The astrology of the Summer and fall of 2017

On August 21, 2017 There is a total solar eclipse at 28 degrees and 53 minutes of Leo. What is most significant is that the path of totality crosses the entire United States from the West coast state of Oregon to the East coast of South Carolina. This indicates that The US will be heavily impacted by the astrological effects of this eclipse, especially in locations on or near the path of totality. This eclipse is conjunct Regales, the brightest star in the constellation of Leo. and is closely linked to the transition from The Piscean age to the Aquarian age as is the Pleiades. Regales and the Pleiades are both aligned with the plane of the ecliptic and in perfect square (90 degree angle) to each other. Alcyone the central star of the Pleiades cluster is only 10 minutes of a degree from an exact square to Regales. When, due to precession, Alcyone enters tropical Gemini and Regales enters tropical Virgo we have most intense time of transition from the age of Pisces to the Aquarian dispensation. This eclipse is exactly trine to Uranus and loosely trine Saturn.

Mercury turns direct on September 5, at 28 degrees and 26 minutes of Leo while exactly conjunct Regales and the August 21, 2017 eclipse, conjunct Mars and exactly trine Uranus at 28 degrees of Aries. Mars occupies 27, 28, and 29 degrees of Leo between August 31, and September 10, 2017. The combination of all these factors involving The August 21, 2017 total Solar Eclipse, Regales, Mercury turning direct, and Mars that are exactly to less than a degree conjunct in Leo with all of them exactly trine Uranus in Ares, has powerful implications. By late November and early December transiting Saturn in Sagittarius reaches 28 degrees and trines 28 degrees of Leo and exactly trines Uranus, still at 28 degrees of Ares. All of this grand trine activity in the last degrees of the Fire signs has immense possibilities for enlightened planning and decisions, followed by effective organized timely action. Because of the trines to Saturn and Uranus This extremely powerful configuration has immense positive potential for brilliant strategic planning in providing the essentials of life in emergency situations, scientific and engineering breakthroughs, as well as in more intellectually and spiritually advanced social, economic, and political organization. The late Summer and fall are the most likely time for serious global economic collapse to set in, especially if by that time Nibaru is obvious in the sky for all to see.

On August 13, 2017 transiting Mercury turns retrograde at 11 and 1/2 degrees of Virgo. Mercury turns direct at 28 degrees of Leo, as described above, on September 5. Mercury regains 11 Virgo on September 19 completing the Mercury retrograde cycle. Virgo is about organization and efficiency in managing practical details. This Virgo-Leo Mercury retrograde cycle, is when all the glitches, compounding inaccuracies, unjustified assumption’s, misdiagnoses, and etcetera can cause systemic breakdown in communications, industrial, medical, and military systems. from turning retrograde to going direct is damage control. from turning direct to resuming the same position Mercury turned retrograde at is recapitulation. This Mercury retrograde period will slow down communications, planning and decision making until the glitches are corrected and dysfunction eliminated.

Important astrological line up ups and especially eclipses leave a lasting holographic imprint on the ethers that can be triggered by later transits and configurations in the same manner that a birth horoscope is. Mars at 20 degrees of Leo is closely trine Saturn at 21 degrees of Sagittarius on August 21 the day of the eclipse itself. This is a highly effective influence for getting practical thing accomplished because it encourages the use of energy (Mars) in a practical efficient (Saturn) way. The Mars-Saturn combination has a bad reputation and so do eclipses. The Mars-Saturn combination has a very powerful and effective good side and eclipses can also be used in a constructive positive way.

On the eclipse date of august 21 Jupiter at 20 degrees of Libra weighs in with close orb sextiles to Mars and Saturn while conjunct the Mars-Saturn midpoint. In the last week of September transiting Jupiter in 27 degrees of Libra is exact opposition to Uranus at 27 degrees of Ares.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11, 2017.

Mercury turning direct conjunct Mars, and conjunct the 28 degree of Leo eclipse point while trine Uranus has a strong potential for genius inspired scientific and social breakthroughs. Such breakthroughs result from penetrating insights and expansions of consciousness, leading to an almost instantaneous and simultaneous intuitive, overall gestalt understanding of how to solve problems that make possible timely clear decisions, followed by effective decisive action.

