars is stationary and or retrograde He is much closer to Earth thus making the Mars energy more intense. Mars retrograde periods have often coincided with major military conflicts.

8 and 9 degrees of Sagittarius is directly opposite the ascendant and Uranus in the US horoscope.  This transit to the US horoscope ascendant and Uranus is in effect between late March and early May, 2016 and is at its most intense influence in mid April. This Mars transit repeats for a more brief time between August 19 and 26, 2016. This is a dangerous influence that could bring karmic blowback against US military interventions in the affairs of other countries. The 2003 invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was based on lies about supposed weapons of mass destruction. Israeli takeover of land belonging surrounding sovereign countries has been supported by US money and weapons. Libya was destroyed because Kaddafi wanted to start A gold backed African currency  independent of the Global Zionist Rothschild banking empire.

There could be a 911 style false flag attack or a real attack by fanatical jihadists that have infiltrated the United States through our wide open borders. There could also be a dangerous military confrontation between the US and Russia or China. Slight miscalculations in pushing confrontations a little too far can have big consequences of escalating into major war. We naturally think of Syria and the middle east, but the Ukraine, North Korea, and naval confrontations with China are also significant danger zones.

This Mars opposition to the US ascendant and Uranus also increases the danger of Nuclear and other kinds of industrial accidents, assassinations, riots, revolutionary uprisings, and armed confrontations between the people and militarized police. Terrorist attacks whether false flag or genuine would be used by the establishment to justify the nullification of constitutional human rights and the introduction of martial law.

By leaving US borders wide open, the established oligarchy in Washington has set up the condition that makes it easy for real foreign terrorists to infiltrate the United States to wreck havoc through sabotage, terrorist bombings, instigating riots and so forth.  From the elitist point of view this serves the same purpose as staging false flag attacks.

Many people are suspicious that Constitutionalist Supreme Court justice Scalia was murdered and that the assassination was made to look like a suicide. There was immediate embalming to cover up toxicology evidence and no autopsy was performed, along with many other glairing departures from standard procedures. Has America become the same as Hitler’s Germany or Stalinist Russia?

Solar ark Mars at 18 degrees and 56 minutes of Aquarius, and in the 10th house is conjunct the US chart Moon at 18 degrees and 9 minutes of Aquarius. Approximately 5 years ago Solar ark Mars was conjunct the mid-heaven in The US horoscope. Since then there has been a definite increase in US intervention in other parts of the world. Solar ark Mars conjunct the Moon in the US chart reached maximum influence a little less than a year ago and is still very active. Public anger at the hijacked US government has increased, and so also has the number of demonstrations and riots. Public anger will reach a boil over point this spring and over the rest of 2016.  When a Supreme court justice is assassinated for defending the constitution America is in big trouble! We are dealing with blatant totally unconstitutional criminal fascism. As the criminality becomes more blatantly obvious more and more people are connecting the dots and understanding who and what  has really been running the world. This is being understood on multiple levels from economics and politics to historical, environmental, archeological-geological, to scientific forensic evidence, to psychic discernment, to metaphysical and spiritual levels of awareness, and even to galactic history and exopolitics. People waking up on one level may regard other levels as pure fantasy. The important thing is that exponentially increasing numbers of people are waking up and understanding a bigger picture of what shapes their reality. This is happening despite all the nefarious and brutal ways in which masses of people are being poisoned through nuclear radiation, Chemtrails, GMO’s, medications, toxic chemicals added to our water supplies and electronic pollution from wireless technology. Estrogen from birth control pills and plastic residues that mimic female hormones  have gotten into the water supplies and are causing little girls to go through puberty in their child hood and causing boys to become effeminate. This biological gender confusion is wrecking havoc on plant and animal life as well. Yet in spite of all this people are waking up.

My basic sense is that the awakening may be behind schedule but that the elitist agenda is even way more behind schedule. I estimate by 2 or 3 years at least Things can take longer at the physical level. This can be a good thing. The more the elitist agenda can be slowed down and blunted the more time there is for the awakening to run its full course.

