Astrological analysis for trends in December 2017 and for 2018

First let me say a few things about December 21, 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar. Prior to 2012 there was much anticipation and excitement about the winter solstice of 2012 when the winter solstice would align with the point where the galactic plane crosses the ecliptic which is the plain of the Earth’s orbit around the sun and within close tolerances also the orbital planes of the other planets of the solar system except Pluto. Many people expected some dramatic event to occur, such as a global financial meltdown, nuclear war, geological cataclysms, mass UFO landing, or other dramatic world changing physical event. When nothing that out of the ordinary happened many people dismissed the Mayan calendar end date a non event and much hoopla about nothing and went about life as usual.

Something of supreme importance did happen  on that date, but it was a subtle pervasive change and not a dramatic physical event. It was a tipping point in consciousness beyond which the spiritual awakening, and expansion of consciousness of humanity could no longer be held back. This subtle pervasive shift in consciousness is far more powerful and significant than any outward physical event could be. The date of December 21, 2012 was simply a time marker for the middle of a window in time when powerful cosmic forces would bring about this irreversible expansion of mass consciousness. To change consciousness is to change everything.

This is the point at which the dark forces of imposed ignorance and tyranny lost control at the mental, spiritual, and consciousness level. This guaranteed their defeat at the denser physical level as well but that is taking a little longer to play out. As exponentially increasing numbers of people see through the big lie. humanity can no longer be controlled by propaganda, disinformation, and fear manipulation. Tactics that used to work to start wars or create financial panics such as false flag events are now starting to backfire as the public becomes more sophisticated.

911 is a typical example. This massively orchestrated false flag event initially served its intended purpose of rallying public support for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and justifying increased domestic surveillance and erosion of civil liberties all in the name of fighting terrorism. In the long run as more and more undeniable scientific forensic evidence has come out that exposes the big lie. As numerous glitches and provable inconsistencies in the official story have been exposed, public opinion has turned against the real perpetrators in the global financial system, the military industrial complex, the secret alphabet agencies, and the deep state. There has been steady progress in revealing the real truth about the evil criminal nature of the small group of people who control the US and other important government and the global financial system.

The desperate negative forces are resorting to more overtly violent and physically oppressive means to stay in control. This will only speed up their demise as this excessive use of oppressive tactics will increasing turn mass public opinion against the corrupt and incompetent established power structures of the world. This will eventually result in mass refusal to support the  tyrannical agendas of the old world order that thinks it is the new world order.

Another such pervasive change occurred in 2006, 2007 and the Fall of 2008 when Pluto was conjunct the Galactic center. Many Astrologers were wondering what this important alignment would mean. This was the time in which the global economy stopped expanding and started to shrink bringing about the stock market crash and banking crisis of October 2008 that was the beginning of ongoing worldwide economic decline that has been covered up by rampant creation  of fiat currency out of nothing and massive debt that can never be paid back.

Saturn Entered Capricorn, the winter solstice takes place on December 21  and Mercury turns direct at on December 23 at 13 degrees of Sagittarius all Within 3 days of each other. This indicates a significant change in astrological influences. Serious information about economic conditions, covert government activities, corruption in high places, and suppressed information about the return of the Nibaru Brown dwarf system and earth changes will start to come forward, thus enabling people to see and understand the bigger picture. There will be a more serious general outlook.

Saturn conjunct the galactic center also conjunct Mercury turning retrograde at the beginning of this just passed December 2017 continues to have immense significance, and we definitely have not seen the end of it. This configuration is also trine Uranus in late degrees of Ares. these Uranus trines to Mercury Saturn and the Galactic center are very favorable in that they will encourage the practical application of creative thinking leading to breakthroughs in the long run. This combination Tells us that something of worldwide and even cosmic importance has been going on, and that information about it has been withheld and suppressed. Now that Mercury has turned direct on December 23, 2017 at 13 degrees of Sagittarius, within 2 days of Saturn entering Capricorn and the winter Solstice, information will begin to come out slowly at first but gathering momentum into mid January, as Mercury re traces his steps back to 29 degrees of Sagittarius where he turned retrograde. Mercury is conjunct Saturn at 3 degree of Sagittarius on January 13, 2018. This will necessitate some serious decisions on individual, business and Governmental levels.

As Saturn transits Capricorn over the next approximately 2 and 1/2 years, the hierarchies of religious , educational, corporate and governmental organizations will come under ever increasing pressure. Corruption ever increasing out of control debt, debt to pay off interest on debt, trade wars, money poured into Arms manufacturing, manipulation and speculation instead on real investing in innovation and productivity is destroying efficiency, trust, and choking economic growth. Eventually it will bring down the international banking and currency exchange systems.

In a worst case scenario, Earth changes, wars, and industrial accidents could bring down electrical grids, the internet and telephone systems and industrial infrastructure. With no electricity it would be impossible to pump gasoline, run factories. ship products and carry on modern commerce. We would be back in the 19th century with an early  21st century population. Breakdown of electronic communication systems, power grids, and destruction of industrial, travel, and shipping infrastructures could bring civilization to a halt. Break downs and shortages would compound each other bringing modern industry and economic system to a halt. Only simple local economies in isolated rural areas at hi altitudes would still be viable.

