Speeded up Evolution and The Collective Super Conscious

Humanity on planet Earth is facing  a historic singularity, a moment of truth in our very near future. We are experiencing a major historic time node. A time node is when several important cycles that influence the course of evolution begin and end together. Time nodes of the importance of the one we are experiencing now occur only very rarely perhaps once in 1/2 or 1 million years. The transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, A return of the Nemesis or Nibiru brown dwarf system that occurs roughly every 3600 years, and a magnetic pole reversal are all happening simultaneously. Some researchers are of the opinion that our solar system is entering or about to enter the galactic plane, which is by galactic standards, a paper thin zone where energy is far more intense and cosmic debris  far more dense and frequent. The current time frame also corresponds with The end of an old Mayan Calendar cycle and the beginning of a new one. The end of the Mayan calendar was supposed to have occurred on December 21, 2012 when converted to the Gregorian calendar. This date is more like the center of a window of time, than an exact one day event. There was a lot of excitement about  what might happen at the end of this major Mayan cycle,  Many people were speculating about or expecting some kind of major event of an obvious nature would occur.

When December 21, 2012 came and went, and there was no big stock market crash, or outbreak of war, or cataclysm, or obvious major world event,  The end of the Mayan calendar seemed to be a non event to those who did not understand its true significance. In actuality something of tremendous importance  did occur at that time that would ultimately, and forever, change and accelerate the progress of evolution at all levels. It is the subtle pervasive changes  brought about by the necessity to take responsibility for the broad and long range consequences o how we use our power that brings about the expansions of consciousness which accelerate the progress of evolution at every level. It is not the dramatic obvious changes at the physical level, but the subtle pervasive changes and advances in consciousness that are ultimately the most powerful and far reaching.

What really happened  in 2012 was a tipping point in consciousness where the awakening  to a higher level of awareness can no longer be held back. This breakthrough in consciousness will ultimately result in the liberation of  humanity from slavery  to materialistic values based on fear. This will liberate the use of advanced technology to create a worldwide  civilization where  every person on the planet can have an abundant lifestyle of freedom and creativity, by which every person can reach their highest level of achievement. Whatever human communities survive the next 5 to 6 years will reach a level of advancement orders of magnitude greater than anything  seen up until now. It will unleash a global renaissance of such power and beauty, as to unite humanity and create a super species, by cross fertilizing the highest achievements of every culture.

Each expressions of individual excellence in evolutionary progress in one area usually takes place at the expense of neglect of attention paid to overcoming weak areas in other aspects of development. For example if all a person’s  attention, time, money, and effort is devoted to becoming a great mathematician who understands the precise inerrancies of the laws of Physics that enable him to suddenly release enormous amounts of energy in nuclear explosion he also creates a danger  of destroying the very civilization that made it possible for him to develop such technology. Many advanced civilizations in the past have destroyed themselves by the misuse of technology.

The greatest frustration of the human condition at this juncture of our evolutionary development is the mental and emotional overwhelm of too much information and complexity coming at people too fast for them to assimilate. People are unable to handle information and situations they are responsible for fast enough to be effective in interacting with the larger collective issues which must be dealt with if human civilization is to function and survive. The present mental capability of the human consciousness is not fast enough or comprehensive enough to be effective in overcoming the survival challenges humanity now faces. most people are way beyond their depth in understanding how to handle the challenges of how to physically and spiritually survive  the problems of taking care of themselves and their family let alone deal with the pervasive dysfunction and corruption of the economic, political, educational, business, corporate, religious, and governmental institutions that run their local, regional, national and worldwide affairs. The big established religious institutions and especially the top hierarchy of these religions  are behind the scenes the most evil practitioners of black magic rituals including ritual torture and murder of babies and children. Politicians are not funded or given media coverage to run for office  unless they participate in such heinous practices as pedophilia, drug running, treason, and theft of public funds by which they can be blackmailed and controlled. To put it bluntly humanity is still enslaved by an evil power, and has been for hundreds of thousands of years.

The brave researchers spiritual, social, educational, and scientific leaders who are shining the light of truth into the dark corners of the current and traditional institutions of power that are running  our world often sacrifice their lives to do this. they are usually murdered using subtle means such as  tiny high velocity darts that are not even noticed to introduce deadly diseases into their bodies, such as virulent fast acting types of cancer. Then the targeted individual dies a few weeks later, and friends and family wonder why, because the targeted person was always very healthy up until the time of their sudden terminal illness.

