Mercury Transiting the Signs and Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2018

Mercury transits Capricorn between January 1 and 31, 2018. Mercury is conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn between January 23 and 26, 2018. Mercury in Capricorn puts emphasis on practical thinking, and business and professional communication. It favors mental organization and efficiency.

Mercury transits Aquarius between January 31 and February 18, 2018. Mercury in Aquarius encourages a more universal and scientific outlook on life, based on a more advanced understanding of universal laws that are inherent in the very nature of existence. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius because individual mind, represented by Mercury, is a subset of the universal mind, represented by Aquarius. This transit instigates intellectual exchange of ideas and information. It is also associated with invention and technological innovation.

Mercury transits Pisces between February 18 and March 5, 2018. Mercury in Pisces stimulates psychic perception, imagination, and visualization ability. People are more apt to daydream and act spacey, or to indulge in escapist tendencies through alcohol, drugs, or entertainment. Mercury in Pisces stimulates communication at the emotional level. Much of this communication happens through subconscious telepathy. People become more suggestible and susceptible to subconscious programming. Mercury is conjunct with Neptune over the weekend of February 24 and 25.  This will intensify the influence of Mercury in Pisces since Neptune rules Pisces.

Mercury transits Aries between March 6 and May 13, 2018. Mercury transiting Aries tends to make people be more proactive about initiating communications. In this case, Mercury and Venus enter the first degree of Aries together on March 6, 2018,  and remain conjunct in Aries until Mercury turns retrograde on March 23, 2018. Much of the communications proactiveness associated with Mercury transiting Aries will be in the form of diplomatic and social initiatives. Artists and musicians will be more forthright and assertive in expressing their opinions, including about sexual and political issues.

Mercury does a retrograde cycle while in Aries. Mercury conjunct with Venus in Aries will initiate positive solution-oriented new ideas, and proactive social communication. This aspect continues until March 23, when Mercury turns retrograde at 16 degrees and 54 minutes of Aries, only 2 days after the Spring Equinox. The unusually long duration of  this Mercury-Venus conjunction is because of Mercury slowing down to turn retrograde. Both planets track along at  approximately the same speed. Mercury turns direct at 4 degrees and 47 minutes of Aries on April 15, 2018. Mercury regains 16 degrees of Aries where he turned retrograde on May 3, 2018, thus completing the retrograde Mercury cycle. Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus on May 12, 2018, while closely conjunct Uranus and square Mars only 2 days before Uranus enters Taurus on May 14, the same day Mars enters Aquarius in exact square to Uranus.

Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn between March 28 and April 5, with the exact conjunction on April 2, at 8 degrees of Capricorn. Mars conjunct with Saturn in Capricorn tends to be harsh, authoritarian, and militaristic. It is capable of using police state tactics against the people. Mercury is square Mars and Saturn after turning direct between April 2 and 7, 2018. Mercury squares Saturn at 9 degrees of Capricorn between April 23 and 28, while exact on April 25. Mercury is square Mars in late Capricorn between May 10 and 15, and is exact on  May 12 at 28 degrees of Capricorn. These aspects produce frustration and anger that can lead to dangerous, unwise decisions that would alienate the populace, arouse revolutionary sentiment, and lead to dangerous military standoffs.

Because of the impatient nature of Aries, impulsive decisions made during this retrograde Mercury time period can involve important issues, resulting in serious mistakes. Such mistakes result from not allowing enough time to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of all relevant factors. At the same time, undue procrastination and equivocation regarding important opportunities can result in missing out. News and reliable information regarding rapidly changing events will be slowed down or held back for a variety of reasons. Aries represents the beginning of a new cycle. Decisions made and actions taken at this time will have important long term consequences as they will determine the direction of what follows for a complete Zodiacal cycle. Due diligence is required to martial all the necessary information to make intelligent and responsible decisions, and to take timely actions based on these decisions. It is a time for patience, but not laziness. In general, many people will feel frustrated, and therefore angry.

Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus on May 14, 2018, while closely conjunct with Uranus and square Mars. This will be a time of shocking news of major events getting out of control only 2 days from Uranus entering Taurus simultaneous with Mars entering Aquarius and squaring Uranus. Mid-May of 2018 is a volatile and dangerous time where provocative military actions could provoke major war, or when extreme Earth changes could begin perhaps on the west coast, or a tsunami on the East coast caused by a volcanic landslide in the Canary Islands off the Northeast coast of Africa. This time period of mid-May 2018 could also see the beginnings of worldwide descent into economic chaos. Mercury leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on May 28, 2018.

