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  1. Hello Louis…
    We met in 1980 when you were spending some time in the San Francisco Bay Area. You were still living in Woodstock, NY at the time. I also practice astrology. I gave a ride to your friend from NY who needed crystal healing for his injured hand from Marcel Vogel. I supplied the wheels to make the trip to Marcel’s. Do you remember his name?

    1. Hi Helena, Thanks for calling me last week. In the confusion of coping with the chaos and challenges of endeavoring to do my part in in meeting the great test that humanity faces in which we will either go to the Stars or collapse back to the stone age I get confronted with my weaknesses and faults as we all do.I recognize that I am not alone in this. It is inevitable that in our endeavor to make progress we are brought face to face with our greatest faults and weaknesses. Please allow me to confess that I have not done a good job in organizing and managing paperwork, organizing files, and keeping track of phone numbers or learning how to spell. In my attempts to understand and confront the big issues of our evolution I have been deficient in mastering the humble details of ordinary life.This has been a big hindrance and slowed down my progress. In the confusion distractions and pressures of daily life little things like recording phone numbers get put aside and forgotten about. All of these little glitches conpound each other and add up to a big tangled mess that has become a major obstacle to my ability to to be effective. That confessed to, I hope you get this message and respond so we can continue to communicate. I sense that you are mature enough, and devoted enough to the truth, that we can help each other more fully understand the lessons of some hard experiences, and deeply disturbing disillusionment that that We you and I, and We the Human race on planet Earth have encountered, and are still encountering. If we can accept our disillusionment as being a good thing, as an evolutionary karmic lesson in being able to accept reality the way it is.
      I could go on and on, but lets save it for when we can have a two way conversation. Please call me at 719 256 4057, Thanks, Louis

  2. When I was getting started with Astrology (yep, way back when this book was new) this was one of my covered resources, along with Alan Oken and Mark Jones and a couple others. And then I discovered you were also behind the AstroDeck! I still have it, though the sign cards Libra thru Pisces got stolen. I’m sure that deck could easily be re-published, with the addition of Chiron (ruling Virgo) and, in my world Eris (ruling Libra). In fact I would love to partner up with you on such a project!

  3. I just could not depart your website prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts

  4. I have a question, and I do not see any listing of an email address, so I will hope you monitor this site for questions.

    I would like to know if there is a long lead time for a reading? I will want to do an Astrology reading and I am interested in your timing.

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi Holly, Thanks for your interest in having a reading. I can do your reading right away within the next 2 days as soon as you Pay Pal the money or give me your word of honor that that you have already put your check in the mail. Please call me at 719 256 4057 so we can arrange the details.Thanks Louis

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