So how can humanity overcome this dilemma? by developing the ability to function and communicate with other people and conscious beings at a much faster and telepathic intuitive level of consciousness. in the past great spiritual teachers and avatars have achieved super conscious state of awareness and functioning. Nowadays more and more people are developing and practicing techniques of meditation, lucid dreaming, creative visualization, hypnotherapy, positive thinking, ways of communicating with the subconscious mind, and ways of releasing into conscious awareness walled off memories of past traumatic experiences. These practices clear the subconscious mind of these encapsulated, suppressed memories that block access to the higher super conscious mind which must reach conscious awareness by coming through the subconscious mind. When this has been achieved by enough individual people all over the world it will trigger the awakening of the collective super conscious. The collective super conscious mind will link the entire human community in a telepathic network that will be  so vast, comprehensive and instantaneously fast in its ability to understand and solve even the most complex and seemingly overwhelming problems, that it will so vastly supersede our individual abilities that it will be like comparing the brightness of a candle to that of the Sun.

The biggest breakthroughs in human history have always happened at the times of seemingly insurmountable crisis and so it is today. The problems humanity now faces make the problems of the past seem puny by comparison. The fundamental law of physics is that energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be converted from one form of energy to another. This is also true of consciousness which is the most subtle, powerful and all pervasive energy. When energy is blocked at a lower level and frequency it transfers to a higher frequency. The seemingly insurmountable problems we face today that overwhelm the current level of human mental capacity is forcing our individual minds to link up at a higher super conscious frequency that telepathically integrates all our individual minds into a combined human species super conscious mind that is capable of comprehending every aspect of every problem we face and knowing the most effective, efficient way of solving it.

The arrival in the inner solar system of the Nibiru brown dwarf double star companion to the sun with its own planets and there moon’s guaranties major geological disruptions, as has occurred on previous  returns of this brown dwarf system on an approximately 3600 cycle . Every Ancient culture has their stories of vast devastation on previous returns of the Nibiru System and dire prophecies about  the next one that is occurring in our present historic time frame. Nibiru is the biggest and outermost planet of this brown dwarf system. It is not just Earth that has been affected by the return of the Nibiru system, all of the planets of the solar system have been affected in dramatic ways. Some of these ways include dramatic changes in the magnetic field strength, brightness, tilt of the axis of spin, weather patterns, temperature, and other factors.

I could go into a lot more detail about the above mentioned cycles and planetary changes brought about by the returning Nibiru System. This is meant to be a general summery of what is happening concurrently in the ending and beginning of several major cycles and planetary changes throughout the solar system brought on by the incoming Nibiru brown dwarf system.

A time when everything is so speeded up in so many ways is also a very chaotic time. To say that the present world condition is chaotic is the understatement of the millennia. This results in everyone feeling that they are ensnared in such a complicated mess that they are incapable of even beginning to understand its rapidly changing multifaceted intricacies, let alone being able to do anything about them. Indeed, in almost every case this is the reality of the human condition. So, what if anything can be done to remedy this pervasive dysfunction?

The vast majority of people are dominated by their emotional nature. Choices are usually based on emotional needs and desires rather than intelligent mental analysis. In the average persons consciousness immediate concerns of achieving security supersede awareness of the long term consequences of what they are doing and contributing to.

There is a growing number of educated and mentally more astute people on the planet but this in most cases this does not necessarily mean that they are wise or have a balanced overall understanding of what is going on in their lives, and even less so in terms of what is going on in the larger world around them. Education is generally dominated by economic values and tends to be specialized and intended to enable people to make money in a culture that is dominated by social worth being determined by how much money one has and is able to use other peoples education, experience, skills, talents, expertise, and resources  by being able to pay them with money. This has produced a psychotic condition in the economic and political polices of the dominant business, economic, political, educational, cultural and religious institutions that govern human so called civilization.

What we call a corporation is a perfect example of this. A corporation is a legal fiction, an abstract entity that has no consciousness and no awareness of the effect it is having and will have on human society and the ability of Earth herself to sustain life. Therefore it is not capable of a moral compass or conscience. A corporations only purpose and only single dominating goal is  to make money for its investors, even if it means killing its stock holders, CEO, and employees and the children and future generations of all these people the rest of the human population and all life on earth in the process. Why then should a corporation be given the same legal rights as a self aware, and hopefully ethically aware human being.