During the third week of June there has been an upsurge of solar flare activity on the Sun and extreme disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field called the magnetosphere. The bow shock area of the magnetosphere where the Earth’s magnetic field encounters the solar wind and radiation from space now has a hole in it which is letting in massive amounts of charged particles from the Sun, from space, and from the approaching Nibaru system. This is a very rare phenomena compared to usual expectations.

What is also very strange compared to normal expectations is that the solar wind is very slow, less than half its normal speed. Even more strange is that there are now 2 magnetosphere bow shock areas on almost completely opposite sides of Earth. This can only be because there is a second stream of high energy radiation and charged particles coming from a very different direction than those coming from the Sun. This would account for the opposing force that has slowed down the solar wind to an abnormally low speed and also accounts for the second bow shock area on the opposite side of Earth’s magnetosphere from the one produced by the solar wind. The solar wind is the stream of charged particles and high energy electromagnetic radiation coming from the Sun.

Normally, when an eruption on the Sun causes a coronal mass ejection, the solar wind increases in speed due to the violent explosion on the Sun’s surface. This suggests that the interference of the Nibaru system and or other sources of cosmic energy are the primary cause of the recent disruption of the magnetosphere. What is even more unusual is that there is a second bow shock on the back side of the usual one indicating a second stream of charged particles coming from a completely different direction.

In my estimation, the Nibaru system is also having a massive and uncharted astrological influences as well. Since the public at least does not know exactly where the brown dwarf and its planets are there is no way to calculate aspects and alignments made by the Nibaru systems brown dwarf star and its planets. My own personal observations of people I interact with on a day to day basis indicates that people are more tense, high strung, agitated, and inclined to freak outs, and extreme emotional reactions. Occasionally people exhibit expansions of consciousness and spiritual awareness. As Nibaru gets closer such positive and negative reactions will become more prevalent and extreme.

Extreme temperatures are occurring all over the world. It was recently 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix Arizona and never before recorded temperature of up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit recorded in Iran and other locations in Europe, the middle East, India and Asia. Photographs and Videos of Nibaru are becoming more convincing and detailed, including rotation and weather band patterns on unfamiliar celestial objects that look like planets. Many of the objects being photographed appear to be too big, occupying a large portion of the sky, suggesting that they are being magnified by some type of advanced Anunaki energy lens technology.

Things that are not detected by the naked eye frequently show up on camera images. Cameras are more sensitive to slight variations in light intensity than is the human eye. People are starting to have unaided visual sightings as well. We may not understand all the details but it is becoming increasingly obvious that something very extreme and unusual is going on that severely affecting not only Earth but the entire solar system.

The Arctic and Antarctic ice caps are rapidly melting from the bottom up indicating that Earth is heating up from the inside out. This internal heating of the Earth is the result of electromagnetic induction caused by the Nibaru system as it approaches Earth and the plain of the solar system. The melting ice in the polar regions is dumping extreme amounts of fresh water into the oceans thereby changing ocean currents such as the Gulf Steam. Without the warming effect of the gulf stream England and much of western Europe would have a climate similar to Moscow which has roughly the same northern latitude. The Gulf Stream is noticeably slowing down and is expected to stop. this would drastically affect the climate of the British Isles and western Europe. Such rapid and extreme changes in climate conditions all over the world are causing extreme worldwide disruption of agriculture. This is disrupting the global food supply, resulting in worldwide famine. The melting of the polar ice caps , particularly those of Greenland and Antarctica which are miles thick will raise ocean levels considerably and will put many present coastal cities under water.

The main immediate danger to coastal areas comes from tsunamis or giant waves that can be hundreds and even thousands of feet high. These are caused by underwater earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, or by unstable land masses sliding into the ocean, or any combination of these. On December 26, 2004 a massive underwater quake caused the up to 80 foot high tsunami that devastated the coast line of Sumatra and other islands of the East Indies, as well as coast lines in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and other places This disaster caused over 250,000 deaths and did extensive damage to shore lines around the Indian ocean. AT 9.2 on the Richter scale this was one of the strongest quakes ever recorded.