The best slave from the slave masters point of view is a slave that does not even know that he is a slave. Humanity on planet Earth has been in this condition for many thousands of years. We are now in the window of a major cosmic time node where enormous forces of change are aligning and interfacing. Such a time node is not an exact date in time but more like a window of opportunity in time when major changes occur. Often the most important changes are the subtle pervasive ones rather than the dramatic obvious ones. Such subtle changes may not be recognized until later historic analysis. The ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21′ 2012 was in the middle of such a window. In my estimation December 21, 2012 was a tipping point in the awakening of human consciousness that had reach a point beyond which it could not be stopped. Another such history altering pervasive change occurred in 2006, 2007, and 2008 when transiting Pluto was conjunct the Galactic center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius This was the point at which the global economy stopped expanding and imperceptibly a t first began to contract. Since then there have been vast worldwide  economic and geopolitical consequences of this change starting with the crash of 2008.

The global economy has never recovered from 2008. Trillions of dollars of fiat currency called quantitative easing with nothing tangible to back it up have been printed by the Federal reserve and other central banks. This fake money has been used to shore up the  insolvency of the too big to fail banks and has provided more poker chips for the gamblers on wall street. It has done little or nothing to create jobs and help small and medium size businesses that are the real engine of progress. Quantitative easing has concentrated financial liquidity at the top of the economic food chain so the 1% of 1% rich and powerful can buy out everyone else on the cheap. The global economic malaise has been temporarily papered over with quantitative easing and 0% or near 0% interest rates charged to banks by central banks. In doing so the Fed and other central banks have used up all available options so that when the next global economic crisis hits there will be nothing they can do about it. The next major stock market crash and collapse of financial institutions could happen at any time in the near future and will have vast geo-political consequences. With the central banks having used up all options, to stimulate economic groth, there will be nothing they can do to stop economic freefall.

The world is so burdened with debt at every level that when the debt dominos start knocking each other over it will bring down the whole system, necessitating that something new and different take its place. there is so much debt on the books at every level that it a mathematical impossibility that it could ever be paid off. The entire world gross domestic product doe no even make a dent in this mountain of debt. Ultimately this mountain of debt will have to be declared fraudulent and be officially nullified so that a new system based on creativity and productivity can replace the dysfunction of the old debt based system.

The influence of the Uranus-Pluto square from late 2011 to the present time has activated Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun in Cancer in the 2nd house of the US horoscope with oppositions from Pluto in Capricorn and squares from Uranus in Ares. Saturn  at 14 degrees and 47 minutes of Libra in the 5th house of the US horoscope has received a series of squares from Pluto and oppositions from Uranus over the last 3 years. This has tremendously weakened the underpinnings of the US economy. In the US horoscope the second house Sun is at 12 degrees  and 43 minutes of Cancer and is square Saturn at 14 degrees and 47 minutes of Libra in the 5th house. This describes the periodic boom and bust cycles the US economy goes through. This  natal Sun-Saturn square in the US chart has been severely triggered and activated, over the last 3 years, by the transiting Uranus-Pluto square. This has exacerbated the pervasive corruption and injustice in banking, the stock market, taxation, government appropriations, and the financial system in general.

The US horoscope solar ark Mercury at 22 degrees of Pisces, in the 11th house is currently in exact opposition to Neptune at 22 degrees of Virgo in the 5th house of the US horoscope. In political astrology (what astrologers call mundane astrology) The 11th house represents the legislative branch of government or congress. This indicates a congress that is out of touch with reality. The educational system is in shambles. The younger generation  represented by the 5th house is stuck with enormous student loan debt which they will never be able to pay back under current economic conditions. Schools are being turned into detention and indoctrination centers where children are trained to be good slaves to a totally corrupt system.

The stock market associated with the 5th house is totally corrupt and manipulated. by the government, the major banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, big corporations, the Fed, and the global elites. The stock market is not a free market institution and it does not have a level playing field.

Children and young people are confused, distracted, lied to, and deceived. They are poisoned by nuclear waste, medicated foods and water supplies, Chemtrails, tainted vaccines and also the electronic smog of wireless technology. Many of them live in a virtual false reality where they are fed all manner lies and misrepresentations and subliminal subconscious programming. They have a hard time distinguishing reality from media programming. Because of lack of experience children are vulnerable to disinformation and  being mind controlled through their cell phones and other electronic devices. Much of the younger generations confusion comes from a lack of parental guidance because the parents are separated and or are too busy with financial survival to have time for their children. Parents who are busy with financial survival issues, use TV as an electronic babysitter. The TV puts the children in a trance state where they are subconsciously influenced with all manner of corporate and government propaganda. Much of this is done through subliminal messages which the conscious mind is un aware of but which the subconscious mind picks up. Without parental supervision and awareness of the moral standards of their multigenerational cultural identity children are programmed with a materialistic false sense of values and lack moral compass by the corporate controlled media machine.

