Trends for 2019 as referenced to the US horoscope

The US horoscope has 8 degrees of Gemini rising with Uranus conjunct the ascendant at 9 degrees of Gemini. After all the Declaration of Independence. was just that A Declaration o Independence, a repudiation of imposed tyranny by an external authority. Does this sound like Uranus? You Bet it does. In the US July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence horoscope the midheaven is at 13 degrees of Aquarius. In political astrology or what is called mundane astrology the midheaven represents the federal government and the executive branch and  the Presidency in particular. In the US chart the Moon is at 18 degrees of Aquarius in the 10th house. In mundane astrology the moon represents the general population or the people. Uranus rules Aquarius. so, Uranus the ruler of  the US chart 10th house and the ruler of the sign it’s 10th house Aquarius Moon is in is conjunct the Ascendant. The ascendant and 1st house represents the type of consciousness a nation has. With the midheaven , moon and ascendant all strongly influenced by Uranus. The typical American archetype is independent experimental scientific and not rigidly bound by tradition and more inclined to challenge the established power structure and those who  control it. Countries, organizations, and people that are strongly influenced by Aquarius and or Uranus demand the freedom  to learn, experiment and do things in their own way.

Mars in the US chart is at 20 degrees and 57 minutes of Gemini  or only 3 minutes of a degree from 21 degree of Gemini. where Presient trump has his north Moons node. and is also conjunct and midway betweenTrumps Uranus and Sun. Mars is the ruling planet of Ares and the co ruler with Pluto of Scorpio. Ares is on the 12th house cusp dealing with secrecy and hidden activities going on in the background that are shrouded in secrecy. Scorpio is  intercepted in the 6th house of the US chart. The 12th house is associated with the subconscious mind having to do with those attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, fears and dysfunctions that run on automatic  without conscious awareness or intervention. Such aberrant  and inappropriate to present circumstances  automatic responses  are laid down and originate from events of the past in this lifetime or other life times when a person or collective of people experienced being subjected to life threatening situations over which they had no control.  The memory of these experiences have so much chaotic emotions associated with them as to make it impossible to function normally. and so they get compartmentalized and walled off in the subconscious mind where the can and often do cause  inappropriate attitudes and behavior. Often this has to do with how a person died in other lifetimes .In the US chart Scorpio is intercepted in the middle of the 6th house having to do with labor issues, national health, and medical issues, and policies, and the military or armed services. This double influence of Mars in the 12th and 6th houses of the US chart  explains why The US military is involved with so much secretive intelligence activities and  is influenced by and subject to hidden control by secret societies and interests acting from behind the scenes.

President Trump has Uranus at almost 18 degrees of Gemini. His North Moon’s node is at almost 21 degrees of Gemini. His Sun is at almost 23 degrees of Gemini. His Uranus, North node, and Sun are all in the 10th house and relate strongly to political leadership Trumps south node at 20 degrees and 48 minutes   of Sagittarius is closely conjunct in the 4th house to his Moon at 21 degrees and 12 minutes of Sagittarius. Trumps  tenth house Gemini Uranus, North Moon’s node and Sun  are conjunct the US Mars at almost 21 degrees of Gemini in the first house of the US chart. The US horoscope  Mars is almost exactly in opposition to Trumps Moon conjunct  Jupiter in the 4th house. This indicates that trump has strong ties with and support from the US  Military and intelligence agencies. and will get a lot of public support when transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius conjuncts his 4th house Moon and opposes his 10th house Uranus and Sun in Gemini. Only at the top level of management within the intelligence agencies and the military that is made up of Political appointees during the Obama, Clinton, and Bush administrations has loyalty to the United States and the rule of law been betrayed.

Trumps birth horoscope Mars is at 26 degrees and 47 minutes of Leo is conjunct his ascendant at 29 degrees of Leo, right on the Leo-Virgo cusp and conjunct the royal star Regales which as of 2012 just moved into tropical zodiac Virgo due to precession of the equinoxes. Trump definitely has a Mars temperament. This is very historically significant in terms of  of the transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. Because of the 25,920 year processional cycle of the Earth’s axis of spin. Because of the precession of the Earth’s axis of spin, the equinoxes and solstices which the tropical zodiac is  referenced to move backwards through the sidereal zodiac  at the rate  of one degree every 72 years, a sign of 30 degree length every 2160 years and a whole cycle of 12 signs  every 25,960 years. To know how the two zodiacs are in referenced to each We need to relate The  beginning point to stars and other major sources of energy in the universe, especially those which are aligned with the Ecliptic which is the plane in space defined by the Earth’s  orbit around the Sun.

