Astrological analysis for 2018

Transiting Uranus remains in Ares until May 16, 2018. Simultaneously Mars enters Aquarius in exact square to Uranus. This is a very dangerous beginning for  Uranus entering Taurus. Something sudden and destructive could happen. Taurus is an Earth sign and so relates to the physical geology of Planet Earth. This could be the beginning of major Earth Changes. This is also likely to be the time when the global  banking system and economy goes haywire. Economic  chaos would be inevitable if there are major Earth changes that destroy coastal cities. brings down the internet, takes down the electrical power grid, destroys major industrial infrastructures, or any combination of any or all of these. Because we are in this instance dealing with fixed signs, it would take a long time, probably many decades for civilization to recover from such disasters. According to the research of terrel of Project Black Star there are two times a year when there is accelerated earthquake and volcanic activity because of the relative positions of Earth in her orbit and the Nibaru brown dwarf system. One of these is in May and one is in November. The one in May of 2018 coincides with Uranus entering Taurus and Mars entering Aquarius..

Uranus retrogrades back into Ares on November 7, 2018, and turns direct on January 6, 2019, at 28 degrees and 36 minutes of Ares. Mercury in Capricorn is exactly square Mars in Ares as Uranus turns direct. This will mean distressing news and suppressed damming evidence of illegal activities in high places will emerge into public awareness as Uranus turns Direct. Uranus re enters Taurus on March 6, 2019. The day before Uranus re enters Taurus, Mercury turns retrograde at 29 degrees and 36 minutes of Pisces on March 5, 2019. The last degree of any sign and especially Pisces which is the last sign of the zodiac is considered to have great karmic significance. Mercury turning retrograde in the last degree of Pisces indicates confusion, delay , and breakdown of communications, and availability of news and information. there will also be suppression and falsification  of information and news by politically and economically powerful people and organizations to cover their tracks and hide corruption and illegal activities. It could also happen that the infrastructure of long distance electronic communications and long distance travel could be so damaged as to make long distance communication and dissemination of news difficult if not impossible.

It takes Uranus 7 years to transit a sign of the Zodiac. It also takes Saturn 7 years to transit 3 signs or one quadrant of the zodiac. By the time Uranus leaves Taurus and Enters Gemini on July 7, 2025 the old debt based system of  worldwide banking and commerce  will have been completely disrupted and no longer functioning. The same applies to religious, Banking, corporate, and political power structures, and regimes while Saturn and Pluto are in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn. This will reach a critical point when Saturn is conjunct Pluto in January of 2020. Jupiter is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn between mid march and mid July, and in November of 2020. Attempts to re establish the old economic systems will result in hyper inflation and will fail. Jupiter conjunct Pluto in 2020 also indicates movements to create new more just economic systems, based on a different organizational structure than the old ones. some of these economic experiments will be more successful than others.

In December of 2020 Jupiter is conjunct Saturn at the beginning of Aquarius. The exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction is on December 21, 2020 coinciding with the winter solstice to the very same day. The precise Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is at )0 degrees and 26 minutes of Aquarius. The first beginnings of creating a new more just and people friendly economic-political systems will start to emerge. These new systems will start at the grass roots level in surviving local communities. The Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto, And Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occurring in 2020, make 2020 a very important reset year for all social, economic and Political Systems. Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct every 20 years. The 20 year syndical cycle of  Jupiter and Saturn is a major factor used by astrologers to plot economic-political trends. The sign the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs in sets the tone for the next 20 years.

There has been a cycle in American history of presidents being assassinated on election years coinciding with Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. This has not happened every time, but never the less more often than not. Former president Ronald Reagan would not have survived his assassination attempt, had it not been for advanced modern trauma surgery.

How much of the physical infrastructure of so called modern civilization still exists by 2020 remains to be seen. Previous return of the Nibaru brown dwarf system have brought vast cataclysmic destruction as recorded in the myths, legends, and historical accounts of every ancient culture. The prophecies of these same ancient cultures are equally alarming, and dire regarding the now reoccurring Nibaru or planet X return. Anyone who is paying attention is well aware that weather and geological changes are getting more frequent and more severe all over the world, at an alarming and accelerating rate. It is becoming impossible to ignore.

This trend will continue until something truly catastrophic happens. such as a mega quake on  the west coast of north America, a Solar CME that takes down the internet, phone systems, and electrical power grid or worst of all a geographic pole flip where the solid crust of Earth slides over the liquid interior. When such a geographic pole flip happens, oceans slosh over continents, land masses rise and sink, and the Earth’s axis of spin that defines the geographic north and south poles, ends up with different pieces of real estate under the geographic poles. There is ample archeological and geographic evidence that this has happened on previous returns of the brown dwarf double star companion to the Sun that occurs approximately every 3600 years.