Mercury in Taurus puts the mental emphasis on economic issues and decisions. This will be true on all levels including individual, family, small business, corporate, city, state, national and international. It is highly possible that shocking, even literally Earth-shaking events, could force everyone to suddenly need to re-think everything concerning what they do with their money, valuable assets, property, and personal possessions.

Mercury transits Gemini between May 29 and June 12. Mercury transiting Gemini arouses people’s curiosity and stimulates communication and exchange of ideas and information. It favors writing and other intellectual pursuits.

Mercury transits Cancer between June 12 and 29. Mercury transiting Cancer stimulates communication at the emotional level. There is a danger that impartial reasoning may be prejudiced or distorted because of emotional reasons.

Mercury is retrograde in Leo during August and September of 2018.  Mercury enters Leo on June 28, 2018. Mercury turns retrograde at 23 degrees and 27 minutes of Leo on July 26, 2018. Mercury turns direct at 11 degrees and 32 minutes of Leo on August 18, 2018. Transiting Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo on September 5, 2018. Transiting Mercury is square Jupiter, and inconjunct Neptune and Pluto forming a Y configuration or Yod with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces during August of 2018, as Mercury slows his retrograde motion, turns direct, and gradually picks up forward motion speed. The Y configuration that Mercury makes to Neptune and Pluto is in effect for almost all of August 2018. This has profound implications as information is revealed concerning the deeper, more hidden forces that are driving the most important historic trends.

This involves a small cabal of international central bankers, heads of the world’s largest corporations, and those who control the military industrial complex. This includes royal  family bloodlines that have ruled nations for thousands of years, and in more modern times have moved into control of international banking, issuing currencies, international currency exchange rates, and ownership of major corporations. This small group of international criminals dominate the companies that control advanced technologies, the military industrial complex, intelligence agencies, oil, nuclear power, classified scientific research in the name of national security, big pharma, and ultra secret black projects involving technologies that are hundreds, even thousands of years ahead of what is publicly known. They instigate and set up arms races to result in wars from which they make vast profits at the expense of hundreds of millions of deaths and untold human misery. Under a thin veneer of so-called democracy, the most important decisions that determine the wellbeing and survival of the human race are made in total secrecy. The citizens of the world are not even allowed know about these decisions or those who make them.

For example, were the people of the United States, or any other nations of the world, ever allowed to vote on, or have any say whatsoever as to whether or not they want to have their skies filled with highly toxic aerosol chemicals sprayed by a vast fleet of big jet planes? These aerosol sprays leave long-lasting white trails called chemtrails which spread out, turn blue skies white, and obscure the sun. Are the people of the world allowed to have any say as to whether or not they want their skies filled with toxic chemicals? Of course not! It is just high-handedly done to us without our permission.

These aerosol sprays deposited in our skies all over the world have been chemically analyzed and proven to contain toxic aluminum barium and nanobots. Nanobots are self replicating nano-technology molecular constructs that link up in the body to form little antennas to receive mind control broadcasts to subject humans to control by artificial intelligence, thus turning us into biological robots. This evil use of technology usurps our free will and connection to spiritual awareness. As stated in the Georgia Guidestones, it is the intention of this ruling elite to kill off 95% of  the human population of Earth and turn the rest of us into biological robots under computer control. If this is not to be our fate, humanity must en mass refuse to cooperate with this evil agenda.

A technological elite operating in deep secrecy is creating a runaway civilization separating itself from the rest of humanity. This runaway civilization has advanced free energy, anti-gravity, and genetic technologies far in advance of what is currently available to the general public. This runaway technological civilization did not grow from the bottom up, but rather has been imposed from the top down according to a long-range plan and agenda, imposed by a ruling force that has been in control of Earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

This ruling force is an extraterrestrial race of giants who invaded Earth from space, and took over our planet approximately 450,000 years ago for the purpose of mining gold and other valuable minerals and materials found on Earth. Until about 4000 years ago, these ET colonizers were visibly present within the human population on the Earth’s surface, and running things more directly. There are, and have been for a long time, rival factions within the ruling hierarchy of the colonizing ET empire. At various times in the past, these rival factions have engaged in internecine war. About 4 thousand years ago, these rival factions engaged in an internecine conflict where they attacked each other’s territories with nuclear warheads. This resulted in vast destruction, and made much of Egypt, the Middle East, the Indus Valley, and other areas  so radioactive as to be uninhabitable. Still dangerously radioactive archeological remains of this conflict have been found in modern times. After that exchange of nuclear weapons, the ruling extraterrestrial beings withdrew from living on the Earth’s surface and from direct contact with the human surface inhabitants and went back into space or retired to vast deep underground tunnel systems and cities which they had built over hundreds of thousands of years, by using their advanced engineering technologies. To manage the human population, these colonizing ETs set up proxy rulers using special royal bloodlines which the ET overlords could more easily psychically control and manipulate. These same royal bloodlines are still in control of the main religious, economic, educational, political, and industrial institutions which run the world. They control the heads of state and other visible figureheads from behind the scenes. This is a lengthy topic to discuss and I am merely touching on it here.