So what meets these requirements. The Pleiades figure prominently in the spiritual, cosmological, and astrological traditions of all ancient cultures.The Pleiades are in the constellation of Taurus the Bull  and is an approximately spherical  cluster of over 1000  Stars, at a distance of only  444.2 light years. which is not very far away in celestial terms. The Pleiades is made up of Predominantly hot young  blue stars that have formed over the last 100 million years. they are middle aged in terms of their normal lifespan. The bigger a star is and the more  mass it has the hotter and  faster it burns its hydrogen and helium fuel, so the shorter is its lifespan. Perhaps on a spiritual level as the logos of a star perhaps it is evolving faster to compensate for its shorter life span.  The Pleiades also almost perfectly aligns with the plane of the ecliptic. The Pleiades is currently  Transitioning from Tropical zodiac Taurus to tropical zodiac Gemini.

Also  of great importance is the star Regulus which is the brightest star in the Leo constellation. Regulus Is traditionally associated with royalty and kingship and is known as a royal star. The current position of Regulus in the tropical zodiac, as determined by  precession is 29 degrees  and late minutes of Leo transitioning to the very beginning of Tropical Virgo, and exactly conjunct Trumps ascendant. So obviously, Trump is playing an important role in the critically impotent historic unprecedented crisis that is now entering its most critical phase. Regulus is also almost perfectly aligned with the ecliptic and exactly square Alcyone the brightest and most central bright star of the Pleiades. I personally consider the Pleiades and Regulus to be far more important markers in the sidereal zodiac with which to see how many degree the sidereal and tropical Zodiacs diverge from each other. The tropical zodiac by definition begins with the spring equinox, whereas the Sidereal Zodiac is made up of a band of constellations of stars which are arranged along the ecliptic. The constellations of the sidereal zodiac are not of equal length unless the background of stars and nebulas that are along the ecliptic is deliberately divided into 12 equal segments of 30 degrees each as is the tropical zodiac. !2 is a very important harmonic number because it is the lowest common denominator for 1,, and 12 which all divide equally into 12.

Transiting Mars which is now in Gemini Was conjunct Trumps 10th house Uranus in late April of 2019  and is conjunct his 10th house north Moon’s node and Sun and opposition his 4th house  south moon’s node and Moon, and then sextiles his Mars and Ascendant, all in the first 2 weeks of May..Transiting Mars in Gemini is conjunct in the first 10 days of may with the US chart Mars at almost 21 degrees of Gemini in The US horoscope Mars, and is perfectly aligned with trumps Moon’s nodes and also conjunct His natal Uranus and Sun wile opposing his 4 th house Moon   All of these major Mars transits to Trumps birth chart are concurrent with transiting Mars conjunct Mars in the US horoscope  and thus closely involves  the US military and intelligence agencies, The rank and file of which predominantly support Trump.  Extremely important historic developments are going on right now as of Late April and the first half of May, 2019.having to do with arresting and bringing to justice treasonous criminals, pedophiles, and human traffickers in high places. most of the really important actions being carried out by the military and intelligence agencies at this time is happening behind the scenes so as to maintain strategic advantage.

Transiting  Jupiter is currently retrograde at 23 degrees of Sagittarius and backing into a conjunction with Trumps 4th house  moon at 21 degrees of Sagittarius and his south Moon’s node at almost 21 degrees of Sagittarius, while also backing into an opposition to his 10th house Sun and north Moon’s node and Uranus. These transits from retrograding Jupiter to Trumps  Moon.  node axis and close within less than  2 degree s of exact opposition to his birth horoscope opposition of his Sun and Uranus take place in the remainder of May and most f June, 2019. These Jupiter transits transition into an opposition to Trumps Mars and a sextile to his 2nd house natal Jupiter at 17 degrees of mid June and remains in effect until mid October Transiting Jupiter again activates Trumps Moons nodes and Sun-Moon opposition from the beginning of October to mid November, 2019. Trump will have the  power, popular support and support from the military to carry out his objectives between now and the end of November.

It is also quite possible that everybody’s agendas could be disrupted by sudden major earth changes and or other catastrophic natural disasters that could happen in the remainder of 2019. As I have stated all along Nature could upstage the human national political and geo political drama  and suddenly make it irrelevant. With the current increasing escalation of weather related and geological natural disasters this is a very real possibility during the rest of 2019.

What is seen on the surface even by most alternative media is only part of a much bigger picture. The military is also positioning itself in strategic locations in anticipation of major natural disasters especially on the west coast .Large military caravans have been seen on highways and railroads all over the country. This bigger picture  includes secret dealings with ET beings races and empires. This is not just a recent phenomena but has gone on throughout our entire history some times more out in the open, as was more the situation prior to about 4000 years ago,  and sometimes more hidden.