The planet called Nibaru or planet X is the largest and outermost planet of the brown dwarf system. It is estimated to be 4 to 8 times the diameter of Earth and to have at least 16 times the mass of Earth. Such a Massive planet would have a powerful gravitational. electrical and magnetic effect on Earth if it gets too close, capable of locking onto the Earth’s solid crust while the fluid interior rotates under it. According to the recent theory set forth by Dr McKinney of Cornell University The electrical and magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion are by far the dominant forces influencing the interaction of  planets and other celestial bodies when they get within a certain close range of each other. It is thought that the huge canyon on Mars. that goes one 4th of the way around the planet and Olympus Mons the biggest mountain in the solar system was carved out by an enormous electrical discharge between Mars and a passing celestial object. Perhaps the future kill shot solar flare predicted by Ed Dames, of remote viewing fame is such an electrical discharge between the Sun and the brown dwarf or one of its planets.

The brown dwarf is surrounded by a cloud of red iron oxide dust. Photographs of the Sun taken over the last few years frequently show a rust colored   halo or band around the Sun. Rust is a form of Iron oxide. Iron is a heavy element compared to Hydrogen and Helium the 2 lightest elements which is what most stares are predominantly made of. When a star uses up all its hydrogen through the nuclear fusion process becomes a red giant, and then explodes as a nova. The huge nova explosion blasts most of the stellar material into space as a gas cloud from which new stars are eventually formed. the heavier elements collapse into a dense core remnant and become a dwarf star. The bigger a star is the faster it uses up its hydrogen fuel, and thus it becomes a red giant and goes nova sooner than less massive stars. The mass of the  remnant core of a star is very large compared to its size, because it is made up of heavier elements.  The dense remnant core of an imploded large star with its surrounding cloud of plasma made of iron and other heaver elements becomes a brown dwarf such as the double star companion to the Sun.

The double star companion to the Sun has a very long elliptical orbit that takes it way out into space beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto for the greater time of its orbital cycle of approximately 3600 years. Its orbit is not parallel to the plain of the ecliptic but crosses the ecliptic at an  angle. It  passes through the plane of the orbits of the planets of the solar system which are all parallel to each other, except Pluto, within a degree or so. The brown dwarf and its planets passes through the solar system twice as it approaches and as it leaves perihelion. which is where it comes closest to the Sun. The brown dwarf and it s planets heat up the Earth and the other planets of the solar system by electromagnetic induction from the inside nickel-iron cores out to the surface of the planets. This internal heating by induction from the Nibaru system causes the Earth to expand and causes the thin solid outer crust of Earth to crack resulting in sink holes, earth quakes, and volcanic eruptions, all of which are currently exponentially increasing in frequency and severity. It is quite possible that the brown dwarf is it remnant of what was once a star bigger than the sun that consumed its hydrogen fuel faster than the Sun and so imploded and went nova sooner than the Sun leaving only its inner dense core which became the brown dwarf double star companion to the Sun.

The most likely time for the closest approach of Nibaru to Earth is May of 2018, although it could be May of 2019. This would be the time that the most severe geological disruptions would occur.

At a certain point Nibaru would get close enough for everyone to see from their back yard and be imposable to hide any longer. This would be the point at which the government would declare martial law and lock down highways, transportation, and communication infrastructures on the pretext of preventing panic and civil disorder. Anyone who wants  to get out of danger areas should leave before that happens or they will be stuck where they are.  This is particularly true of coastal areas which would be wiped out by tsunamis in the event of catastrophic earth changes. Anyone living in a danger zone should leave before martial law is declared. If they wait too long they will not be able to leave, and will die. My advice to anyone living in vulnerable coastal areas to move inland to mountainous areas at high elevations and join or form self sufficient communities. If major Earth changes start by May, of 2018 as many researchers suspect then people in dangerous coastal areas should relocate at least by the early spring. There are according to some researchers ancient records from before 3600 years ago, which is approximately when the last Nibaru return would have occurred, that used a calendar that had 360 days per year rather than 365 days per year. This suggests that the length of the Earths orbital time period was increased by 5 and 1/4 days per year due to perturbations of  Earth’s orbit caused by the last Nibaru return. Records left by ancient Astronomers in many different locations including Asia, The Middle East, and the Americas all refer to a 360 day calendar. The other planets of our solar system are being affected by the current Nibaru return just as much as Earth is. we know this because of NASA space probes that have been sent out into the solar system to gather scientific data on the other planets of our solar system and their moons. This has been going on ever since the 1970’s. dramatic changes such as perturbations of planetary orbits, changes in magnetic field strength, increases in brightness, temperature changes, tilt of the axis of rotation, and changes in atmospheric weather patterns, and deviations in Sun spot cycles and other solar phenomena have all become very noticeable. Whatever is causing extreme geological, weather, and magnetosphere changes on Earth is also causing them throughout the solar system and on the Sun. All of this points to the presence of something very massive passing through the solar system, such as the brown dwarf double star companion to our Sun. The brown dwarf has its own planets and these planets can have moons. All of these passing through our Solar system can have complex far reaching effects.