My purpose in bringing this up here is to point out that Mercury doing a retrograde cycle in Leo during July and August of 2018 will bring about a greater awareness of these deeper historic conditioning influences, especially among the more open-minded and intellectually sophisticated portions of the population. There is a possibility that this deeper level of understanding could reach people in positions of power, who can influence policy, and are able to make important decisions. If this happens on a big enough scale, it could be a game-changer.

Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio in August of 2018 warns against hubris, wastefulness, excessiveness, and impulsive insufficiently analyzed decisions. It will, in most cases, be wiser to try out new ideas and untested methodologies on a small scale before implementing them on a large scale. While Mercury is retrograde in Leo, important decisions may be delayed, held back, or changed as more complete, accurate and comprehensive information gradually emerges. When being right is more important to people than acknowledging the truth, those who take that attitude are in deep trouble. When a nation, religion, oligarchy, or those in positions of power take this attitude, entire nations, cultures, and civilizations get into deep trouble. It has been said that “there are none so blind as those who refuse to see”.  A major tenant of Buddhism states that ignorance is the cause of suffering. Ignorance is literally “ignore-ance”, which is not paying attention. The negative side of the Mercury-Jupiter combination is mental self-indulgence that leads to arrogance.

Mercury transits Virgo between September 6 and 22, 2018. This favors practical critical thinking, and interest in specialized knowledge and its practical application. There will be more interest in healthy diet and medical issues. There will be more interest in personal hygiene, appearance, clothing, and style.

Mercury transits Libra between September 23 and October 10, 2018. There is much interest in, and communication about, psychology and the psychology of relationships. Libra is always associated with issues related to what constitutes balance of give and take in relationships, and what constitutes justice and fairness. People will be more interested in what constitutes fairness in all types of relationships including personal, social, professional, business, etc., and how this applies to legal matters. Legal matters will be in the news. Obsessive concern with the pros and cons of various issues and choices can cause indecisiveness, and interfere with the ability to take action.

Mercury transits Scorpio between October 10 and November 1, 2018. This intensifies emotional communication and awareness at the gut level. This can produce a tendency to either keep ones thought to oneself, or to be blunt and sarcastic about people’s real motivations. Information is more likely to be on a need-to-know basis. Communications can have strong subconscious undertones.

Mercury transits Sagittarius between October 31, 2018 and January 5, 2018.

The last of the current series of 3 retrograde Mercury periods in fire signs is in Sagittarius and late degrees of Scorpio during November and December of 2018. Mercury enters Sagittarius on October 31, 2018. Mercury turns Retrograde at 13 degrees and 28 minutes of Sagittarius on November 17, 2018, while exactly square Neptune at 13 degrees and 42 minutes of Pisces. Mercury square Neptune is in effect for 10 days between November 11 and 22, and during December 23 through 26, 2018, after Mercury goes direct. Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on December 1, 2018. Mercury turns direct on December 6, 2018 at 27 degrees and 17 minutes of Scorpio, while exactly inconjunct Uranus in Aries. Mercury is inconjunct Uranus in Aries for 2 weeks in the first half of December 2018. Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on December 13, 2018. Mercury regains 13 degrees of Sagittarius where he turned retrograde on December 24, 2018. Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on January 5, 2019.

Mercury is square Neptune for 10 days while turning direct in mid-November. This will cause a lot of confusion for many people as to what to believe and what not to believe. Many people will be exposed to undeniably credible information which turns their whole worldview on its head for the first time, and many of them will be in a state of cognitive dissonance. The confusion will come from many sources, one of which is deliberately spun disinformation by governments, major financial institutions, big corporations, and intelligence agencies. There will also be subliminal manipulation through electronic media. Much confusion and deception can come from psychic realms, especially the lower Astral emotional level. There is also official false history which has been used to keep humankind from knowing our real origins and capabilities. For instance, many giant human skeletons, some as tall as 35 feet, have been scooped up by The Smithsonian Institute, the Vatican, and other elitist-controlled organizations. Yet another source of confusion will be the inevitable repeating of information that is not from its original source. In this process, much important information gets left out and/or distorted.