Tsunamis that are generated by underwater earth quakes are like mesas or plateaus of water, in that they are wider, though not as high as tsunamis caused by land sliding into the ocean. The steep sides of a volcano sliding into the Ocean produces a wave that can be much higher though not as wide as the waves produced by an underwater earth quake or volcanic explosion. There are 2 places in the world where there is a significant danger of that happening, one in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic ocean.

The one in the Pacific is the big Island of Hawaii. Measuring from the base of the island on the floor of the very deep Pacific Ocean to the top, of the Mauna Loa volcano which is 13+ thousand feet above sea level, Hawaii is the tallest mountain in the world, dwarfing Mt Everest. The surface of a volcanic island often protrudes beyond The stem that supports it, like a vertical cross section of a mushroom. Molten lava solidifies when it flows into the ocean, thus tending to grow the area of the above water portion of the island. It turns out that the big island of Hawaii has a very deep vertical crack that separates approximately 1/4 of the island from the rest. A violent eruption of Mauna Loa the active volcano on Hawaii, or a sufficiently violent earthquake or seismic shock could cause a large chunk of land (100’s of cubic miles) to slide into the ocean. This would displace an enormous amount of water creating a super tsunami capable of devastating the entire pacific rim.

In the Atlantic ocean are the Canary Islands, off the coast of west Africa. These islands are volcanoes’ with high, steep, unstable slopes that could easily slide into the Atlantic Ocean, causing a massive tsunami. This tsunami could devastate The coast of West Africa, the east coast of North America, the east coast of central and South America, the West Indies, and portions of Europe. The book of revelations speaks of a fiery mountain falling into the sea. this could be an asteroid striking the ocean but it could also be a large volcanic island erupting and sliding into the ocean.

I have a friend who monitors solar activity, space weather, terrestrial weather, and earthquake and volcanic activity on a regular daily basis. In recent years he has noticed the Earth’s magnetic field strength go to zero and even reverses polarity with increasing frequency. The first time this happened was in 2012. Now it happens in some periods of time on an almost weekly and sometimes daily basis. Apparently, the Earth’s magnetic field is in the process of reversing its polarity, as has happened before many times in geological history. Over the last 2 weeks of June, Earth’s magnetic field has collapsed 3 times for up to 2 days at a time Subsequent to that It collapsed it collapsed for 3 days continuously.

What is unusual and special about our current time in history is that we have at least 3 major cosmic cycles beginning and ending at the same time. We are transitioning from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. Zodiacal ages last 2160 years or 1/12th of a 25,920 year processional cycle. At the same time we are experiencing a return of the Nibaru system which occurs approximately every 3,600 years along with a reversal of Earth’s magnetic field that happens separated by as much as 200,000 hundred thousand years, according to currently available geological evidence.

Any one of these occurrences is by itself capable of significantly impacting human history as well as geological and climatic conditions. With all 3 happening at once we are definitely in for a rough ride.

In my opinion, and in terms of mass psychology, all semblance of normalcy will disappear when the brown dwarf system and Nibaru its biggest planet becomes close enough to Earth, to be obvious to everyone’s naked eye observation. The planet Nibaru is estimated to be 4 to 8 times the size of Earth. When this point is reached everyone will know that their governments have systematically lied to them and that they are in the middle of catastrophically history altering change. Many economic analysts think that a global economic meltdown is long overdue and is inevitable. Mass panic with Nibaru obvious in the sky would be enough to trigger global economic panic. the global economy teeters on top of a mountain of debt which as a matter of mathematical certainty can never be paid back. The estimated total world debt is 3 and 1/2 times the total world gross domestic product. That is, even if every bit of money that was earned by the entire the entire population of the world were spent on nothing else than paying debt it would take 3 and 1/2 years to pay off all the debt in the world. The world is headed towards a global economic train wreck because the people and institutions that run the global economy are at the highest level destroying it by creating a massive debt bubble.

Human psychology changes dramatically when people realize that they have nothing to lose and they understand that they are in the same dire life threatening situation as just about everyone else in the entire world. Those people of a basically selfish nature will shed the veneer of socially acceptable behavior, go rogue, and become predatory criminals. Other people of a more spiritual nature will find courage they never imagined they had and will display amazing, strength, foresight, intuition, inventiveness, ingenuity and resourcefulness, problem solving ability, and leadership.