With Gemini and Aquarius both so prominent in the US chart it is easy to understand why Americans are intelligent intellectual and scientifically inclined. There is also a very strongly emotional component to the American psyche as indicated by 4 planets in Cancer, which is an emotional water sign. Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun are clustered in a loose 3 way conjunction in the second house of money, business, and sense of values. The US has been gifted with abundant resources and has amassed enormous wealth and has achieved a high standard of living. In broad terms this has generally been the case but there has also been severe booms and busts, including inflationary periods stock market crashes, recessions, and depressions, throughout American history, especially since 1913, when the Federal Reserve System was enacted. These economic extremes have  been covertly orchestrated by elitist controlled international banksters and those who control and secretly run major financial institutions. The negative side of these 2nd house  placement can be greed and overly materialistic values..

The 2nd house Sun in the US chart is square Saturn in the 5th house which explains in astrological terms why the US has had economic boom and bust cycles throughout its history.

Mercury in the US chart is in the 3rd house at 24 degrees of Cancer Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and therefore ruler of the US chart ascendant which has 7degrees of Gemini on the cusp Mercury is accidently dignified in the 3rd house which corresponds to Gemini. The difficulty is that Mercury in cancer can be biased and prejudiced especially at the subconscious level by emotional conditioning and highly emotional experiences in this and or other lifetimes, and by family conditioning especially in early childhood and in modern times, unfortunately also by damaging TV, cell phones, wy-fi  smart metersand other electronic media and devices. This subtly influences the information and facts that Americans consider versus those they ignore resulting in a lopsided understanding of what actually is happening regarding important social political and economic issues. Mercury is sextile the Us horoscope Neptune in the 5th house shows that Americans have good creative imagination and intuitive insight as expressed through literature,inspired inventiveness, the arts, music movies and entertainment.

The US 3rdhouse Mercury in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn in the 9th house. The 9th house is associated with higher education religion cultural values and the high court’s that rule on the legitimacy of legal standards . In the US chart Pluto in the 9th house represent the Supreme court which rules on the constitutionality of laws enacted by congress and the constitutional legitimacy of actions taken by the executive branch. Pluto in Capricorn in the US chart presents the danger that the high court can be overly influenced and manipulated by big corporations and financial institutions. These same corporate interests own and controls the major media with the exception of alternative  media outlets especially on the internet. The corporate controlled media uses subliminal messages and electronic frequency manipulation to program public awareness and beliefs at the subconscious level. The younger generation is especially targeted through the controlled Hollywood music entertainment and movie industry.

Now that Alternative media from Alex Jones  to more esoteric subjects like predicting earth quakes have continually and repeatedly caught major corporations and government repeatedly lying and fudging scientific data to conform to economic and political agendas. The 911 official story is now the classic example of false flag operations because no scientifically rational person can possibly take the official story seriously. Alternative media is now overtaking the main stream corporate media in viewer ratings.  The American people and the people of the world no longer trust corporate controlled media. The establishment and the deep state criminals  have lost the public trust and are losing the battle on the moral and intellectual levels. They are now so desperate that they are using techno giants such as Microsoft and  Google and the major internet media platforms that they control such as you tube and face book to overtly censor troll and hack websites they do not  approve of.

This is a direct attack on the first amendment that will become an increasingly major political issue. Saturn in Capricorn,  as it forms it’s conjunction with Pluto in January of 2020 opposes Mercury in the Third house of the US chart. Much ugly truth will be exposed as the evidence of what has really going on comes increasingly into public awareness.

Big Brother will attempt to shut down freedom and equality of internet access. By 2022, when Pluto returns to its own position in the US horoscope there will be a full blown constitutional crisis and perhaps even civil war over this and other constitutional issues. Major definitive cases will be brought before the Supreme Court. The deep state cabal may use its control of international banking to engineer a financial collapse to discredit Trump in the 2020 election. This ploy could backfire because it will be obvious to too many people that that the elitist control of the global banking industry has always been used as a primary weapon of oppression against the people.

Saturn in the US horoscope is in the 5th house in the legalisticsign Libra. Saturn in Libra has a very strong sense of justice, In astrological tradition Saturn is exalted in Libra indicating that Saturn is very powerful in Libra. That is why Constitutional law and the importance of the rule of law and supposedly equal justice under the law are sanctified founding principles of the United States. The 5th house has to do with speculative investments including the stock markets, bond market, commodities market and currency markets . Saturn forms a loose grand trine with the Moon in the 10th house and Mars in the 1st house. This is one of the stabilizing factors in that has enabled the US to have the comparatively stable form of constitutional continuity of government that it has had through most of its history.

