Horoscope of the Federal Reserve – A study of institutionalized corruption

The Federal Reserve came into being in Washington DC on December 23 1913 at 6:02 PM when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve act.

 Fed Birth Chart

Before getting into the Astrology of the Federal Reserve I would like to establish some basic information about what the Federal Reserve is, what it does, who runs it, and some historical background about how it came into existence.

The word Federal implies that The Federal Reserve is a government agency. In fact it is not. The use of the word Federal is a deliberate deception designed to make people think that it is part of the federal government. The Federal Reserve is often referred to as the Fed for the sake of brevity.

The Federal Reserve is in fact a holding company for a handful of the countries biggest banks. The mega banks that own the Federal Reserve run it as a for profit private financial institution. Therefore their primary loyalty is to the shareholders of the private banks that make up the Federal Reserve System, and not the American people.

The Federal Reserve Act was railroaded through congress in a very questionable way two days before Christmas when many congressmen were away visiting their home districts. President Wilson was talked into signing the Federal Reserve act by his advisors without understanding its full implications. Later on President Wilson deeply regretted that he had ratified the Federal Reserve and said so on no uncertain terms. The Federal Reserve System was designed and planed in a secret conclave of the countries most wealthy and powerful bankers and industrialists on Jackal Island off the east coast of Georgia. This meeting was so secretive that the participants did not travel in the same trains and used maid up identities so the servants at the lodge where the meeting was held would not know who they were.

Through the Federal Reserve Act the Fed was given the privilege of printing the nation’s currency and setting central bank interest rates for lending money to smaller banks. The Fed is said to be the lender of last resort for smaller banks and for the government. When the Federal Government needs more money than what it has generated through taxes, tariffs, and the sale of treasury bonds it borrows money from the Fed on which it must pay interest to the Fed. This is inherently fraudulent and parasitical. The Fed produces no goods and services of value to the American people to justify the taxpayer having to pay interest on fiat money the Fed creates out of nothing. What is wrong with this picture? The US constitution says that congress shall have the right to issue currency and determine the value there of. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and many of the other founding fathers of the United States specifically warned us on no uncertain terms that if a private bank was ever allowed to control the nation’s currency it would in time bring about the impoverishment of the American people and the destruction of our republic.
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