Geologic, Archeological, and Historic, evidence all point to catastrophic geologic, and climatic changes that happened many thousands of years in the past. Just about all surviving ancient indigenous cultures on the planet have myths and legends about such occurrences in the distant past as well as dire prophecies about what will happen with the next Nibaru system return that is in our immediate future. There is already mounting evidence that the Nibaru brown dwarf system is indeed returning. Illusions and disinformation deliberately created by deep government alphabet agencies, and certain ET factions are causing confusion as they are intended to do. However, the overall preponderance of evidence makes it undeniable that what is happening on Earth and in the solar system is already bringing about enormous accelerating change.

Over the last few years there has been an overall exponential increase in earthquake and volcanic activity, Other unusual phenomena are also rapidly increasing such as sink holes, unprecedented extremes of temperatures, violent storms, extreme floods and droughts, strange trumpet like, scraping, grinding, booming noises that seem to come out of the earth and the sky and are heard at various locations all over the world. The Eurasian land mass is experiencing the heat wave from hell with unprecedented never before recorded temperatures.

I suggest that those who wish to learn more about the Nibaru return should visit the following U tube channels and web sites.

WSO (standing for Wormwood systems Observer) hosted by Steven Olson.

Steven Olson displays a deeper level of spiritual understanding and posts photos and videos of the incoming Nibaru system sent in on a daily basis from every part of the world and from space based satellites. In many cases the same phenomena is photographed all over the world. What I do is Google WSO Steven Olson and it gives me the link to the WSO u-tube channel.

I also recommend

Terral has developed a fairly successful predictive model for tracking earthquake and volcanic patterns. His model takes into account factors such as depth (how many kilometers below the surface the quake takes place), location on fault lines and grid lines, astronomical alignments, such as where Earth and the other planets of the solar system are in their orbits in relation to the brown dwarf. Using these factors, Terral is able to predict magma flow patterns in the transition zone between Earth’s solid outer crust and the liquid interior, and thus where major quakes and volcanic eruptions will occur. It is not an exact science as many complex variables are involved. Terral would be the first to admit that he does not always have enough data to make accurate predictions, but he has more often been right than wrong. According to his information the west coast is due for the big one very soon, perhaps as early as this fall of 2017. Project black star also has a u-tube channel.

I also recommend planet X news.

Planet X news has frequent daily reports on space weather, geological changes, and the incoming Nibaru system, and frequently hosts a brilliant lady physicist from South Africa who does an excellent scientific analysis of current space weather and what is going on with the Nibaru system.

Marshal Masters is also an important Planet X awareness and preparation proponent. Rex Bear of the leak project does some excellent in depth interviews with planet X researchers. There is a lot of other worthwhile information along with a lot of deliberately created confusion and disinformation on the internet concerning planet X.

Millions of fish and other sea life such as marine animals including seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales are washing up dead in huge numbers on shore line’s all over the world. Whole flocks of birds are dropping dead out of the sky and littering the highways with so many dead birds that it is impossible to drive without running over them. This results from Fukushima and other sources of nuclear waste, pollution of the oceans by industrial waste, acidification of the oceans, changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, climate change , and geological changes brought on by the approaching Nibaru system. All of these trends are intensifying. Food shortages and breakdown of industrial manufacturing, Electronic communications networks, electrical power grids, as well as shipping, and travel infrastructures, will inevitably disrupt the global economy. Food could become so expensive as to leave very little money for anything else. Destruction of the infrastructure of global commerce would throw the world back on reliance on local economies and local food production. It is very important that people learn to grow their own food.

The great depression of the 1930s, as terrible as it was would have been far worse if the majority of the US population did not live on farms and the much smaller minority in cities. Now the reverse is the case, making the next economic collapse fare more dangerous. Relatively few Americans know how to garden anymore. Most agriculture has been taken over by so called factory farms and large corporate conglomerates. Many communities will of necessity, go back to local economies based on barter and local currencies. When large scale earth changes begin, generally speaking, the most dangerous places to live will be the coast lines of Oceans and other large bodies of water such as the great lakes. Unfortunately, this is where the majority of the world’s human population lives and also where the majority of the world’s manufacturing, shipping, travel, and communications infrastructure is located.