Neptune is also in the 5th house of the US chart and presents some big problems and serious weaknesses in the American psyche. This has resulted in the psychological manipulation of children and the younger generation. through the advertizing and entertainment industries. The US chart Neptune is closely square Mars. This has created a distorted concept of romantic relationships and having fun that has expressed itself through either a puritanical rigidity characteristic of Saturn in the fifth house ,or at the other extreme a chaotic delusional anything goes  attitude as long as you are having fun attitude of “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die” This irresponsible attitude has enabled a wide range of addictions to, sports, entertainment, television, gambling, drugs both legal and illegal, and most especially alcohol. This has resulted in much criminal activity, and degradation of moral values.

The same corrupted intelligence agencies and legal systems that covertly import illegal drugs into the US arrest and imprison  American citizens of using the same illegal substances that they illegally bring into the country. Bill and Hillary Clinton were directly involved in bringing cocaine into the country through Menia Airport in Arkansas  When Clinton was governor of Arkansas.

The sexual abuse of children has always been a hidden cancer throughout world history and throughout US history. Political candidates for congress and other high offices are not given financial support or access to media unless they can be controlled through blackmail. This has frequently involved pedophilia performed in dark rituals in secret societies. The majority of the founding fathers belonged to secret societies, especially masonry. They were not the spotless examples of impeccable virtue that our social indoctrination would have us believe.

The 11th house relates in mundane or political astrology to the legislative branch of government. Neptune is currently transiting the 11th house in the US horoscope. The present congress is so riddled with blackmail that it has little concern with what the people want. It is actually a sign of progress that these dark practices are being brought to public awareness. I do not personally agree with all of President Trumps policies especially his environmental ones. But, I also admire and support him for having  the guts to go after the deep state criminals, pedophiles, human traffickers , and traitors that have been intent on destroying America . They deserve whatever stern  justice they get and the American people need the example that no one is above the law, no matter how powerful their position is, or how wealthy or well connected they are. In simple terms the American people need to take their country back but not through violence but by exposing and refusing to cooperate with corruption and injustice.

Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius in the seventh house (representing other countries) of the US chart  will square The 5th house US Neptune and opposes the US Mars 2 more time in 2019 before leaving Sagittarius. The current high stock market does not have stable underpinnings and could crash at any time for a number of  possible reasons from acts of nature  to the excessive debt burden  that is endemic all over the world.

This fragile economic condition is the result of decades of economic mismanagement which President Trump has inherited from prior administrations. going all the way back to when Nixon took the US off the gold standard. I believe that Americans are intelligent and informed enough to understand this and if the deep state crashes the economy to discredit trump that it will backfire and work in trumps favor. Trump is actively pursuing constructive and mutually beneficial trade treaties with China, Russia and other major countries, and negotiating peace settlements in the wars that were instigated by the deep state for perusing their own agendas. So far in many important respects I am more impressed with Trumps performance than i expected to be

America supposedly at least prides itself on the ideals of freedom, meritocracy, and equal justice under law. This has been and is far from the reality of what has and is going on. Even Thomas Jefferson, the great champion of American democracy owned black slaves. People of darker skin whether they were indigenous or from Africa were not regarded as equal and the valuable traditions and achievements of their cultures were not recognized or appreciated, valued or respected. Because their traditions were different from ours and excelled in different areas, they were regarded as inferior and un important..

This is an example of what I call vicarious egotism I regard it as the most destructive force in human history.  In a world where even staying alive is difficult, for vast numbers of people, it is not surprising that people feel isolated, insecure, and disempowered. To overcome this people often identify themselves as belonging to some form of collective identity. Such a collective identity could be a race, a religion, a nationality, a profession, a socioeconomic class, or an Economic-political ideology. In most cases I prefer to call them idiot-ologies.

Adopting such collective identities temporarily helps people to cope with their underlying fear and insecurity. By identifying with what they consider to be a superior culture or sub culture, people gain a false sense of empowerment which makes them think they have the right to exploit, dominate and suppress others who have different histories, beliefs, traditions, and values, skills, and abilities. American Indians for example have a strong spiritual, intuitive, and psychically telepathic connection to the natural environment and its plant and animal species. This ancient wisdom was mostly ignored by the invading white European, Judeo-Christian culture. Before the influx of white European’s that started with Columbus  and early settlements on the east coast of what is now the US and Canada in the 1600’s. there were at least 80 million red skinned people living in North America. Now there are only 5.2  million or 2%. of the population of North America. Let’s be honest, It is called genocide.