Transiting Jupiter turns retrograde at 23 degrees of Scorpio on March 9, 2018.  Jupiter turns direct on July 10 2018 at 13 degrees of Scorpio between January 6 and May 1, 2018. This transit repeats again between august 28 and September 23, 2018. This transit is made longer because of Jupiter turning retrograde, while making this transit. This influence gets off to a strong start wit transiting Mars and Jupiter conjunct between January 2, and 12, 2018 while both are sextile Pluto.

This influence favors the implementation of  cleaner, and more efficient and less wasteful technologies, by means of recycling, and use of renewable sources of energy such as sunlight instead of burning fossil fuels, and by getting multiple valuable by products as well as the main product out of the same natural resources.

Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn between January 7 and 11, 2018. This could bring some romantic-sexual intrigues and scandals among the rich and powerful into the mix. The sextile between Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio could help in exposing Pedophilia and other dark sexual practices that have been carried on in secret in elite circles.

Those people dedicated to making spiritual progress, being of service, and achieving a higher level of consciousness can make significant progress under the influence of Jupiter sextile Pluto, and related short term transits, together with others of like understanding and motivation can influence the mass consciousness in reaching a higher level of spiritual awareness. This can lessen the severity of economic, environmental, geological, climatic, and war related, events, chaos, and physical destruction over the next 8 to 10 years. Prayer, meditation, and intention to hold a positive vision for the future does influence the outcome of future historic trends and events. and if powerful enough can avert catastrophe, and steer the course of history in a positive direction. The outcome remains to be seen, but it is not far off. In the next 7 to 10 years the outcome will be determined. We are at a major cosmic time node and historic watershed. what happens in the next 7 to 10 years will determine human history on Earth and even has significance for time-space fairing civilizations for a long time to come. We are rapidly approaching a historic singularity, a major cosmic time node, A moment of truth where the imploding mass Karma Manifesting through the terminal corruption, and parasitical, cancerous criminality, of the top leadership of the major institutions that run the world brings civilization as we have known it to a grinding halt. It is referred to by various names such as the New World Order or Anu World Order, The Cabal, The Elites, The Illuminati, and other names. Its inner ranks consist of the top level heads of the world central banks, heads of  the fortune 50 most wealthy corporations in the world, The top hierarchy of major world religions, The British crown, The Rothschild banking dynasty, other European, and worldwide royal families, and perhaps some very well hidden inside controllers that the outside world has not even heard of.

Jupiter in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces, May through August of 2028. This is an influence of expansive emotion expressing spiritual qualities of love joy and beauty. People will have more emotional understanding, compassion, empathy, and psychic attunement and thus will be more, willing to cooperate and overcome past differences. This aspect forms a grand trine with the Sun in the US horoscope and will encourage economic growth. People will express more psychic awareness of each other’s moods and feelings, resulting in a greater expression of humanitarian understanding and spiritual unity. Because both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs the expansion of awareness that is the highest expression of this combination will come through the emotional level of expression and interaction. Scorpio embodies an emotional intensity that cuts to the very core of what motivates people. If they are willing to be honest with themselves and are willing to look at what is really behind their emotional reactions the can embody a penetrating insight and understanding that cuts cuts through pretense, illusion, and falsehood to a deep understanding of the human condition. With this insight comes the ability to be a powerful healer. Pisces as the last sign of the Zodiac embodies the subconscious memory of the experiences of all the previous signs. If these memories can be brought forward to a conscious level they make possible a universal empathic understanding of the human condition that can manifest as compassion.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are very expansive And so is the trine as an aspect. If not properly managed their combined influence can manifest as excessiveness, and escapism that gets lost in the drama thus loosing perspective and emotional balance. If used in a positive way it will be the vehicle for a great outpouring of emotional understanding compassion and forgiveness. Most of humanity is still motivated at the emotional level, and thus with this influence there is a great opportunity to move mass consciousness to a higher level at the level of emotional feelings and expression where the vast majority of humanity lives. This will be largely expressed through art music and entertainment that are the major vehicles of mass communication at the emotional level. It remains to be seen how much of  this is co opted by mega corporate owned media versus alternative free media.

2017 could have been a lot worse than it has been, which makes me more cautiously optimistic. There is reason for hope, but no room for complacency. transiting Uranus enters Taurus for the first time on May 16, 2018. Uranus retrogrades back into Ares on November 7, 2018. Uranus re enters Taurus to stau on  March 7, 2018.

Taurus is an Earth sign associated with the Financial world, and physical assets. Taurus is also associated with the physical planet, and the physical environment and therefore with agriculture, natural resources, food supplies and geology. Uranus brings sudden release of energy, drastic changes, and unexpected events and circumstances. Uranus in Taurus will bring accelerated geological changes, and long overdue major corrections and shakeups of worldwide financial systems. Investment in stocks, bonds, and other paper assets are likely to fall apart. People will find out that things that are not in their direct physical possession could become worthless. Many formerly wealthy people could suddenly be financially wiped out, and even become destitute.