Only a long and extended process of spiritual evolution is capable of producing a multi dimensional being capable of the awareness, of the effect it is having on that which is around it, its own survival, the survival of its species, and the survival and advancement of life in general. Only the long evolutionary experience of a spiritual being experiencing the karmic feedback and consequences of its actions on every material, emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness level that it  functions on is capable of creating a moral sense of responsibility for its actions,  thus giving it a conscience and sense of what is right or wrong.  A machine such as a computer or what is called artificial intelligence  may surpass our human ability to rapidly manipulate data and carry out the mathematical instructions fed into it but it is not capable of the multidimensional self awareness and sense of moral responsibility of a human or other spiritually evolved being.

The irresponsible use of artificial intelligence poses a grave danger to our survival.  Human laziness and desire for immediate gratification that uses artificial intelligence to make financial and other important decisions for it without concern for the social, mass economic, ecological, cultural, long term human survival, and the survival of life in general is the most dangerous threat to the survival of humanity and all life on Earth. that we currently face, at this critically important juncture of history. The gambling casino mentality of Wall street and stock exchanges in general all over the world is perhaps the most blatant manifestation of the lack of any sense of responsibility for the long term consequences of the use of money as a form of power. If important decisions regarding the use of financial power and technological power is given over to computers  that are incapable of moral awareness, emotional sensitivity, conscience, or overall sense of social responsibility, this poses a grave danger to our survival. Computer systems are developing the capability of making autonomous decisions.

A nuclear arsenal under the control of a  computer capable of autonomous decisions could destroy civilization. Recently a consortium of over 1000 of the world’s most prominent computer scientists, made a joint declaration concerning the extreme danger posed by autonomous decision making artificial intelligence. We dident hear about this in the main stream media or news channels, did We. Of course not because these channels are  owned and controlled by the opressors. Computers are now buying and selling stocks run by programs that keep track of rapid fluctuations in the market so as to buy and sell stocks rapidly. Such a system under the control of autonomous artificial intelligence could wreak economic havoc, especially if it has been hacked. The prevailing mentality of stock exchange gambling casinos all over the world is buy it cheap and sell it expensive, not long term investment in industries that can improve the human condition.

technology is about the use of tools to gain mastery over our physical environment by advancing the ability to create the things we need to live and express ourselves. The ability to create tools is the means by which all life forms at every level of consciousness evolve. this can be at the most primitive level of a cave man making a stone ax out of a stick of wood from a tree branch, a piece of sharp rock he finds on the ground, and a strip of leather from the hide of a dead animal. Tool making can be at the most advanced level of a highly evolved ET space faring civilization  creating a huge planet size multidimensional spaceship that can teleport itself from one side of the galaxy to the other in less than a split second. Our modern so called advanced technology may be advanced compared to the very primitive level we were at over the last 2000 years, but it is very primitive compared to the multidimensional civilizations that have been visiting  Earth and popping in and out of our physical reality over hundreds of thousands and millions of years.

Some of these encounters  with ET beings have been beneficial to our progress and some have been very destructive depending on the motivation and level of spiritual evolution of the ET beings involved. Some of the ET beings do this with benevolent motives to speed up our evolutionary progress, and others who are themselves unbalanced in their spiritual evolution do it to manipulate us and put us under their control and use us for whatever purpose they choose, without regard for our well being as a life form, through which consciousness can evolve. These less spiritually evolved selfishly motivated yet technologically sophisticated beings have sought to make themselves more comfortable and secure at the expense of our happiness, health, well being,  evolutionary progress, and survival as a species by trapping our consciousness into thinking that it is the material life form it embodies, They did this by disconnecting those parts of the genetic coding that enables our physical form to be aware of and express the awareness of its  multidimensional consciousness and memory of what it had experienced and learned through all its embodiments in other life forms throughout the evolutionary process.