Ironically one of the historic examples of democracy  that the Founding fathers  studied when framing the US constitution is the Iroquois confederation. Up until about a thousand years ago there were 6 indigenous American tribes, in what  is now upstate New York Near the Canadian border and adjacent areas along the Canadian border. These tribes were frequently warring with each other. Then about 1000 years ago there was a great spiritual leader, perhaps we could say an avatar, who united these 6 tribes into what is called the Iroquois Confederation.

This avatar taught these people to resolve their differences through negotiation and councils that were organized in a way that allowed each person to say what he had to say without any interruption while everyone else silently listened. Each person had a chance to speak by going around in a circle by passing an eagle feather or some other sacred power object  to the person who’s turn it was to speak. This process continued until a consensus  was reached and all the tribal representatives  in attendance could agree on a decision or plan of action. This way of conducting councils was similar to what we call parliamentary procedure. IT was somewhat similar to the speeches and votes taken in early Greek city states such as Athens in their democratically conducted public forums. George Washington even stated in his memoirs that some of  the ways of democratically organizing  government that had been specified in the US constitution had been inspired by the Iraquois Confederation.

The  US government has reneged on failed to keep its agreements in nearly all treaties it has made with indigenous tribes. The indigenous American Indians were  highly skilled hunters and fierce warriors and quickly became as skilled with guns as the white colonizers. Early on they also outnumbered the European settlers. The Lakota tribe successfully defeated The US army and General Custer. The  treaty made after general Custer’s defeat with The US government assigned specific territories as belonging to the Lakota nation. This treaty was soon broken  by the US government when the US army invaded the Lakota territory and massacred the Lakota people including women and children at Wounded knee.

The indigenous American Indians were not primarily conquered with the Gun . They were conquered with the small pox blanket and the whisky bottle. The American Indian genetics had little or no experience with European diseases such as small pox, measles and other well known European infectious diseases, and so had little or no resistance to these diseases which decimated their populations early on in their first contact with the Spanish conquistadors and the first English, Dutch,  and French settlers  of the east coast of North America. Even when small pox blankets were not used as a deliberate early form of germ warfare, exposure to European infectious diseases decimated the indigenous red skinned people of North and south America  tribes and dramatically reduced their populations.

the reverse process also took place where diseases existing in the new world were brought back to Europe and caused serious epidemics. What was called Montezuma’s revenge which was syphilis was brought back to Spain and Europe by the early Spanish invaders of Mexico, central and south America.

Neither did the Native American Indian culture have much experience with alcoholic drinks. When they were exposed to whisky the Indians became raging alcoholics who could be snookered into signing away their rights to almost anything. Alcohol is a terrible addictive and poisonous drug  in any culture, but especially for American Indians who frequently  totally loose it when they get drunk. This often results in fatal motor vehicle accidents in and around  Indianreservations and especially those reservations where fracking for oil and gas has invaded and taken over the native culture.

A recent event of great historic importance took place at Standing Rock Near the Missouri River on the South Dakota Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. Representatives from indigenous tribes all over The United States, and  Canada, from South America, and traditional cultures all over the world,  including Aboriginals from Australia, came to encampments in and nearby Standing Rock to stand up against the rape of the natural environment, and to protect the right not only of traditional cultures, but of all people and all life on Earth to have clean uncontaminated water that has not been poisoned by industrial and military waste products produced by the Nuclear and petro chemical industries and other industrial toxins.

According  to Hopi Prophecies standing rock was one of the last major events to occur just before the great purification brought on by the return of the Nibiru  system and its largest outermost planet called Nibiru which will bring the great purification referred to in Hopi prophecy, The hopi tradition calls Nibiru the red cachina. According to their prophecies the Red cachina will be preceded by the Green Kachina. which is presumably another planet belonging to the Nemesis or Nibiru brown dwarf system that has now returned to our solar system. The book of Revelations and other biblical passages as well as the prophecies of just about all ancient cultures. also predict cataclysmic changes in our near future.

Also, according to Hopi prophecy another major event slated to happen close to the great purification is The Ocean turning black. This happened in 2010, with the Gulf of Mexico BP oil well blow out. that did turn the surface water of the Gulf of Mexico black. This was and still is an ecological disaster of major proportions that has continued to make fish and other marine life food from the Gulf of Mexico toxic and unsafe to eat,  and water from the gulf unsafe to swim in or bathe in.

Hopi prophecy also states that the last major sign just proceeding the great purification will be the falling to Earth of a big orbiting satellite. Currently there is a large Chinese orbiting satellite or space station that is unstable in its orbit and expected to crash to Earth soon, that meets this description. This has also been predicted by famous remote viewer Ed Dames who sees the crashing of a major orbiting space station occurring just before a huge electrical discharge  on the Sun or between the Sun and a large passing planetary sized objects which presumably would be Nibiru or one of the other bodies belonging to the Nibiru system or even the brown dwarf  double star companion of our Sun itself. This big solar flash is also prophesied in Zoroastrian and other ancient prophecies.