The complexities are even far greater, because there are various factions of Extra Terrestrial beings, species and time-space fairing civilizations involved. One of the main species involved are the Anunaki who come from the planet Nibaru which is the biggest planet of the brown dwarf double star companion to the Sun. Earth and our solar system is part of their colonial empire in the local galactic neighborhood. They are giants of which skeletal remains have been found all over the world, up to 35 feet in stature. The Anunaki are militaristic and have a might equals right mindset. There social and political structure is based on a cast system, or a pyramidal top down military style chain of command. They have a history of internecine competition and war. Starting about 200,000 years ago they genetically manipulated the human species as we currently know ourselves, to  be a worker race or slave species to mine for gold and other natural resources and other tedious, dirty and dangerous work that the worker cast within the Anunaki hierarchy were worn out with, rebelled against, and refused to do any longer. The Anunaki genetic engineers combined their own DNA with that of what they claimed was a primitive human like species to create workers with enough intelligence to follow orders and understand instructions, but not enough to be a threat to or compete with the Anunaki themselves. We were given a short life span so that we did not have time to figure out the bigger picture. The beings at the top of the Anunaki hierarchy set up various religions as social management systems for their genetically tweaked  worker species, and under various guises posed as the gods of these religions in various parts of the world in various historical epics or time periods. Competing factions within the top levels of the Anunaki hierarchy have used humans as foot soldiers in their internecine wars with each other. They have done this in the same way that we might use pawns in a game of chess. We have been regarded by them as expendable and not important, to be used when it is convenient for their purposes.

Other stellar civilizations that have also interacted, and still do, with humanity on planet Earth, and have different agendas than the Anunaki. Most of the information about the Anunaki that I have referred to here is based on the writings and channeled information comes from a group of  ET beings who are mostly from the Pleiades who have channeled there teachings through Barbara Marciniak.  In a future time line they have viewed their civilization in the Pleiades has having been taken over by a vast tyranny which had its origins on Earth in our late 20th and early 21st current era. In this scenario humanity was subjected to being interfaced with and subjected to control by artificial intelligence, using computer chips and nanobots introduced into the human biology by medications, artificial food additives, Chemtrails, GMO’s and genetic engineering. Humans were turned into biological robots with no connection to their higher dimensional spiritual being, soul, or higher self, and with no free will or spiritual self determination.

To counter this dismal future time line the Pleiadian’s traveled back through time to our current era here on Earth to introduce other future time line probabilities. In the other future time line created by this intervention, humanity on Earth was liberated from Anunaki control, and made aware of their true history. Human consciousness was elevated into the awareness of existing as sovereign spiritual beings, thus defeating the Anunaki agenda of  conquest and enslavement in the Pleiades. Other ET civilizations and races in the local galactic neighborhood view the Anunaki as the bullies on the block,  so to speak, and oppose the militaristic Anunaki agenda of conquest and enslavement.

According to these Pleiadian teachings, there is currently a cosmic battle going on over control of Earth and the future of Earth humanity. This does not Just involve The Anunaki versus other ET civilizations, but also an internecine war between rival Anunaki factions. this war is being fought in the space environment surrounding Earth, and in vast underground cities and tunnel systems built by the Anunaki over hundreds of thousands of years.

The books and recorded channeling’s of Barbara Marciniak are available though Bold Connections Unlimited PO box 782  Apex, North Carolina 27502. I highly recommend them for anyone interested in learning more about these subjects.

Channeled information is often subject to distortion, disinformation, misrepresentation, and trickery coming from unreliable sources on the lower astral level, and should be regarded with caution. I nevertheless value and respect the Pleiadian teachings channeled by Barbara Marciniak because they can be verified by ample provable historic, archeological, and geological information.

Astounding discoveries are currently being made in Antarctica under the ice sheet of up to 2 miles thick that covers the Antarctic continent. This ice sheet is melting from the bottom up revealing the remains of an extremely technologically advanced very ancient civilization. Giant pyramids and huge advanced space ships and other advanced technology are being uncovered beneath the Ice. Needless to say these discoveries and what is going on in Antarctica is being hidden under a cloak of secracy.






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