Confusion could also result from the slowdown or stopping of information caused by damage or complete destruction to industrial electronic communications infrastructure such as communications satellites, fiber optic cables, telephone, Internet, radio, and television electronic systems from a variety of possible natural or manmade causes. Breakdown of communications infrastructures could be a brief, intermittent, and local phenomena, or it could take out whole cities, states, provinces, regions, nations, or entire continents for weeks, months, or even years, depending on the nature and severity of the disruption. In a worst-case situation, short wave radio might be the only still functioning long-range form of  electronic communication. Under such circumstances, rumors and wild speculations would proliferate in the absence of verifiable information based on long range electronic communications. Yet still another form of prejudiced and distorted perception of reality often results from fanatical fundamentalist religious and ideological belief systems of whatever kind. All major religions have their fundamentalist, fanatical contingent. It is more about level of consciousness than about specific religions. Deception and distorted understanding of reality is also caused by denial and escapism that can take many forms such as alcoholism, drug addiction, getting lost in sports, entertainment, TV, and cell phones. Whatever is going on, people will have a hard time gaining an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the bigger reality of what is happening in the world.

Mercury turns direct on December 6, 2018 at 27 degrees and 20 minutes of  Scorpio while inconjunct Uranus at 29 degrees of  Aries. Mercury is inconjunct Uranus between November 28 and December 15, 2018 when using an allowable variation from exact  (called an orb) of 2 degrees. Many people will be in a state of shock  when their sense of normalcy is suddenly disrupted by news of radical events. Breakdowns of technological infrastructures can compound each other and be difficult or impossible to sort out. This will particularly be true of electronic communications infrastructures such as telephone networks, computer systems, internet, radio and TV broadcast facilities, and the electrical power grid.

There is a possibility of sudden insights into the nature of reality. This can manifest as insight into the universal scientific laws that govern the manifestation and evolution of all creation, or as insight into the spiritual, social, economic, and political reality of the human condition and how to advance it to a higher level.

The dysfunction and breakdown of electronic communications technology, and the limitations of the conscious mind’s reasoning processes when based on insufficient, inaccurate, or falsified  information, will force people to rely more on their intuition and their telepathic abilities. Intuition is a more advanced form of direct perception. This influence will hone these abilities to a more accurate and advanced level of functioning. The breakdown of the old systems of social, economic, and political control, and the mass confusion this causes, can also create the opportunity for new forms of social, economic and political organization and technological advances to emerge unnoticed, and therefore without interference. Major advances such as free energy technology, healing with light, sound and coherent electromagnetic frequencies that harmoniously resonate with DNA and cellular structures can then be implemented. Effective, natural healing methodologies, such as naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, and traditional herbal medicine can come forward.

These healing methods do not serve the economic purposes of big pharma and the established banking system, and therefore have been suppressed. The established economic power structure is more interested in keeping people sick and dependent on a continuous supply of expensive medications which manage symptoms but do not address the real causes of illness. In this way, they make more money and more easily keep the public dumbed down; under their control. This is especially true of psychiatric medications such as anti-depressants.

This Mercury retrograde cycle, while relatively brief, is indicative of a larger principle at work that applies to times of chaotic radical change. The pervasive confusion can provide a smokescreen or camouflage for introducing liberating new technologies based on entraining to universal resonances. Likewise at the spiritual, social, economic, and political levels, new ways of efficiently interacting bring about co-creation based on cooperation, and sharing of knowledge and resources. These new forms of more advanced social, economic and political organization will be based on a holographic model which allows for information and leadership to move in any direction within the organizational network. These more advanced technologies and new forms of social, economic and political organization will emerge at a grassroots level in local communities, and will link up and proliferate from there. The old system uses a pyramidal, top-down, military-style chain of command. The average corporation is organized like an  army. This old system is seriously limited and flawed, especially when a very few people at the top must process a vast amount of information coming from lower levels of the pyramidal command structure. The few at the top simply do not have the time, nor the numerous skill sets required, to adequately process this information. So, those at the top make costly and sometimes fatal mistakes.

New cosmic frequencies are taking over which will inevitably bring about a shift to a higher level of consciousness. The higher level of consciousness will automatically be reflected in more advanced technologies, and a more enlightened culture. Until these scientific and cultural advances come more fully into being there will be much confusion and uncertainty. This is a general statement about the next 7 or so years, but it is typified on a smaller scale by Mercury turning direct inconjunct Uranus in Early December 2018.

In general, Mercury in Sagittarius places more interest on study, and attention on cultural development, history and belief systems.

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