This solar flash is predicted to be so intense as to fry the 1/3 of the Earth’s surface that is facing the Sun when the big solar flash occurs.  It would knock out the communications satellites, take down the electrical power grid, burn up all the trees and vegetation kill all the crops and livestock and utterly destroy any semblance of normal weather. Surface conditions on Earth’s surface can be  so severe during the cataclysmic Nibiru system return that no life whether plant, animal or human could survive . only by going underground  beneath the surface  into natural or artificially made tunnels, bunkers, bases and underground  cities. Evacuating into space to live on space ships orbiting satellites or colonies on colonies on Mars, other planets and their moons throughout the solar system or in other solar systems with planets similar enough to Earth to support human life. other ways of escaping the cataclysmic destruction of the Earth’s surface could be to transfer ones physical body to a subtler super physical dimensions to what some people call 4th or 5th density in what some people call a process of ascension. Perhaps Earth herself will bump op to 4th density as Nibiru approaches and thus escape destruction at the physical level. Cataclysmic destruction that completely or almost completely destroyed  all traces of life and civilization even of very scientifically and technologically advanced  civilizations  way beyond and vastly superior to our present level of technology have been made barren and desolate during previous returns of the Nibiru system which take place approximate every 3600 y ears.

Scientifically Undeniable geological, archeological, and historical evidence, from every part of the world has scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt  that vast destruction of great civilizations have repeatedly happened in the past history of Earth in which many species of plant, and animals were driven extinct. Entire cities with giant pyramids and large megalithic stone structures have been recently discovered hundreds of feet below the surface on the  ocean floor near such places as southern Japan. In the Caribbean off the coast of Florida and in the Mediterranean sea near Chiro Egypt. These discoveries have been made by means of scuba diving and telemetry, Telemetry is a technology that  measures the time it takes to bounce radio wave pulses off the ocean floor as a means of calculating the  changes in depth, and thus the shape of features on the ocean Flore.

The bottom of the ocean is also explored using remotely controlled unmanned submersible  recognizance  submarine type devices designed with thick hulls of the strongest titanium or steel alloys capable of withstanding the tremendous pressure of hundreds of feet of water. These unmanned submersible reconnaissance vehicles are less expensive and capable of going to much greater depths than manned submarine type vehicles that are subject to the limitations of the human biological organism particularly with regards to the bends which is a painful debilitating condition brought on by the inability of the human body to handle sudden large changes in surrounding atmospheric pressure.These remotely controlled submersible underwater exploration devices are  equipped with the most advanced state of the art cameras that are capable of exploring in detail ocean floor environments anywhere in the world. This was not possible until very recently in our technological evolution. What is being discovered is scientifically proving without  a shadow of a doubt that very advanced civilizations that possessed technologies far in advance of our present level of scientific achievement have existed and were destroyed over tens, hundreds and millions of years of Earths ancient history.

What has over the last century been discovered and is being  uncovered under miles thick ice sheets that cover the Antarctic continent reveal an extremely advanced and ancient civilization that was flash frozen so fast that totally fresh undigested butter cups have been found in the stomachs of huge wooly mammoths that are 3 times the size of the biggest modern elephants. for this to happen these enormous animals would need to have to have instantaneously been exposed to temperatures  closely approaching absolute zero such as is only found in interplanetary, interstellar space.

Scientists are telling us that we are currently in a major  mass extinction event on planet Earth and Plant, insect, and animal species are going extinct at a rate only seen a few times before in Earth’ s geological history. These species only go extinct at the 3-D physical level. Their entire DNA genetic structure is preserved and maintained in higher dimensional levels of holographic structure that harmonically and geometrically entrains to DNA at the physical level through a series of velocity and time harmonics. Advanced beings that design and create life forms can precipitate species that have been extinct at the physical level back into manifestation at the third density physical level by lowering their DNA  into physical manifestation. Earth has been re seeded and brought to life again several times in the past after the complete or nearly complete destruction of life on the surface, that was brought on by previous returns of the Nibiru or Nemesis brown dwarf  double star companion to our Sun and its planets and the moons of those planets.

There have been many reports of sightings of strange creatures appearing that are thought to be extinct or that have never been seen before in locations that are regarded as impossible. Some of these creatures have been ugly and evil looking such as the goat sucker which has fangs that suck the brains out of goats and other animals. There are also beautiful angelic beings that convey interdimensional healing, raise the vibrations, save people in life threatening emergency situations, dispense spiritual blessings, and perform miracles. Miracles are simply the manifestation of laws of nature that people do not scientifically understand at their present level of evolution.