The electronic frequencies which the TV emits are injurious to the developing nervous systems of children. When I was a child in the 1940’s and 50’s it was the norm for children to play and spend time outdoors. They would play baseball rather than watch it on TV. Rather than be couch potatoes they would run, hike, ride bikes, and explore the neighborhood. They would learn social skills by getting together in person. At the present time in many places in the US if a child goes walking down the street through the neighborhood on his or her own the parents could be arrested for child neglect and the children shipped off to be used by the pedophiles who run the Social service system. Nowadays, children tweet each other with meaningless messages on cell phones and do not even see each other in person. The process of normal socialization has been hijacked into an unreal and manipulated virtual environment.

On another level solar ark Mercury in opposition to birth chart (inception date July 4, 1776) Neptune is increasing psychic awareness and intuitively-telepathically inspired creativity among the American people, especially the younger generation. Many American youth have been swallowed up by the manipulated mass sports and entertainment distraction, junk food, and cell phone addiction.

There is also a significant and growing number of American young people that are becoming spiritually aware and conscious of their spiritual purpose. They are understanding more of the big picture at younger ages than ever before. Their developing psychic awareness enables them to read the energy and see through the facades and deceits of the people that control the commercial, governmental, legal, and religious institutions of society. These young people are becoming more aware of being connected to an all pervasive conscious field of existence, that they can communicate with through their inner self awareness. They are able to channel needed information, and invent solutions to problems that threaten survival. As the human condition in America becomes more dire this rapidly evolving and growing  contingency  of American young people will emerge as the new leaders as the current system self destructs. They will be able to express their spirituality in a practical way, and will be motivated to use technology in a life supporting way instead of as a tool of militaristic control and domination. They will understand that no one ever has or ever will  make themselves bigger by making others less.

Solar ark Chiron is currently sextile the moon in the US horoscope. This shows a trend of the public becoming more inform med concerning environmental health issues, nutrition, and a return to natural cures.

The US horoscope progressed Mars at 18 degrees of Libra in the 5th house is currently exactly trine the US horoscope Moon at 18 degrees of Aquarius in the 10th house. This indicates that The younger generation and elements of the military will become more involved in movements to reform and clean up the political and economic system in the United States. The economic malaise, exporting of US jobs, rampant political corruption, and militarized police,  are convincing Americans, particularly the younger generation, that something must be done to clean up the political system, if they are to have a future. This is producing more political activism. This can be seen in the wide spread populist support that the Donald Trump bid for the presidency is generating.
Increasing numbers of Americans are understanding that they have been deceived and betrayed by the established economic-political system. The federalized public education system has been encroaching on parental rights and traditional family values. The political establishment wants to take over the education and raising of children to disconnect them from their cultural identity and heritage.  The so called new world order wants to stamp out individualism and freedom of choice. they want total control of the raising and education of children so as to program them to be good slaves.

The US horoscope progressed Mercury is sextile Chiron in Ares in the 12th house and trine Mars in Gemini in the 1st house. There are many good people in government and the military who are not happy about the ubiquitous corruption and treason that goes on in high places. They may, as anonymous sources  within the system leak out important information,  or in some cases, go public and become whistle blowers. There is a strong possibility of a revolt in the military. If so, It would have to keep its plans secret for obvious reasons. Significant advances in medicine are occurring behind the scenes. with the 12th house Us Chiron activated by progressed Mercury.
The US horoscope Mercury is in the 3rd house at 24 degrees of Cancer. The US chart Mercury is in opposition to Pluto in 27 degrees of Capricorn in the 9th house. Mercury is strong in the 3rd house showing a strong media influence, however, the opposition to Pluto indicates  that the news mediate could be dominated  by corporate interests and government control. Mercury in Cancer indicates  that American political judgment can be emotionally manipulated by psychological  warfare  and use of emotionally charged symbolism and subconscious manipulation. This has often been done through false flag attacks to rally public support for a war agenda.