Evolution begins with the infinitely fast and therefore statically omnipresent eternal indestructible pure essence of existence taking on form manifestation as a means of perfecting its power to create ever more perfect life forms, by which the consciousness of the infinity of that which transcends time space and form multiplies its infinite power by becoming aware of its infinite love wisdom and power at every level of its form manifestation. The manifestation of the formless infinite in the limitation of form density is the Annville of the evolutionary process by which  the infinity of Gods eternal being awakens its eternal infinite wisdom love and power in each tiny speck of limited  temporary manifestation.

The scientific advancement we have achieved so far has now enabled us to do some of these things ourselves which our enslavers used to awe us into worshiping them.  In secret programs even more advanced technologies such as teleportation and time travel are being developed. Technological advances that we think are the original ideas of the scientists and inventors who develop them, are actually lowered into their awareness at subconscious levels via telepathy by more advanced ET beings. The more negative ET beings have used telepathic hypnosis to take over the minds of high government officials, high ranking military, and people occupying sensitive high positions in secret intelligence agencies to introduce covert agendas, designed to mislead and corrupt us, and to keep us week divided and under their control.

Many UFO investigators are of the opinion that There has been warfare between various ET factions for a long time, and that these ET factions have been using humans as segregate combatants to fight proxy wars for them. These investigators suggest that these ET factions have transmitted many technological insights, and scientific information  to human scientists, inventors and engineers. via remote  telepathic influence. According to information channeled by Barbara Marciniak from a group of Pleiadian ET’s there has been a long standing conflict and internecine war between 2 rival factions of the Anunaki.

The Anunaki  are a race of ET Giants who invaded and took over rulership of Earth approximately half a million years ago. They are very militaristic and have a social political structure based on a pyramidal cast system. According to this channeled information The Anunaki genetically engineered the human species as we know ourselves  by combining their own DNA  with what was supposedly, according to them, a primitive hominid species that roamed the plains of South Africa. The genetically engineered humans were given enough intelligence to understand and carry out work orders, but not enough to be a challenge or threat to the Anunaki. They were given a short life span so they would not have enough time to learn enough to  develop an advanced civilization of their own that could challenge Anunaki supremacy. Basically we were designed to be a slave species or labor force to do the hard dangerous menial work that the Anunaki did not want to do themselves. According to the information channeled through Barbara Marciniak The home planet of  the Anunaki is Nibiru which is the largest planet that has the

outermost orbit around the brown dwarf  double star companion of our Sun.

This brown dwarf system has a long very elliptical orbit  around its common center of  gravity  with the Sun. Its orbital time period is approximately 3600 years. Its orbit is not parallel to the plane of the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The orbital planes of the other planets of our solar system except Pluto are all within a degree or so parallel to the ecliptic.

When the smaller brown dwarf double star companion to the Sun with its planets and the moons of its planets approaches perihelion with the Sun it passes through our solar system at an oblique angle twice, once on the way in and once on the way out. on the way in the brown dwarf system  approaches our solar system from north of the ecliptic between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where the asteroid belt is, and passes south of the plane of the ecliptic. The asteroid belt is made up of the remaining fragments of a planet that was destroyed by a previous encounter with the brown dwarf system. This planet had an orbit between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter as would be expected in the existing mathematical spacing of the planetary orbits of our solar system. After the brown dwarf system  goes around the back side of the Sun it passes through our solar system the second time by approaching our solar system from south of the Ecliptic and again being north of the Ecliptic after it goes through our solar system the second time.

When the brown dwarf system which I choose to call the Nibiru system after the brown dwarf system’s largest and outermost planet which is Nibiru. When the Nibiru system passes through the solar system it has dramatic effects on all the planets of the solar system not just Earth. This has been observed and documented by space probes that have been sent out to gather scientific data from the other planets  of our solar system. These space probes have been launched by NASA, the European space agency, and other countries such as Russia andChina.                                                                                                                                   According to the Pleiadian’s, There is still warfare going on between rival factions within The ruling family of the Anunaki Empire. The Pleiadian’s say that this conflict is happening in the near space environs of earth and in deep tunnel systems and underground cities built by the Anunaki over hundreds of thousands of years.  Much of the black budget money of trillions of dollars is spent on building such vast deep underground facilities. The memories of the military personnel and the workers who build these facilities are wiped and they are often dumped on the streets as homeless people.