Hopi traditions speak of 3 previous worlds or ages that were destroyed in great cataclysmic destructions that wiped out life on the surface of Earth. During the last such cataclysm the ancestors of the Hopi were taken underground into ancient underground tunnel systems and cavernous underground structures, were they were attended to by what they describe as the ant people. These ant like beings are similar to the grays and other ET creatures described by UFO-ET contactees. When conditions on the surface had normalized sufficiently for the Hopi people to be brought back to the surface the Hopi were given specific instructions by a being they called Massau to perform sacred dances and rituals that would keep the Earth in Balance and preserve the integrity and harmony of the natural environment.

The Hopi prophecies state that Just before the great purification the Panaha or true white brother or teacher of a more advanced and spiritual way of life would reveal himself. Whether the concept of a Panaha represents a more spiritually awakened collective of white people who are spiritually advanced enough to cooperate with the Hopi in creating the seeds of a new civilization or whether it refers to a specific person and his helpers, remains to be better understood. The pahana is prophesied to plant the seeds of a new civilization, that would birth a spiritually enlightened, and also scientifically advanced culture  in the post cataclysmic era. This new culture would understand and use alchemy or interdimensional science to heal and bring the natural environment into balance.

This new science which is really re discovered very ancient science is capable of nonlocal neutralization of radioactive pollution by transferring neutrons and other sub atomic particles between atoms through the higher dimensional sub space existing in higher harmonic multiples of the speed of light. Sub atomic particles are not really particles, but rather a fractal organization of units of energy in standing wave fields of vibration. These units of compression and rarification caused by waves propagating through the either only temporarily cause slight variations in the average density of the either after the propagating wave disturbance moves through a specific location in the ether of space.  average ether density is resumed after a  wave disturbance moves through. By entraining and phase aligning and super imposing  the standing wave nodes and anti nodes of standing wave fields of vibration existing in harmonic multiples of the speed of light, energy and information can be imprinted and transferred from subtle etheric density levels or dimensions into physical manifestation or from physical manifestation to subtle etheric levels of manifestation. In fact it is possible to teleport any physical  object or life form including a human being or an enormous planet size interdimensional or intergalactic space ship to any point in time and space by imprinting it’s holographic standing wave structure at the sub atomic, atomic, molecular, DNA and cellular levels to an exact perfectly scaled and proportioned duplicate in a paralel different harmonically related mathematically scaled velocity harmonic of the speed of light while maintaining the exact same proportionate scale and spacial relationship of its internal components. An observer inside the object being teleported it would be oblivious that anything had changed because everything would remain proportionately the same including the observer her or his self. The velocities at which waves of moving compressions  propagate through the ether or compressible medium of space are quantized into discrete numerically related intervals of their speed o9r velocity of propigation through the ether of space which also create harmonically related dimensions of time. As we move up the scale of velocity harmonics time is shortened and space is expanded. As we move down the scale of velocity harmonics time is lengthened and space is contracted. Thus time is a dimension Just as space is a dimension. Any object that has shape or structure and exists in time and space can be transferred for practical purposes instantaneously through the combined harmonic density levels of space-time to a planet on the other side of the galaxy that cou7ld be 70 thousand light years and 10 million years in the future as referenced to the current space time coordinates of planet Earth that we are currently experiencing. Another example is with the right level of evolutionary advancement in consciousness and interdimensional physics and technology a person could relocate instantaneously in a far away galaxy 3 billion light years from Earth and a billion years in the future from the time space coordinates of Earth that we currently are experiencing as a spiritual being having a human experience on planet Earth in 2019 of how humans reference Earth time in what we call the 21st century AD. We will eventually reach a level of evolution in which this will be as easy to do as flicking on a light switch is for us now.

Planet Earth and the evolving beings such as us humans that she has provided a home for are at a critical stage in our evolutionary development because we are at a major time node where many major cosmic cycles begin and end together the combined energy of which is subjecting us to an intensity of energy and therefore accelerated change far greater than anything the human species has encountered in our history. These combined cycles include a change of zodiacal ages which is a 2160 cycle. A return of the Nibiru brown dwarf system that is the double stat companion to our Sun that has a 3600 year cycle. A magnetic pole reversal that on average happens every 7000 years. during some past Nibiru returns , Earth’ lithosphere or thin solid crust has gotten sufficiently loose from the semi liquid magma just underneath it to make it possible for it to slide over the fluid interior just below the crust. this enables Nibiru when it comes closest or close enough to Earth to exert an unequal Gravitational attraction on large and massive irregular surface feature s of Earth, such as the mid Atlantic ridge.