How catastrophic the changes brought on by the incoming Nibaru system turns out to be remains to be seen. Is prophecy written in stone and will inevitably happen exactly as prophesied, or is it a statement of the most likely outcome of future events? Quantum physicists theorize that multiple timelines exist with parallel separate histories. There are still many complex variables that can influence the final outcome of the closest approach of Nibaru to Earth. Such variables include complex multiple dynamics of gravitational, electrical, and magnetic interactions between the Sun, the brown dwarf of the Nibaru system and the planets of our solar system and the planets of the Nibaru system. Also included in these complex variables are decisions made and actions taken by not only humanity but also various ET factions, and Gaia herself who is the very evolved logos or conscious self aware spiritual being that embodies planet Earth.
A worst case scenario involves a physical pole shift. When this occurs Earth’s thin solid crust slides over the liquid interior and the Earth’s axis of spin ends up with a different part of Earth’s Surface under it. The Earths solid crust which on average is only about 30 miles thick is like the thin shell of a raw un cooked egg. When a physical pole flip happens oceans slosh over continents, coast lines are wiped out, land masses rise and sink and the majority of the human population of Earth is wiped out. There is ample historic, geologic, archeological, and historic evidence that this has happened in the past during previous visitations of the Nibaru system.

For instance enormous wooly mammoths 3 times the size of modern day elephants were discovered in Alaska and Siberia flash frozen with undigested food in their stomachs. This could only happen if they went from a very hot place to a very cold place almost instantaneously.

Truly mind boggling discoveries have and are being made in Antarctica. As the ice melts from the bottom up of the miles thick glaciers big rivers and caverns are forming revealing the remains of an extremely technologically advanced ancient civilization. Enormous ancient pyramids are being discovered. An ancient UFO spacecraft has been found, Scientists sent to reverse engineer this space craft have not been able to figure out how to operate it. There is speculation that it is operated by advanced telepathic thought control.

Huge miles long cracks are opening up in the Ice in Antarctica. As this process continues huge ice bergs are falling off the ice shelves raising ocean levels These cracks will move inland over the Antarctic continent revealing more and more of the ancient civilization that existed on this continent. If large areas of glacier slide into the ocean this also will raise sea levels and would could cause tsunamis.

People using cameras and Telescopes are recording that Polaris the North Star no longer remains stationary, as the Earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours, and has been seen wandering as much as 3 degrees. This can only mean that Earth’ axis of spin is wobbling. Likewise, It is being reported all over the world that the Sun no longer rises or sets at the same position on the horizon that it used to on the same day of the year. The moon is being seen tilted from its normal orientation in the sky.

The Cabal that runs the world, and is itself subservient to an oppressive ET Tyranny that has dominated Earth and our solar system for hundreds of thousands of years. The ET overloads who control this tyranny, use religious belief systems , an exploitative economic system, and police state military oppression to enslave humanity. These oppressive Et overloads use divide and rule tactics by setting various races, nationalities, religions, social classes and political and economic philosophies against each other.

The major oppression is accomplished through the global central banks. In the US this is the Federal Reserve System. The Fed is primarily owned by the British crown and the Rothschild banking empire, that operates out of the city of London. The Federal reserve act was fraudulently rammed through congress over the Christmas recess when there was not an official quorum present. Then president Woodrow Wilson was manipulated into signing it by his advisors. later on Wilson would bitterly regret his decision to sign the Federal Reserve act. The federal reserve has been given the privilege of creating our money out of nothing and charging the Government and therefore the taxpayer interest on it. This is supreme fraud, something for nothing. This is theft and usury on a grand scale.

The Federal Reserve System operates in total secrecy and is a law unto itself. It has never been Audited by any independent Governmental or private accounting agency. The shameful fact is that that the United States has been under economic tyranny for 104 years. Since !913 there has been the great depression numerous other economic downturns and the current world wide depression. This is exactly what George Washington Thomas Jefferson and the founding father warned us about. If you have economic tyranny you have tyranny. We all know that whoever controls the money controls the political process.

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