Because of the present and near future proximity of the Nibiru system to our solar system I suspect that normal astrological interpretation is thrown off, or at least incomplete, and that we are dealing with a much more complex dynamic. The massive bodies of the Nibiru system are bound have a powerful astrological as well as physical influence on human and all other life on Earth and within the solar system. On the Gravitational  and electromagnetic levels powerful forces are at play between the Sun and The planets of our solar system and the incoming Nibiru system. The Earth is being heated up from the inside out by electromagnetic induction and Earth’s magnetosphere is in chaos. As a result of these powerful forces The Earths thin solid crust is being stretched Resulting in more and bigger geological changes in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, sink holes, cracks and fishers opening up all over the world,  and increasingly erratic and extreme weather. These weather extremes include violent storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, strange cloud formations, extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme droughts, and extreme flooding. All of these thing are now happening at an accelerating rate all over the world. This is having a devastating effect on food production and driving up food prices, resulting in mass migrations and economic-political chaos.

Sometime in the immediate next 2 to 5 years there will be a complete breakdown of electrical power grids, highway, railroad and air travel systems, and electronic communication systems. The global banking system will no longer function and people will be left with hyper inflated useless paper money and no longer existent crypto currencies because the internet, fiber optic and satellite communication systems don’t work anymore. People will be thrown back on whatever survival resources are available in their local area .Because life as we know it is disintegrating all around us and all over the world those who see this coming and prepare ahead of time by creating sustainability on a very practical physical level will have a better chance for survival.

Transiting Saturn will remain in Capricorn until March 21, 2021 when He enters Aquarius only 2 days after the spring equinox when the Sun enters Ares. This has a sobering effect on mass psychology as practical physical survival becomes of more paramount importance. There will be increasing concerns of physical survival, that will put increasing pressure on traditional still existing economic, political, Corporate, religious, industrial, educational, and religious institutions and those in positions of leadership who run them. People at all levels of society will be less willing to tolerate inefficiency, corruption and abuse of power in high places. Because Pluto is also in Capricorn many of these corrupt institutions, and those who run them will not Survive the next 5 years, and will be replaced by something new and very different. The next 5 years will be the most dire period that humanity will; have to go through.

The most critical and important period will be in the year 2020 . On January 12 2020 Saturn will exactly conjunct Pluto at 22 degrees and 46 minutes of Capricorn. This will be the time when old governmental, economic, banking, corporate, legal, and industrial institutions and infrastructures will disintegrate. This could be the most extreme moment of the death of the old order.  Pluto represents death and Saturn represents the established power structure.

Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, starting at the beginning of March of 2020 through the fall of 2020. Jupiter always represents expansion in some way. 2020 could start out with economic collapse when Saturn, representing contraction, conjuncts Pluto followed by massive creation of fiat money leading to hyper inflation through the rest of the year as Jupiter conjuncts Pluto.

Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct  at the very beginning of the first degree of Aquarius on December 19, 2020. This suggests the beginning of new economic  and political  systems at a grass roots level.

Another reason 2020 is such a pivotal year is  because Mars does his next retrograde cycle in the volatile cardinal sign of Ares which Mars rules. Mars enters Ares on June 28, 2020. Mars turns retrograde at 28 degrees of Ares on September 9, 2020. Mars turns direct at 15 degrees of Ares on November 14 2020. Mars leaves Ares and enters Taurus on January 7, 2021. Mars is square Pluto in the first half of august 2020. Mars is square Saturn in the second half of august, during September, and in the first  half of October. Mars is square Pluto in the first half of October. Mars is square Jupiter in the last week of July and the first week of  August. Mars is square Pluto in the middle two weeks of August, 2020 Mars is conjunct  Uranus at 6 degrees of Taurus  and square Jupiter at 6, 7, and 8 degrees of Aquarius in the  second half of January 2021.

this has several dangerous potentials. Such as, a totally out of control burst of hyper inflation, that brings down the international banking and currency exchange  systems, and throws the world into economic chaos.

this would cause desperate conditions, rioting, revolutions, danger of the outbreak of war January 2021 is also when  Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn This has ominous implications.

These long lasting square’s to Jupiter Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn from Mars doing a retrograde cycle in Ares to  are extremely dangerous suggesting crisis situations with a dangerous potential for violence. The massive economic hardship and in many cases lack of the most basic essentials of life are sure to ignite revolutionary violence in many parts of the world. Earth changes and freakish severe weather can cause vast devastation and there is the danger of war between the Us and China and or Russia.

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