The mid Atlantic ridge runs down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean all the way from the Arctic ocean to the Antarctic continent. It runs  midway between Europe and North America and midway between Africa and south America This giant geological feature  has been formed over tens and hundreds of thousands of years. It is 10 thousand miles long, and is the largest geological feature on planet Earth. It is a giant crack that goes all the way through the crust of  Earth from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean to the fluid melted rock just under Earths thin outer shell. Molten magma wells up through this crack and quickly solidifies when it hits water. Over time thi seepage of molten hot magma through this 10 thousand long  crack, that goes all the way through earths solid crust has built up such large deposits of dense volcanic rock as to create an enormous under water mountain range out of the seeping liquefied rock or magma which solidifies as soon as it comes in contact with the water at the bottom of the ocean. Each layr of rock that gets deposited has its internal magnetic field aligned with the the directionh of the Earths magnetic field at the time it solidified by coming in contact withe the water at the bottom of the ocean. Scientists take core samples by drilling into the ocean floor which contain the sequential history of Earth’s geological development  over long ages of time.

At the very center of earth where intense heat creates intense pressure to expand which is held in held in check by the tremendous pressure created by the gravitational attraction  of planet Earth which has a radius of  4000 miles and a diameter of 8000 miles. Earths diameter of 8000 miles and radius of 4000 miles is very large compared to the average thickness of the solid crust of Earth which is about20 to 30 miles thick under the continents

T has been scientifically established that living things, including single celled organisms, plants, animals, and our own human bodies literally transmute one chemical element into another. The cannabis and hemp plant which are the same plant, and that they are different from each other only as having different levels of THC which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis or marijuana  that produces the high when people smoke pot. These are legal distinctions not natural ones.

When the advanced beings that design and create life forms they design whole ecosystems that have symbiotic relationships between the vegetable and animal species. The oxygen generated by plants provide oxygen for animals and people. The carbon dioxide generated by animals and humans is used by plants to live, grow,  and provide oxygen for animals and people. This and other symbiotic relationships found in nature are purposefully designed to be the way they are, and their DNA is designed, created and programmed in subtler dimensions and then lowered into physicality, by very advanced beings who design life forms and eco systems. DNA is a trans dimensional phenomena that simultaneously exists on multiple density levels.

corrupt and dysfunctional institutions, constantly changing, hard to understand computer programs and automated telephone systems and many other distractions and challenges of the speeded up complexities of the modern human condition is overwhelming the ability of many people to cope with overwhelming demands made on their ability to manage the heavy demands on their time, money, resources and energy. Most people feel overwhelmed disoriented and confused when attempting to be effective in confronting the big problems that affect human survival. The complexity and confusion of the current human confusion is overwhelming people’s ability to cope.  People in the current  era feel fragmented and disoriented. Any progress made in one area of responsibility is usually at the expense of other areas of responsibility because it seems like there is never enough time or money to take care of it all. Life is becoming impossible to manage at the normal, usual level of human functioning. Yet, No problem exists that does not inherently have within it the means of its own solution. Einstein  said that no problem can be solved at the level at which it exists It can only be solved from a higher level of consciousness and a subtler level of energy.

Historically, the times of greatest crisis and cultural breakdown and inability to cope with the problems that stood in the way of human  survival have always been the times of the greatest breakthroughs in the spiritual evolution of human consciousness which were reflected in the advancement of the scientific understanding of the laws of nature and their application at the level of social political structures and practical engineering. When human progress and survival confronts insurmountable obsticfals and problems, the stalled energy of  the current level of human functioning has to find a higher level of consciousness to function in. The most fundamental law of physics and the very nature of reality is that energy can neither be created or destroyed . it can only be converted to a different kind or expression of energy.

As humanity faces the very real danger of the destruction of all life on Earth caused by human misuse of Technology for forcing the will of a small selfishly motivated cabal to control and enslave humanity for the sake of their own self aggrandizement and false sense of superiority. This cabal at the top of  the human food chain is in turn enslaved by a group of psychotic ET beings who are desperate to maintain their control and dominant position over Earth and her evolving life forms including us humans so they can maintain a false sense of security  through misusing their position of power and access to high technology to enslave and dominate other beings.  By understanding the deep history and abbigger picture of where the the current human condition on earth has com about in the larger cosmic drama we come to understand  how we have been manipulated and by understanding and confronting that reality we can no longer be enslaved out of ignorance. Then we can become empowered creators of solutions to  the problems we face and make that which is dysfunctional obsolete.

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