Transiting Uranus in Ares is square the US birth chart Mercury between the beginning of June and the end of September 2016, in the spring of2017, and in the late fall and early winter of 2017-2018. T here will be a series of shocking revelations that will force the American people re think many of their most cherished illusions and assumptions about reality. Hidden secrets and falsification of information will come to light in unexpected ways.

Transiting Uranus is square Pluto in the US chart between late April And early November, 2017  and between late February and late April 2018  and also in November-December 2018 and January-February 2019. Pluto in Capricorn in the 9th house of the US horoscope has much to do with the role of the Supreme court in determining the constitutionality of laws passed by congress and actions taken by the president and government agencies. The founding Fathers set up the constitution with 3 main branches. They are the legislative branch consisting of congress, the executive branch headed by the president, and the Judicial branch consisting of the court system in which the Supreme court is the ultimate final authority. If laws passed by congress  or policies of the executive are ruled to be in violation of the constitution by the Supreme court, then the Supreme court has the authority to nullify them.

At this point in American history government has become so corrupt with blackmail, bribery, pay offs, intimidation and murder at the highest level that the entire constitutional rule of law is at stake. Transiting Uranus in square to Mercury and Pluto in the US horoscope. from now through 2019. Later in 2020 through 2023  transiting Pluto is in opposition to the US horoscope Mercury and then conjunct the US birth chart Pluto. This will be decisive in determining the future destiny of the US. This Pluto return and what happens between now and then will decide if the constitution and the rule of law survives or can be reborn in the United States. This is pivotal not only for the US but also for the entire future of humanity.

2020 will be an especially pivotal year because both Jupiter and Saturn transiting in Capricorn are conjunct Pluto in 2020.Transiting Jupiter is conjunct  transiting Pluto between mid March and late April 2020, between the beginning of June and mid July 2020 and also in all of November 2020.  Transiting Jupiter in late degrees of Capricorn is conjunct the US horoscope Pluto between Mid April and mid June 2020 and between late November and mid December 2020.This has the potential for major changes in the economic system. There could be breakthroughs in recycling toxic waste products and environmental pollution, including radioactive pollution. There will be the marketing deployment of advanced new energy technologies. Visitation by UFOs and ET beings will become so blatantly obvious that governments will no longer be able to hide the truth.

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn is conjunct transiting Pluto in Capricorn between mid December 2019 and early February 2020. Transiting Saturn in Capricorn is conjunct the US horoscope Pluto between early July and early December 2020 . This is the point at which the established economic-political power structure runs out of options, and the system comes to a grinding halt and or is brought down by the general population that refuses to support injustice and tyranny.

Also in 2020 transiting Mars doing a retrograde cycle in Ares weighs in with squares to transiting Pluto in Capricorn and the US horoscope Pluto which is also in Capricorn. Transiting Mars enters Ares on June 29, 2020.  Mars turns retrograde  on September 9 2020 at 28 degrees of Ares. Mars turns direct at 14 degrees of Ares on November 14, 2020 . Mars leaves Ares and enters Taurus on January 6 2021. Mars is in Ares continuously between June 29, 2020 and January 6, 2021 due to the retrograde Mars cycle. Mars in Ares is square transiting Pluto in Capricorn in mid August 2020, the first 2 weeks of October 2020, and the last 2 weeks of December 2020. Mars is square Pluto in the US horoscope between August 21 and September 30, 2020 and between December 27, 2020 and January 6, 2021. These Mars Pluto squares are potentially violent and destructive. There is danger of assassinations, war, and violence between the people and militarized police. Mars is also square the US chart Mercury in late August, late September and early October of 2020. The US horoscope will have its first Pluto return in 2022.

Very inflammatory revelations and events will happen that arouse public anger resulting in riots, and possibly revolution. There could be revolt within the military. It is hard to say exactly what will happen 5 years from now but there will definitely be a power struggle for the future of  constitutional government, due process, and the rule of law in America. Let’s hope that does not mean blood in the streets. With Mars Jupiter and Saturn all making powerful aspects to Pluto 2020 will be a pivotal year and what happens then will have important long term historic consequences.

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