Saturn in Capricorn is trine Uranus in Taurus between Mid July and Mid October. 2018. This is a very favorable influence. Organized groups of  people will form communities and cooperative enterprises for sustainability and self sufficiency. They will embody a less hierarchical management structure and make decisions more by consensus and voluntary participation of coequal sauvergne individuals. Solutions, resources, and leadership can come from any person in the collective and be shared by all. Inventors and innovators will come up with sustainable solutions to practical problems such as energy production, food  production and sustainability, natural medicine. buildings and housing, education and so on. Transiting Mars in Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus in Ares between January 14 and 21, 2018. this could precipitate some unexpected sudden and dramatic disruptive events. such as  industrial accidents, military conflicts earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, riots, and false flag or real terrorist attacks etc. Mars Enters Sagittarius on  January 27, 2018. Mars in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces between February 14 and 22, 2018. this will increase violent religious fanaticism especially among  Islamic factions in the Middle East. Isis covertly created by the CIA could go on the attack in a major attack or terrorist event. this would increase the danger of a wider regional war. This could be covertly supported by western powers to drive up the price of oil. There has been a glut of oil on the global market that has driven down the price of oil. there will be behind the scenes trickery and deceit.

Transiting Mars in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Ares between March 6 and 17 , 2018. This will facilitate worthwhile action to  implement advanced technological solutions in independent energy production and other areas to overcome dependence on mega corporate controlled systems. It will encourage independent gropes and grass roots organizations to take action to create independent sustainability and freedom by implementing advanced solutions to practical needs.

Mars enters Capricorn on March 18, 2018, and leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on May 17, 2018. Mars transiting Capricorn emphasizes practical action, efficiency, organization, and hard work, and ambition. it gets things done. These tendencies will be intensified when mars is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn between March 29, and April 8, 2018. On the negative side this can increase militarism and harsh authoritarian top down control in business and politics. On the positive side it can embody ambition, discipline, hard work, practicality, professionalism, and self reliance. there tends to be a hardnosed, no nonsense, get the job done attitude. It can also produce military confrontations and stand offs. it is associated with heavy industries such as steel and construction.

Transiting Mars is in Aquarius between May 17 and August 14, and again between September 12 and November16, of 2018. Mars turns retrograde at 9 degrees of Aquarius on June 28, 2018.

Mars in Aquarius is often dissatisfied with established policies and power structures and oppressive regulation and regimes and becomes revolutionary in attitudes and actions. under this influence. when Mars is in Aquarius people come together  in groups, political parties, and organizations to bring about reform and change. This can manifest in anything from polite political and social organizations to cadres of violent armed revolutionaries. The influence of Mars in Aq1uarius also manifests as inventiveness, technological and scientific research and development. People will get together and form groups and organizations to take action to initiate and move forward community projects and improvements.

During any retrograde Mars cycle agendas can be delayed and held back and take longer to accomplish. With Mars retrograde in Aquarius this will be for sudden and unexpected reasons. Under this influence delays and frustrations can result from lack of agreement and unwillingness to make compromise. Aquarius is a fixed sign and can be quite stubborn. People tend to challenge authority and be more individualistic making it more difficult to get everyone to agree on the same agenda and plan of action thus causing delays. There can be a n attitude of don’t tell me what to do.

During part of the 2018 Mars retrograde cycle Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn between August 14, and September 12, 2018, with Mars turning direct on August 27, 2018 at 28 degrees and 36 minutes of Capricorn. This could manifest as a conservative backlash reaction against the extremes of revolutionary factions.

Under normal circumstances Mars takes 45days or a month and a half to transit a sign. During a retrograde cycle Mars spends approximately 6 months in one sign or 2 adjacent signs, whatever house or 2 adjacent houses Mars is in receives a much longer Mars activation, indicating prolonged intensified activity in the affairs ruled by the house or houses Mars is transiting while in a retrograde cycle. Mars retrograd periods take place at 2 year intervals.

The next Mercury retrograde cycle is in Ares with Mercury turning retrograde at 16 degrees and 54 degrees of Aries on March 23, 2018. Mercury turns direct on April 15 at 4 degrees and 47 minutes of Ares Mercury regains 16 degrees of Aries where He turned retrograde on May 3rd 2018. mercury in ares tends to be impatient and so delays in communications and decisions will cause frustration and irritation. Retrograde Mercury is square Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in the first week of April resulting in disagreements anger and frustration. This can result in arguments and angry confrontations over decisions and policies and who has the legitimate authority to make decisions. Mercury again squares Saturn in Capricorn between April 22 and 29, 2018. causing more frustrations and delays, especially if caused by obnoxious beurocracy officialdom, and legalities.

Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the first degree of Ares on March 7 , 2018 at the very beginning of the zodiac. This signifies new beginnings in Literary arts and in new diplomatic initiatives to create peace and avoid conflict. People will take the initiative to express their creative ideas and artistic inclinations. This aspect is actually within a 2 degree orb between March 1 and 9, 2018 while spanning the Pisces-Aries cusp.







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